Monday, February 24, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.9

We left the kids at home with the boys and went to dinner to celebrate Megan’s birthday. It was a fun new tradition, and I hope it continues. 
Who’s watching: Celsey and Shawn, Alicia and Adam (for a few minutes), Megan.

The night starts where we left off last time. Madi pulls Peter aside to tell him that she is saving herself for marriage. I’m all for that, but I am not sure why she waited until the final week to tell him. She does give him an ultimatum, but she makes it seem like she wants him to comply.

They fly to their final destination in Australia. In true bachelor drama form, all the girls are staying in the same place. They are surprised and so are we. Peter comes in and tells them the first date starts now.

Date #1-Hannah Ann
Their day date is jet skiing in the ocean. We all agree that jet skiing in the ocean isn’t as fun as it sounds. 
They get to the night portion. She is wearing a dress that seems pretty perfect for the fantasy suite. They say a lot of words but don’t say a whole lot. Hannah Ann emphasizes that she doesn’t want to know what happens with the other girls. She finally says she loves him so much and wants to be with him and go to the fantasy suite. 
She comes back to the house/hotel and it is definitely very awkward. WHHHYYYY are they all stuck in the same place???

Date #2-Victoria F
Peter wants to clear the air about the hometown time. He says he trusts her and wants to move forward. They go ahead with their date. Peter says he trusts her heart but their communication isn’t great. They talk and Victoria feels like they are on the same page. 
Meanwhile back at the house, Madi tells Hannah Ann she doesn’t know if she can move forward with Peter if he has sex with any of the others. (After Hannah Ann already had her overnight date).
Dinner=more bad conversation between Peter and Victoria. She doesn’t feel like she deserves him. He wants her to feel like she deserves love. The moment he/we have been waiting for all season-their fantasy suite. That seems like the most logical reason she is still there. Victoria says she is falling in love with her. Peter doesn’t respond with any words and just kisses her. They wake up in the morning and again she says she is in love with him. He responds again by kissing her. 
She comes back and it’s naturally pretty awkward.

Date #3-Madison
They are so excited to see each other. Peter seems most genuinely excited to see her. They climb to the tippy top of a very high building and she realizes in that moment that she is in love with him. He says that moment is the best he has felt. I guess he forgot how he felt the previous 2 days with the other girls. They have a pretty good day date. They get to the night portion and everything falls apart. Madi says she doesn’t know if this can continue if he has slept with other women. He beats around the bush a little and then says he has to be honest that he has been intimate with the other women. Madi doesn’t know how to handle it and she excuses herself to go out. She cries and cries and then Peter comes out and they talk. They both cry. He begs her not to leave. She walks away and ...

For once we really wish this show was two nights in one week.
He keeps saying this season ending is very unique. At this point, we just really want to know how it ends. 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

blogging the bach 24.8

Who’s watching: Celsey, Shawn (for a few minutes) on Wednesday. 
Confession: I have read basically everything there is to read. Of all the seasons, I am kind of mad there are no actual final spoilers for this season. I just want to know what happens, but I guess we will all have to wait.
After reading Sharlene’s blog from last week, I have some different thoughts about Kelley. I liked her all season. I didn’t love what we saw last week, but after reading the blog, I totally agree that Kelley was a victim of a bad edit. A lot of her sentences seemed spliced together, and that kind of makes me mad and a little sad that I believed it. It will be interesting to see what she has to say at Women Tell All.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this episode. The hometown dates all seemed pretty short. Peter says he knows he has the right final four, and he also knows his wife is there. I am less convinced. None of these girls seem like marriage material or even engagement material. 

The most noteworthy thing about this episode is Peter’s ex-girlfriend. She shows up, tells Peter to be careful and that Victoria has broken up relationships. He confronts her, she gaslights him, they don’t meet her family, and she gets the rose-insert all the eye rolls. 

We are left with Victoria F (I am more confused about this than I have ever been in the history of this show), Hannah Ann, and Madison. They are leaving the country again and keeping all the girls together. This should be fun...

