Tuesday, February 9, 2021


For most of 2020 I didn’t really know when I would be able to see my family again. I was lucky enough to see some of my family at the end of the summer. With the flexibility of working from home/being at home much more often, it was very do able for me to go to California and help Chelsea and Jeff move to Arizona. I had plenty of time off since I didn’t take many days off throughout the year so I was able to take a few days off and work from their new house the other times. 
The SLC airport had a big remodel since the last time I flew. The new airport is really nice and very modern and cool. All of the airlines besides Delta are pretty far away. It was a pretty good long walk to get to my gate. I wasn’t sure how to feel about flying with COVID still going on, but it was totally fine. There weren’t a lot of people on the flight, and everyone wore masks. It felt pretty safe. 

I got to California and got to work. They had so much done already. They had the UHaul half packed up, and the main things left to do were some of the furniture and last minute things. We packed and cleaned and made really good progress on getting things ready to leave. We worked hard (even the kids), and it was good to get things done. 
They had a lot of great support from friends watching the kids and bringing meals and snacks. Friends brought dinner and even breakfast for the days leading up to them leaving. It was nice not to have to worry about food. It was nice to see so much support for them and their family. 
Once everything was all packed up and wrapped up, the kids got a little silly. It was nice to have some laughs in the middle of all of the work. 
Jeff left around 4am to drive the truck so we made sure to have every single thing out of the house besides the air mattresses we borrowed and the clothes we wore for the drive. We got last minute pictures of the kids and family in the house and the moving truck. Besides all of the memories I have of visiting them in California I don’t have any ties to them being there. I am actually very excited for them to be in Arizona, but it was still emotional seeing it all packed up and empty. 
Chelsea’s car was completely packed. There was stuff in every little space. We got on the road and made pretty good time other than being stopped by traffic in the LA area. We made a few stops for food and we were all ready to get out of the car by the time we finally got there. Jeff and a few guys had the truck all the way unloaded by the time we got there. 
The kids were really very helpful and so good with everything. The new house is really great, but there were a few areas that didn’t seem to be cleaned as well as we would have liked. I got Kenzie to help clean some of the higher cupboards that I couldn’t reach. We got things unpacked and settled pretty quickly. 
Between COVID and the move, I didn’t really make plans to see many friends. I found out Katie lives in the neighborhood next to their new house so it was easy to see her and Lisa. We met for dessert and talked for hours. It was so fun. The main person I planned to see was Kate. I didn’t tell her I was coming or even in town at all and it was so fun to surprise her. We had the best visit. To keep everyone safe, we were’t close enough to take a picture together. 
Their house has a propane fire pit and the kids were excited to make s’mores. The weather was just chilly enough that sitting around the fire was nice. It was a fun way to end the trip. It was a really good trip, and I was so happy to be able to be there. 

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Monday, February 8, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.6

Who’s watching: Most of our crowd had other stuff going on tonight so after a fun meet and greet with Tried and True Moms with Alicia and Celsey, Celsey and I were the only ones watching tonight. 

We start out with the itty bitty but dramatic two on one that started last week. I really thought he might and probably should have sent them both home. Jessenia gets the rose, comes in with the rest of the girls, and they find out there is no cocktail party. The girls are no happy-specifically Serena C is mad at Katie. Girls are freaking out that they don’t get extra time, but Matt explains that he is confident in his decision and following his heart. 3 girls went home and we finally have a small enough number that we might actually be able to get to know these girls. 

Date #1-Pieper Tonight Will Be Worth the Wait
Before the date Serena C feels the need to talk it out with Katie. “I cannot reason with crazy”-Katie. Amen Katie. Amen. Serena C and Katie fight a little more and it seems like none of the other girls really understand what is going on. 
Meanwhile, Heather Martin pulls up in a minivan and can’t let Matt get engaged without meeting him. Chris tells her they are pretty far along and in quarantine and to go back to her hotel while they figure things out. 
Pieper and Matt go to a carnival. It’s a pretty cute date and they have a great time. Pieper tells Matt they don’t really talk about feelings in her family and she isn’t good about expressing love. She tells him she is falling in love with him. He tells her he will continue to be open with her (but didn’t say he is falling in love with her like he did with Rachael). It is yet another date that makes us all wonder how Matt is ever going to narrow this down to one girl. 

