Wednesday, August 5, 2020

At Home Spa Weekend

I think we can all agree that 2020 is anything but normal. Like many others I have fond myself at home way more than ever. I went from being home basically to shower and sleep to being home most of the time. It has taken some creativity to adjust to being at home so much, and I am finding there are some things I really like doing at home. This article gives me some new ideas of things to try. If you are looking for some good things to try, check out this article for things to enjoy some relation while we are all stuck at home.

A Spa “Weekend”: Right in Your Own Home

By: Robin Noble

After the longest semester of my life—one that was spent almost entirely in “Zoom” classrooms instead of on-campus—I’m finally all wrapped up with my courses, and I’m ready to wrap myself up in a cocoon of self-care. Two weeks ago, after a particularly grueling writing session for a few classes’ worths of final essays, I drew a hot bath, mixed in some “bath bombs” and Epsom salts (along with a splash of tea tree oil), cranked up the Enya Spotify station, read a dozen chapters of my favorite Jane Austen novel, rubbed a deep conditioner into my scalp for at least thirty minutes, and scrubbed my body with an exfoliant. I felt like I was in figurative heaven. After that well-needed soak, I indulged in a glass of wine, and decided that I’d need a “spa night” as many nights throughout the week as possible—and, why stop there? Why not develop daily practices that would revitalize me every day? I started experimenting with a morning and evening routine that—once I had it dialed in—made me feel as fresh as the morning dew: even before I’d had my morning coffee.

Clear Skin, Clear Mind

The first step in maximizing my self-care “spa” treatment time, I dedicated myself to waking up a half-hour earlier than usual to give myself more time to complete my skincare routine. If I'm going to be outside facing the harshness of the daytime sun—or wearing makeup—I have to take care of that skin barrier first. After a few weeks, now I just feel a little incomplete if I skip what I’ve come to learn is a vital step for my health. In the wee hours of the dawn, I rinse my face with cold water (for now, I’ll skip the cleanser, as I will typically cleanse the night before), apply an alcohol-free toner, and then let that dry for a few secs. Then I'll apply a vitamin C serum and let that dry for a couple of minutes, followed by moisturizer and sunscreen. No matter how rushed I might possibly be, I never leave the house without applying an appropriate sunscreen. I give all of that time to sink in as I finish other morning steps (eating breakfast, preparing work correspondences). I sometimes struggle with the tedium of using multiple products, so I’m considering investing in a sunscreen with moisturizing properties that will allow me to skip the moisturizing step. By the time I’m done, I feel fresh and ready for the day—even if I’ll still be working from home, the sunscreen protects my skin whenever I head out for brisk walks about the neighborhood or garden breaks. 

Yoga, You Will Do

In the evening, after enjoying a day of awakened skin, I also want to “awaken'' my entire body as a part of my new “spa” routine. Depending on the day, it takes me a while to get warmed up to full strength or flexibility, so I practice with a specific intention in mind. Since sleep “resets” me every night, I like to prime my body to be fully warmed up by the end of my evening movement flow, to maximize my nightly rejuvenation. I start with dynamic stretching, do some semi-ironic “sun salutations” for ten or so minutes while focusing on strengthening my core; afterward, I loosen myself with backbends and downward dogs to ensure that my back will tighten up less as I sleep. 

Mix (Drink) it Up

The final step of the evening? Getting myself into that tub, with snacks and a mixed drink to wash down as I wash away my COVID cares and torrid troubles. When I think about my favorite spots in my hometown of Salt Lake City that I frequented before the pandemic, nothing can beat some of the downtown hotspots that turned up the “beat” every night: like the open-air stages at Gracie’s, or the sexy underbelly at Lake Effect. However, since I’m trying to work through some of my tensions at home, I’ll just have to borrow some of the best meal and drink ideas that my favorite establishments have to offer. For me, nothing—and I mean nothing—tastes better than chocolate-covered strawberries paired with Rosé: except chocolate-covered strawberries paired with Frosé. I play myself some of the melodic, moody jazz themes that others might be listening to live at Lake Effect’s “The Rabbit Hole,” and I float away on a musical cloud, with a pink, slushied wine in my hands. Throughout the day—and well into the evening—I’ve created for myself an experience that others would pay top-dollar for: all in the quiet and safety of my own home. Bring on another month of lockdown—I’m ready for even more time to myself.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these ideas. I definitely want to implement more of a self care routine.