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Christmas Day 2019

Christmas is always pretty low key for us since we don’t have family to go around and visit all day. Monica invited us over Christmas dinner with their family so we did have somewhere to go. 

Christmas Eve dinner. We usually keep it pretty casual. After dinner we drive around to see the lights. 

The kids got their Christmas pjs earlier this year. They did open their gifts from Ron and ReNae and got more pajamas. I got joggers and fuzzy socks for Chelsea and me and we already had matching shirts. We snapped a quick pic in the mirror and never took an actual photo. 

The kids were all happy with their gifts. 

We made a Nothing Bundt cakes copycat cake for dessert. It was pretty easy to make and turned out so cute. 

Dinner was delicious and it was nice to have somewhere to go. 

We played a few games with Monica and her family and played a lot of uno the rest of the time. 

Monday, February 10, 2020

blogging the bach 24.7

Who’s watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista, Megan, Parker and Shawn were here briefly but didn’t say a dang thing.

They leave Chili and go to Peru. Peter comes to the hotel and tells the girls he is really serious about all of this and wants them to be serious. If they’re not ready for this, he is not interested in that. 

Date #1-Madison
Peter obviously really likes Madison a lot. They explore the town and go on a boat and it’s a classic bachelor date. She gets the rose and Peter is going home to meet her family.

Date #2-Natasha
How is she still here after not getting any time with Peter this whole season. She finally gets a one-on-one. She thinks things are going really well and wants this to continue. Peter does not agree and sends her home.

Date #3-Kelsey
Crazy Kelsey stayed away on this date. She was relatively calm, tells Peter about her family, cries a little, and gets the rose. Peter is headed to Iowa.

Date #4-3 on 1-Kelley, Hannah Ann, Victoria 
Kelley talks a big talk. We hear more from her than we have heard the entire season. She has stayed out of the drama all season until now. She turns straight mean girl, and I’m sad about it. Victoria calls him out by saying he is in a mood every time they talk. He gets defensive, she cries, he pulls her aside and gives her the rose. Hannah Ann gets the other rose, and Kelley was completely surprised. I feel bad for her at the women tell all. Tonight was really embarrassing for her.

This episode was rough. It took me the whole time to actually write this post. This is the cringiest of all cringy episodes. I’m scared for what the rest of the season is like.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

blogging the bach 24.6

Who’s watching: Celsey and Shawn

Two episodes in one week is kind of a lot. We had dinner, got the kids in bed, chatted for a bit, and now we have geared ourselves up emotionally for this.

They have moved to Santiago, Chile. Peter got his stitches out and is ready to move forward.

Date #1-Hannah Ann
They start out in the town square, dance, eat messy food, and make out. They talk to a couple that has been married for many many years. Peter is a little worried about her age and asks her about her readiness for all of this. He asks her some actual serious questions about love and relationships and goals for life. He doesn’t know if they can have a deep enough connection so he takes a little break. She goes out to find him, starts crying, and says she is starting to fall in love with him. So basically Peter needs to feel like the girl is an emotional mess in order to connect with them. It is very bizarre.

Date #2-Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P, Madison, Tammy, Kelley, MyKenna Luz, camera, accion 
MyKenna was sick about going on the group date. Peter has great memories of telenovelas (I had to watch my share of those in college and I can’t exactly say I have good memories). Of course they make Kelley be the grandma. Pedro kisses every girl on the set. MyKenna is happy, and Tammy is very serious about her role. 
The evening part is a little more serious. Victoria P wants to see where she stands with Peter. He tells her he doesn’t see her as his wife and sent her home. He wanted to talk more and walk her out and she completely shut down and did not want to be walked out. I have been waiting 30+ seasons for someone to say no. 
Peter re-writes a script for Madison and himself. We finally see a little more of Peter and Madison. They definitely really like each other.
And then the drama starts...
Madison gets the rose.

