Thursday, February 22, 2018

beauty time Thursday-January empties

I had a little issue with my blogger app (they made it a paid app and I couldn't get it to work) so my January empties post is coming super late.

jr watkin hand cream-works ok
l'oreal amino expert conditioner-love (I got this when my hair was on the serious fritz. It adds aminos to your hair and helps damaged hair)
bath and body works foaming hand soap-must have (I have been using something else and my hands are so dry)
non acetone nail polish remover-pink not my fave (I always buy the purple but bought this for some reason. It did not remove my polish well at all.)
bath and body works lotion-love
degree spray deodorant-love spray deodorant especially on my feet with heels or flats
batiste original dry shampoo-love
mint pear cleanser-i wanted to love this
pore refining cleanser-not my fave
intuition razors-must have (I used another razor a few months ago and cut myself so bad. Never again.)
laura mercier translucent powder-must have-I don't know why anyone would use anything else.
victoria's secret intense roller ball-love (I am so sad this is gone. I need to replace it)
clinique under eye cream-like
MAC eyelash primer-love
no bleeding lips secret liner-love (This clear lip liner is amazing. I thought I needed it, but I haven't replaced it since it ran out a month ago. I still really love it, but I don't think i need it.)
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

wear it Wednesday-dressing up a casual look

I almost always follow the fashion over function motto, but let's get real. I live in Utah where it is cold several months of the year, and I sit on the floor with kids all day long. Like it or not, my fashion tends to be a little more comfortable. That doesn't mean I have to sacrifice fashion. The key to be comfortable and fashionable is accessories. I am a huge fan of all accessories. I was really excited to get this new bracelet and earrings from the Happiness Boutique to go with the rose gold necklace they sent me a few months ago. They are subtle yet fashionable pieces that can easily be dressed up or dressed down a little.

top-costco, jeans-articles of society nordstrom rack, shoes-vans, purse-michale kors, apple watch, alex and ani bracelet, necklace, earrings, tiny ball bracelet-happiness boutique

I love everything I have gotten from Happiness Boutique. They have a good variety of styles and colors and their prices are very reasonable. Use code aubreyzaruba at checkout to save 10% on your order. 
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

blogging the bach 22.6

Who is watching Winter Games? We all know I love the bachelor and related shows as much as anyone, but I cannot commit to that much TV in one week especially when I am trying to watch the olympics. We decided to wait and binge watch the whole thing one Saturday in the next few weeks.
who's watching: the whole Monday night crew is here tonight.

I wasn't feeling super great after dinner so I got a slow start to the blog.

date #1-Kendall's hometown. We all think the taxidermy thing is pretty weird except Rem who thinks it is so cool. It's probably because I wasn't feeling well, but it was making me so sick. I couldn't even watch. I was afraid of actually getting sick while watching so I mostly didn't watch. Arie seems to like her. Does he really like the taxidermy wedding?

date #2-Tia's hometown in Weiner, Arkansas. Tia planned a racing date which was obviously perfect for Arie. They have a lot of fun before going to meet her family. We can't figure out exactly what is going on with her family.

date #3-Becca's hometown. Becca and Arie have fun picking apples or something. We aren't paying attention. They go meet with her family. Her mom seems the most sensible parent so far. She wants to see how Becca feels before being ok with the idea. In the end she gives her blessing. Becca opens up a little more,

date #4-Lauren's hometown. Arie can't belive they can ride horses on the beach. Have you ever been to Mexico dude? We all hope this date is less awkward than their previous dates. Their time together is less awkward, but meeting the fam is so awkward. We didn't see much emotion from anyone on the date. Arie doesn't act as much like he is falling deeply in love this week.

Rose Ceremony-We have no idea who is going on. Arie takes Kendall out to talk to her to see if she can really be ready for engagement in 2 weeks. She doesn't really give it to him, but it seems like he is going to keep her. When it gets to the final two, I realize Tia is more into Arie than he is into her, and she goes home. She is shocked and cries and cries. She is a pretty crier and totally being set up to be the next bachelorette.