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Blogging the Bach...Greatest Seasons of All Time 4

Who’s watching: Amanda, Alicia, Alicia’s niece

We loved JoJo’s season the first time around, and we’re so excited to watch. Amanda was and maybe still is obsessed with Luke. 

Getting through the limo exits in less than 5 minutes is pretty perfect. There are so many guys we love and forgot about. 

Daniel is so funny. Can we bring him back?

Wells and Sarah are the cutest. It is fun to have them going through the whole episode. Wells was kind of the dork of the season but so cute at the same time. Poor Wells on the fire date was just sad. 

I don’t know if anyone really wants to re-visit Chad on this season, but here we are. Chad did not appreciate Evan’s stand up routine. The 2 on 1 date per usual is intense. Bye bye Chad. 

Besides saying goodbye to Chad that we were all happy about, the goodbyes on this season were brutal including the final goodbye with Robbie. 

Chase is really cute and we can’t remember what happened to him. I looked it up and he looks happily in love. Everything worked out for him. 

The proposal was great. JoJo and Jordan are so cute. We loved this season!

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Greatest Seasons of All Time 3

Who’s watching: Celsey, Amanda, Alexis

The limo exits were the best. We all forgot JoJo wore a unicorn head and the horse entrance. It’s fun to re-live all of these memories. 

Swimming with the pigs was the funniest thing of the season. Amanda had some funny stories about swimming with pigs. 

Olivia was definitely the villain of the season. Her interview was so good. She talked about her experience with the show and her growth since then. They brought Ben on to chat with her. It was good to see where she was and where she is now, and she looks amazing. 

We talked our way through the recap of Caila’s relationship, breakup, and interview. 

We can’t figure out why they choose to interview the people that have noting to do with the season, but we were excited for the Dean and Caelynn interview. They finally addressed the rings they wear. They don’t feel the need to get the government involved to be committed to each other. 

Ben falls in love with two women and tells them both and we got to watch it all over again including the breakup with JoJo, proposal, etc. That as probably not so fun for him or them. We get to catch up with Ben and his other fiancée. As awkward as it probably is to see this replayed, it is fun for us to watch it back. 

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Blogging the Bach-Greatest Seasons of All Time 1 and 2

I have been blogging about the bachelor for years and years. I love the show and all of the spin off shows and all the people and all of the things. I initially wasn’t positive if our Monday night crowd planned to watch, and even then I didn’t know if I would lost about it. I was happy to find out several people did want to watch. We all know it is more fun to watch with friends, and I always prefer to watch with them than watch alone. 

Celsey and I (and Amanda for a little bit of the show) watched episode 1-Sean Lowe’s season. We watched the whole season together the first time. We loved the season, all the girls, and everything about it. It was so fun to watch it again. We loved the interviews with everyone and especially loved seeing Sean and Catherines relationship develop. Even though I follow them on social media, it was still fun to catch up with their lives now with the interview with Chris Harrison. We forgot about some of our favorite things and loved reminiscing on the season. 

We had more of a crowd for week 2 for Kaitlyn’s season. Celsey, Amanda, Megan, and Alicia and Adam for a while watched this week. Her season was one of the best and she had such great guys on her season. I was wondering how they would do this season since Kaitlyn and Shawn aren’t together anymore. I loved the way they did it. They showed a lot of the season-the funny parts, the embarrassing parts, and everything in between. They showed the relationship with Nick and the final rose with him, but they didn’t show the final rose with Shawn. That was a really tasteful way to show the season. They interviewed a few people from the season and a few other from the franchise and ended with an interview with Kaitlyn and Jason. They teased a surprise the whole time and it ended up that Chris Harrison asked Kaitlyn to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. I am so excited for her to be on the show. She is such a good dancer and has wanted it for so long. It was a really fun ending to the show this week. 

I am excited for Ben Higgins next week. I love him and I’m excited to watch. 