Date #2-group date
The date is at the bowling alley They get there and everyone is having a good time until Chris comes in and announces a competition. The blue team loses and they are pretty upset that they had to go home without any time. The pink team wins and starts talking to Matt when the blue teams finds out they actually get more time. At this point all of the girls are telling Matt that they are falling for him and getting frustrated that they aren’t getting more time. Serena P gets the rose. 

Date #3-Katie gets the one on one
Before the date, Matt sees Tyler C and they talk a little about how this is going. Katie shows up and they play a prank on Tyler. They have fun together and I am totally feeling friend zone. Matt says he wants to see if they can be romantic. We all doubt it. Our doubts come true when he picks up the rose but doesn’t give it to her. Why do they always pick it up when they aren’t actually going to give it? There was no chemistry, but I did love her on the show. She seemed shocked that he didn’t give her the rose, but the rest of us were not surprised at all. 

Heather is finally done with quarantine and hops in her minivan to drive over to Nemacolin. The girls come out for the cocktail party and everyone is generally really happy. Matt pulls Abigail aside and reassures her that he loves spending time with her. It does seem very genuine, but if he really means it he needs to start giving her a little more time. Fingers crossed she gets a one on one next week. Heather walks in and all the daggers come out. It looks like we are in for more drama next week, and once again I we are left with a to be continued...Will they please stop doing that!?!

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Monday, February 1, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.5

Who’s watching: Celsey, Alicia, and me-our watch party has dwindled this past couple of seasons

I somehow completely missed Chelsea’s conversation with Matt about her journey with her hair. I really love that the bachelor is encouraging and showing more real conversations like this. I heard her on a podcast and wanted to go back and watch their conversation. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony 
Before the cocktail party starts Victoria continues to stir the dramatic pot about the OGs vs the newbies. She is just nasty. I can’t decide if she knows how mean she is or if it is just so much her character. 
The cocktail party starts and Matt addresses the mean girl situation in the house. We have been waiting for him to stand up and put a stop to this. Brittany talks to him first and tells Matt what is going on. He is not happy at all. Meanwhile Anna is working up an act of what she is going to say/do to make him feel better. He pulls Anna aside to talk and she acts like she is so embarrassed for what she said when she was very purposeful about it all last week. She says it was about of character and Matt wasn’t having it. He walked her out and went back to deal with Queen Victoria. She tries to make excuses and he isn’t having that either. He ends the cocktail party and gets right to the rose ceremony. Victoria does not get a rose, and she is shocked and feels sorry for Matt for the choices he is making and the girls he is left with. 

One on One-Rachael
Rachael gets the shopping date. She is pretty cute about. Out of all the catty, bratty mean girls this season, Rachael is not one of. She loved the shopping date, and was adorable about it all. She came back and was so happy. The girls were trying to be happy but were all sad. She gets a delivery of a beautiful dress to wear to dinner. They talk at dinner about not being in love and having insecurities and falling in love with each other. It was the first date where I feel like maybe Matt might actually pick one of these people. 

Group Date
Everyone is disappointed they are on the group date this week. Everyone wants a one on one, but there are still so many girls there. Obviously the majority of them aren’t going to get a one on one. The first part of the date is on the farm. We were busy getting snacks so we missed that part. During the evening Matt had a few good conversations and then MJ got cut off. She came back to the girls and asked who talked to Matt about her. Jessinia admitted she said something. MJ leads by example and claims to be a source of peace in the house. She claims the JV/Varsity thing is a joke. Does she remember how she acted a few days ago when all the new girls came in. She didn’t seem to be joking then. 

One on One with Kit
The date card comes and Kit gets choked up about the possibility of a cooking date with Matt. She goes to his place and they make chocolate chip cookies. She tells him she is falling in love with him and he gives her the rose. 