Date #3-Victoria F-I feel like we didn’t get a fair shot
Is anyone else confused why they are already have another one on one? Obviously things were a big awkward with Chase R ice, but that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to have another one on one so soon.
They have a fun day. Peter says he really likes her and was really happy to have more time with her. She breaks down and says she is struggling. He had no idea she was having doubts (probably because he has been way too focused on the drama). We now have the opposite situation from the other Victoria. He is super into her, and she doesn’t seem to be super into him. She says maybe she isn’t cut out for this. She says she can’t give him an honest answer which is basically means no. All signs point to-she’s just not that into you. She comes back. He talks her into staying and gives her the rose. Her response of “of course” doesn’t seem genuine at all. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Date #4-Enough is Enough two on one before the cocktail party with MyKenna and Tammy
Both girls are especially contentious and ready to put an end to this themselves. Peter has finally decided to put a stop to the drama-it’s about freaking time for him to squash the drama. He talks to Tammy first and she says MyKenna isn’t there for the right reasons. MyKenna says she is. They fight it out a little more and Peter send Tammy home. Adios drama mama.
Hannah Ann, Madison, Victoria F have roses from dates
Kelsey, Natasha, Kelley get the roses.

All of a sudden we have gone to a ton of girls to only 6 girls. See you in paradise ladies!

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blogging the bach 24.5

Who’s watching: Shawn and Celsey, Amanda, Megan-The kids were OUT OF CONTROL tonight, and we are all happy for a little peace and bachelor.

We start out with a recap of last week followed by a return to the cocktail party. Everyone is still mad at and about Alayah. Peter comes back and grabs her for a chat. Even though she has a rose, he sent her home. After sending Alayah home, he finally seems to realize that he needs to spend some time getting to know the girls. He talks to several, and I have hope for the season.

Rose ceremony 
Victoria F and Kelsey have roses from their one on one
Alayah had a rose and got sent home
Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Shiann, Mykenna, Victoria P, Kelley, Tammy

They are finally getting out of the house, and hopefully that means we finally have less drama and more to actually see of the girls. Peter comes and tells the girls he got a major cut from tripping and cutting his head (after telling them he was attached by a puma)

Date #1-We finally have a date. Sydney. I was a little distracted during their date. Peter really likes her and tells her she is the best kisser. I am pretty bored with this date. They talk a little and then go to the hot tub. 

Date #2-group date Sheinn, Kelsey, Victoria F, Madison, Natasha, Victoria P, Lexi, Hannah Ann, MyKenna-Let’s capture our love today
Today’s date is surprise..a photo shoot. The person who wins gets a photo shoot with Peter on the cover of Cosmo. Victoria F takes the first initiative and kisses him during her photos. Hannah Ann follows and does the same. Victoria F wins and gets more photos and more kissing with Peter. 
Peter likes all the girls and tells them all he really likes them. So far the date is going pretty well. Everyone is having a decent time until Tammy tells Peter that Kelsey is emotionally unstable and drinks too much. The drama continues. Hannah Ann gets the group date rose.

Date #3-Kelley
Did she ever get a date card? Somehow we missed it. They have the date. I have really been looking forward to seeing a date with Peter and Kelley. This date wasn’t exactly what I have been waiting for. Peter questions her desire to be there and doesn’t know where this can go. She assures him things are changing and he gives her the rose. My thoughts on Kelley are this..They had the strongest connection in the beginnings so Peter didn’t give her a lot of attention. She didn’t want to have anything to do with the drama so she didn’t give him a lot of attention either. All of a sudden we are at week 5, and nothing more has developed with them. I’m a little sad, and I really hope things get better.

Kelsey is losing it again. She sneaks over to see Peter and he rewards her with a rose. She comes back to tell the girls and not surprising they aren’t thrilled.

Rose Ceremony
Sydney, Hannah Ann, Kelley, and Kelsey already have roses
The cocktail is cancelled and Peter comes out to give the roses. Tammy and then MyKenna need to talk to Peter first. There is SO MUCH DRAMA this season, and Peter is here for it. 
Victoria F, Madison, Natasha, Victoria P, MyKenna, Tammy get the roses. 

