Monday, August 19, 2019

blogging the paradise..5

who's watching: Celsey, Shawn, Amanda, Krista

I am obviously not doing a great job at keeping up on blogging the bach in paradise. 2 nights in a week is kind of a lot. Celsey and I did our nails during the last episode so I didn't post. I'm back in business tonight and ready to see how things go.

We start with the fight between Jordan and Christian. It is pretty dumb, and I'm mostly upset that Jordan's comedic relief is gone. They both get sent home. 

Now it's time for all the guys to try to get the roses. There's a lot of talking and wooing and Onyeka decides she is not happy and decides to leave. Most of the roses are pretty predictable. Hannah gives her rose to Dylan. Everything thinks that's the end of Blake and until Kristina gives him a surprise rose, but really who else was she going to give her rose to?!? She did it to put him in his personal hell. Mission accomplished..until Caitlin comes. He is still pretty miserable but wants to make the most of his time with her. It seems like maybe/hopefully the Blake drama might be taking a turn. 

Dylan gets a date and takes Hannah. He is all in with her and tells her that. Hopefully that means Blake will be 100% done with her. Everyone else is hanging out having fun. JPJ steals Tayshia away and they have the most awkard conversation, makeout, jump in the pool. 

Hannah B shows up to talk to Demi. She admits her relationship with her girlfriend is more serious. She decides she needs to talk more to Derek. She talks to him and he says he really likes her and wants to spend time with her. To be continued tomorrow.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

blogging the paradise 6.2

Monday night tradish as well as Tuesday night watching was on pause last week. I didn't blog for a few reasons, but the bottom line is I didn't blog week 1 of bach in paradise. 

We can sum up week 1 in a few short words-Blake is in a mess. That was the majority of both episodes. Blake looked pretty bad until he released the text conversations. That may or may not have been a good option, but it didn't make Caelynn look great. Either way we are all hoping this week includes less Blake drama. We also didn't get a rose ceremony last week even though we had 2 episodes. 

Week 2-Monday night tradish is on pause for another week. Summer is busy and there's a lot going on. Celsey and I are watching, but the usual crew isn't here.

We start with the rose ceremony. There aren't really any solid couples yet. Guys have the roses, and 3 girls have to leave. Bibi, Jane, and Annaliese go home. Anneliese was pretty surprised, but the other two didn't seem too surprised. Bibiana is my fave, and I'm sad she's gone.

Everyone is hanging out having a good time, and Jordan walks in. He spends forever trying to figure out how to take on his date and finally lands on Nicole. The best part of this date was Jorge coming in on a zipline. I am still surprised Nicole went on the date after her time with Clay. 

Blake injures his toe on the the beach. Cam wrote a poem for Caelynn and it was so embarrassing. Mike walks in, and all the girls in paradise have their eyes on Mike. Cam is not thrilled. He makes the rounds and everyone wants to go on a date with him. Nicole comes back and Clay jumps on that. Caelynn and Mike go on a date, and Cam is not going to be happy. 
What is happening with Wills and Katie? She is crying and making no sense. She talks to Chris B and  things all of a sudden make sense to her. He tells her the same things she hears from Wills but she is here for it. 
Hannah and Dylan are spending all the time together but Blake is still hung up on Hannah. He takes Hannah away to spend a little time with her. Dylan can't take it anymore so he comes out to settle things with Blake. Dylan confronts Blake, he walks away, and then Blake carries on with Hannah.
Dylan goes back the group. To be continued.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

blogging the bach 16. the finale part 2

who's watching-Celsey and a little time with Shawn

I have a confession..I read the spoilers. I couldn't deal with Luke and needed to know how long he would be around. Finding that out meant I found out everything else too. With all the drama and news about Jed and his girlfriend, I couldn't really avoid them.

I don't have a lot to say about the beginning of the episode. Tyler and Jed pick out rings. Hannah doesn't think she can do it. She tells her car to pull over, and she trips in the middle of the road. She chooses Jed and gets engaged. Of course, he had his guitar for the proposal. I can't even take this seriously because of the girlfriend situation.