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Beauty time Tuesday(on Wednesday)-recent empties

It has been a while since I have done an empties post. I have definitely still been using a lot of products and replacing them with old favorites or trying new things. 
Everyone lotion-I really like this lotion and the mint scent a lot. It is cleaner than my usual favorite, but I am still not sure if I can switch forever 
BedHead hairspray -I like to mix up my hairspray sometimes and this is a good one
Kristin Ess dry shampoo-love
Coconut oil dry shampoo-not my fave. 
Murad vitamin c toner-very light and I love it a lot
Wander mascara-LOVE
Lancôme primer-lotion rather than silicone based primer. I love this 
Whipped body soap-smells so good and love it
Moroccan oil hair mask-made my hair feel really soft 

I will definitely replace some of these products and use again. I haven’t tried many new things lately, but I am always open to product suggestions. 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.6

Since this show is only 6 episodes I had every intention of being spoiler free. I didn’t look up any of the people on the show on social media. I haven’t read Reality Steve or looked at any of the spoiler accounts..until Monday. Watching on Tuesday has been fine until the finale. I just really wanted to know what happened. I saw the start of a spoiler story on Instagram. I knew what I was getting by watching the rest of the story. I had some pretty good guesses of what was going to happen, and I didn’t really want to wait another day to see. I don’t really know what that says about me and my patience, but here we are.

The episode starts out with everyone traveling to Nashville. Chris and Bri and Trevor and Jaime are so excited and so happy. Matt and Rudi but mostly Matt are so awkward. Things are not good. They see Christ Harrison and get the plans for the week-2 songs and a date with a fantasy suite. They get their song assignments. The 2 solid couples are so happy about their songs. Rudi is fake happy about their songs, and Matt says nothing. 

People start practicing and Rudi and Matt aren’t even pretending they are singing. Matt tells Rudi he doesn’t think he can get to the same place as the other couples. He wants to be true to himself. Rudi is understandably so upset. She cries and cries. I don’t know if it’s quarantine, tired, or what, but I cry right a long with her. I am actually genuinely sad. I am not sure what the bigger issue is-Matt giving up on something before giving it a full chance or my reaction to a TV show. Rudi and Matt leave, and I am still sad. 

The other couples have their final dates. Jamie is falling more and more in love with Trevor and Trevor is falling more and more for Jamie. Chris and Bri have been so solid the whole time. Bri starts talking like maybe they aren’t as solid as we have all thought. A few minutes later they get the fantasy suite card and decide not to go. They don’t want to compromise what they have. It seems like they are both on the same page and we are back to thinking they are solid like they’ve been. 

Who knows what is really going on with Bri and Chris. It seems like they are trying to throw us off that they are having problems. It seems like it might be an editing trick. The performances start and they continue to make use think Bri and Chris are having problems. No one is buying it. Unless something happened that we didn’t get to see, they are nervous but otherwise fine.

Jamie and Trevor perform first. It is the best we have seen from them. I still don’t think they will win. I also don’t think they are still together. I didn’t read any spoilers on that, but I just don’t see it lasting. 

Bri and Chris are up next. Once they get on stage, they seem totally fine. They sound good together. They are in love. The win the whole thing.

In conclusion, Bri and Chris are cute and sound good together. I listened to their album today, and it was really good. I am still sad that Rudi and Matt left. I want to hear them sing more, and I am hopeful based on their interviews and social media posts that we will hear them sing together. Rudi released a new single the night of the finale. It’s really good, and she’s no dummy. Overall, I really enjoyed this show. It was the perfect quarantine show, and I’m sad it’s over. I also wish there would have been some time of virtual reunion show.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Bedroom sneak peek and a quick tip

I moved about 6 months ago, and I think it is about time to get my room decorated. I got settled pretty quickly, but I have not done much decorating at all. Part of me is scared to put holes in my brand new walls, and the other part of me hasn’t exactly figured out what I want. 
I was really excited when Emily from Photowall reached out and offered me a piece from their collection. The hardest part of the whole thing was choosing what I wanted. They have so many good choices, and many of the choices a can be customized beyond size. 
My room is very neutral. I wanted to add a little bit of color but still keep things pretty neutral. After going back and forth between several good options, I finally chose this print. It adds the perfect pop to my room while still blending in with what I already have. It also gives me a little color to build on as I continue to decorate my room.

