Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wear it Wednesday-Warm Fall

We are having the most beautiful fall weather. The mornings and evenings are a little cool, and the afternoons are warm and sunny. Layers have been the key to dressing for the weather. 

I went to Boise a couple of weeks ago knowing the weather was similar to SLC but also knowing it could change to winter any second. I packed clothes with layers, and it was perfect. 

Cardigan/button down-Gap outlet. Skirt-Target. Booties-Toms from Nordstrom 

I packed tights thinking it might be a little cold. The ripped while I was putting them on, and luckily it was warm enough without them. 

I know I’ll be bundled up in winter clothes soon enough, but for now I’m enjoying these warm fall days. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November Happs 

The holidays don’t really officially start until later this week, but the hustle and bustle of the holidays sure has started. I love this time of year. It’s busy and goes by so quickly, and I love all of it. 

The month started with a beautiful fall run. The weather has been so nice this fall. I’m sure winter is right around the corner. We took a few detours to play in the last of the leaves. 

Celsey and I took a sewing class with my friend Kimberly from little olive clothing co. We each made a pair of leggings and were so impressed with ourselves. I can’t wait to make another pair. 

My high school friend Jesse was in town for business so we met up one night. We haven’t seen each other in nearly 20 years, and it was fun getting caught up after all those years. 

Mandi and I took a road trip to Boise to visit Jen Davis. The drive was quicker than we expected and we had a great time chatting and really catching up. We took a spin class, celebrated Jen’s birthday, went on a small hike, and had lots of fun. 

Emily and I took a day off work to skip work and craft. We made a few gifts and made plans for another craft day soon. 

I’ve been a bit of a slacker with mail lately. I love to send things in the mail and can’t wait to use all of this cute stuff from Ello Paperie. They have stationary, cards, pins, and other fun things. With he upcoming holidays I will definitely be sending more in the mail and using some of this cute stuff. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Unblogged Bloggable-KMB Lakehouse Weekend Part 3

A trip this epic takes several posts to get through. See part 1 and part 2

Kate had to leave early Saturday morning to be with her family. We were sad she had to leave but happy she got to come for part of the trip.

We had a lazy morning. We had breakfast with mimosas. Mela still wasn't feeling well. Darcy took care of her and gave her bananas to eat. Danielle A and P and I did a circuit workout in the driveway. Ana and Mandi came out for moral support. 

We went to MaBank for a little shopping. They had a great wall for photos. We looked around the shops, had cupcakes, and made the facebook page of a little boutique. On the way back we stopped at Sonic for Danielle A's favorite drink.

Some of wanted to get in the lake. The house had several rafts and other things for the lake. We blew up a giant raft and hauled it down to the lake. We got on the raft, and Mela and I kept sinking in the middle. We sang some songs. Ashley swam up to scare us. Ana did some pole dancing. I almost killed myself trying to get off the raft.


Mandi insisted on a group sunset photo. There was a little complaining about it, but it turned out so amazing. It's one of our favorite photos. We spent the rest of the night hanging out, playing makeup and brows, learning the curling wand. 

We went to Whattaburger a little later. Ana's order number was 22-the date of her birthday. The guy thought she said it was her birthday that day and gave her extra desserts. He said Happy Birthday as he gave her food to her, and Mandi responded with Merry Christmas. Some girls danced around the fire (the proposal style) and played cards again. Danielle wasn't very good:) and Mela acted out a few.
We made our own Harlem Shake video. Hibiscus' hair flew everywhere. Mandi called her Habascus accidentally and it stuck. We "called" on the banana phone and snapped Cody. He wanted to be on the trip with us, but we told him no boys allowed.

We had a big breakfast Sunday morning complete with tons of bacon. Ana wanted hard bacon and not turkey bacon. Some people did impersonations of people, and Ana did the perfect one of Mandi putting on her lipstick. 

We got all cleaned and packed up. Mela couldn't believe I left my running shoes (something I often do on trips). We signed the oar and took more pictures.

We sang O Town I want it All over and over. Ana insisted on taking a booty pic of all of us looking out towards the lake. We all wanted to get out of the house and protested. She insisted and we are so glad she did. It is another one of our favorites. As we were leaving Danielle made plans to meet Ana at chemo that week and do a dance to juju on that beat. They joked about making it viral and had no idea that would actually happen.

We said tearful goodbyes and went our separate ways. Our car (Ana, Danielle P, Mel, Mandi, myself) met Frank and Sharon at the Texas State Fair. It was a quick meeting, but it was so great to meet them and see the fair. It was beastly hot but still a great time.

Ana dropped us off at the airport and snapped and then there was one... We ate whattaburger again and waited for our flight. Mandi and I flew back to Vegas. We tried to sleep on the plane and traded off trying to sleep in the car. It was a long drive back. We talked about highs of the trip. 

a few things that didn't make it anywhere else
-Ana and her snaps from the toilet
-Ana "why do you talk like that?" making fun of Danielle's nodes. Mandi "you can make fun of her cancer"-Ana laughed so hard
-Ana sitting on Mandi's foot multiple times
-snapping BTK sr
-facebook live-everyone wants to be KMB

This trip was incredible. We had the best time together. These girls truly are my sisters. Ana was doing so well with her treatments and was able to fully enjoy the trip. We had no idea a few shorts months later she would be gone. I will be forever grateful for this time we had together.

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