Hannah finds out about Jed's girlfriend from the People article. Jed comes to talk to Hannah. He has a lot of excuses and down plays things with the girl. She tries over and over to tell him he should be honest. He says he wants to be better for her, and she takes off the ring. 

Hannah sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him/us she is no longer with Jed. He comes out and starts with an apology. He says he regrets his decisions. She says thank you for the apology and tells him she hopes he finds the version of himself that she fell in love with. He still loves her but she doesn't love him anymore. 

Tyler comes out. Hannah is giddy. He is pretty giddy too. They agree to see what is going to happen. 

The previews for paradise look like a whole lot of tears. I can't wait. 

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Monday, July 29, 2019

blogging the bach 16.12..finale part 1

who's watching: Alicia, Krista, Celsey

We've been waiting for the end of the season for weeks, and now it's not even the end. We only have part 1 tonight. 
We pick up where we left off last week-with the rose ceremony. Luke is finally gone FINALLY. Jed gets the first rose. He is the only one besides Luke that she has said she is falling in love with. Tyler gets the other rose. We all love Peter, but I wasn't surprised to see him go. She is hysterical and tries to justify to Peter, and he doesn't want to hear it. He is handling it like such a gentleman and it is a little hard to believe she is the one that is making the decision. They both cry..a lot.
Peter and fam are at After the Final Rose. His poor mom is heart broken for him. He still seems pretty sad but tells Chris H he is ready to get some answers and move on. Hannah comes out and she doesn't have many answers for him. She says he didn't open up quick enough and it was too slow of a burn even though we saw a pretty hot and heavy relationship. Hannah announces to everyone that the windmill was even hotter than she originally said. Peter feels closure.

We get back to the show and Tyler goes to meet her family. They talk about the fantasy suite and her family is impressed. Tyler and Hannah talk about lust vs love and she says she is falling in love with him. 

I still can't even with Jed. Her parents ask about his music. He says he signed a deal with a dog food company to write their jingle. I am so embarrassed right now. Her parents aren't very supportive of Jed. Her mom pretty much tells her to pick Tyler. Her dad does too. She wants them to say they are both great, but it just isn't happening. She talks to Jed. She says she doesn't want to talk about other guys and the proceeds to talk about Tyler. With the rest of America, we looked up the dog food jingle. Enough said. 

Hannah has her final date with Tyler-a redo of the horseback riding date and her final date with Jed on a boat. Her night with Tyler seems pretty good. She is not feeling well on the boat. She is definitely worried. Her time with her family seems to be sinking in for her. Jed apologizes for the night before it even starts. She tells him about the concerns with his music. She is freaking out and tells him that. 
To be continued...

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

blogging the bach 16.11...Men Tell All

who's watching-The regular Monday night crew is off today so I am watching with Erin. Steve was mostly in his office doing school work, but we did get him to give a little bit of commentary here and there.

I am not usually a huge fan of men tell all. There isn't usually that much to tell, but I have been waiting for weeks for this. We all know it's going to be another episode of the Luke show. As much as I am ready for the end of that, I am very curious to see what Hannah and everyone else including Luke has to say.

Before we can get to the real Luke show, we have to see Luke actually leave the show. Hannah tried to send him home yet again and he came back yet again. Hannah told him to leave, and he flat out refused. He came back truly thinking Hannah wants to be with him. He waltzed right in to the rose ceremony and stood there like it was no big deal except that it was a really big deal. Hannah was livid, and tried to get him to leave. Again he refused. He wanted closure. I'm all for closure. I like it myself, but I do not understand how he didn't have closure. Maybe he felt mixed messages throughout the season as she continued to keep him, but it was pretty clear at the end of their date that this was the end. Hannah tried moving the podium to prove her point. The guys all rallied around her to get him to leave. They were protective but not aggressive which I appreciated. At this point I am so confused why the producers, their handlers, Chris Harrison, somebody doesn't physically remove him. He FINALLY leaves and the rest is to be continued.

The majority of the Men Tell All was Luke Tells All. Some of the guys had a lot to say and some had little to say. Luke said he had no regrets, and in true Luke fashion back pedaled on that multiple times. He eventually said he was sorry for this or that and left the stage to catch a flight. I really hope Luke gets some professional help after his time on this show. 