Women Tell All looks great, and we can't wait.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

exercise your way to better mental health

Anyone that knows me very well at all knows I am a very regular gym goer. I go to the gym Monday-Friday basically without fail. I like working out, but I also like the way I feel (both physically and mentally) when I make time for the gym. It doesn't matter if it's a gym or yoga or boxing or running or barre or any other form of exercise. They all have so many benefits including better mental health.
The Ways that Exercise Affects Your Mental Health
By Aurora McCausland

Everyone knows that exercise is a vital part of their health. Staying fit and active keeps your body toned and in peak physical form, which helps your overall physical health. Among all of the physical benefits of exercise, there are also mental health benefits that many people don’t realize! Many people will tell you that exercising helps keep them “sane”, and that exercising is important to help them feel in control of their everyday life.

An elevated mental state
There is a lot to be said about the mental benefits of exercising on a consistent basis. At first glance, it wouldn’t make sense that something very obviously meant for your physical health would have such an impact on your mental state. But it really truly does help you refocus and clear you mind. In fact, many addiction recovery programs incorporate exercise into their recovery programs, and it has really good results. Addiction is a mental health disease, so using exercise to assist with addiction recovery definitely begs the question of whether or not there is a mental benefit to a regular exercise regime.

Different forms of exercise
Just like you would use different forms of exercise to train and perfect your physical body, you should use different forms of exercise to train and affect your mental state. Many different types of exercise are specifically geared towards helping you clear your mind and become more connected to yourself on a spiritual level. One specific type of exercise that almost anyone will tell you would help your mental health state, is yoga. Much like previously mentioned, yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise for mental health programs, mostly due to its power to control triggers and provide stress relief. Practicing yoga gives you a chance to focus, slowly, on different parts of your body and working on them individually. During many yoga routines, specifically during a teacher led class, you’ll be instructed to focus specifically on different muscle groups as you stretch and strengthen different areas of your body, one at a time.

Meditation often goes hand in hand with yoga. You may roll your eyes, but countless people have found that through combining meditation with their daily yoga practice, they are able to connect with themselves on a deeper level. During meditation, traditionally, you attempt to clear your mind. A lot of people struggle with this concept, even people who avidly meditate on a regular basis. An easier, and sometimes more effective way to meditate, is to instead of trying to completely clear your mind, focusing all of your energy on one specific thing or thought. By pondering and focusing on just one thing, you’re able to put all of your energy to something and you’re able to be more effective and more precise with decision making.

Music and what to listen to
If you’ve ever stepped foot into a gym, you’ll know that music is deeply intertwined into most people's relationships with exercise and fitness. How and what you listen to, is up to you. Most people want something that has a strong beat, which can help them stay on pace as they go through their workout routine. When thinking about music in concerns with your mental state, think a little bit about what you’re actually listening to, before you make your workout playlist. When music is blaringly loud and filled with distracting lyrics, you’re not always able to focus on the mental benefits of exercising. If this sounds like your experience when you listen to music during your workouts, maybe take a moment to rethink the kind of music you choose to listen to when you workout. In yoga classes, the music that is played is more mellow and relaxing, and this helps cultivate a healthy mindset and the ability to focus. Find music that helps you clear your mind and focus on what’s important.

For some people, they feel more productive during their workout if they listen to a podcast or audio book rather than music. There is a lack of beat, but they’re able to use their own rhythm to keep themselves moving, and instead seek inspiration from the words that they’re hearing. And for others, they prefer to workout in silence. The silence helps them ponder on their thoughts and focus on their mental health.

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*this article is sponsored

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

blogging the bach 22.5

who's watching: meg, rem, alicia, amanda. we missed celsey and shawn this week.

date #1-one on one with Becca K. We like her. The date starts and Arie isn't sure and ends with Arie falling in love with Becca. The explore the city date usually isn't the most exciting, but it seems like it was really good for them. We like them together, and we were all excited she got the rose.

Becca comes home, and Jacqueline decides she needs to talk to Arie. She goes to his room, fake cries quite a bit, makes out even more, and says goodbye.

date #2-one on one with Lauren-another explore the town date. For most of the date we think she is going home. They explore, eat ice cream, eat pizza, and play soccer. We see them actually eating two times on the date which is never a good sign. She says she is falling in love with him. Arie steps away for a few minutes. We think she is leaving, but instead he gives her the rose and tells her he is falling in love with her.

date #3-one on one with Seinne. We are a little surprised she gets the one on one. We are actually surprised that she is still there. They date was ok, but it was pretty obvious that she was going to be sent home. They have some awkward serious conversation. He picks up the rose as if he is going to give it to her and then sends her home.

date #4-group date with Kendall, Bekah, and Tia. The date starts and Arie asks Kendall if she wants to go hangout. Their time together goes well and she gets the rose. Tia spends her time with Arie talking about Bekah, and it does not go well. At this point it seems like she is going home. Bekah gets really really upset. Things totally change at dinner. Arie reassures Tia and talks about being excited to meet her family. Bekah's time with Arie is awkward, and everything changes. Her age is more of an issue, and at that point we know she is going home. Their goodbye isn't as bad as I expected.

