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Monday, January 10, 2022

Blogging the Bach 26.2

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We are back for week 2 and more of Clayton. The girls are freaking out about moving into the mansion. Jesse Palmer comes in and makes sure to tell the girls that he is happily married. He gives them the date card and he’s out. 

The first group date is executing a child’s birthday party with Hillary Duff. Cassidy is very confident, but I am not as confident as she is. She doesn’t care what she has to do, and she does it. Clayton doesn’t seem that into it, but he also doesn’t say no either. The day date ends with another Cassidy make out sesh. Some other girls get some good attention during the night part, and it seems like maybe Cassidy isn’t going to get her way. Cassidy gets her way and we are worried about Clayton and his confidence and ability to be assertive. 

Susie gets the first one on one date. They do all the fancy bachelor things we haven’t seen in a while-helicopter..landing on a ship..with a hot tub. Clayton says he values someone who is humble and genuine. They have a good what you would expect for a first one on one date. It seems like Susie will be around for a while. 

The second group date is so good. A comedian who none of us know but probably all the rest of you know. They play never have I ever relationship edition and then play an obstacle course game that is hilarious. We loved it..except the milk chug. I almost got sick just watching it. Shanae proves that she is here for the competition and the drama. Sarah gets the group date rose. Clayton leaves and Elizabeth starts the drama all over again. 

The drama starts back up almost as soon as the cocktail party starts. Shanae and Elizabeth have another conversation. Shanae taunts Elizabeth about her ADHD and it is so awful. I can’t believe the stuff she says. You can’t say stuff like that. The drama doesn’t end there. Right before the end we find out Cassidy has a friends with benefits situation at home. TO BE CONTINUED…

Monday, January 3, 2022

Blogging the Bach 26.1

It has been a few seasons since I consistently posted about a bachelor show. I have watched them all, and as usual have plenty to say. I have gotten out of the habit probably for many reasons. I ended up watching the past few seasons more on my own, and for whatever reason that has made it more challenging to post. 

We’ve all known for months that Clayton is the next bachelor even though ABC didn’t want to make it official for some weird reason. Like most people I watched Michelle’s season trying to learn more about Clayton and trying to figure out why he is the next bachelor. We didn’t really learn much so I guess we will learn as we go.

We’re back at the mansion and that is exciting. We start the show with Clayton and his mom finding out he is the next bachelor. They both 
freak out. I can’t imagine my mom freaking out like that if I told her I was going on the bachelor. 

We see a few intro packages including Sally and hearing her story that she was supposed to get married that weekend. She goes through the whole casting process, makes it to LA, and then decides she needs to talk to Clayton before the night really starts. She comes and talks to Clayton for who knows why. He leaves and comes back with a rose (probably not a great idea). She doesn’t know what to do. Basically she is dumb if she accepts it and dumb if she doesn’t. Ultimately she says she can’t accept it and leaves. Who knows why she came in the first place. 

The limos start arriving and we can’t figure out how these girls are all so pretty. The rest of the girls come out and start talking to Clayton. Most of the girls are super excited, but after their conversation Claire claims she hates Clayton. She tells Clayton she doesn’t hate him, but he sends her home anyway. Teddi gets the first impression rose and no one is surprised. Then previews want to make us think they are showing us what is going to happen,b ut there is no way. Whatever happens it promises to be a dramatic season. 

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Blogging the Bach 18.4-end

Does anyone ever really like episode 4? It kind of tends to be a bit of a dud episode. Going into it I am already worried that is what it is going to be. She got rid of pot stirrers Jamie and Peter last week. I am always happy to see the drama go, but the drama does add to the storyline. 

I started posting about Michelle’s season and dropped off. After faithfully blogging about the show for years and years, I am not longer in the habit of doing it. I want to be, but I just am not. 