 The package arrived quickly and I was excited to put it together. 
The instructions were so easy. It was as simple as lining up the frame, flipping the canvas up, and screwing in an L shaped bracket to keep it all in place. It took less than 10 minutes and was ready to go. 
It was easy to put together and easy to hang on my wall. Photowall provides a bracket and screw for easy hanging. I chose to add a wire rather than use the provided screw, but they do provide everything you need if you choose to use it. 
Photowall was so easy to work with and understanding of my delay in getting things done. If you want to get your own print or check out their wallpaper or other things they offer, Photowall is offering all of you 25% off your order with code aubreyzaruba25. The code is valid until June 19 so go check it out and do a little (or a little more) quarantine shopping. 

The walls in this house are brand new, and I love them. That was not the case in my last house. In fact I never actually decorated my room in my last house because the first thing I needed to do was change the walls. The thought of doing anything to the various colored walls (seen below) was so overwhelming that I never actually even looked into it. Even when I got a new bed and more neutral bedding, I still didn’t do anything about it. In hindsight I wish I wish I would have looked into skimming the walls. Now that I know more about it, I realize it is not that hard at all. It only takes a little time and effort to smooth out the uneven lines and cracks, and provides the perfect surface for a nice neutral wall. I could have had a fully decorated neutral room in the colors I like within a day or two. Do you ever avoid a task because it seems complicated only to realize years later that it would have been so worth it? Yeah me too. 

One of the other moving projects that happened was painting my yellow dresser. This dresser is solid wood, very durable, and not something I wanted to get rid of. However, I was tired of the yellow color. Initially I thought I might wait until the move to paint it to give myself a little time, but I decided a few days before I moved that it would be better to get it done in order to have help moving up my 3 flights of new stairs. 
After a few late late nights, the yellow was gone, and my dresser is now grey. I did a rush job, but overall I really love it. I wanted to paint the handles gold, but I found they are stuck. It seemed easiest to paint them the same grey. I finally did some touch ups last week (6 months later). Here is a bit of a sneak peek. Once my room is finally all the way done, I will come back with a full bedroom reveal. 

Decorating is always a work in progress for me. I want to get it done quickly, but I usually take some time to fully commit. Now that I have had some time to sit on it, I am ready to make some decisions and get things done. Getting this print from Photowall was the push I needed to get going on my room again. If you need a little push or just something fun, check out their site and use code aubreyzaruba25.

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Blogging the Bach...Listen to Your Heart 1.5

This week’s episode can be summed up with one thing..Holy crap Rudi and Matt can sing! The end

I usually blog while I watch the episode, and this week I did not. I was busy doing other things at the beginning. I kept meaning to sit down and actually type, but it never happened. Rather than a recap of the episode, here are my thoughts.

-Rudi and Matt are my faves! Their voices sound so good together. I have rewatched their performance several times because it was that good. I really want it to be available on Apple Music, but I did find out it is on you tube. I am low key obsessed with it, and I really hope they make some post show music together. 
-Still on the topic of Rudi and Matt..I think he does really like her. Their relationship is the most real of all bachelor relationships in that he is not falling in love in 3 days. It is a slow burn, and I am crossing my fingers they can figure it out. I am nervous though. He was on a few interviews this week saying his biggest regret of the whole show was his response when Rudi told him she was falling for him. We can all agree it was pretty bad. 

-Bri and Chris are predictable. I have liked them all season. They are clearly very very into each other. Their performance was fine. It started out kind of boring and picked up towards the end. They sound good together. The wedding was a little bit of an eye roll. I don’t know. It seemed a little too cheesy, but they seemed to love that date so I guess it was fine. 

-Jamie is very young, and it shows. I can’t tell if Trevor really likes her or knows he is sort of stuck with her and might as well roll with it. Either way, I don’t really care much about them. They are fine. Their performance was their best one yet.

-Ryan and Natascha has a rough week. It was pretty obvious they were going home.  