Hannah clearly regrets keeping him around for so long. If all the rumors are true, the end of this season has been very rough for her. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out next week. I like that she stands up for herself, but I don't always care for the way she does it. I don't think the apology to America was necessary. It felt a bit emotionally immature and could have been handled in a different way. I hope somehow in all of the mess of this season, she is happy or has grown or something positive. We'll see as it all unravels next week.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wear it Wednesday-basic black

I got this dress from My Sister's Closet Boutique. It is the perfect basic black casual dress. It's comfortable. It is long enough, and it has sleeves. They will be selling the dress at a huge discount in the next couple of weeks.

Draper Days (starting July 19th-- booth at Draper City Park)
the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days sidewalk sales (starting July 20th-- this will just be right outside their Spanish Fork store location)
The dress comes in this basic black, sky blue, and rose and is available in sizes S-3X
You can only find this dress at Draper Days or Fiesta Days and it is only $20. Go get it now!

Monday, July 15, 2019

blogging the bach 16.10...fantasy suites

who's watching: Celsey (and a little bit of Shawn) and Amanda

Date #1-Peter
So there are windmills in Greece...need I say more?? I'll keep it short and sweet this week. Peter loves Hannah and finally tells her-over and over. They have their overnight in a windmill.

Date #2-Tyler
They are going to relax today...Hannah isn't worried about their physical connection and neither are we. She is worried if there is more. Hannah tells Tyler she doesn't want to go in to the fantasy suite and have sex. Tyler respects her boundaries. They go to the fantasy suite..on a boat. He respected her boundaries. The end.

Date #3-Jed
Hannah is the most vocal about her feelings for Jed. Things were great until he decided to talk about Luke and then things got super awkward and stay that way. Hannah says she is glad Jed brought that up and then she is very mad and then they go to the fantasy suite. We are very confused.

Date #4-Luke
I already want to hide from embarrassment for him. He backtracks/tries to backtrack. We have been waiting all season for this, and yet it is so uncomfortable to watch. He legit thought she was going to be on board with all of this. She definitely is not. She is furious and says she finally has clarity and Luke is not her husband. Luke won't leave. It's bad. From the looks of the previews, it seems like he still doesn't leave. 

I have never been so excited for men tell all in my whole life.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

blogging the bach 16.9..hometowns

who's watching: Celsey and Krista (also doing nails and it's a legit situation), Alicia, and Amanda

I missed blogging last week because my keyboard was dead. I also am just not super into this season. There has been so much drama and so many things in the news. At this point I am just ready for the season to be over to get to paradise. There was more Luke drama and Luke/Garrett drama. The pot was stirred again and again, and Luke is still there.

It's hometowns week. 
We start with Peter's hometown. He is so cute. They are cute together. His family was really nice. His dad was very emotional about it all. They drove around and flew in his plane. He is my favorite. I am torn between wanting her to choose him and wanting him to be the next bachelor.

Tyler is up next, and Hannah and Tyler are hot and heavy. They explore his cute coastal town. He hasn't seen his dad for a while. His dad got sick and things were pretty scary. He sees his dad and they have a nice moment. Tyler is falling in love and lust. 

I can't exactly say I am excited to see Luke's hometown date. I am pretty churchy, but I don't think I would take a bachelor date to anything churchy. I am not even sure what exactly he is talking about. It's just kind of a lot. They go to his house and talk with his family about the struggles they/he has had this season. His family gives him a hard time about it. Hannah talks to his brother about how hard it's been. She says their emotional connection is strong, but we all think maybe she meant to say their physical connection. Luke tells Hannah he loves her and sees her as his wife. Hannah doesn't say anything back but tells us she is falling in love with him.

Jed's date is last. They go to the recording studio..surprise surprise. They write a song about their time together and record it. They meet his family. They are the least accepting of all the families. They say they don't know that Jed falling in love is a good thing. They aren't very nice.

I kind of forgot about the rose ceremony. Peter and Tyler get roses and then Hannah doesn't know what to do. She leaves the room and tells Chris H she can't make a decision. He gives her an extra rose and they all stay. 

