Monday, June 25, 2018

Reasons to Open a Kid's Franchise

Utah is growing like crazy right now-everywhere. The housing market keeps jumping higher and higher. Construction is booming. There is so much growth everywhere I look-housing, businesses, roads, literally everything.
Utah is home to many many entrepreneurs. People are very business savvy and it's a great place to open a business. Utah is also full of kids and families. People want flexibility in schedules, and many people want to be their own boss. As great as it can be, opening your own business can be extremely challenging, While it certainly comes with a set of challenges, a franchise provides opportunity for support with new businesses. For anyone looking to open a business especially a franchise business for kids, Utah is the place. I was recently introduced to Snapology, They are not currently in Utah, but there are some great opportunities to bring it to SLC. They offer stem programs, themed programs, preschool progra,sspecial needs programs, and so much more. 

Entrepreneur published an article with the top reasons to open a franchise. Some of the reasons include already established training programs and support systems. There are so many benefits to opening a franchise. If you are considering a franchise opportunity, forbes gives some great tips to consider before getting started.

We can talk all about all the business reasons why a franchise for kids is a good idea, but really it's Utah. Anyone who knows anything about Utah, knows that people are always looking for fun new things to do with their kids. All the kid friendly places in and around SLC are always super busy. We could definitely use a few more/new places. 

Are you a business owner? What are some of your top reasons you enjoy that?

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Beauty Time Tuesday-May empties 

There’s a theme going on with my empties from May-bath and body works products, intuition refills, and makeup. 

Bath and Body Works

Body cream-at the beach and marshmallow-Love although marshmallow isn’t my favorite scent

Citrus hand soap-I prefer the foam soap but the gel soap is ok

Oatmeal moisturizer-not my fave

Paris amour lotion-love the lotion not my fave scent

Intuition razor-LOVE-only razor I’ll use

Clinique moisturizer gel-like

Pro green concealer-just ok. I replaced this with a higher end brand I like a lot more. 

Clinique chubby lash-LOVE

Tarte maneater mascara-LOVE

YSL highlighter-like but prefer powder highlighter 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

blogging the bach 14.3

Monday night tradish is on pause tonight while Celsey and Shawn go out to a fancy dinner to celebrate their 7th anniversary and Megan and Rem adjust to life with a new babe. Congrats to everyone! It's an exciting time in the MNT group! The girls at home have a late softball game so I'm watching solo this week.

Before the dates start the guys are all hanging out in the house. Everyone seems pretty calm except David and Jordan. I thought I was going to like David, but he needs to let it go with Jordan. It's not a good look at all.

Group Date #1-massage date with bachelor friends including Tia and Colton because duh we have to see that play out on TV. Becca introduces the girls and guys and forgets Jason's name. Everyone always asks how they remember everyone's names, and they always say they don't. Apparently they do not. The rest is a little chaotic. Dudes massage girls. Girls paint dudes' nails. The main theme is awkwardness because of the Tia/Colton situation or lack of a situation although it is definitely a situation for Becca.
"I've totally moved into David's head. I should be paying rent to that guy"--Jordan after he gets called out for having 4000 matches on Tinder in 2017. 4000 matches? How is that even possible? David feels the need to tell Becca. Has David ever seen the show? It is never good to waste your time talking about someone else. David needs to stop. Becca makes a joke of it, and Jordan takes it a little too seriously. He still thinks this is a competition.
Becca talks to Colton and feels better enough about everything to give him the rose. I hope this is the last we hear of the Colton/Tia sitch.

Date #2-one on one With Chris-Let's Make Your Heart Sing
Chris didn't make the best first impression on me, but he must have with Becca. We will see if this date changes my mind. As I am typing that he opens up about his dad (sad face). They write a song with Richard Marx, and I might just be changing my mind about Chris-maybe. Chris and Becca have a heart to heart about his past and he gets the rose. They dance to a private concert by Richard Marx, and that might be one of the better bachelor musical moments.

Back at the house the ambulance comes and someone leaves on a stretcher. There is talk of a lot of blood and it doesn't sound good. It is hard to tell who it is at first, and then we learn that it's David. He fell out of bed and landed on his face. What is the deal with Jordan winking saying he wouldn't hurt a fly? That creeps me out a little.

