Friday, January 17, 2020

Probiotic Maker-Time to Get Healthy

I really really love to exercise, eat healthy, and overall strive to be a really healthy person. As I mentioned in a previous post, 2019 did a number on me. As the year went on and eventually ended, I am was pretty excited to say adios to the year and looked and continue to look forward to a new year and a new decade. My biggest goal for the start of the year is to get back on track with my health. I was really excited when Probiotic Maker reached out to send me the maker to try. We had a gallon of extra milk so it was the perfect chance to try it out.

It comes in a pretty small package and stores easily when not in use.

It really is so simple. You choose a base, put the ingredients in, and plug it in.

Unfortunately, I ended up having a pretty rough day and got home way way later than I anticipated. It was way too thick and processing for much much longer than it should. Overall it is extremely easy. I am excited to experiment more and find some flavors I like.

If you want to purchase your own probiotic maker, use my link to save 50% off the price.

One Little Word-January 2020

Do you pick a word for the year? I started picking one little word as a theme or guide for the year several years ago. Usually around October a word pops in my head, and I know that will be my word for the upcoming year. I don't think too much about it or consider other words. I just know that will be my word.
This year is no different. 2019 seriously kicked my butt! I ran myself completely ragged, and my priorities were swallowed by my stress and stressors. When the word BREATHE came into my mind I knew it is exactly what I need to guide my goals and plans for 2020.
This year I am committing to myself to take a step back, set better boundaries, take better care of myself, and just BREATHE.

Bonny of helix design made this phone wall paper to help me remember my word

I received this morse code bracelet from O Necklace to really help me. I wear it all the time, and it's a good reminder of the goals I have for this year. They have a lot of options for customized jewelry. I love having that visual reminder to keep me in check.

Did you choose a word for the year? How do you go about choosing your word?

Monday, January 13, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.2

Who’s watching: Celsey, Shawn (or maybe he’s just here to do his bracket), Lacey, Krista, Megan

Group Date continued from last week
Hannah thinks she made a mistake. All the other girls don’t know where the heck Peter is. Hannah is confused. Peter is confused and then they say bye. Peter takes a pause on the date because his head is not in the right space but wants to meet up later. They meet up later for the after party. Some of the girls are still pretty mad and some are ready to move on with it. Sydney gets the rose.

Rose ceremony/cocktail party
Peter doesn’t remember half of what happened on night one. The claws are already coming out. Kelsey and MyKenna are already in a fight. She pulls herself together and waits. Hannah Ann and Peter come upon the chilled champagne and naturally pop it, and she is not ok. Hannah Ann apologized “you feel bad”. 
Date roses-Kelley, Madison, Sydney
MyKenna, Victoria P, Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Alayah, Deandra, Victoria F, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, Kelsey

Date #1-Alexa, MyKenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F, Kelsey, Hannah Ann “Time to let your personality shine”
We were a bit distracted with the first part of the date going through our brackets. Victoria F is already crying. She redeemed herself at the end and stood out in a better way than expected and then she loses the confidence. Kelsey redeemed herself too. Hannah Ann and Victoria F win and have to compete against each other. Hannah Ann wins and Victoria F has a meltdown. Peter talks to Victoria F about her time there and she has another meltdown. Kelsey has time with Peter and she has a whole new confident attitude. Hannah Ann tattles about Kelsey. Peter really likes her so tattling gets her more attention. Victoria F gets the rose. Peter talks to Kelsey and her confidence is gone. 

We’re all a little mad there was about 1 1/2 dates on this episode.

Tear tally-9

Friday, January 10, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.1

I was in Maui for the season premier so Celsey and I are watching at the end of the week to get caught up before next week. 

“The 3 hour premier of the Bachelor takes off right now”-How many flight analogies are we going to hear this season??? Any guess...

There are some mixed feelings about Peter being the bachelor. I am actually really excited about it. I like Peter, and I am really looking forward to a really good season (hopefully)
Peter says the word love 5 times in the first 5 minutes or less so hopefully the show lives up to that.

First impressions
Alexa-waxes lady parts, bare it all
Hannah Ann-model, looks a little bit like Hannah B
Tammy-realtor, wrestler, jet setter
Victoria P-nurse, caregiver for sister
Kelley-attorney, met Peter at a wedding
Madison-basketball, likes a good challenge, excited for Peter
Maurrisa-teen beauty queen, patient care coordinator for plastic surgeon

