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Friday, January 30, 2015

foodie friday...loaded potato bites

the superbowl is in 2 days. some people are pretty excited for the football game, and other people are excited for the food. surprisingly i actually know who is playing this year, but i tend to care more about the food, commercials, and entertainment than the actual game. i don't have any plans for this year, but if i did, i would for sure make these.

2 large baking potatoes
sour cream
cheddar cheese
fresh chopped chives
3 slices cooked turkey bacon
slice potatoes
brush olive oil on potatoes
bake 400 degrees 30 minutes, flip and cook 20 minutes
top with cheese
bake 3-5 min
top with sour cream, turkey bacon, chives 
salt and pepper to taste
what superbowl snacks are you making?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

book review...52 weeks to fortify your family

i like to read, but i rarely have time for it. i have a book club, but it's a little more club than book. i am definitely the worst in the group about reading the books. when i have an opportunity to read, i really do love it.
i recently had the opportunity to review 52 weeks to fortify your family. it's not a sit down and read it all in a day kind of book. it's a year long guide to increasing spiritual strength.
don't let the family part of the title scare you. the book is perfectly applicable to marrieds, singles, parents, non parents, and families big and small. each week has a theme such as kindness, charity, happiness, etc. within each week, every single day has a short thought/scripture to go with the weekly theme. it's the perfect addition to add to current study or a great way to build spiritual strength through study. i started reading the daily thought/scripture before i go to bed. i love ending the day with a spiritual uplift.
find out more about the book, author, and where to purchase here. i highly recommend it.

***i received a copy of the book to review. all opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

blogging the bach 19.4

who's watching...the usual crew was busy so it was just celsey and me until husband shawn came home and asked what was going on (pretending like he doesn't care)
date #1...let's do what feels natural/girls at the mansion
megan, kaitlyn, ashley s/i, juelia, samantha, mackenzie, kelsey
what i saw
jillian's blocked out everything-enough with it
several girls i swear i have never seen
carly with a yucky sand dollar necklace
what i heard/said
if you show up to a date with no makeup, you're a moron
this is a date made for bimbos--kelsey (has she ever seen this show?)
where is ashley s? nevermind she and her crazy just showed up
i don't think ashley s is here for the right reasons because i don't even think she knows where here is--kaitlyn
i wonder if she's going to rape him in the woods--cel about ashley i
so the muslim is like a freaking ----- apparently--shawn
what i thought
ashley i needs to GO
kelsey was a total grouch
kaitlyn is starting to grow on me
we still have no idea who samantha is
date #2...something about princess
what i saw
bling. lots and lots of bling
she tried on some pretty dresses and ended up dressing like a bird
what i heard/said
did she like that dress because it has a train--cel
like disney paid them to get the inspiration--shawn about cinderella inspiration
why was he practicing the waltz? he's just doing the deacon shuffle
now he's not dancing. he's not a good multi-tasker, he's a farmer--cel about chris when the movie came on and he couldn't keep dancing
what i thought
they both seem a little too reserved to make this work/it's maybe too late in the season for her
date #3...let's get dirty
nikki, jillian, whitney, carly, britt, becca
what i saw
jillian looks so awkward in a wedding dress+she's wearing the worst shoes
what i heard/said
how can he even lift her?--cel about chris picking up jillian
cody junior--cel
what i thought
why is jillian even on this date? she's obviously going to win
jillian should look up cody code. they seem like a good fit
i don't drink, but if i did i wouldn't get drunk on a one on one date on national television
rose ceremony/cocktail party
what i saw
ashley i is in the her same cinderella dress
what i heard/said
if we don't know who it is, and she has brown hair it's nikki--cel after i said who's that for the 10th time
i am continually so embarrassed for ashley i--me her poor family--cel
what i thought
talking about other girls is a huge waste of time. we all know that. have these girls ever seen this show? we like britt a lot, but she was dumb
word tally (i did even worse this week or maybe they just weren't said)
journey...0(is this for real?)
future wife...2
who's still here...kaitlyn, jade, whitney, carly, megan, samantha, mackenzie, kelsey, becca, ashley i, britt
what i predict..
final four-kaitlyn, becca, britt, whitney
ashley i will continue to be psycho until she gets sent home which hopefully is soon. ps it's not because she's a virgin, it's because she's a freak.
girls keep acting like they've never seen this show
what did you think of this week?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

wear it wednesday on tuesday...conference attire

due to a scheduling conflict, blogging the bach is moving. it will mostly be on wednesdays. so instead of bach talk today we have fashion talk.