The girls are sitting around waiting around for the rose ceremony when a date card comes for MJ and Jessinia to meet before the cocktail party. They get ready and come out like they are ready to kill a person. They get in a ridiculous fight, Matt comes, and we are left hanging again. 

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Monday, January 25, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.4

Who’s watching: Celsey, Alicia, and me

The episode starts and we are a little confused. All we remember is the Sarah show from last week. Apparently we left off in the middle of a group date. Chelsea gets the rose, and this is basically the first we have seen from her. I really hope we see more of the girls that we haven’t seen yet. 

While the girls are finishing their group date, Victoria has a talking to with Katie. It is all a little ridiculous. The group date ends. The cocktail party starts. Victoria is adamant that she gets time with Matt. She starts talking to him, and Chris Harrison comes in to interrupt. More girls are coming because there was so much interest in being on the season. Needless to say, the girls are not happy. You kind of can’t blame the girls. There are a ton of them there already. Bringing in several more is definitely not fun. 

MJ, Pieper, Bri, Magi, Michelle, Mari, Ryan, Kit, Serena C, Abigail, Katie, Victoria, Lauren, Brittany, Jessenia, Anna, Catalina all get roses. Chelsea, Rachael, Serena P all have roses have dates. 

Group date-Fall in Love Fest
Ben Higgins comes to chat with Matt and participate in the date. Matt says he knows it was awkward and there was tension. He hopes the ladies are focused. I am pretty sure they are focused. They couldn’t probably be a little less focused. They’re kayaking through the pond in a pumpkin. Well after the race is over, one poor girl is still stuck in the pumpkin. Anna starts stirring up drama in the night portion about Brittany potentially being an escort. We haven’t seen much from Bri lately so it was nice to see some conversation with them, and she gets the rose. Matt leaves and Anna brings up the escort issue with Brittany. 

One on One-Michelle-Let’s Make up for Lost Time
Chris Harrison took over the planning, and they’re going on an extreme scavenger date. They end up in a hot air balloon and the girls are all watching with binoculars. They had a really good date and then some serious conversations at night. They talked about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter and her students. It is nice to see these conversations on this show. 

Group Date #2
They start out boxing in the woods and moved to a full on boxing competition with the others girls watching. Wells is back to be a commentator. The boxing is intense. Girls are getting punched in the throat and the nose. That ends and they get to the night portion. Matt has some good conversations. Katie came to talk to Matt and tells him the drama in the house and some of the things being talked about could ruin this girls life. Matt is not happy to hear that and says he needs to get to the bottom of this, and then the show ends. 

Why do they keep doing this to us?

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.2 and 25.3

Episode 2 also known as queen Victoria or as she wants it to be known as queen Victoria. 

Celsey and I are watching together like old times. It is fun to watch with the crowd, but it is also kind of fun to go back to the original days when we watched in their basement apartment. 

We are still at the point in the season where we don’t really know who anyone is. We are trying to figure out who is who, but when there are so many people it is tricky. I am pretty sure there are girls we haven’t heard a word from, and there are other girls that we have heard way too much from. The show seems to be better adjusted to filming in COVID times and has really figured out how to make this work. 

Date #1-The first one on one with Bri was no surprise. She got a decent amount of attention last week in the media about her so I was excited to see more of her. Matt obviously likes her, and she obviously likes him. The ATV crash was a little scary, but it quickly seemed like everything was fine. 

I never got around to finishing the blog last week. We can pretty much just say that Queen Victoria was the main focus on the episode. No one is really taking her seriously, but she sure is getting a lot of air time. It is pretty uncomfortable to watch, and I am looking forward to the time that she is off of my TV. Can someone explain the huge discrepancy between her appearance on the show and her social media. She doesn’t even look like the same person. 

The group date was the Victoria and her black bra show. Sarah had the other one on one. Jury is still out on that. The show ends at the rose ceremony and Sarah is passing out as the show ends. 

Who’s watching: Celsey and I are watching together again. We miss our friends, but it really is fun to watch like old times. 