Limo Entrances
Alayah-deep v, grandma letter, purple silver dress
Sydney-sparkly dress, Alabama (not all girls from Alabama make bad decisions) 
Hannah Ann-dark green dress, 2nd Hannah reference
Sarah-black sparkle, hubba hubba
Lauren-long sleeve black sparkle pant suit, if it scares you, do it
Victoria P-happy dance, navy or maybe purple velvet dress
Mykenna-fashion blogger, beach dress
Maurissa-pinky promise
Kelsey-Hannah comment
Eunice-wings, flight attendant, purple dress
Jade-flight attendant
Megan-flight attendant speaker, direct service to Peter’s heart
Madison-red dress, paper airplane, land your heart
Tammy-metal detection
Shiann-barf bag
Courtney-Tiny plane, sparkle pattern
Kiarra-Baggage-in a suitcase-How did she fit in there?
Lexi-more blue velvet, red car-likes to go fast
Payton-red dress, 4 times
Jasmine-speaking something else
Victoria F-green sparkly dress, bad filthy joke that she can barely even get through
Jenna-red dress with Ashley P the cow
Savannah-red dress, blind fold, focus on the way things feel, kisses him-trying to be bold
Kelley-red dress, sign from God to do this show, dance
Alexa-head wrap
Avonlea-white dress
And then Hannah B gets out of the limo. Everyone started freaking out that she was there. For all the people that freaked out when it was announced that she was on the show, there is no way she was actually on the show. She was filming dancing with the stars at the same time. There is absolutely 100% no way she could have been on both shows. It was sweet that she showed up to wish him well and give him back the wings he gave her. EDIT-she is on more than I expected. We will see what happens, but she was definitely winning DWTS while the bach was filming.

The girls start having one on one time with Peter. At this early point in the show, it is hard to separate who is who and who stands out.
Alayah reads the letter from her grandma.
Natasha and Mykenna have a little tiff about time with Peter. Mykenna kisses him and feels like she has the one up.
There are more windmill jokes.
Hannah Ann takes 2 turns and then 3 to kiss him. I thought I liked her but I am already starting to change my mind.
Victoria brings up her joke. Peter doesn’t even remember it and we are all so embarrassed for her. She then has a complete come apart. 

PSA from Celsey-If you want to kiss a man, DO NOT have a secret handshake. Immediate friend zone.

Rose Ceremony
Hannah Ann-first impression rose
Victoria P, Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mykenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Payton, Kierra, Courtney, Sheann, Victoria F

Date #1-Hannah Ann, Kelley, Deandra, Tammy, Courtney, Sheann, Victoria P, Jasmine, Victoria-Look Up
This date is all about flying. Victoria gets major motion sickness. She is really brave and faces her fears. They do an obstacle course and Kelley gets a little one on one time. Some of the girls are mad and trying to start drama. Peter picks roses and gives them to Victoria and it is the sweetest. This is the hotel where Peter and Kelley met the month before. She gets the rose and tries to tone down her excitement about it all. Sheann and some of the other girls are not thrilled.

Date #2-Madison-I want to show you what forever looks like. 
Peter’s parents renew their vows on their date. They are pretty cute together and have a great date. We got distracted talking and missed the last part of the date.

Date #3-Group date-I was busy doing my nails and chatting with Celsey so I pretty much missed this whole date. I stopped all the tallying and didn’t really pay much attention. I got the rundown-Hannah B plans the date. She is very very upset. She runs off crying, and Peter follows her. She and Peter have a one on one chat. She says she still has feelings. He says he might have feelings too. He asks what she would think about coming to the house. TO BE CONTINUED..

I’m bringing back the tally this season (not including part of the one on one and the group date)
Tear tally-5

It looks like it’s going to be a good season. We have a few faves and a few that aren’t really our faves. We decided to do our brackets before the rose ceremony of week 2. I will share my predictions in next week’s post.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Beauty Time Tuesday-empties

I haven’t been very good at posting empties lately but I do have photos. This is a bit of a photo dump of empties for the past several months.  I have a goal to use up what I have before buying more so hopefully I will continue to have more empties. 

Vasanti exfoliator-love. I originally got this in a fabfitfun box and bought it again. 
System professional step 3 deep conditioner-Steps 1 and 2 are below. This smells really good and works well. 
Grown Alchemist exfoliator-I loves the smell. The product was ok. 

Bath and Body works body cream-love
Human kind lotion-not as hydrating as I usually need 
Not your mothers dry shampoo-good less expensive product 
Living proof dry shampoo-love
Essie gel setter-holy grail top coat. It dries so quickly and keeps nails looking great. 
Bare mineral lashtopia mascara-good clean mascara. It was a bit messy but I really liked it. 
Urban decay naked concealer-I don’t think I had the right color. I liked the consistency and coverage.  

Bath and body works lotion, shower gel, hand soap-love
Skin Medica HA5-love
System professional shampoo-I likes this whole system. 
Unite detangler-love. I haven’t replaced this yet and I miss it. 
Lancôme 24 hour foundation-favorite foundation
Exfoliating foot mask-I didn’t notice much from using this 
Hello body coco fresh face wash-not my fave 
Benefit roller lash-good mascara 
Mary Kay lash lengthening-I’ve been using this daily for years 
Clinique chubby lash-one of my faves 
Jane erydel -did not love
MAYBELLINE -good bit ran out quickly 
Victoria’s Secret roller ball-love 
SOL Janeira body cream-This came in my fabfitfun box. It was good. 

Cinema secrets brush cleaner-must buy
Bath and body works body cream and soap-love
Lancôme under eye cream-very smooth and lightweight 
Amika conditioner -love the smell 
Bausch and Lomb Lumify-the best. My eyes feel so good. 
Tula face wash-just ok
Big sexy hair dry shampoo and conditioner -love
System professional step 2 conditioner -liked the system 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

BearLaked at the A Frame

Sarah found the cutest a frame house in Heber and invited us all to do a winter retreat. We left home where the weather was ok and got up there to a lot of snow. We swam at the crater, ate lots of yummy foods, played games, and generally had such a great time. 