i love love love getting together with other bloggers. it's one of my most favorite things about blogging. sometimes the pressure of what to wear stresses me right out. it's bad enough trying to figure out what to wear to meet ups, but dressing for conferences and other events gives me anxiety. you want to look cute but maybe not too cute. you want to be the right temperature. comfort is generally out for me.

until last week i didn't have any set plans for blog conferences this year, and all of a sudden i'm going to build your blog next month and elevate in may. i'm already worrying about what to wear.

urban outfitters sweater, old navy chambray, gap jeans, fergie boots, nordstrom bag

this outfit seems pretty perfect especially for a conference in the utah winter. it's cute but not too dressed up. it's actually relatively comfortable. layers are always a good idea, and the bag is big enough to hold everything i need.

speaking of build your blog, i would love for you to join me. use code BYBcon25 to save $25 on your registration.

i'm normally a fashion over function believer, but this outfit does both. what about you? what would you wear to a blog conference in the winter?
***i received a ticket to build your blog for writing this post. all opinions are my own.

Monday, January 26, 2015


i'm pretty open about most things (in real life and here on the blog). i talk about almost everything, but i don't talk much at all about dating or the lack of dating. there's no good reason why. i just don't.

i went to dinner with some friends last week, and the subject of online dating came up yet again. i don't do online dating. i never have. this post could go on and on forever, but here are the main reasons why...
1. i don't want to have to. i don't want to be single and dealing with this anymore. i don't want to have to weed through all the crazies with the hope of finding a decent one or two. i just don't want to deal with it which is all completely crazy because i really do have to deal with it.
2. i'm way too insecure
i'm not getting any younger, and i'm not meeting anyone in any other area of my life. my friend has jokingly offered to set up and manage an online account for me. am i crazy for considering it? my february focus is on love so I just might let her. or i just might chicken out.

i'm also not a very creative dater. i am perfectly happy with simple dinner+movie dates. although i'm not generally a big movie watcher, i won't protest cuddling up on the couch for a movie. i like to go out, but i don't mind staying in either. what do you prefer?

To help you plan a successful date night at home and to continue celebrating launch month on A Prioritized Marriage, I have teamed up with the lovely ladies below to give away a fun Date Night In Package including (1) $15 Redbox Gift Card, $40 in Paypal Cash (for your date night meal), and (1) Battle of the Sexes board game to one lucky winner!
Lauren - Lot 48 // Aubrey - Dreaming About Someday // Charlene - From Bisons to Buckeyes
Rebecca - Rebecca Chapman // Amy - The Charming // Lindsay - The Newlywed Notebook Amberly - A Prioritized Marriage
This giveaway will run from 12:00 am EST on January 26, 2015 until 11:59 pm EST on January 31, 2015. All entries will be verified, so please be honest when entering. The winner will be notified by e-mail on February 2, 2015 and have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is selected. Good luck!


Friday, January 23, 2015

foodie friday...restaurants

i like to cook. i really do, but lately i don't seem to do it very often. i am never home, and eating out is such a social thing. i spend the majority of the time away from home which also means i don't eat here a lot.
even though i like to cook, and i like food, i am certainly not a foodie. i'm kind of boring when it comes to food. i have no problem eating at chain restaurants ordering the same things i always order. sometimes it's nice to try new places and new things.
tuesday night i met up with brooke and ashley at masa. the food is organic mexican and delicious. it helped that the owner came and chatted with us a few times and brought 2 free appetizers. we had a fun night chatting about blogging, dating, the bachelor, and more. if you're local, get yourself to masa immediately!

i also met up with former co-worker ali this week at wild zucchini grill. the food is amazing and it was so fun catching up.

the standard thing to do with friends is go to dinner. it's so fun, but i'm always looking for new ideas. let me know if you have any.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

perks of being a blogger...