We start out back at the rose ceremony. Sarah fainted. Matt comforts her. She seems ok and the rose ceremony resumes. It seems like a lot of girls did not get a rose. Does anyone else wonder why Matt gave Marylynn the orchid and then sent her home? I don’t even know who else did not get a rose, but I am glad the Marylynn vs Victoria drama is over. 

Chris Harrison comes in and tells the girls that he and Matt have agreed that he has a hard time feeling uncomfortable so he is going to plan some of the dates to help Matt get out of his comfort zone. 

Group date #1-Today is a surprise for everyone
The girls and Matt meet Ashley I and they’re going to writing a love/sex story. We were pretty distracted for a good part of the date which was totally fine with us. The date was pretty uncomfortable to watch and seemed pretty weird for someone who started the whole season with a prayer. Meanwhile Sarah is losing her mind. I thought she was on the date, but apparently she wasn’t. She comes in and interrupts Katie’s time. She talks and talks. Katie is mad. Rachael gets the rose. Who even knows what else happens because now everyone is super mad at Sarah. Matt is very into her, and has no problem giving her more time. 

Date #2-Serena P-Let Love Lead the Way
Serena and Matt ride horses out to the middle of nowhere. They see animals, have a picnic, get surprised by donkeys, have dinner, and then hit the hot tub. They are cute together, but she is 22. That seems a little unlikely. Why do they even cast girls that young? Matt really might be getting himself into a mess. He seems like he is falling for every girl he talks to. 

While Matt is falling for Serena and the girls are waiting for the date card, Sarah comes down and a complete storm blows up. Sarah tries to talk. She definitely has not acted the best, but the rest of the girls were pretty terrible too. They all ganged up on her. They wouldn’t let her talk at all and just attacked her. She ran away, decided to leave, and then Katie came and talked to her. That was the most mature conversation we have seen so far. They bond over their dads, and Sarah says she really needs to go. She talks to Matt and leaves. I feel like there is a good chance she might come back. If not, see you in paradise Sarah. 

It felt like we barely got anything from that episode. We saw 2 dates and a whole lot of Sarah drama. It looks like next week is going to continue to be more drama...

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Monday, January 4, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.1

I dropped off blogging about the bachelorette. I watched most of the season by myself which is far less fun and I tend to multi-task a lot more. I am sad I didn’t blog the rest of the season. I loved that season so much-more than any other recent season. The show did a great job dealing with being stuck in the same location the whole time. It seemed like most of the guys had never seen the show and for sure weren’t there for instagram followers. Tayshia was fun to watch, and I loved seeing more real conversation instead of a bunch of crazy drama. I was spoiler free for the first time in a really long time. I don’t usually seek out the spoilers, but I usually see them somewhere. Somehow it didn’t happen this time, and it was kind of fun to watch spoiler free and try an analyze the editing without knowing. I loved the proposal, and I am kind of in love with Zac and Tayshia together. 

Onto Matt’s season..
Time to meet the girls..
Bri-green dress, here to get to know Matt
Rachael-graphic designer, so nervous, have a lot of fun together, Matt thought she was beautiful 
Sarah-sparkly blue dress, feeling a little homesick
Jessenia-royal blue-looking for a partner to be her rock
Chelsea-runway model, make history together
Mari-sparkly, love makes the world go round/journey 
Magi-from Ethiopia
Sydney-hottest things she has ever met
Kristen-verdict is in-guilty of being so fine
Anna-stress ball, red flag
Serena-tripped walking up the stairs
Serena P-step stool
Saneh-goat shoes
Alana-kissing noodle
Kaili-no dress
Abigail-reading lips
Corrine-red dres
____James-keep last name of James
MJ-pizza car
Katie-brought something from home
Kit-own car, feathery dress
Victoria-like the queen 

Matt was definitely very nervous. We hope he warms up quickly and we start to see a little more personality. 
Matt comes in and opens the season with a prayer. We definitely haven’t seen that before. After the prayer, the girls start scrambling for their time with Matt. Abigail gets the first impression rose after opening up to Matt and having a quick make out sesh even though several other girls thought they were getting a rose. 