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Monday, June 24, 2019

blogging the bach 16.7

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista

Once again I am already getting texts and messages about the show tonight. I hope that means it is good and not more of the same. The show starts in a new country and more of the same. 

Date #1-Garrett-can i trust our love?
They meet in the woods of Latvia and Hannah says they are going to work on their trust. Hannah knows they are bungee jumping, BUT they get there and find out it is naked bungee jumping. "One of those creepo workers started this ridiculous trend"--Celsey. There were a lot of metaphors about being strong and free and other things. Garrett tells Hannah that heights are a big hurdle for him and then asks what her hurdles are-good question. They had more conversation than anything we have seen in a while. She gives him the rose.

Date #2-group date
They explore the city including the market. She tells them about her naked bungee jumping. Luke is less than impressed. Tyler takes her aside first. They have a hot and heavy makeout. Hannah is a fan of the straddle. Jed is up next and plays the piano for her. I don't even know what to think about him after the news articles last week. Luke has time next and tells Hannah he was really mad about her bungee jumping. Does he know he is on the bachelorette? Tyler gets the rose and Luke is not happy..again. 

Date #3-Peter
They have a spa day planned, and it is the chance for Peter to have all of Hannah-like he deserves. They learn the history and have a hot spa day. They have major chemistry and Hannah wants to learn the rest. They have an outdoor hot tub and make out some more. They have more talk at dinner and talk about heart break and other relationships. They are definitely setting him up to be the next bachelor. 

Peter gets home from his date. Jed is suddenly jealous and takes his guitar to go find Hannah. He plays out on the street and got a collective eeewww from all of us here. Hannah loved it. Jed tells her he is falling in love. 
Garrett and Luke go at it again. It is beyond ridiculous.
Hannah comes to talk to Luke. She wasn't comfortable with their conversation the other day. She tells him that and probably communicates better than she has with anything. Luke however twists things around and act like he didn't say any of the things we all heard him say. He has a really good way to manipulate the things he said. 
Luke comes back and there is yet another Luke fight (eyeroll emoji)
Chris H comes in and says there won't be a cocktail party tonight.

Garrett, Tyler, and Peter have roses. Jed, Mike, Connor, and Luke get roses. The drama is far from over.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

blogging the bach 16.6

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista, and Megan
I've been getting lots of messages asking if I'm watching. I've heard it's a bizarre episode so I'm excited to see what happens.

conclusion of date with Luke
Hannah feels like she can't give him the rose. He never thought this would happen. He is not going to take that answer and goes back to see her. "He's very good at taking what she says and repeating it"--Amanda. Yep that is exactly what happens. Luke does not get a rose, but he does get to stay. All the guys are less than impressed and so are we.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
We get it. No one likes Luke. Why don't these dudes spend their time getting to know Hannah instead of trying to convince Hannah about Luke?! She obviously doesn't want to hear it. Garrett asks if he talked about the other guys and then went back out and confronted Luke. It was a mess. Hannah comes out and tells the guys she is very frustrated..twice. She is clearly very mad and sick of it all. The guys try to talk a little more, and it doesn't go well. They finally apologize to each other except for Luke who seems incapable of apologizing. This might not be very popular, but I don't really love the way things are going. I think it is great that she is standing up for herself, but I don't really love the way she is doing it. I would like to see a little bit more of a mature approach.

The rose ceremony starts, and it is very cold. It is all very business like. 
Mike, Jed, Connor, Tyler, Dustin, Peter, Dylan, Garrett, Luke all get roses.
They go to Latvia, and Hannah isn't sure if this is going to work for her. The rest of the episode is a recap of what we have already seen. Do we not have enough material this season? We do not understand what is happening.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

blogging the bach 16.5

*this post contains sponsored content. all opinions are my own.
The NBA finals messed up the bach schedule last week. Celsey and I watched later in the week. I was having some computer problems and didn't get started very quickly. The main points are...
-Luke S left on his own. I knew he would go home, but I was surprised he left on his own.
-the group date was way better than last week
-ALLLLL the conversation with Luke P was exhausting and so bizarre. Why did that date continue to go on? It was painful to watch. Please send him home and get him signed up for therapy. I am actually serious about this. This stint on national TV is not going well for him, and it really seems like he has some stuff he needs to work out. Speaking of therapy, have you ever been to therapy? Or thought about it but didn't even know where to start? This article is the perfect place to start. It includes frequently asked questions, basic info, help on finding a therapist, and much more.
-the previews for next week look like a whole lot more drama
-our brackets are pretty well dead at this point. It's bad and also really funny.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Beauty Time Thursday-new products

I’ve gotten a few new products lately that I’m excited about. Some of these items were sent to me for testing purposes and some I purchased. 