i started blogging back when everyone had family blogs. it was (and still is) a fun way to document my life. i live far away from family and many friends so it's also a fun way for them to see what i'm doing. when i started blogging, i had no idea i would find so many other perks of blogging. 
blogger event at the awful waffle

i feel so lucky to live in utah where the blogger network is huge. blogger events happen regularly, and it is easy to connect and socialize with other bloggers. it's really fun to interact with other bloggers in person, but it is also really fun to interact with other bloggers online/though social media. some of my very best friendships are because of blogging.
scrapbook page from 2003. no, we weren't matchy matchy on purpose

i stopped scrapbooking years ago, but i still want to document my life. one of the biggest perks of being a lifestyle blogger is the majority of my life is on my blog/instagram. i recently ordered volume 12 of chat books of my instagram pictures. most of my year is documented and printed in cute little books. 
agnes and dora outfit from slumber soiree
i would be 100% lying if i said i don't care about the free stuff or getting paid. who doesn't like free stuff especially cool free stuff?!? i have an occasional post sponsored through product or payment, but it isn't as often as some people think. 
when instagram started killing the family blog, i knew i wanted to keep blogging. i didn't really know why exactly. i just knew i liked it. i still really like it a lot especially now that i've discovered some of the extra perks that come along with it.

are you a blogger? why do you blog?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

wear it on black

i love color, but gloomy winter days often call for black on black+a little leopard.

 it was in the 20 degrees when we took these pics. i tried not to look cold, but it didn't really work. i was freezing!

photos by rachel sayumi
jelly pop shoes, gap outlet jeans, old navy top, gap sweater, h&m bag, michael kors watch, alex&ani bracelets

i have a hard time going complete black on black. adding a fun scarf, a shirt with a small print (like small polka dots), purse, and fun accessories livens up the look.

what's your winter go to?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

blogging the bach 19.3...the week of awkward

i am so tempted to read the spoilers this season. i'm not going to, but i'm really tempted. maybe it's because this season is surprising me a little.
who's watching: celsey, husband shawn completely skipped out this week, sister in law amanda, roommate alexis and friend doom

we start out the week with the amazing jar, and i'm worried my word tally is ruined.

date #1 kaitlyn-join an exclusive club
what i saw...
does chris have tobacco in his mouth? does anyone know if he chews? i'm grossed out if he does.
kissing in costco-was that their first kiss?
what i heard...
she's too famous for costco now. she's been on the bachelor for 3 weeks folks, 3 weeks--cel
lots of giggling in costco
who the h--- needs helicopters when we have costco--chris
you had to be there amanda--doom after she said something smarty pants
what i thought...
i love jimmy kimmel. he's hilar, but he's making this super awkward

date #2 britt, jillian, becca, tracy, mackenzie, samantha, ashley s, juelia, amber, kelsey, nikki, animals
what i saw...
jillian doing crossfit (i did crossfit for a few years and loved it so i feel justified making fun of it)
mackenzie with the biggest open horse mouth attempting to be cute or something but it was BAD
finally a little air time for becca
what i heard...
ashley has her game face on. the crazy is about to come out--cel
you guys have to put that in slow mo because that's the most epic move i've ever seen--britt about jillian (what's up with those two?)
kissing carly was nice--chris (nice makes me nervous for her)
there's a fair amount of kissing going on here. that's the point--chris
i would do it now. get her attention--doom about amber's super low potential nip slip dress
what i thought...
poor mackenzie. bless her heart. she needs to go.
ashley s was completely norm. we're all shocked,

date #3 whining
what i saw...
what i heard...
actually it probably isn't because i have extensions in--doom after chris said he ate whitney's hair
you know something's not really fun when you have to say over and over how fun it is--alexis
i think this is staged--doom about the wedding crashing
i don't think you get mad if people crash your wedding if they bring a gift--cel
they both sound like they are miserable not really interested in each other--amanda
if fleas had voices, that's what i would picture--alexis about whitney's voice
doom made some funny comments about the fantasy suite that can't be repeated on the blog
what i thought...
there's no way the wedding was completely crashed-cameras and permission etc. whitney prob shouldn't be planning their engagement quite yet
cocktail party/pool party/rose ceremony
what i saw...
jade's awful swimsuit
more and more and more kissing
what i heard...
i was so excited to do my kardashian look--ashley i when they find out it's a pool party not a cocktail party (it's prob for the best)
what a buzzkill--doom about juelia who decides taking chris out of a pool full of hot chicks is a good time to tell about her husband--doom
i don't mean to judge her--amanda but you're going to?--doom
we're sorry about your husband.and your headband--cel about juelia
i'm calling her jasmine from now on--cel about ashley i
they went in a group to get one on one time--alexis
what i thought...
ashley i/jasmine and mackenzie really need to go. i don't know how much more of them i can handle

word tally-i kind of failed on this
farm/farmer...forgot to count...oops
future wife/husband...5
who is still here
kaitlyn, becca, whitney, jade, samantha, juelia, mackenzie, kelsey, britt, megan, carly, ashley s, nikki, jillian, ashley i

should have done the nip slip--doom about amber not getting a rose
i told alexis she wasn't as funny this week. her response "sorry nothing to say. this week was so stupid and weird"
what i predict
it seems like next week is going to be crazy-probably not as crazy as the previews show.
kaitlyn will be around for a while. i kind of wish she would go, but i don't think she will.
i need another week before i can pick hometowns

this week was pretty awkward for me. let's hear it. what did you think of this week?