Group Date #2-Football date
Clay is loving his life, but some of the other dudes don't know what they're doing. Lincoln is all about winning again. I got distracted during the game. Clay breaks his finger or something and we have ambulance #2. Garrett has some pretty slick moves. After having the first one on one, Blake freaks a little at the group date. He has some time with Becca and calls her his girlfriend. Clay comes back, has some time and kisses with Becca, and the show cuts out. I can't figure out if they didn't air the end due to the political stuff or if my DVR stopped recording. 

I kind of hate that I missed the end, but I was also kind of over watching it. Does anyone watch the Nick/Jared/Dean recaps? They are hilarious and must watch!

We haven't done our brackets for the season yet. It might be getting kind of late. We for sure need to do them. I think Blake and Garrett are my faves for now. Colton is still up there and will likely go far and then end up on paradise with Tia.

I heard from a friend that Mike (is that the name of the other guy with long hair), Ryan, and Clay (because of wrist surgery) went home. The end!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wear it Wednesday-Rose Gold

I’m obsessed with all things rose gold lately. I wanted the rose gold birkenstocks last year, but they were always out of stock. They were and probably still are backordered this year, but I had a little more patience for waiting this year. 

Rose gold goes with everything so I was really excited to get this rose gold circle pendant from the happiness boutique to style.

shirt-old navy
jeans-joes jeans nordstrom rack
apple watch band-google
bracelets-mantra bands, alex and ani, bip and bop
lips-lipsense sweetheart pink
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Blogging the Bach 14.2

who's watching:Alicia, Amanda, Celsey, and Whitney. They husbands are working on a doggy door, but if we're lucky we might get a little commentary from them.

Date #1-Group date-We are still trying to figure out who everyone is so we aren't totally sure who is on this date. We know for sure Lincoln is there because he definitely makes himself known. They have somewhat of a repeat of Becca's first date with Arie-Dress up fancy to feel special. That's where the similarities end. The rest of the day date is basically a mud run. Drama starts right off the bat. Lincoln wins the competition. The guys are upset especially Connor who throws their photo into the pool to break it. We aren't impressed with his maturity or lack of. Connor feels embarrassed-as he should. 

Date #2-one one one with Blake-This is Becca's first real date since she was engaged. There's been  a lot of talk about Arie so far. They meet Chris Harrison who greets them with sledge hammers so they can smash all of the things that remind her of Arie. I'm sure it is fun to destroy all the things, but it is a little weird. They have a heart to heart about past relationships. He gets the rose and they kiss and kiss some more. I'm pretty sure he will be in the top 4.

Date #3-Group date-Dodgeball. They're still talking about Arie. Let's all hope this is the last night of this. Leo tries really hard to win for the pink team, but the green frogs kill them. All the guys get to come to the evening. So far there is much less drama on this date. Colton tells Becca he dated Tia. She gets really upset and overwhelmed. We don't think it's that big of a deal. She must have an insecurity about Tia or something. She doesn't trust him which is weird because he told her so early on.

Cocktail party/rose ceremony-Connor does the best thing possible and throws a picture of himself from the group date into the pool. Jordan says I'm going to do more with less. what??? On her podcast, Kaitlyn talked about enjoying Jordan for his comic relief-solid advice. David is not amused and picks a fight with Jordan. She still has issues with Colton.

who's left-date #1 rose, Blake, Wills, Chris R, Jason, John, Clay, Mike, Connor, Leo, David, Garrett, Nick, Ryan, Christon, Jordan, Lincoln, Colton

Word Tally
let's do the damn thing-1-maybe/hopefully this phrase is dying

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Monday, June 4, 2018

One little word-May/June goals 

In 2018 I want to fill my life with things and people I LOVE and let things go that I do not love. I want to show more LOVE to others and accept more LOVE. I want my life to be full of LOVE.

I haven't done a great job with reporting on my goals this year which means I haven't been as accountable which means I haven't done as well. The year is far from over, and I am excited to recommit myself to my one little word-LOVE

*attend temple 12 times✔
*send birthday and other cards monthly✔
*nightly gratitude journal✔ kind of.
*love my body by continuing health and fitness goals-time to step it up
*monthly savings/budget goal to be more accountable for my spending and save more✔. I started giving myself a fun money budget each time I get paid. I have been hit and miss the past few months. It's time to recommit to this.