Getting my FabFitFun box is one of my favorite things. It comes once every quarter, and it feels like Christmas every time. This time I got silicone wine glasses, a clay mask, shower gel and body lotion, blush, rose hydrating spray, cleansing oil, rose gold mask, foot mask, exfoliating scrub, and hair bands. It’s such a great deal, and I love having new full size products to try. 

I got these System Professional products to try from Influenster. My hair has had more issues the past couple of years and needs more hydration. The conditioner smells so good and the mask leaves my hair feeling great. 

I’ve been using the Laneige lip mask for a while so I was excited to try the gloss. It is so good. 

Maxi Lip is a lip plumper that doesn’t use snake venom. It increases the peptides and makes lips a little pinker and a little plumper. I used it daily for a couple of weeks and definitely noticed a difference. I need to get back to using it. 

I ran out of toner and wanted to try something new. This is a spray and does what it says-energizes and brightens skin. It’s a lot lighter than others I have used in the past. I really like it. 

It’s been fun trying new products lately. Is there anything else I should try?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

blogging the bach 15.4

Almost everyone missed last week so we started out with a recap of last week. The main point is that Luke P got told to settle down and Cam is gone. We saw more of pilot Pete and we like him.
who's watching: Krista, Megan, Celsey, Alicia, and Adam for a little bit

Chris Harrison comes in and tells them they are leaving one hour. Everyone is so excited. 

Date #1-one on one with Jed
They walk around and explore Boston and Hannah makes up random things about Boston. They talk about how they are happy to be there with each other. She has a surprise, and it's time at the Celtics arena. They end the night with dinner and some honesty. Jed saw the opportunity to grow his music and then ended up starting to fall for her. She appreciates the honesty, gives him the rose, and is so grateful to be in this with him.

Date #2-group date-True love requires blood, sweat, and tears
Dylan, Matteo, JPJ, Connor, Garrett, Dustin, Devin, Grant, Peter, Kevin, Mike, Luke S, Luke P
The previews for the group date look a little intense. Rugby is basically like football only more intense. The blue team is killing the green team. John Paul Jones runs away with the ball. Kevin hurts his shoulder and has to go in the ambulance. Luke P is ready to fight for Hannah. The other guys do not like it. He body slammed Luke S, and all the guys are starting to get mad. Kevin is still at the hospital, but everyone else is ready for the evening. Hannah talks to Luke P first. They have a little bit of an awkward conversation. Luke P says he doesn't want her to question his character. She talks to Luke S. She still seems to believe him until all the other guys say the same thing about Luke P being the problem. All the guys leave the two Lukes to talk, and the newest rivalry becomes Luke against Luke. Garrett tells Hannah he has a crush on her. Pilot Pete has some good time with her. Garrett gets the rose. 

Date #3-Tyler
Hannah is very emotional after the group date. She really likes LUke P and doesn't know what to think about him. She is bawling on the pier. Tyler comes for the date. Hannah is still upset. She tells Tyler she wants to have fun, but she doesn't know if she can. Tyler says he will be there for her no matter what. They have fun catching lobsters. Hannah tells Tyler she thought he was a player. Tyler says he almost didn't come because his dad had to have surgery. He is exactly what she needed today and he gets the rose. Here is the concert I was expecting earlier. 