It is crazy that there is only one week left of this show. I am excited to see how it ends and also a little sad that it is ending. 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.4

I already know there is going to be some drama this week. Watching the day after the show airs means I hear a little even if I am not trying to. As short as this season is I am trying to avoid spoilers. 

We’re less than 5 minutes in and Chris Harrison tells them he is putting their relationships to the test. People are going on dates with others besides their partners. Let the drama begin.

Rudi and Chris are on a date and clearly just friends. Chris tells Rudi how into Bri he is, and Rudi is totally worried about what is happening with Matt. They go back to the house and straight to Bri and Matt. 

Jamie and Ryan have a spa day. We see almost nothing of their date, and it seems like it is not noteworthy at all. 

Brandon and Julia are at the Roxy writing music. For all she has said about Sheridan, she doesn’t seem to care about that right now. Julia said it would be a disservice if they don’t pursue it. That’s not exactly the word I would use to describe this situation. They sing together and Julia says she wants to end up with Brandon. They get back and she has no regrets. She comes back knowing what she wants to do, but then she can’t just tell Sheridan. She finally kind of says it and he walks away. She doesn’t want him to walk away so he comes back to talk a little more. I’m pretty done with the Julia storyline, but I am pretty sure it is not over. Sheridan leaves, and I feel like she is going to have some regrets about that. 

Brandon asks Savannah for some private time. He tells Savannah he and Julia both have feelings for each other. He then basically blames her for all of this. She tells him she can’t do this. He is kind of mean. She walks away. He searches for her and tells her he wants to choose her. The whole thing is not great, and they should both probably leave. 5 minutes after Savannah leaves Brandon tells Julia he is choosing to do this with her. 

Chris Harrison comes in to tell them the next thing they are doing is singing together again. They get their song assignments. Brandon is not excited about their song. Julia is much more optimistic about it. They are not on the same page, and they’re kind of a mess. Natascha tells Julia she asked Brandon about Savannah and that he would have stayed with her if she stayed. While that might be true, it’s kind of mean girl to say that right before a performance. 

Rudi and Matt-wow! They can sing, and they sound really good together.
Jamie and Trevor-Jaime was so nervous and it showed in their performance. 
Bri and Chris-Lover was the perfect song for them. Their performance was so good. Their chemistry is so good. Bri whispered to Chris that she loves him. He didn’t hear it so she told the audience (and him). He responded he loves her too. It was so genuine and sweet, and they continue to be the it couple. 
Julia and Brandon-awkward
Natascha and Ryan-that was a big performance! Everyone loved it.

The final roses go to Jamie and Trevor which means Julia and Brandon go home. Julia is so mad. She feels like she deserves to be there. I don’t know why she thinks she deserves it more than anyone else. She blames it on Brandon and Natascha. Does she forget what she did to Sheridan one day before? It’s not a pretty exit, but they are gone. 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.3

Watching the bach or anything else for that matter without my crew is not nearly as fun. I do enjoy the show, but it would definitely be a lot more fun watching with everyone. 

Sheridan is still super into Julia. It doesn’t necessarily seem like she is into him. Brandon pulls her aside to explain himself. I don’t really care for his whole situation. Thankfully Chris Harrison comes in to switch things up and tell everyone that everything is changing. No one else is coming in, and it is time to focus on love. People need to figure it out and either commit to moving forward as a couple or pack their bags and go home. 
Julia tells Savannah what’s been going, and she seems a little like a pot stirrer. Gabe tells Savannah he only wants to be there with her, and the pot is definitely stirred. Gabe and Ruby both leave. Brandon convinces Savannah to stay on this journey with him. The agree to be honest with each other and we will see how that goes. Sheridan is fine will all of it, and is excited to continue things with Julia. Is anyone else concerned here?
Now it’s time fo the couples to sing. Everyone starts practicing. Some are good and some are struggling. Julia is still struggling. 

Date #1-Bekah and Danny-To be your best you have to look your best. They shop for new fancy clothes and end in the hot tub. Danny really likes Bekah and she takes longer to get there. 

Julia is still worried about Savannah and Brandon and isn’t ok with them. She needs to talk to Savannah and tells her she is not being genuine. Who knows what is really going on with Savannah and Brandon, but it is weird how much time Julia spends worrying about it.