In summary, I really loved Michelle’s season a lot. She was a great lead, and she had really great guys. It was hard to watch on Tuesdays (or whatever day in the week I got around to watching it), and it was hard to coordinate watching with others (so I ended up watching the whole season on my own). I accidentally saw the winner way before the season even started. I thought maybe I would forget, but as soon as the season started it was hard not to remember Nayte. I don’t usually look for spoilers, but I often see them at some point in the season. I don’t know if I have ever known the full spoiler before it even starts. Although I still enjoy seeing how the story unfolds and what the edit is like, it made it hard to be as invested in the season. All that said, I really liked the season and I am excited for the next season where I can maybe remember how to consistently post. 

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Monday, November 8, 2021

Blogging the Bach 18.2 and 3

I watched episode 2 at the cutest dinner and bachelorette viewing party for Brenna. We had quite the crowd and we were all pretty chatty while watching. I am sure we missed a lot, but the big takeaways were 
-Jamie started out really strong and went straight downhill fast
-Michelle really likes Joe and Nayte-they seem like front runners so far
-Michelle is in charge and she is putting up with no crap from these guys. She is confident and I like it. 
-Michelle looks like a million especially in that pink dress

Episode 3
-Is Peter serious? I am hide my face embarrassed for him and the way he is acting. Is he trying to be the villain? Does he actually think he is making good choices? I have so many questions about this dude?
-Rodney is the sweetest thing. I kind of love him. I am getting some friend zone vibes but things do seem to turn around a little. Also what is with all the recent nudity? Are we completely out of ideas on this show?
-Did Brandon just solidify his spot in the final 4? Has anyone ever gotten 2 group date roses in a row? That was very surprising but I’m not made about it.
-Jamie-ew ew ew. Goodbye. So glad you are gone. I was so uncomfortable with everything he said and did which made me feel even more awkward after hearing his story last week.
-Nayte continues to be a front runner. The end. 
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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Beauty Time Thursday-Empties

I used up several of my old faves recently.

Native-candy cane scent. Native is my favorite clean deodorant and candy cane is my favorite scent. 
Big Sexy Hair hairspray- I have used this hairspray for quite a long time. I like it a lot, but I might be ready to try something new. 
Everyone lotion-I really like the scent of this lotion. It is also really light which I like. Now that the weather is cooler my skin is extra dry. I don’t know that this is going to cut it for winter. 
Kristin Ess texture spray-I love this and already bought a new bottle
Soak and Unwind whipped soap-This is a local Arizona company and I love it so much 
Hourglass facial cleanser-I got this in a box from Influenster and I really liked it a lot
Tarte Shape Tape concealer-This is so thick. The coverage is good, but it is almost too thick for me. 
Bare Minerals Lashtopia mascara- I have used this before and loved it. This time it was just ok. 
Lancôme mascara primer-I definitely need a primer. I have never had issues with my mascara coming off under my eyes, and it has been lately. I don’t know if it is my primer, my mascara or other makeup 
Mary Kay mascara-i have used this for years and love it for a finishing mascara 
Wonder mascara-I liked this ok 

Overall it sounds like I am ready for some new makeup and beauty suggestions.  

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Blogging the Bach..18.1

After years and years of blogging about the Bachelor and other shows, I took a bit of an unintentional break the past few seasons. I loved Bachelor in Paradise this summer and it made me ready to come back. 

I am excited for Michelle’s season. Night one has me excited for Michelle and to see what happens. There seem to be some really great guys and as usual a few that might be not so great. I am not sure how I feel about Ryan and his shenanigans but I like that she just kicked him out before he had a chance to cause too much drama. There were a surprising number of gimmicky entrances, but those do tend to be memorable. 

It is far too early to have favorites, but there are a few standouts. Nayte (first impression rose) definitely stands out as well as the entree guy-Rick?? There seem to be plenty of guys that will be great options. I can’t wait to see what happens. 

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Monday, June 28, 2021

Blogging the Bach 17.4

I took a sharp hiatus from posting about the Bachelor last season. I thought I would pick it back up at the start of this season, and as we can see I did not. Here we are half way through week 4, and I am finally sitting down to get back to it.

I love Kaitlyn and Tayshia so I was and am so excited for them to be a part of this season. Now that we are a few weeks in, it makes sense that we don’t see them a ton. We never saw Chris Harrison a ton either. We always knew he was there, but he wasn’t on a lot. I want to see more of Kaitlyn and Tayshia. They are some of my favorites of the season so far.