*record spending for the month✔
*do something for myself daily-hit and miss

*5 minutes of daily decluttering-overall ✔ but I definitely lost steam towards the end of the month
*weekly health/fitness goals-✔ I am getting myself back on track finally,
*record/report happy/love/gratitude-hit and miss but more miss

JUNE GOALS-operation get back on track
*start Syatt Fitness inner circle 90 day unicorn challenge
*20 questions with Candace
*100s workout (pushups, squats, crunches, 3 min plank)

There's nothing like the middle of the year to kick my booty back into high gear. How is 2018 going for you?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

blogging the bach 14.1

Bachelorette night 1-Why do they start this thing on a holiday? Monday Night Tradish is on hold until next week so I'm watching at home.

Who's watching-Amanda, Adrienne, Mallory

Becca is back and ready for love. We start out seeing a replay of her bad breakup with Arie and then an intro to Becca and a few of the guys.

Rachel, JoJo, and Kaitlyn come to the mansion to give Becca some advice and sage the house. 

First impressions
Colton-confetti popper, former football player
Grant-big dimples
Clay-football player, cheesy lines about catching her
Jean Blanc-has over 100 colognes-WHY??? "he looks like he would be a comedian"--Amanda
Connor-down on one knee
Joe-grocery store owner, nervous
John-total nerd
Leo-top knot, let our hair down "i guarantee he stunt doubles for women"--Amanda
Jordan-the model, thinks he is going to have one up on everyone in his light suit and has plenty to say about what everyone else is wearing
Nick-race car suit, opening statements
Mike-cardboard Arie, man bun
Garrett-in a minivan, from Reno
Blake-rides up on an ox in a pink coat
Lincoln-birthday cake
Chase-the chase is what makes the end so much better
Christon-former harlem globetrotter
Wills-closet nerd
Kamil-60/40, social media participant
Jake-from Minneapolis, she doesn't know
Trent-hearse-literally died
David-chicken suit, be kah "make is stop"--Adrienne
Chris-hometown reference-brings gospel choir

Becca starts talking to all the guys.
John tells Becca he made the app for venmo
Christon plays basketball and dunks over Becca and everyone joins in.
Blake mades her feel very hopeful
David takes off his chicken head and Becca thinks he is really fun
Garrett teaches Becca to fish in the pool
The talk already starts about Chase not being there for the right reasons. It seems a little early in the night/season for that kind of talk.
Becca pulls Jake aside and is definitely not excited about him being there. She doesn't want to waste his time. He tries to tell her more about himself. She isn't open to it at all and sends him home.
Garrett gets the first impression rose and we are all surprised.

Who gets a rose-Garrett, Lincoln, Blake, Ricky, Jean Blanc, Christon, Clay, Wills, Connor, Jason, John, Ryan, Alex, Nick, Trent, Colton, David, Jordan, Leo, Mike, Chris R

Previews for the season include tears, lots of tears, yelling, drama, sirens, fights, and a lot of Jordan. I can't wait!

Word Tally
let's do the damn thing-5

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Paint Night

I have always wanted to do a paint night but I have also always been a little scared. I enjoy painting, but I CANNOT draw even a little bit. I see posts from paint nights, and everyone's always looks good. Jessi chose a paint night for her birthday celebration so it was the perfect chance to try it out.

I quickly found out there is actually no drawing. It is all painting. It was a little stressful trying to keep up at times, but overall it was pretty fun. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.

Painting with a Twist was a fun location. The teacher was great, and we had a good time. I would do it again for another girls night or birthday or other fun occasion.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Beauty Time Tuesday-new products 

My skin has been a bit on the fritz lately so I’ve been trying some new products to help things. 

All of the face masks I have and love are a little more drying so I tried this say yes argan oil mask and loved it. My skin felt so good after, and I will definitely use it again. 

Kristen Ess dry shampoo-I’ve used this before and really like it. The idea is to offer salon quality st drugstore prices. This is more of an in between for me-not salon cost but not drugstore either. 

Essence false lashes-I tried this on a recommendation. It is $4.99 and makes my lashes long and beautiful, but it does seem to smudge off under my eyes a bit. 