Serena P
Serena C
All get roses. The previews show a whole lot of crying and Matt saying he doesn’t know where we go from here. I am pretty sure we hear that line every season. I have high hopes for the season and we all really hope Matt finds love. 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Beauty Time Tuesday-recent empties

I really love getting rid of things. There is something so satisfying about using something until it is all the way gone. Ever since I started empties post, it is even more satisfying to see all of the things I have recently emptied. 

Bath and Body Works body cream-I love this body cream although this isn’t my favorite scent. 
Suave dry shampoo-The was the first dry shampoo I ever used, and I loved it. I got sick of it for several years and decided to try it again. It is ok. 
Ahava lotion-This came from FabFitFun. It worked well and I like it fine. 
Deep sleep body cocoon-Another FabFitFun item. This product was ok but not my favorite. The smell wasn’t my favorite, and I honestly didn’t notice much benefit from using it.  
Native deodorant -LOVE. After trying a few different brands of natural deodorant, Native is by far my favorite. 
Olaplex system-I heard a lot about Olaplex but kind of thought it was mostly for blondes. I was definitely wrong. I love the hair mask and the shampoo and conditioner. They smell great and work well. I would definitely buy it again. 
Panache moisturizer-Teresa created these products as a solution for all for all of the chemicals in our products. They are all so nice and work great. 
Estée Lauder night serum-I got this complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. It lasted for much longer than I expected for a sample size. It felt so nice on my skin, and I am happy I got to try it.  
Lancôme difinicils mascara-I love this mascara so much. 

Are you like me? Do you love emptying things?

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Blogging the Bach season 17

This season has for better or worse been interesting. I have had a lot of commentary, but most of it hasn’t been written down anywhere. I watched the first couple of episodes with Celsey, went to Brenna’s birthday party for the 3rd episode and watched the next couple by myself on HULU. 

The whole Clare situation was unlike nothing we have ever seen. I am happy she found love. I wish her all the best, and I am happy to be done with her part of the season. So far I really like Tayshia, and it’s been fun to have a whole new storyline. 

Brenna planned the cutest most fun birthday cocktail party. We all dressed up for the first time in forever and enjoyed delicious food, yummy drinks, Brenna trivia, and watched Bachelorette together. Every detail was perfect and it was so much fun. 
With the birthday girl 

Jemaica, Brenna, Natasha, Jenny

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Blogging the Bach 17.2

After the previews at the end of last episode, I am really ready to see what happens. 

Date 1-Group date I’m looking for a guy who speaks to my heart. 
We forgot they are stuck inside the resort the whole time. They follow actual hearts on the ground to make it to Clare. The date is all about love languages. The date starts out with all of the guys giving Clare words of affirmation. She was emotional and said it feels good. We thought it felt awkward. The night part, quality time, got off to a really rough start. Clare got upset pretty quickly that she didn’t feel like the guys were giving her enough attention. It was weird. Maybe there was a lot more time than it seemed on the show, but her meltdown seemed a little premature.  Dale pulled her away and suddenly everything was fine. A few more guys have time with Clare, and Riley get the rose.  

Date 2-Jason Love Will Set us Free
Jason and Clare write letters and their flaws and throw them away. Jason opens up about his past and mistakes he made. Clare isn’t scared and totally understands all he says. They kiss. He gets the rose and they burn her bachelor finale dress. The whole state of California is on fire and they are burning a dress. I am a little confused. 

Date 3-Group Date
Dodgeball starts and Clare decides to make it strip. The blue team loses every round and they all had to walk back totally naked. It was a bit much. We also discussed how this date could never happen in reverse. The red team gets to stay for the night. Eazy pulls her aside to talk-good thing after the last group date. He rubs her feet..with her heels on. Blake M is not ok with not getting time with her and decides to show up. The guys are really mad. She talks to him for one half of a second and then send him back. Chases gets the rose. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
We thought the rose ceremony was going to happen but instead it was just the cocktail party. Clare is still very into Dale. The whole thing is kind of intense. Give those 2 a room. 

