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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Beauty Time Tuesday-empties

I haven’t been very good at posting empties lately but I do have photos. This is a bit of a photo dump of empties for the past several months.  I have a goal to use up what I have before buying more so hopefully I will continue to have more empties. 

Vasanti exfoliator-love. I originally got this in a fabfitfun box and bought it again. 
System professional step 3 deep conditioner-Steps 1 and 2 are below. This smells really good and works well. 
Grown Alchemist exfoliator-I loves the smell. The product was ok. 

Bath and Body works body cream-love
Human kind lotion-not as hydrating as I usually need 
Not your mothers dry shampoo-good less expensive product 
Living proof dry shampoo-love
Essie gel setter-holy grail top coat. It dries so quickly and keeps nails looking great. 
Bare mineral lashtopia mascara-good clean mascara. It was a bit messy but I really liked it. 
Urban decay naked concealer-I don’t think I had the right color. I liked the consistency and coverage.  

Bath and body works lotion, shower gel, hand soap-love
Skin Medica HA5-love
System professional shampoo-I likes this whole system. 
Unite detangler-love. I haven’t replaced this yet and I miss it. 
Lancôme 24 hour foundation-favorite foundation
Exfoliating foot mask-I didn’t notice much from using this 
Hello body coco fresh face wash-not my fave 
Benefit roller lash-good mascara 
Mary Kay lash lengthening-I’ve been using this daily for years 
Clinique chubby lash-one of my faves 
Jane erydel -did not love
MAYBELLINE -good bit ran out quickly 
Victoria’s Secret roller ball-love 
SOL Janeira body cream-This came in my fabfitfun box. It was good. 

Cinema secrets brush cleaner-must buy
Bath and body works body cream and soap-love
Lancôme under eye cream-very smooth and lightweight 
Amika conditioner -love the smell 
Bausch and Lomb Lumify-the best. My eyes feel so good. 
Tula face wash-just ok
Big sexy hair dry shampoo and conditioner -love
System professional step 2 conditioner -liked the system 

Thanksgiving 2019

My plans for Thanksgiving were totally up in the air until the last minute. I thought about going down to St. George. I thought about running the thankful 13. I thought about staying home and doing nothing. 

It snowed quite a bit so we had to brave some weather. ReNae and I got out for a few miles. We were happy we decided not to run the race this year. We had a good time and enjoyed the beauty of the snow. 

The Bodily’s invited me to celebrate the day with them. I am so thankful to have a family of friends that includes me and treats me like family. It was a lovely meal and a great day. 

I’m not big into Black Friday shopping. The crowds are crazy and the lines aren’t worth it. I decided to see how it was. It wasn’t crowded at all and it was kind of fun to walk around. I wasn’t look for anything specific so I wasn’t pressured to get there super early or wait in crazy lines. 

The snow was really beautiful that weekend. It is always hard to be away from family especially on holidays, but when I stop and think about all the blessings I have I am very thankful. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Toddler Construction Party

Celsey planned the cutest construction party for Rem’s 3rd birthday. She decided to have the party during their weekly playgroup which ended up being such a great idea. The theme was so cute and carried out throughout the whole party. The kids had fun, and the party was a hit. 

Cutest and easiest cake 

Tractor rice krispy treats 

Simple toddler snacks 


Goodie bags 

Plates, napkins, and shovel spoons 

Building blocks 

Ring toss


Construction worker Rem 

The party was so cute!

BearLaked at the A Frame

Sarah found the cutest a frame house in Heber and invited us all to do a winter retreat. We left home where the weather was ok and got up there to a lot of snow. We swam at the crater, ate lots of yummy foods, played games, and generally had such a great time. 

Baby Eliot loved the crater 

Bonnie’s car got stuck in the snow so we pushed her out in our coats and swimsuits. Most everyone else was in boots but I was not. 

Yummy dinners

And delicious brunch 
At the house 

Late night games 

Kendra rolled around in the snow after losing a game

It was the cutest little house and we had so much fun.