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

beauty time products

Ashley gave me this Olaplex set. So far I really like it. 

The winter FabFitFun box has some new fun things to try. I love getting the box. It’s like Christmas 4 times a year. 

I received these products from Influenster to test out. They are very lightweight and smooth. I try to take pretty decent care of my skin, and I’m always excited to try out new products. 

Friday, January 31, 2020

Christmas Vacay 2019

I spent the Christmas holiday with Chelsea and her family. I found a great deal on a plane ticket, but the days and times weren’t necessarily ideal. With leaving town again at the first of the year I wanted a few days at home in between. That didn’t happen, but it all worked out. I got extra time with their family which is always fun. 

We went to see the lights at the Oakland temple which is something I have never done. It was so beautiful. 

After the lights we got ice cream for dessert. Parking was insane but we finally found a spot. We had a full table of adults and a full table of kids with 3 families of people. 

We made gingerbread houses. The kids all made their own and they did a pretty good job being creative and getting along with each other. 

We drive around and saw lights a few times. 

Christmas break was so nice. It was relaxing and fun. 
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beauty time Thursday..empties

It’s been a while since I did an empties post. I have slowly been using up some products and trying to use up what I have before buying more. 

I’m really trying to clean up my products and this everyone lotion has been a tray great option. It’s thinner than I’m used to but smells and works well. 
As much as I’m trying to clean things up, I’m still kind of stuck on bath and body works body cream. Twisted peppermint is one of my favorite scents. 
Dry shampoo is one of my favorite most used products and I have yet to find a clean option. Batiste is a favorite drug store brand but I know it doesn’t have the cleanest ingredients. 
Bare minerals lash domination and Clinique chubby lash are two great mascaras. 
Urban decay primer potion is a staple in my makeup bag. 

Urban decay setting spray gets a lot of great reviews. I haven’t found it to be super successful in keeping my makeup in place. 
Another batiste dry shampoo
Big sexy hair brand hairspray-another fave 

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Monday, January 27, 2020

blogging the bach 24.4

Who’s watching: Alicia and Adam for a few minutes, Amanda, Megan, Celsey, and Shawn 

We start out with the girls in the PJs. They are feeling a little bad about Peter and who knows what else. Chris Harrison comes in and tells them there won’t be a date today because Peter is out of town..and they’re Cleveland, Ohio. The girls aren’t excited but once they get there they act like they are.

Date #1-Today our love soars to new heights Victoria F
The date starts and they fly over somewhere and end up on a rollercoaster. There are a lot of analogies about love and soaring to new heights. They go to a diner, talk about the future, and go outside for a concert-with Chase Rice who conveniently dated Victoria F. It is awkward, very awkward. She refuses to kiss Peter or even look up. She ends up chatting with Chase Rice and the awkwardness continues. She decided she needs to tell Peter, but she is scared how he is going to react. We have no idea why she is so nervous. She tells him, cries, and walks away. Peter is not freaked out about it at all. He acknowledges that it is weird but also laughs. They go back to the table, she gets the rose, and they dance and make out to a cello player.

Date #2-Let’s tackle love together 
They’re already talking about how the big group dates always have drama-not a good sign. We still aren’t sure why they are in Ohio, but maybe it is so they can have the whole stadium for themselves for a football game. The game ends in a tie so everyone gets to go to the night portion to spend more time with Peter. Victoria P steals Peter first and Sheinn is so upset. All of a sudden, Alayah walks back in, and the drama comes back again. Victoria swears she is not a liar although she is making no sense. Alayah did tell Victoria not to tell anyone that they are friends. They are both shady. I liked Victoria, but I am not liking this at all. Peter gives Alayah the group date arose even though she wasn’t even on the group date. The girls are less than thrilled. Most of the girls don’t even get to talk to Peter. The drama is so far running the season.