To be continued...

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Friday, October 16, 2020

Blogging the Bach 17.1

This might be one of the most anticipated seasons of any of the bachelor shows. It feels like forever since Clare was announced as the bachelorette, and with all of the other rumors about the show we have really been looking forward to the start of this season. 

Our schedules are all messed up since it is on Tuesday this season. We are going to continue with our Monday night dinners and watching on Tuesdays for whoever wants to except for this week. Celsey and I are watching and can’t wait to get this thing going. 

The show starts with hearing all about COVID and how it delayed things-Umm they know we all know about COVID right?! Next up they show us how the guys reacted to COVID and what they did during their quarantine. 

The men start arriving and some of them are major dorks or at least acting like it. Dale comes out. Her smile is huge. Their interaction seemed totally normal, and she said she thinks she just met her husband. The guys are all there and everyone starts having their one on one time with Clare. The next thing we know the drama starts. Things are better with some of the other guys, and it seems like there might be some decent guys here. I am excited to see how this all unfolds. 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Beauty Time Tuesday-Recent Empties

I used to do a monthly empties post and somewhere along the way I got out of the habit of doing those. I have been collecting this pile of empties for several months. A lot these products are favorites I have been using for a while and a few are newer things I recently tried. 

Everyone lotion-This is a much lighter lotion than what I am used to. I really like it, but I am not sure if it is hydrating enough for my dry winter skin. I already bought a new one so I guess i will find out this winter. 
OUAI leave in spray-I got this in my FabFitFun box. My hair gets so tangled, and I really like using a leave in spray. I like this one fine. 
COOLA setting spray-I was a little skeptical of this and ended up loving it. 
Lancôme teinte idol foundation-All time fave foundation
Bix sexy hair hairspray-love
Bath and body works lotion-love 
Crude cleansing oil-I use oil with the tinkle razor but I haven’t really been too in love with cleansing with oil. 
Laneige sleep mask-LOVE. Worth the Money. Lasts forever. 
Native deodorant-This is my favorite cleaner deodorant  
Urban decay eye primer-LOVE
Victorias Secret roller ball perfume-Love the roller balls. They offer the right amount of fragrance without being too overpowering. 
Urban decay perversion mascara-LOVE
Tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara -LOVE

I sometimes wonder why I am using nicer more expensive makeup to sit on zoom calls all day, but I can’t seem to get away from it. Do you have any drugstore faves? I am not opposed to trying some more budget friendly things. I just want to make sure it is something I am likely to like. 

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Unblogged bloggable-cutting board craft

Celsey found out about this wood working class way before the chaos of 2020. I have a few tools, but I haven’t done much with them. It was such a fun night, and we felt so happy that we were able to make our cutting boards. 

The first step was to trace the shape we wanted. 

We cut the wood and sanded it down before staining it. 
It was not nearly as hard as I thought even though I was nervous at first. 

Our completed crafts. It was so fun and they were all unique. I have used mine so many times over the past year. It is perfect for a charcuterie board. 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wear it Wednesday..custom jewelry

I grew up in the south so everything is monogrammed and names are on everything. My name isn’t necessarily unique, but it is also not the most common name. I rarely find my name on anything so if I want anything with my name, I have to find something I can customize. My niece is the same way. She has wanted a necklace with her name on it for awhile, but she hasn’t been able to find one in the stores. I have worked with oNecklace a few times in the past. When they reached out to collaborate again, I instantly thought to surprise my niece with a necklace with her name. She got it right as school was getting started for her. Even though she is full distance learning for now, it is fun to have a new accessory for those zoom classes. 

I told her mom the package was coming, but Karlee was surprised when it came in the mail. She never finds anything with her name since she has the ee spelling at the end of her name. It was fun to surprise her with something fun. It was very easy to get the necklace with her name. I sent them the necklace i wanted with the spelling and they shipped it right to her. If you are interested in something custom, oNecklace is a very simple and affordable way to go. Thanks to oNecklace for helping me surprise her. She loved it! 

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