Date #2-Ryan and Natascha 
They seen Chris Lane perform and who knows what else happened on their date besides singing on stage with Chris Lane. Natascha sees them becoming more and more connected and Ryan feels like she is the other half of what he is looking for. 

The couples meet with the musical director and band and start practicing. Rudy and Matt are doing better. Jaime feels a lot of pressure and gets so nervous. She walks off crying. 

Performance day-The judges are not only looking for the best performance but also the connection. 
Rudy and Matt-Rudy can sing! All of their feedback was good.
Bri and Chris-Bri is worried their chemistry might not show, and I have no idea why. Kesha asks how they feel about each other and Bri says she can confidently say she is falling in love with him. 
Bekah and Danny-I feel like this is the first episode we have even seen these 2. I am not sure what to think of them and it seems like the judges aren’t sure either. 
Savannah and Brandon-I don’t have a lot of thoughts about them except that I want Julia to stop talking about them. 
Julia and Sheridan-I don’t really know what is going on with these two, but their performance was really good. The judges see more chemistry than we have seen so far on this episode. 
Natascha and Ryan-I wasn’t too sure wha to expect from them. I was very surprised. It was really good, and I think they might actually like each other.
Jaime and Trevor-Jaime has been freaking out. She is young and maybe doesn’t have as much experience as other on stage-maybe who knows. They get really good feedback and everyone wants to make Jamie feel love

Bekah and Danny go home. They way they do the roses this season is interesting. The people that leave are the last ones left and there is no one left to say goodbye to. 

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Beauty Time Tuesday..Empties

It has been a while since I’ve done an empties post. Even though we’re all staying home all of the time I’m still using beauty products. With frequent video chats I like to be ready for the day so I am definitely still using products. 

Victoria’s Secret body spray-I like to keep a spray on hand. I’m not too particular about brand
Big Sexy Hair Root Pump-I love this stuff and have used it for years. 
Bath and Body Works body cream-love
Schmidt’s deodorant-I made the switch to natural deodorant about a year ago. I like this ok but it’s not my favorite. 
Laura Mercier translucent powder -LOVE 
Tarte maneater mascara LOVE
Pür fully charged mascara-I tried this when looking for a cleaner mascara and really love it. 
Color pop lip gloss-I love this gloss and the price point is pretty low. It’s light weight and feels good on my lips. It runs out pretty quickly though. 
Tarte lights camera lashes mascara -Love so much 
Victoria’s Secret bombshell rollerball perfume-Love the roller balls and this scent. 

Sol shower gel-This came in my fabfitfun box. It was ok. 
Lancôme foundation -favorite foundation. I had a few different colors and decided to use them all up in quarantine. 
Kat Von D translucent powder-This came in a gift set or something. It is a very dry powder. I probably wouldn’t buy it again. 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.2

I’ve been on a deep Love is Blind binge this week so I am late watching this week. I was so ready to watch after last week and then got kind of distracted. Life also got in the way so here we are.

Some of the couples from last week still seem pretty hot and heavy ahem Bri and Chris and some who even knows.
Chris Harrison comes in and sets up the week-newcomers will be part of the week. 

Date #1-Jamie grab your guitar. Grab your guy and go make some beautiful music.
Jamie took Trevor on her date, and no one except maybe Ryan is surprised. They go to Venice Beach, and Trevor gets right to the music. Jamie says nothing can go wrong, and we all know what that means. Trouble is coming (probably in the the entrance of Natasha).They sing together and she feels like it is too good to be true and probably is. Jamie and Trevor happen upon a hot tub and talk about past relationships while Natasha arrives back at the mansion and tells everyone he is a cheater. As soon as they are back from the date, Natasha attacks. 

Date #2-Bri bring the guy who is at the center of your heart
Bri got down on one knee to ask Chris to go on the date. They go into guitar center. They sing about their relationship and they definitely really like each other. Bri tells Chris about her engagement and then says she thinks she is falling in love with him, and she is scared but doesn’t care. He takes a minute and says he is falling for her too. They are for sure the most established couple in the house. 