Date #3-Kelsey
This is the explore the town date. How much is there really to explore in Cleveland? Peter says Kelsey is no drama. Has he already forgotten about champagne gate?! She shares her story that her parents got divorced and her dad left the family for a new life and family in Mexico. Peter can tell she is a good person and has a good heart, and he really respects her. Her story is definitely sad, but she really has to try hard to cry. She gets the rose, and Peter really likes her.

Cocktail party
All of the girls are fired up at Peter. They are mad at Alayah and Peter for bringing her back and giving her the rose. Peter doesn’t see it, but every girl that talks to him is pretty upset with him. He feels like he is disappointing people all over, and basically that is what is happening. It ends with to be continued...

Windmill-this seems to have died down and we haven’t heard about it for the past 2 episodes
Pilot/flying-3 (I probably missed a few especially with Victoria F’s date)
Husband/Wife-4 (I definitely missed a bunch of these)
Tear Tally-5 (I am certain I missed some. There were a lot of tears)

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Monday, January 20, 2020

blogging the bach 24.3

Who’s watching: Celsey, Shawn was here for a few minutes but left the room before we got started, Alicia, Amanda, and Megan

Date #1-one on one Victoria P
They are going to Peter’s hometown. They are start out shopping for cowboy boots and line dance in the store. Naturally they go to a concert. They both act like show is over and they have found their person. I may have picked her as my winner on my bracket. I can’t remember. Meanwhile, back at the house champagne gate continues. 
They go to the airplane hanger and Victoria shares her story. She is very emotional and Peter looks like he might cry too. She gets the rose and they both talk about how they might be the future for each other.

Date #2-I love surprises
Demi and her ladies come in the house and wake up the girls with a pillow fight. Most of the girls get lingerie and Savannah gets a muumuu to wear. They fight each other, and these girls aren’t messing around. Alayah wins the competition after sitting on Sydney. She takes one on one time with Peter first and talks about being a pilot’s wife. Sydney is upset about losing and is a grump the rest of the date. She tells Peter some of the girls are fake. Peter asks Kelley if this can work for her. He really likes her. Peter puts Sydney on the spot about being a tattle tale. She calls out Alayah, and it starts a fight while everyone else sits there in awkward silence. She gets the rose, and we all think that was so dumb.

Pool Party
MyKenna is excited for the chill vibe of the pool party. Is she crazy? There is no chill in that house. Peter tells the girls he isn’t feeling the best. He is starting to question things. Sydney tells him to talk to the others. Everyone else is pretty much validating what Sydney says. Alayah confronts Sydney. They have a little fight. She talks to Peter and he seems totally over her. He has time with Madison. He really likes her a lot. He asks Victoria P what she thinks about it all. They know each other from pageant land, and apparently Alayah asked Victoria not to say anything about them knowing each other. He talks to Alayah and kind of throws Victoria under the bus. I don’t love that he does that to the girls. This is at least the 3rd time he has done this. He is really upset and emotional and says he doesn’t know what to do. We don’t understand why he doesn’t just send her home right then. Instead he goes home.

Rose ceremony
Sydney, Victoria P, Victoria F-already have roses
Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Natasha, Lexi, MAdison, Shiann, Kelley, Kiarra, Tammy, Savannah, Deandra, MyKenna get roses
Chris H took away one of the roses and several people went home (more than we expected). Alayah is one of the girls. We aren’t sad to see her go, but it looks like she is coming back.

Word tally (I tried to pay attention, but I am pretty sure I missed a few tonight)
Windmill-hallelujah not mentioned even once
Pilot/flying-I forgot to count this, but it was brought up several times
Tear Tally-8

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Probiotic Maker-Time to Get Healthy

I really really love to exercise, eat healthy, and overall strive to be a really healthy person. As I mentioned in a previous post, 2019 did a number on me. As the year went on and eventually ended, I am was pretty excited to say adios to the year and looked and continue to look forward to a new year and a new decade. My biggest goal for the start of the year is to get back on track with my health. I was really excited when Probiotic Maker reached out to send me the maker to try. We had a gallon of extra milk so it was the perfect chance to try it out.