Garnier mask-Sheet masks generally aren’t my fave, but this made my skin so smooth. I liked it more than expected. 

Scuni coil hair ties-LOVE

BLISS oxygen mask-This mask feels so weird as it’s working but again leaves my face feeling silky smooth. 

Langeige lip mask-LOVE

Blueberry yogurt creme mask-LOVE

OPI red polish-I saw this and though I wanted red nails. It turns out I really love pink nails this time of year. 

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner-I’ve been using and loving this for quite a while. I finally got smart and realized I can buy it on amazon for much cheaper overal than Sephora. 

NYX foundation-I ended up returning this after I took the picture but before trying it. 

Tarte maneater pallet-LOVE. The colors are gorgeous and have such great pigment. 

Shape tape is all the rage. I like it, but it is very thick. I’m not sure if I will buy it again or go back to urban decay concealer. 

Have you tried anything new lately?

Beauty Time Tuesday-April empties 

I emptied a whole lot of things in April-some good some less good. 

Matrix color obsessed conditioner-liked and would buy again

Bath and body works body cream, foaming hand soap, and lotion-LOVE all

Pink fresh and clean body spray-love

Formula 10.06 cleanser-like

Living proof dry shampoo-love

Dr. Teals bath oil-like

Mint Pear serum-I really want to love these products but they’re just ok. 

Intuition razor-LOVE

Tarte maneater mascara-love

Mary Kay mascara-LOVE

Urban Decay Naked concealer-love would definitely buy again but decided to try something new 

Recent Happs

First it was weekend, then it was April, and now it’s just recent happenings around here. 

Janet was in town for work at the end of spring break. I took her to Cafe Rio, and we caught up on life since high school. I’ve been lucky to see her a few times since then, but we can’t believe it’s been 20 years since high school. 

Friday lunch is still going strong. I often ask for recommendations when I go somewhere new. The pimento chicken sandwich is something I would never typically order, but I decided to be adventurous. It was good but something I probably wouldn’t order again. 

Megan planned the cutest candy themed birthday party at the park for Violet. With all the craziness lately Monday night tradition has been on pause for a few weeks. It was fun to see everyone, celebrate Violet, and twin with Megan. 

Over the years Aprille and I randomly twin quite often. We joke that we are on the same wavelength, but really we kind of are. 

I rarely make it to Relief Society activities for one reason or another. We made these cute simple nativity sets last month so I made sure to go. It was a fun evening with a cute craft. 

I had the opportunity to attend a tasting event at We Olive. I expected a few olive oils and bread, but it was so much better. They sell a variety of oils and vinegar and serve small plates. It was fun to discover a fun new place. 

Amberly and I met several years ago through blogging. Both of us put blogging on the back burner over the past year while we focused on other things. We finally met up for dinner at Tortilla Union after a few months of planning. It was so great to catch up on blogging and life and all of the things. 

Our annual work retreat was at Timber Moose Lodge. It’s always nice to spend the day out of the office having fun with co-worker friends. 

Suzanne, Alyssa, Stacha, and I went to the Jordan river temple open house. The temple is beautiful, and I’m really excited for it to open again. 

Catching up with friends is one of my favorite things to do. It’s been more than 10 years since we were all roommates. Life has changed a lot for this group, but we still have as much fun together as we ever did. The time went quickly as we laughed and laughed all night long. 

A funeral is never a fun thing, but it does give the opportunity to see old friends. I feel very reflective on the many wonderful people that have come into my life. 

Brittany graduated from college last week and had a fun graduation/cinco de mayo party. I almost didn’t make it but I’m glad I did. 

Time continues to fly by. I feel so blessed to have so many good people and great opportunities in my life. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


This post is sponsored. 
Anyone who knows me even a little knows that my friends are so important to me. I’ve been so lucky to have so many amazing meaningful friendships(some for a season and some for a lifetime). Friendship takes effort and meaningful friendships are worth the effort.

How to Build More Meaningful Friendships
By Christine H.

The rise of technology, and especially the mashup of tech and social interaction, has made an interesting dilemma in our modern relationships. Many professionals say that over-reliance on social media and tech-enabled communication like texting has made ours a socially-retarded generation.