Date #3-Sheridan choose the woman you are ready to go public with
Sheridan and Julia go to the iHeart studio. They are on the radio and then get to sing. Sheridan is all in on this, and Julia is clearly not sure. They sing together and there is major chemistry. 

Mariana and Ruby arrive and neither care if anything has already been going on in the house. 

Date #4-Savannah and Brandon
I got a little distracted doing my nails. They went to a jazz club. Naturally they sang together and seemed to solidify things. They came back super into each other. Other people in the house have other plans. Julia and Mel both want things to happen with Brandon and make their moves.

Chris —Bri

Mel, Cheyenne, and Mariana go home. None of those people connected with anyone really. Mel was hopefully about Brandon but it was pretty clear it wasn’t going to happen. It looks like the drama might be picking up next week as well as the couples and the singing. I can’t wait.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blogging the Bach..Listen to Your Heart 1.1

Things have obviously been really quiet around here. Stating the obvious feels a little unnecessary, but for some reason I do it anyway. Now more than ever I should have the time to catch up on things, but for some reason it just isn’t happening. This show is just the motivation I need to get back to blogging.
Who’s watching: Again stating the obvious, I am watching alone. Thank you #socialdistancing

I wasn’t really sure I was going to watch this show. As much as I love all of the bachelor shows, we really enjoy a Monday night break from a show to catch up on chat time. Now that we are all stuck at home, there is no reason not to. So, here we are.

A few minutes into the previews I already know I am going to like this show. It seems like a mix between paradise and bachelor and a singing show. 
Brandon-Yay! We have someone older than 20 years old.
Bri-the token Utah girl
Sheridan-drives his Subaru a lot..and maybe lives there (Dean the 2nd??)
Bekah-musical theater and deserves love
Cade or Gabe-sports, music, faith, and ready for love..sounds great
Savannah-Nashville, yoga, free spirit
Trevor-is he or is he not like Jed? Jacket says yes
Jamie-ready to listen to her heart and not be with a cheater on this journey

Ryan-comes in after Jamie-hopes to be alone with her for a while (does he know where he is?)
Matt-singer songwriter stuff
Mel-really shy when it comes to dudes
Rudi-has dated all of LA already at 24
Michael-we’ll have to see how her voice sounds and comes in and starts singing right away
Josh-young jacked Mr. Clean

Everyone comes in. Jamie comes first and already feels butterflies with Ryan-3 seconds after she gets there. They start to meet each other and some quickly try to couple up a little. 
Chris Harrison comes in and welcomes everyone, tells them how it all works, and send them to their rooms. They come back and all the guys are working it to find a girl. The hot tub is getting hot, and I like the musical addition to this show. 

Date #1-Ryan gets the first date-choose someone who makes your heart sing. He naturally chooses Jamie and Trevor wishes he got the date. The singing starts right away, and they feel like they have an immediate connection. 

Date #2-Hey there Matt-choose a woman who could be your jam. Rudi definitely thought she was going on the date, but he picked Mel instead. They walk into a backyard Plain White Ts concert and that’s about all we saw.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Julia kisses Josh as Sheridan comes to find her. He wrote a song for her, and one minute later she is kissing him. Matt seems to have no idea what he did to upset Rudi. Jamie and Ryan really like each other, but Trevor (in the Jed jacket) also really likes Jamie. He plays one of his favorite songs, and now she is very confused.
The girls have the power.
Someone i don’t know (Bekah)-Danny

Week 1 and I’m in. Now I just want to know what happens. Someone stop me from looking up spoilers. 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.11 part 2-The Finale

Celsey and I are watching. If we’re lucky, Shawn will join us for a little commentary.

We pick up where we left off last night. All day long I have heard all kinds of speculation about what happens. I also read Reality Steve. By the time this is published, the show will be over. 

We see the live audience and Kelly is there. Is anyone else confused by this? She wasn’t invited to women tell all, but now she is there for After the Final Rose??? What is happening?