Monday, January 19, 2015

weekend recap

sometimes my weekdays/nights are so packed that by the time the weekend comes, i don't feel like having a ton of plans. this weekend was pretty low key, and i'm not mad.
after work on friday i ran some errands. 
i came home and worked on churchy things and tried to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
saturday morning my group attempted to go run in the canyon above the nasty utah inversion air, but the roads were way too slick. we ended up running lower, and the air seemed to be pretty clear
my running friend heidi and i went to lunch to celebrate my birthday, i totally failed at taking any picures
i spent the afternoon setting up a printer and working on more churchy things.
i celebrated my birthday that evening with my roommates. we couldn't decide where to go to dinner so we ended up driving 30 minutes away for a hot dog and cookie. we all get a long really well, but it's very rare that all 4 of us go out together. it was such a fun night.i think my birthday celebrations are officially over now.

i got a silhouette for christmas and attempted to get it set up. i am obviously doing something wrong because i couldn't get it to work. i need help!
the best thing about the weekend is it's not over yet. happy martin luther king day!
how was your weekend?

Friday, January 16, 2015

friday faves...mostly from my phone

some of my favorites from the past little while that never got posted anywhere
i had to take fruit to a meeting earlier this week. fruit bouquets are my fave. 
a possible outfit for wwyd this week. love love love this sweatshirt from olive the things, but the whole outfit just didn't work out. it was so bad i didn't even take full body pictures.
i might have a scarf problem
i'm in serious love with this thing. go get one NOW!
one of my fave things about blogging is connecting with other bloggers. mariel wrote this post about discovering the excitement of family history.
what are some of your faves lately?


Thursday, January 15, 2015

book review...for the right reasons

we all know i'm obsessed with the bachelor. don't ask me why that's the one show i choose to watch, but it is. i always say i can only be committed to one show at a time, and it's the bachelor. i tried a season with grey's anatomy a couple of years ago, but i just couldn't keep up with both.
when i say obsessed, i'm not kidding. i have to read all the articles, watch all the interviews, and follow them on social media. when i got the chance to preview sean lowe's book, for the right reasons, before it came out, i immediately said yes.
for the right reasons is exactly what you want it to be-a behind the scenes look at the bachelor and bachelorette. i love sean and catherine. i have watched almost every interview they have done and read every article. i even watched his season of dancing with the stars because he was on. i wondered if there would be anything in the book i didn't already know. if you followed sean's story from the beginning, there is stuff in the book you already know, but he lets us in on plenty of extra secrets (like when he broke the rules). it's an easy entertaining read. for someone like me that loves the show, it's the perfect book.

religion is really important to me, but i don't always have the easiest time sharing it. something i really love about the book is his devotion to Jesus. he very openly shares his faith, and i really love that. this environment, fame, etc could cause many people to blow off their beliefs, but he doesn't. my very favorite part of the book is the very end. sean says "don't save your integrity for the big moments. practice it at all times so you actually have some when the big moments come." i'm pretty sure that's why i'm so obsessed with them.

for the right reasons comes out later this month, but you can pre-order. when you do, you get some extra gifts including a Q&A from sean and catherine and a thank you video. so, what are you waiting for?!? order today.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

what would you do...16.0

it's the second wednesday of the month which means kimberly and i are back for another round of 
this is how it works...we pick a theme for the month, write a post, link up. you can even link up an old post if you want. for january we want to know...
with basic black leggings/yoga pants?

wear them as pants (with a long enough shirt of course)

old navy blouse|urban outfitters sweater|HUE leggings|alex and ani bracelets|nordstrom bag
photo credit  bonnie

leggings are my go to in the winter. i know some people don't like them, but they are so comfy and look cute with the right combinations.

your turn..
with basic black leggings?
link up or posts and/or comment below

join us next month for 
with a date night?