Tuesday, January 15, 2019

blogging the bach 23.2

who's watching: alicia, celsey, amanda, and megan

Week 2 is usually all about trying to figure out who is who and what is going on. For some reason this season I kind of have at least a little bit of an idea of some of the girls that seem to be the main girls. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out. Here's to hoping they don't refer to his virginity every other second.

After a quick vlog check in (what? is that a thing this season?), we have date #1
Colton starts out and talks about being a virgin so I guess we are going to talk about it every other season.
Demi, Bri, Tracy, Elyse, Hannah G, Nicole, Catherine, and 1 other I didn't hear
"Today is all about firsts". I am already a little bit afraid. Hannah G is a little bit afraid.
"I am bold"--Demi Is this a foreshadow of things to come? Once she does her talking part/kissing Colton/saying she is getting the first group date rose, it appears she actually is bold. I predict she will be the villain of the season.
Colton definitely likes Hannah G
The group date goes to Elyse

Date #2-Hannah B on her birthday
They ride take a jeep and then ride horses to the middle of nowhere. Colton does a simple generic cheesy toast and then it's Hannah's turn. She literally can't think of a dang thing to say. Things are pretty awkward so far. She doesn't have much to say..at all..all day until the last second when she finally opens up. She saves herself at the last second and gets the rose.

Date #3
Alex, Erica, KAtie, Syndney, NIna, KErpa, Katelynn, Courtney, Caelynn, Tayshia and a few others
Welcome to Camp Bachelor
Red vs yellow-winners stay, losers go. Red wins. Yellow loses and they're all sad they have to leave. 
Heather (we think. we can't remember her name) tells Colton she is a virgin and has also never been kissed. He is really nice about it. He wants to kiss her, but he doesn't do it.
Caelynn tells him she also loves kids and works in children's hospitals because she was in the hospital as a young. They bond over that and kiss.
Heather gets the group date rose.

Cocktail party/Rose ceremony
Girls are interrupting left and right, and they aren't nice about it. It is pretty obnoxious. There is a lot of noise, and then Demi comes out in a bath robe.

Who's left-Hannah B, Elyse,   Tayshia, Cassie, Caelynn, Courtney, Demi, Nicole, Kirpa, Heather G, Catherine, Bri, Sydney, Onyeka, Katie, Nina, Tracy, and one other girl. We tried to figure out her name and a few other names for about 10 minutes and then gave up.

Word tally
love 8
journey 1
virgin 9
tear tally 4

We always wait a few weeks to fill out our brackets, and I think after tonight we are all ready. At least Amanda and I both feel like we know the top 4. 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

blogging the bach 23.1

Who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Alicia
Colton is here and what does he have to lose?!? How do we feel about that tag line? Are we going to spend all season dwelling on his virginity status? Please say no. 
Anyway, it's been a while, and we are all excited for another season of our fave show and our Monday night tradish. Although we kept that up pretty well on the off season.

The show starts with viewing parties around the country. We are all wondering why we aren't in Park City and why we didn't even know they were going to be there.

First Impressions
Cassie-speech. We have a little bit of the same job so I kind of like her on first impression.
Hannah-Miss Alabama got cut off by a commercial
gym girl-We missed her name being cut off by the commercial
Heather-Never been kissed
Onyeka-doesn't care what other people think, when you know you know
Nicole-looking for the real deal
Kirpa-dental hygenist. hopes Colton flosses
Demi-very southern, says she is confetti cake

Chris talks to Colton. He is ready to fall in love but maybe not at first sight.

After lots of checking in with the viewing parties, an engagement, a check in with a few other bach peeps, it is finally time to meet the women. Colton just wants to be present.

Demi-banana yellow,
Tayashia-knows he has a big heart and likes kids
Caelynn-wearing her Miss North Carolina sash Miss Underwood on the other side
Sydney-quit her dancing job to come
Elyse-don't be nervous
Tahzjuan-hooked on ...
Cassie-so nervous, brought butterflies
Kirpa-purple sparkly dress with purple eye shadow
Caitlin-popped the cherry balloon
Courtney-sweet Georgia peach
Katie-v card
Alex D-sloth. We all want to die for her.
Onyeka-very sparkly dress
Hannah B-Miss Alabama
Tracy-fashion police
Angeliqu-leaves a little glitter behind
Alex B-sick sign
Bri-faked the Australian accent, hoping he's a sucker for accents
Laura-Dallas same dress as Heather
Hannah G-gift-empty box because no underwear
Jane-photoshopped dogs
Catherine with her dog Lucy

They check back with all the viewing parties and another couple gets engaged. How did they set this up? Did they send out a mass text to all the guys in America and ask if their girlfriends watch the show?--Amanda

Colton talks to some of the girls. We thought he was going to kiss Hannah G but instead he kisses Caelynn. I knew he would like the pageant girls.
Everyone is bringing their A game.
"There's nothing sexier than corn hole"--Celsey
Alex the sloth finally takes off her costume
Catherine gets interrupted and she is not happy. She goes back and interrupts again and again and again even after Onyeka told her she shouldn't do it again.
He talks to Katie and kisses her
Hannah G gets the first impression rose

Who stays
Hannah G
Alex B
Hannah B
This promises to be the most dramatic season ever.