At this point I am a little afraid Katie is going to pull a Clare and just go home with Greg. We haven’t seen who gets the group date rose yet, but if it is him, it feels like a done deal. 

There are some really good guys there. Of course there are some guys there that aren’t “there for the right reasons”, but that is to be expected. I am kind of over seeing and hearing about that. Let’s get to the other guys. Katie seems to appreciate it thought so we might be seeing more of it. 

Tayshia shows up to confess to Katie that one of her exes reached out about coming on the show. We have all heard and seen on the previews for the rest of the season that Blake shows up. He comes and we are all still waiting to see if she is going to keep him. Based on everything we have seen, it looks like he does. 

The Thomas (AKA Josh Murray the second) drama takes up most of the rest of the time. We do not care about him. Please get him off my TV screen. Katie tried to trick us for a minute but thankfully Thomas is gone and Blake stayed. 

Did we really just watch an entire episode that was one group date and one rose ceremony?? I think we did. Let’s get on with this thing. 

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Monday, May 31, 2021

How to Choose Shapewear

How to Choose the Best Shapewear

Some people like to wear Shapewear and some people do not. I personally like to wear it with a few outfits especially dresses. Shapewears have been compared to torture devices that squeeze your innards in the name of beauty. But that is in the past. But there is also the problem of having to constantly and discreetly adjust bits that are rolling down or sliding up. But that is because you have not chosen the right Shapewear. Choosing the right Shapewear for your body shape will help

Just like there are two different bodies, not every piece of shapewear is intended for every body shape. So, you need to make the decisions on what are your requirements, their results and the utility of the shapewear.

What are the points that you need to keep in mind?

1.The result that you desire.

Do you want something light that smoothens your bulges a little bit, and you can wear it the whole day? Or are you looking for something that will elevate your curves? Something a bit firmer, that you can wear for more than a few hours. Or is it that special occasion, where you need to look your best, and something with tight control under a dressing gown or a ball gown. So, choose the right shapewear according to your needs there are a wide array of shapewear available in different shapes and sizes. Like this plus size shapewear for women. This is one of the best plus size shapewear with a lot of great reviews.

2.What area you want to accentuate and what not?

It is all about what you want to show and what you want to hide. Many women have some extra weight in their mid-section or tummy and they want to flatten it. And elevate their other curves. Like this one here is a great tummy control shapewear with open crochet when nature calls and is quite comfortable on your body.

Some have hang ups about their full body, rather than just a spot, at that time the best weapon that you can use is a slimming bodysuit.

These are great comfortable and can be worn under anything. They give you an air of confidence and make you proud about your body.

3.What is the best shapewear that you can choose for your body?

Well, there are a lot of shapewear but what you choose depends on your body type and need of the hour.

For an Apple shaped body 

An ample bust with small shoulders and a bigger tummy means your body has an apple shape. So when you are worried about some extra fat on your tummy ,you need to choose some shapewear that flattens your tummy along with making you feel comfortable. Like this one below.

For a rectangle shaped body

You don’t feel that feminity enough. So, choose something that make your body feminine enough. There are times when you have had a surgery like pregnancy or any other and you need that back and tummy support .During those times you can go for compression body shaper like this one.

It is an easy wearing great choice shapewear where you need to compress a something extra. If you hate Shapewear and don’t want to wear it, that’s totally fine If you want to wear it, these are some tips that can make it a little less painful.

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Thanksgiving in Arizona

We were all supposed to go to St. George for Thanksgiving this year, but with the increase in COVID numbers and updated recommendations in Utah, everyone decided it was better to postpone that for another time. Instead my mom and dad decided they wanted to go to Arizona to visit Chelsea and Jeff and see their new house. I decided to go too so I could see all of them. 

Mom and dad got there a couple of days before, but I didn’t get there until Thanksgiving night. 