Well, I think that’s pretty harsh. And I don’t really think it’s true. But at the same time, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that having 600 friends on Facebook isn’t the same as always having a friend ready to go out with you on a Friday night. Or perhaps more importantly, someone to call when you desperately need to talk something out. Our interconnected world can feel increasingly isolated. I think in some ways, the ease of contacting and overlapping with so many people at any given moment makes us forget to value the people we have close to us. For example, why invest in your existing romantic relationship when all it takes is a swipe on your smartphone to find 20 more likely candidates? Why work through a fight that you’ve had with a friend when there are so many other people that you could reach out to the next time that you need help with something? And why make yourself vulnerable to the person just down the hall when you could discuss what’s on your mind anonymously and maintain the perfect image that you’ve worked so hard to present to the world?

The art of friendship is nuanced and individual. However, the magic of human connection is not to be underplayed. In the end, it might be the most important thing that any of us have. And so, if you’re someone who’s tired of artificial and surface-level interactions, consider these ideas for deepening and building important relationships--especially friendships--in your life.

  • Do things together: Experiences bond us together, and when you get outside of your comfort zone, you learn more about yourself, and others than you ever would inside of the safe realm. Many of us wait around hoping to be invited to things, but it doesn’t occur to us that everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Take it on yourself to be the one to plan and coordinate events. Subscribe to and ask about events in your community and at your favorite venues. Set up excursions to interesting places. In fact, why not put together a weekend road trip like one of these?
  • Spend one-on-one talking time: Group friends aren’t the same as individual friends. For example, there might be someone that you consider a good friend because you see them a lot at group outings. However, when you find that you’re alone together, you don’t really have much to say. I think this is one of the most common reasons that we lose touch with others. Friend groups are always changing--people move away, marry or divorce, have children, or get busy with other interests. If you don’t have individual connections with people when the group evolves, you might find yourself feeling pretty lonely. Instead, seek to establish personal connections with those that you come in contact with. Learn more about them individually, and learn about what you have in common. Embrace opportunities to talk one-on-one. And when you do talk…

  • Be honest, and make yourself vulnerable: Far too often, we put on a personality that we think people want to see. However, an honest connection can never happen until we’re willing to show who we really are, warts and all. Share things about yourself that signal to the other person that it’s safe for them to also share vulnerabilities. It can be scary to really be seen by someone else, but that’s also what makes a good friendship worthwhile. These moments when we’re able to admit that we need help are what make the difference between a casual acquaintance and an actual friend group that can act as a support group, whatever we’re going through.
  • Match emotional and time investment: Many of us feel short changed when we end up in relationships where the attachment seems to be one-sided. It can be exhausting when we feel like we’re putting in all the effort ourselves. Building a friendship is a process, and it happens in small increments along the way. Be generous, but remember not to demand more from someone than they’re ready to give.

  • Recognize and appreciate different people’s contributions: Good friends are not going to be good at all the same things that you are. They’re not going to always value the same things, or make the same choices that you would. However, it takes all types to make a world. The whole point of friendship is to meet each other in both our weaknesses and strengths. Often, the best friendships are ones that teach us balance. Friends are able to share strengths that you need in your life, and you’re able to contribute with your own strengths that they don’t have.
  • Learn to say I’m sorry: Disagreements, and moments when we hurt each other, are unavoidable in a close relationship. I think that we’re missing out on the best parts of interpersonal relationships when we don’t learn how to weather those difficult times and see things through anyway. “I’m sorry” doesn’t always mean “I’m wrong and you’re right.” No relationship should rely on two people always seeing exactly eye to eye. Rather, “I’m sorry” can often mean “This relationship is more important to me than my pride.”
  • Don’t underestimate old friends: Our lives are always changing, and so our relationships will as well. Sometimes, we grow distant from people who used to seem essential for our very survival. I don’t think that it’s always a bad thing. For example, after you got married, your tightness with your group of girlfriends probably evolved, since your spouse was now the person that you brought the ups and downs of your life to. That being said, it’s important to know the value of an old friend; a person who knew you as you were, saw you through challenges and changes. When you get the chance to reconnect, and when you recognize that you need to reclaim that part of your life, be open to rebuilding those channels as needed.

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