I'm bringing back the word tally this season.
tear tally-1 Devin after being sent home and seeing the remaining girls celebrating right behind her.

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Lacey’s floral baby shower 

The Bodilys know how to throw a party, and I am always happy when I get to help. A late summer floral shower was perfect for Lacey's early fall baby.

The food was delicious, and the presentation was really fun.
Side story-We were setting up the night before, and nothing was working to cover the rather large island. All the tablecloth options weren't quite right. Luckily Sandy has quite the stash of table cloths, and we found a pink tablecloth that was surprisingly perfect.

The cream puff tower is always a hit and adds to the decor.

entryway-paper pinwheel fans, small flowers, baby photos, and the take home floral hair tie

the balloon arch is my new favorite for parties

I'm a sucker for a pretty drink

swiss cheese cubes with a grape or blackberry-big hit

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

unblogged bloggable-#bearlakedladies

I don't know how it happened, but somehow this post never got published. In fact, I have quite a few posts from last year I will be catching up on over the next few weeks. One of my goals for 2019 (more on those in another post) is to get and stay caught up on this blog.

Back in August I went to Bear Lake with girls from book club. We have the best time together, but we hadn't spent a lot of time outside of book club together. Some of the girls live in the same neighborhood so they spend a lot of time together. Some of us know each other from other things, and some of us only know each other through book club. This weekend was so much fun and made us wish we could spend lots and lots of time together always.

We left after work on Thursday to drive up. Utah was basically all on fire this summer, and Bear Lake was no exception. This fire seemed so close and big (probably because it was so close), but luckily it was quickly contained. We spent the first night watching the fire and chatting about the weekend.

Some of us (me) like a lot of makeup. Some of us like a little makeup, and some of us don't care so much about makeup. I like to wear makeup especially when I know there will be a lot of pictures. Pretty soon we were all in the bathroom doing our makeup and trying to convince everyone to put on lipsense.

Bonnie made our lunches every day to take to the beach.

The air pump didn't work very well so we ended up blowing up several rafts and floats. It was worth it when we were out on the lake for a few hours floating around.

We rented a water trampoline and found out it is pretty hard for several adults to stand up at the same time. It was ridiculously fun, and we laughed a lot.

Playing crack the egg and other funny games

I'm not exactly sure what happened here except I know we convinced a kid to get on our tramp and take some pictures for us. Somehow the phone survived.

Even at 7 months pregnant, Dylan was not about to miss out on the fun.

Kendra left and Aubrey came (with baby Rosie)

We tried really hard to get the perfect jumping picture.

But we just couldn't quite all get it together.

Aubrey and Aubrey (and baby Rosie)

Bear Lake is beautiful! We had so much fun and can't wait to go back again.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Fashion Friday-shapewear

*I received these products from CYSM to try out. All opinions are my own.

Some clothes (especially dresses) require shapewear. No matter how well they fit, a little extra compression always helps. I have worn a lot of shapewear over the years, but I typically wear the shorts only. I was really excited when CYSM reached out to me to send some products for me to try out.

II got a slip, leggings and a waist trainer. Even though I followed the sizing on their website, my original order was a little too small. They were so great to work with. They sent me a shipping label to send the items back and sent new ones out in a bigger size. Everything came quickly and fits much better. 
I have found the slip to be much more comfortable than the shorts and works a lot better. CYSM products are high quality and their customer service is exceptional. 

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Murderly Manhattan

*This post is sponsored by Murderly. All opinions are my own.

I have always wanted to host a murder mystery party, but I never had the right opportunity until Murderly reached out to me to work with them. This party has been in the works for a while, but we wanted to wait until Celsey and Shawn were in their new house. We tried to plan it earlier this year, but the holiday season turned out to be the perfect time to host the party. We will definitely be making this a new annual tradition.

We picked the Manhattan party so we could dress up a little. Everyone was awesome and dressed their parts really well. We did a cocktail (mocktail) hour for chatting and trying to solve the murder, dinner, and dessert. We voted on the murderer between dinner and dessert.
the whole crowd
the girls
the boys
the couples
the singles

Since the party was close to Christmas, we went with Christmas decor using mixed metals and pops of red. Celsey wanted garland for her house so we used that with a lot of candles throughout the area.
Drink-sprite, fresh cranberries


drink station 
Celsey's character was the bartender so she and Shawn made drinks for us. The drinks were all very good and could easily be made as mocktails or cocktails. 

We wanted a little fancier dessert to match the theme of the party-brownie sundae with homemade chocolate ball that melts with homemade caramel sauce. It was one of the best desserts ever.

This party was so much fun. Hosting anything with Celsey is always a good time and always turns out really well. Planning and hosting something for adults only was different than our norm and so great. Murderly was great to work with, and I would absolutely do another party with them again. If you want to host your own murder mystery party, click here for a 10% off discount on your murderly party. 
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