The previews for hometowns look intense.

Word tally
tear tally-9

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Friday, February 9, 2018

foodie Friday-instant pot steel cut oats with blackberries

Oatmeal is one of my favorite things to make in the instant pot. I've heard a lot of people say steel cut oats are also their favorite so I decided to try it this week. They are equally easy, healthy and delicous.

I started with a recipe from candinner blog and adapted it to work for me.
2c steel cut oats
5 c water
4 T coconut oil
6 T maple syrup
Cook on manual high pressure for 8 minutes with a NPR of 10 minutes
Add 1 c homemade applesauce and 1 container of blackberries. Put in small mason jars for breakfast for the week if you're on the go like I am. 

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

one little word-February 2018

In 2018 I want to fill my life with things and people I LOVE and let things go that I do not love. I want to show more LOVE to others and accept more LOVE. I want my life to be full of LOVE.

*attend temple 12 times✔
*send birthday and other cards monthly
*nightly gratitude journal✔ kind of. I did really well on nights I got to bed at a decent hour.
*love my body by continuing health and fitness goals✔ including Advocare 10 day cleanse which included no diet coke for 10 days
*monthly savings/budget goal to be more accountable for my spending and save more✔. I started giving myself a fun money budget each time I get paid. 

*#nojunkjanuary-I wasn't 100% perfect, but overall I did pretty well with this goal.
*2 workouts 3x/week-gym and pure barre
*read Loving What Is 5 minutes before bed-I started out doing well, and ended the month not doing well at all. I only read the book if I was in bed on time, and that started not happening at all towards the end of the month. I need to continue this goal.
*off phone by 10:30-work in progress
*fun money in cash each paycheck✔ I really like this idea and plan to continue. It makes me more aware of my fun spending.

*write down 1 thing I love about myself each day
*deliberately show love to someone else each day
*continue to read Loving What Is-read for 5 minutes nightly

We are 5 weeks into the new year. Do you set goals? How are they going?
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

blogging the bach 22.5

who's watching: The whole Monday night crowd is here tonight. We started watching and got half way through and Rem got sick. Alecia, Megan, and husbands, and I finished watching.

date 1-one on one with Lauren who reminds us all of Lauren B. We aren't sure why he saved this date for her. They have a romantic date that doesn't seem that romantic. Until the final few minutes of the date, we think she is going home. She finally opens up, and he gives her the rose. It still doesn't seem like there is anything there, but she is sticking around at least for now.

date 2-group date. The girls are pretty nice to each other. They prance around the stage and try to dance. They try to have fun and seem happy when they have a chance to talk with him. Eventually Arie picks Bekah to perform with him. The girls are uncomfortable and the date ends.

date 3-two on one with Krystal and Kendall. Krystal is super excited and prepared for this date, and we can't figure out why. Kendall is not excited. Arie questions Krystal on her behavior and then makes out with her. Things get much worse when Krystal talks about Kendall in an effort to win. Kendall does a good job calling Krystal on her act while being nice. Arie can't make a decision and Krystal is even more confident. Dear Arie, please put us out of our misery!

date 4-one on one with Jacqueline. He picks her up in a fancy car that breaks down 10 feet later. They shop and buy a fancier dress and go to dinner. I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've heard her talk this whole season. They establish they have very different lives but he gives her the rose anyway. We all feel a little confused.

rose ceremony-Things are super tense.
who's left-lauren, bekah, kendall, jacqueline, tia, seinne, becca 

word tally
tear tally-7

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Foodie Friday-southwest mason jar salad

How many times have you seen mason jar salads on social media somewhere and thought “I should definitely make those?” Me too! I finally tried them several months ago, and I’m obsessed. It is one of the easiest and most delicious things to meal prep. 

Start with the wettest thing on the bottom and stack to the most dry on top. You can mix and match and substitute ingredients/amounts to your preferences. 