I thought there might have been a little more build up, but we jump pretty quickly to the proposal. Chris Harrison has the news we have been wondering about all season. He tells Peter than Hannah Ann might not be coming to the proposal. He almost passes out and one minute later Hannah Ann is on her way. Supposedly they both love each other. (I am still not convinced). Peter proposes. Hannah Ann is shocked but says yes. (I am still not convinced). He probably shouldn’t have proposed, and she probably shouldn’t have said yes.

Peter goes home to California to tell his family. I have so many things to say about his mom-most of which I don’t really know if I should say on the internet. Her face said everything and more. All she and the rest of the family want to know is if he chose Hannah Ann or not. If not, he should run right out the door. Since he did pick Hannah Ann, Barb freaks the freak out. He FaceTimes Hannah Ann, and it was kind of awkward. 

The next thing we see Hannah Ann comes to give Peter a major piece of her mind over and over. I was pretty impressed the first time she called him out, but the more and more she beat the dead horse the more I was ready for her to be done. She gives the ring back, is very mad at Peter, does not let him talk, and leaves. Again. He shouldn’t have proposed, and she shouldn’t have said yes. I never believed it could or would work out for them, and I am not surprised at all that it didn’t last. She is still furious with him at ATFR, and he feels terrible. It was pretty awkward especially as Barb cheered wildly for her.

Peter still has feelings for Madison. Chris Harrison goes to Auburn to update Madison without Peter knowing. She regrets her decision to leave and still loves Peter. She wants to give it another chance so she goes to LA. She surprises Peter. They talk, both admit they still love each other, and decide nothing. 

Chris Harrison shows Peter the video of his visit to Auburn, and Peter smiles for the first time all night. At this point we are reminded we still don’t know how the season will end. Barb rolls her eyes and has a look of hate on her face every time they show her. Madison comes out. They both admit they still love for each other. Peter says he wants to take it one day at a time. Madison doesn’t really say anything, but it seems like she is on the same page. We come back from commercial break, and they are sitting much closer together. 

I am so frustrated with Peter’s parents-especially Barb. I can definitely see why they are concerned, but when Peter asked them to trust him, and they still have  so much dislike for Madi, it just feels yucky. Even though they aren’t in full support of this, it is so embarrassing for Peter to be treated like that by his parents. I would be furious if my parents did that to me. Furthermore I have no idea why Barb had so much air time this season. I really hope something better happens for them now that the season is officially over.

Onto to Clare...

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Monday, March 9, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.11

Who’s watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista, and Alicia 

Chris Harrison starts us out teasing us of all that is to come. Of all the different season endings we have had over the years, I can’t wait to see how this thing actually ends. 

Hannah Ann has the first date. She seems like she is trying really hard to be in love with Peter and she is trying really hard to be emotional. Peter’s dad calls her a remarkable young lady. Young lady is the perfect description. Peter says there is nothing holding him back with her, but he has the dilemma between the girls. 

Madison walks up like she’s ready to go meet the family. They have a chat about all of the things. For a few minutes, it seems like she is going to leave and not meet the family. She tells him that she was planning to tell him that she loves him the night she ended up leaving the date. Peter has the biggest smile on his face. They meet his family. It is pretty awkward. 
Peter’s mom basically tells him pick Hannah Ann or else... Peter tells his mom to stop being so emotional. She has a meltdown and tells him to bring Hannah Ann home because she is perfect. She also calls him Bud several times and we don’t love it.

Peter has his final date with Madi. It starts out pretty well. They take a helicopter to a secluded place all to themselves. She tells him it is time for her to surrender so that he can find love. He tries to convince her to stay, but she decides it is time to leave. They have too many differences.

His final date with Hannah Ann feels forced. She is so in love with him, and he can’t reciprocate. He appreciates her, and that is about it. The night part seems pretty sure. Peter tells us he is in love with her, but he doesn’t ever tell her that.

The show ends with Chris Harrison telling us once again that no one knows how this is going to end.

Honestly some of the best lines of the night came from Rem.
-I don’t like what you’re making (when he came in for dinner without even knowing what I was cooking)
-I got it myself (after taking an apple off the cutting bored)
-you have strawberries? (to Alicia as he grabbed all of the grapes out of Alicia’s bowl)
There were so many other good quotes. It’s a good thing he is so dang cute, but he’s such a turd.

What do you think is going to happen?

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