It comes in a pretty small package and stores easily when not in use.

It really is so simple. You choose a base, put the ingredients in, and plug it in.

Unfortunately, I ended up having a pretty rough day and got home way way later than I anticipated. It was way too thick and processing for much much longer than I preferred. The longer you leave it growing the thicker and more tart it becomes. Overall it is extremely easy. I am excited to experiment more and find some flavors I like.

If you want to purchase your own probiotic maker, use my link to save 50% off the price.

One Little Word-January 2020

Do you pick a word for the year? I started picking one little word as a theme or guide for the year several years ago. Usually around October a word pops in my head, and I know that will be my word for the upcoming year. I don't think too much about it or consider other words. I just know that will be my word.
This year is no different. 2019 seriously kicked my butt! I ran myself completely ragged, and my priorities were swallowed by my stress and stressors. When the word BREATHE came into my mind I knew it is exactly what I need to guide my goals and plans for 2020.
This year I am committing to myself to take a step back, set better boundaries, take better care of myself, and just BREATHE.

Bonny of helix design made this phone wall paper to help me remember my word

I received this morse code bracelet from oNecklace to really help me. I wear it all the time, and it's a good reminder of the goals I have for this year. They have a lot of options for customized jewelry. I love having that visual reminder to keep me in check.

Did you choose a word for the year? How do you go about choosing your word?

Monday, January 13, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.2

Who’s watching: Celsey, Shawn (or maybe he’s just here to do his bracket), Lacey, Krista, Megan

Group Date continued from last week
Hannah thinks she made a mistake. All the other girls don’t know where the heck Peter is. Hannah is confused. Peter is confused and then they say bye. Peter takes a pause on the date because his head is not in the right space but wants to meet up later. They meet up later for the after party. Some of the girls are still pretty mad and some are ready to move on with it. Sydney gets the rose.

Rose ceremony/cocktail party
Peter doesn’t remember half of what happened on night one. The claws are already coming out. Kelsey and MyKenna are already in a fight. She pulls herself together and waits. Hannah Ann and Peter come upon the chilled champagne and naturally pop it, and she is not ok. Hannah Ann apologized “you feel bad”. 
Date roses-Kelley, Madison, Sydney
MyKenna, Victoria P, Natasha, Jasmine, Sarah, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Alexa, Tammy, Alayah, Deandra, Victoria F, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, Kelsey

Date #1-Alexa, MyKenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F, Kelsey, Hannah Ann “Time to let your personality shine”
We were a bit distracted with the first part of the date going through our brackets. Victoria F is already crying. She redeemed herself at the end and stood out in a better way than expected and then she loses the confidence. Kelsey redeemed herself too. Hannah Ann and Victoria F win and have to compete against each other. Hannah Ann wins and Victoria F has a meltdown. Peter talks to Victoria F about her time there and she has another meltdown. Kelsey has time with Peter and she has a whole new confident attitude. Hannah Ann tattles about Kelsey. Peter really likes her so tattling gets her more attention. Victoria F gets the rose. Peter talks to Kelsey and her confidence is gone. 

We’re all a little mad there was about 1 1/2 dates on this episode.

Tear tally-9

Friday, January 10, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.1

I was in Maui for the season premier so Celsey and I are watching at the end of the week to get caught up before next week. 

“The 3 hour premier of the Bachelor takes off right now”-How many flight analogies are we going to hear this season??? Any guess...

There are some mixed feelings about Peter being the bachelor. I am actually really excited about it. I like Peter, and I am really looking forward to a really good season (hopefully)
Peter says the word love 5 times in the first 5 minutes or less so hopefully the show lives up to that.