Cocktail party/rose ceremony
Hannah hopes to get clarity tonight. Peter asks Hannah to be his girlfriend. There's more Luke P drama. He blames it on Luke S and pulls up the definition of psychopath. Luke S talks to Hannah and says his future tequila business has nothing to do with why he is there. He confronts Luke P who then goes to Hannah. There is a bunch of run around and a bunch of bull. Hannah comes to talk to both of them and be continued.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Beauty Time Thursday-May Empties

Redken color extend conditioner-fave shampoo and conditioner 
Amika dry shampoo-smells so good 
Bath and Body Works body cream-my fave
KMS sea salt spray-I love this spray, but it’s kind of impossible to find. They may have rebranded, but I haven’t been able to find it again. 
Laura Mercier translucent powder-love
Tarte shape tape concealer-I have mixed feelings about this. It took me a long time to like it. It is very full coverage-maybe too full at times. 
Dr. Brandt no more baggage eye cream-love and I feel like it does help
Benefit Bang mascara-I really like this mascara 

I’ve been using most of these products for quite a long time. I buy many over and over. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Blogging the Bach 15.3

Who’s watching: Monday night tradish was on pause tonight due to Memorial Day. I joined Bonnie and her crowd tonight.

Group date #1
My computer was updating forever so I missed the names of the guys on the date. I’m still trying to figure out who everyone is so I definitely didn’t know who all was there. 
The first half of the date was teaching the guys the pains of being a woman pregnant, in labor, breastfeeding, changing diapers, and comforting crying babies. The guys were good sports and it was pretty hilarious. Everyone here was laughing so hard at the labor simulation. 
They left the baby biz for a cocktail party. Jed grabs Hannah first and they throw chicken nuggets over the balcony to make a wish. Mike opens up about a past relationship. Cam attempts to interrupt 3 times. Was that his idea? Or did the producers keep sending him in? I CANNOT BELIEVE I PICKED CAM. I could not have made a worse choice. Also, why is he wearing a hoodie with his shirt? Cam gets interrupted and the drama is in full force. Meanwhile John Paul Jones is in the corner eating chicken nuggets and we’re loving it. Her conversation with Tyler is so awkward but she seems to love it. Mike gets the rose for being bold. Maybe encouraging the guys to be bold is not working out for all of them (ahem Cam)

Date #2-Connor S 
We see Hannah in a hospital bed while Connor is waiting for his date. He gets a note from Hannah saying she isn’t feeling great and he should come over. He bought flowers and soup and went to Hannah’s hotel. She is feeling better but they are going to stay there. Connor opens up about an experience he had when he was younger. His mom had a stroke while their family was skiing. He leaves notes all over so she can remember him, and she loves that. She brings him back for the rose and a private concert. 

Date #3-Group Date
Before the date, we find out Tyler G had to leave. They don't say anything else but apparently he was abusive to past girlfriends.
The date is a photo shoot..with other ladies..animals. Demi is there to see what the guys are doing when Hannah isn't around. They listen in on what the guys are saying. No one really says anything shady. They start the photo shoot, and the guys are pretty cute. Luke P is not even a little happy about her pictures with Peter. He insists on more pictures so he can have a little more time. He starts the cocktail party with her by saying that the other guys don't have what it takes. Hannah calls him out and tells him his confidence/cockiness bothers her. She tells him she wants that to change. She ends the conversation and Luke does not agree with any of it. He attempts to interrupt a couple of times, and she doesn't let him. "This guy wants to sink his own ship, and I am not going to get in his way." That is most definitely what is happening. Luke is about to lose his mind. Hannah tells his she is calling the shots and wants to talk to everyone before she talks to him again. She has a good amount of time with Peter, and he gets the rose. I really wish I would have picked him as my bracket winner. Before she gives the rose, she has a final talking to with Luke.

Tailgate party/Rose ceremony
Cam tells the guys he needs to talk to Hannah first because he has something he needs to tell her. He tries to tell a sad story, and no one is really buying it especially Mike. He tells Hannah what Cam did before the party, and she is not very happy. She talks to Cam and calls him out on it. She tells all the guys she won't be giving any pity roses.
Peter, Mike, and Connor S have roses. Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Dylan, Grant, Luke P, Garrett, John Paul Jones, Matteo, Devin, Luke S, Kevin get roses. Cam is gone. I thought he would be there for at least one more week. My bracket is officially busted. I am pretty sure all our brackets are busted. It will be interesting to see who actually wins.