Baby Eliot loved the crater 

Bonnie’s car got stuck in the snow so we pushed her out in our coats and swimsuits. Most everyone else was in boots but I was not. 

Yummy dinners

And delicious brunch 
At the house 

Late night games 

Kendra rolled around in the snow after losing a game

It was the cutest little house and we had so much fun. 

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Halloween 2019-I’m a Barbie Girl

We take things pretty seriously when it comes to the Halloween costume contest. We don’t usually win, but we always think we should:). We decided on a Barbie theme this year. We did win the all staff competition so we were pretty happy about that. Mostly we had a lot of fun dressing up and doing it all together. 

Group of Barbies 

Beauty Queen Barbie 

Baker and Bearded Barbie 

Workout, Pilot, BDI(inside joke), Bride, Ken, Vintage Barbies 

Soccer, Sparkle and Shine, Rockstar, Cowgirl, Construction and Nurse Barbies 

I love my co-workers so much. Halloween is always one of our most favorite times every year. 

Cops and Robbers and the cutest money bag

Star Wars 

Sandy made soup and brought pumpkin bread bowls for dinner. It was a very chill night with friends that are more like family. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Tangled theme birthday party

When Celsey and I met years ago at church, we bonded over our love of all things cute and quickly found we have so much in common. We have planned quite a few parties over the years. Typically we believe the bigger the better. Now that her kids are getting old enough for friend parties where the parents don’t stay or even come in the door. We still want a cute party, but the little 5 year olds don’t seem to appreciate all the things quite like we do. We celebrated Mavi’s 5th birthday this weekend and decided to scale things back a bit. The party was still so much fun and so cute. It’s proof that a little extra effort goes a long way. 

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider 

Mummy wrap game-twist “hair” around partner for 20 seconds. See who can untangle their partner the fastest. It was a huge hit and although a big mess, the clean up was so fast. 

We made the piñata from a box and wrapped with a roll of paper perfect for a piñata. The kids had fun hitting it with the pan and swarmed to the candy when it broke/we broke it. If you use a box, make sure not to tape it too tight. 

The treat table was a little more scaled back than our usual parties. The kids has plenty of treats and we had a more appropriate amount of leftovers than our norm. 

Mother Gothel bowling

Each child picked 3 ducks. Ducks with a Rapunzel sticker got a prize. There may have been a little cheating, but there were plenty of prizes to accommodate the cheating:)

We added a few decorations to carry the theme. We used a large roll of plastic tablecloth and bunched it together and wrapped with a little tulle to create a table runner braid. 
All the kids had fun. The party was really cute. Mavi was happy. We were exhausted at the end so I would say it was a success. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wear it Wednesday-hair extensions

For most of my life I’ve had pretty long hair. Every once in a while I cut it off for a while. Every single time I always wish I still had long hair. That’s the beauty of hair extensions. I can have the best of both worlds. I know a lot of people with more permanent extensions and they are so nice. I prefer the versatility of clip ins or even better a halo. I can take it in and out in minutes and go from short to long hair so fast. 

I have had clip in extensions for several years. They are fun to have, but I honestly don’t use them as much as I want to. I was excited to connect with Rubin extensions to try a halo instead. I really love it. It works well for me since I had a decent amount of my own hair. It’s easy to cover up the halo and all of a sudden I have long beautiful locks. 

Natural hair

With halo extensions from Rubin extensions 

I honestly cannot believe how well these blend. They perfectly matched my hair before I got my hair colored, and they perfectly matched after. They are easy to use and the quality is so nice. If you want to try them yourself, I partnered with Rubin extensions to offer a discount. Use code AUBREY for 10% off. Let me know if you try them. I would love to see them. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Canadian Re-do-Visit to Toronto

I went to Canada (the industrial part of Edmonton, in the winter, for work) about 10 years ago. Needless to say it wasn’t exactly my favorite. I hav wanted to go back and experience more of Canada ever since. 
I have been talking to Candace about coming to visit for a while. Plane tickets can be pretty pricey so when I found an amazing price I jumped on it. The amazing price came with a very long travel day each way but it was totally worth it. I had the best time with Candace, her family and friends, and it was a completely different experience this time. 

We went to Niagara Falls the first day. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe, took a boat in the falls, and rode the Ferris wheel. 

We went to downtown Toronto on Saturday. We went up the CN tower, saw places Candace lived and worked, shopped a little and had dinner with her childhood friend Dorothy. 

We debated going up the tower and decided to do it. We saw parts of the city before the fog got very intense. 

We should be able to see all of Toronto with this photo. We laughed so hard at the total lack of visibility. 

We did a little shopping and ended up buying complete matching outfits. 

I loved meeting Dorothy and hearing stories from their childhood. 

I had a 12 hour layover in Chicago. Zach came over from Wisconsin and took me to dinner. It was good to escape the airport and especially good to see him and catch up. 

This trip to Canada was completely different than my last. I can’t wait to go back. 
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