2 tbsp cilantro avocado dressing

1/4 can black beans

1/4 can corn 

chopped cherry tomatoes 

1/3 c cooked chicken

1 tbsp feta cheese

chopped lettuce 

Keep refrigerated and eat throughout the week. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

blogging the bach 22.5

who's watching-we started with the regular Monday night crew and quickly lost Alicia and Megan. Shawn and Gene joined us for part of the time.

date 1-one on one with Chelsea-the predictable boat date. Does anyone wonder why all the girls are watching Chelsea and Arie makeout. They go to dinner and talk about Chelsea's past relationship. He gives her the rose, and they walk out to a private concert. 

date 2-Group date with everyone besides the one on ones. There's not a moment to spare. The date starts with Arie licking his bowling ball and we all gag. They start bowling and then the competition starts. Celsey tells us she has her own bowling ball and was on a bowling league at one time. One team wins. Arie invites the winners and losers to the evening party. They go back to get ready and Krystal comes out in a bathrobe, throws a fit, and gets what she wants-time with Arie except the time doesn't go how she wants. He basically gives her a timeout. She doesn't care and comes down anyway. Arie spends time with several girls. Kystal is back in her robe. Lauren gets the rose.

date 3-one on one with Tia. They get on a little boat and see an alligator. They get to a little cabin. They eat a bunch of fried food and Amanda and I gasp at the same time at the fried frog legs. They have dinner. Tia says she is falling in love with Arie. They makeout, and she gets the rose.

cocktail party/rose ceremony-I don't think Kendall will end up with Arie, but I do like what she says and how she says it. Krystal has a few one on one conversations with some of the girls. Arie is not having her shenanigans. 

who's left-Chelsea, Lauren, Tia, Bekah, Sienne, Kendall, Becca K, Jaqueline, Jenna, Krystal

word tally
tear tally-4

Krystal is still there The end!

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Friday, January 26, 2018

January Happs 

Christmas break literally feels like yesterday, yet here we are at the last few days of January. This might be one of my favorite January’s ever. The weather has been amazing. That will likely be a problem in the summer, but I’m enjoying it for now. 

I rarely watch movies-in the theater or at home, but there was so much hype about The Greatest Showman. I was excited when Becky’s friends decided to go see it. It was a fun night with good friends. The movie was good. The music and choreography are amazing! There was so much build up to the movie-probably too much build up. I liked it. I would see it again but probably not a few days later. 

January has been dance mom month. The Lancelles had 2 competitions and regionals. They are crazy talented and bring so much good energy. They are so fun to watch and a great team to support. 

I ordered this black charcoal peel off mask from Groupon. Mandi and I were hanging out one night and decided to try it. It’s a fun mask to do with a friend because it really is kind of funny. 

Brittany, Mandi, and I finally got together for dinner. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. We had so much fun catching up. 

Instead of a Christmas gift exchange Sage, Tiffany, and Michelle went to afternoon tea at the Grand America. We had the best time dressing up, drinking tea and the best hot chocolate of my life, eating yummy food, and making plans to do more fancy things. It was a cold winter day and the perfect day for afternoon tea. 

We got quite a bit of snow the same weekend as tea at the Grand. It seemed like winter blew in with full force and blew back out as fast as it came in. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Christmas 2017

I spent Christmas in California with Chelsea and her family again this year. It is much more fun to be where the kids are. Hopefully one of these years all the family will be able to be together, but it is hard with so many people and everyone being scattered everywhere.

I went the day before my birthday so I got to celebrate with them. I think the kids were more excited for my birthday than I was. We had a fun time going out to dinner and seeing Christmas lights.

We spent a lot of time on the trampoline. Kenzie is old enough to jump although the older kids still want to jump higher than she does.

I wish Christmas Eve was always on Sunday. We went to church, had a pretty low key afternoon, and had dinner with some of their friends.

After dinner we looked at lights. We came home and opened pajamas and acted out the Christmas story.

Karlee and Kenzie both wanted to be Mary.

We had a fun morning opening Christmas presents. The kids loved everything and made it really fun.

We got brave and made a turkey and homemade rolls. They turned out ok, but we could definitely use a little more practice.

Karlee was so excited for her chokers and JoJo bow.

We played some games.

and all took a turn with tiny hands and laughed and laughed

Kenzie really liked my diet coke-oops

I had a great visit. I'm lucky to have a job that gives me a Christmas break so I can spend a decent amount of time with family.