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Tuesday, February 9, 2021


For most of 2020 I didn’t really know when I would be able to see my family again. I was lucky enough to see some of my family at the end of the summer. With the flexibility of working from home/being at home much more often, it was very do able for me to go to California and help Chelsea and Jeff move to Arizona. I had plenty of time off since I didn’t take many days off throughout the year so I was able to take a few days off and work from their new house the other times. 
The SLC airport had a big remodel since the last time I flew. The new airport is really nice and very modern and cool. All of the airlines besides Delta are pretty far away. It was a pretty good long walk to get to my gate. I wasn’t sure how to feel about flying with COVID still going on, but it was totally fine. There weren’t a lot of people on the flight, and everyone wore masks. It felt pretty safe. 

I got to California and got to work. They had so much done already. They had the UHaul half packed up, and the main things left to do were some of the furniture and last minute things. We packed and cleaned and made really good progress on getting things ready to leave. We worked hard (even the kids), and it was good to get things done. 
They had a lot of great support from friends watching the kids and bringing meals and snacks. Friends brought dinner and even breakfast for the days leading up to them leaving. It was nice not to have to worry about food. It was nice to see so much support for them and their family. 
Once everything was all packed up and wrapped up, the kids got a little silly. It was nice to have some laughs in the middle of all of the work. 
Jeff left around 4am to drive the truck so we made sure to have every single thing out of the house besides the air mattresses we borrowed and the clothes we wore for the drive. We got last minute pictures of the kids and family in the house and the moving truck. Besides all of the memories I have of visiting them in California I don’t have any ties to them being there. I am actually very excited for them to be in Arizona, but it was still emotional seeing it all packed up and empty. 
Chelsea’s car was completely packed. There was stuff in every little space. We got on the road and made pretty good time other than being stopped by traffic in the LA area. We made a few stops for food and we were all ready to get out of the car by the time we finally got there. Jeff and a few guys had the truck all the way unloaded by the time we got there. 
The kids were really very helpful and so good with everything. The new house is really great, but there were a few areas that didn’t seem to be cleaned as well as we would have liked. I got Kenzie to help clean some of the higher cupboards that I couldn’t reach. We got things unpacked and settled pretty quickly. 
Between COVID and the move, I didn’t really make plans to see many friends. I found out Katie lives in the neighborhood next to their new house so it was easy to see her and Lisa. We met for dessert and talked for hours. It was so fun. The main person I planned to see was Kate. I didn’t tell her I was coming or even in town at all and it was so fun to surprise her. We had the best visit. To keep everyone safe, we were’t close enough to take a picture together. 
Their house has a propane fire pit and the kids were excited to make s’mores. The weather was just chilly enough that sitting around the fire was nice. It was a fun way to end the trip. It was a really good trip, and I was so happy to be able to be there. 

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Monday, February 8, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.6

Who’s watching: Most of our crowd had other stuff going on tonight so after a fun meet and greet with Tried and True Moms with Alicia and Celsey, Celsey and I were the only ones watching tonight. 

We start out with the itty bitty but dramatic two on one that started last week. I really thought he might and probably should have sent them both home. Jessenia gets the rose, comes in with the rest of the girls, and they find out there is no cocktail party. The girls are no happy-specifically Serena C is mad at Katie. Girls are freaking out that they don’t get extra time, but Matt explains that he is confident in his decision and following his heart. 3 girls went home and we finally have a small enough number that we might actually be able to get to know these girls. 

Date #1-Pieper Tonight Will Be Worth the Wait
Before the date Serena C feels the need to talk it out with Katie. “I cannot reason with crazy”-Katie. Amen Katie. Amen. Serena C and Katie fight a little more and it seems like none of the other girls really understand what is going on. 
Meanwhile, Heather Martin pulls up in a minivan and can’t let Matt get engaged without meeting him. Chris tells her they are pretty far along and in quarantine and to go back to her hotel while they figure things out. 
Pieper and Matt go to a carnival. It’s a pretty cute date and they have a great time. Pieper tells Matt they don’t really talk about feelings in her family and she isn’t good about expressing love. She tells him she is falling in love with him. He tells her he will continue to be open with her (but didn’t say he is falling in love with her like he did with Rachael). It is yet another date that makes us all wonder how Matt is ever going to narrow this down to one girl. 