First impressions
Alexa-waxes lady parts, bare it all
Hannah Ann-model, looks a little bit like Hannah B
Tammy-realtor, wrestler, jet setter
Victoria P-nurse, caregiver for sister
Kelley-attorney, met Peter at a wedding
Madison-basketball, likes a good challenge, excited for Peter
Maurrisa-teen beauty queen, patient care coordinator for plastic surgeon

Limo Entrances
Alayah-deep v, grandma letter, purple silver dress
Sydney-sparkly dress, Alabama (not all girls from Alabama make bad decisions) 
Hannah Ann-dark green dress, 2nd Hannah reference
Sarah-black sparkle, hubba hubba
Lauren-long sleeve black sparkle pant suit, if it scares you, do it
Victoria P-happy dance, navy or maybe purple velvet dress
Mykenna-fashion blogger, beach dress
Maurissa-pinky promise
Kelsey-Hannah comment
Eunice-wings, flight attendant, purple dress
Jade-flight attendant
Megan-flight attendant speaker, direct service to Peter’s heart
Madison-red dress, paper airplane, land your heart
Tammy-metal detection
Shiann-barf bag
Courtney-Tiny plane, sparkle pattern
Kiarra-Baggage-in a suitcase-How did she fit in there?
Lexi-more blue velvet, red car-likes to go fast
Payton-red dress, 4 times
Jasmine-speaking something else
Victoria F-green sparkly dress, bad filthy joke that she can barely even get through
Jenna-red dress with Ashley P the cow
Savannah-red dress, blind fold, focus on the way things feel, kisses him-trying to be bold
Kelley-red dress, sign from God to do this show, dance
Alexa-head wrap
Avonlea-white dress
And then Hannah B gets out of the limo. Everyone started freaking out that she was there. For all the people that freaked out when it was announced that she was on the show, there is no way she was actually on the show. She was filming dancing with the stars at the same time. There is absolutely 100% no way she could have been on both shows. It was sweet that she showed up to wish him well and give him back the wings he gave her. EDIT-she is on more than I expected. We will see what happens, but she was definitely winning DWTS while the bach was filming.

The girls start having one on one time with Peter. At this early point in the show, it is hard to separate who is who and who stands out.
Alayah reads the letter from her grandma.
Natasha and Mykenna have a little tiff about time with Peter. Mykenna kisses him and feels like she has the one up.
There are more windmill jokes.
Hannah Ann takes 2 turns and then 3 to kiss him. I thought I liked her but I am already starting to change my mind.
Victoria brings up her joke. Peter doesn’t even remember it and we are all so embarrassed for her. She then has a complete come apart. 

PSA from Celsey-If you want to kiss a man, DO NOT have a secret handshake. Immediate friend zone.

Rose Ceremony
Hannah Ann-first impression rose
Victoria P, Madison, Kelley, Lexi, Savannah, Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mykenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Payton, Kierra, Courtney, Sheann, Victoria F

Date #1-Hannah Ann, Kelley, Deandra, Tammy, Courtney, Sheann, Victoria P, Jasmine, Victoria-Look Up
This date is all about flying. Victoria gets major motion sickness. She is really brave and faces her fears. They do an obstacle course and Kelley gets a little one on one time. Some of the girls are mad and trying to start drama. Peter picks roses and gives them to Victoria and it is the sweetest. This is the hotel where Peter and Kelley met the month before. She gets the rose and tries to tone down her excitement about it all. Sheann and some of the other girls are not thrilled.

Date #2-Madison-I want to show you what forever looks like. 
Peter’s parents renew their vows on their date. They are pretty cute together and have a great date. We got distracted talking and missed the last part of the date.

Date #3-Group date-I was busy doing my nails and chatting with Celsey so I pretty much missed this whole date. I stopped all the tallying and didn’t really pay much attention. I got the rundown-Hannah B plans the date. She is very very upset. She runs off crying, and Peter follows her. She and Peter have a one on one chat. She says she still has feelings. He says he might have feelings too. He asks what she would think about coming to the house. TO BE CONTINUED..

I’m bringing back the tally this season (not including part of the one on one and the group date)
Tear tally-5

It looks like it’s going to be a good season. We have a few faves and a few that aren’t really our faves. We decided to do our brackets before the rose ceremony of week 2. I will share my predictions in next week’s post.

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