Date #2-group date
The date is at the bowling alley They get there and everyone is having a good time until Chris comes in and announces a competition. The blue team loses and they are pretty upset that they had to go home without any time. The pink team wins and starts talking to Matt when the blue teams finds out they actually get more time. At this point all of the girls are telling Matt that they are falling for him and getting frustrated that they aren’t getting more time. Serena P gets the rose. 

Date #3-Katie gets the one on one
Before the date, Matt sees Tyler C and they talk a little about how this is going. Katie shows up and they play a prank on Tyler. They have fun together and I am totally feeling friend zone. Matt says he wants to see if they can be romantic. We all doubt it. Our doubts come true when he picks up the rose but doesn’t give it to her. Why do they always pick it up when they aren’t actually going to give it? There was no chemistry, but I did love her on the show. She seemed shocked that he didn’t give her the rose, but the rest of us were not surprised at all. 

Heather is finally done with quarantine and hops in her minivan to drive over to Nemacolin. The girls come out for the cocktail party and everyone is generally really happy. Matt pulls Abigail aside and reassures her that he loves spending time with her. It does seem very genuine, but if he really means it he needs to start giving her a little more time. Fingers crossed she gets a one on one next week. Heather walks in and all the daggers come out. It looks like we are in for more drama next week, and once again I we are left with a to be continued...Will they please stop doing that!?!

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Monday, February 1, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.5

Who’s watching: Celsey, Alicia, and me-our watch party has dwindled this past couple of seasons

I somehow completely missed Chelsea’s conversation with Matt about her journey with her hair. I really love that the bachelor is encouraging and showing more real conversations like this. I heard her on a podcast and wanted to go back and watch their conversation. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony 
Before the cocktail party starts Victoria continues to stir the dramatic pot about the OGs vs the newbies. She is just nasty. I can’t decide if she knows how mean she is or if it is just so much her character. 
The cocktail party starts and Matt addresses the mean girl situation in the house. We have been waiting for him to stand up and put a stop to this. Brittany talks to him first and tells Matt what is going on. He is not happy at all. Meanwhile Anna is working up an act of what she is going to say/do to make him feel better. He pulls Anna aside to talk and she acts like she is so embarrassed for what she said when she was very purposeful about it all last week. She says it was about of character and Matt wasn’t having it. He walked her out and went back to deal with Queen Victoria. She tries to make excuses and he isn’t having that either. He ends the cocktail party and gets right to the rose ceremony. Victoria does not get a rose, and she is shocked and feels sorry for Matt for the choices he is making and the girls he is left with. 

One on One-Rachael
Rachael gets the shopping date. She is pretty cute about. Out of all the catty, bratty mean girls this season, Rachael is not one of. She loved the shopping date, and was adorable about it all. She came back and was so happy. The girls were trying to be happy but were all sad. She gets a delivery of a beautiful dress to wear to dinner. They talk at dinner about not being in love and having insecurities and falling in love with each other. It was the first date where I feel like maybe Matt might actually pick one of these people. 

Group Date
Everyone is disappointed they are on the group date this week. Everyone wants a one on one, but there are still so many girls there. Obviously the majority of them aren’t going to get a one on one. The first part of the date is on the farm. We were busy getting snacks so we missed that part. During the evening Matt had a few good conversations and then MJ got cut off. She came back to the girls and asked who talked to Matt about her. Jessinia admitted she said something. MJ leads by example and claims to be a source of peace in the house. She claims the JV/Varsity thing is a joke. Does she remember how she acted a few days ago when all the new girls came in. She didn’t seem to be joking then. 

One on One with Kit
The date card comes and Kit gets choked up about the possibility of a cooking date with Matt. She goes to his place and they make chocolate chip cookies. She tells him she is falling in love with him and he gives her the rose. 

The girls are sitting around waiting around for the rose ceremony when a date card comes for MJ and Jessinia to meet before the cocktail party. They get ready and come out like they are ready to kill a person. They get in a ridiculous fight, Matt comes, and we are left hanging again. 

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