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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dental Probiotics

Most of us have heard of probiotics. These healthy bacteria’s and yeasts are very important for our gut health and our immune system. You can find them in various fermented foods and drinks including yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and organic kombucha. Alternatively, you can buy many supplements to help you get your intake of probiotics. 

I have been taking probiotics for years so I was really excited to learn about dental probiotics. I didn’t even know there is such a thing. Dental probiotics support our natural immune defenses, good breath, and gum health. They also help fight plaque build up. I am so particular about my teeth and oral health. I brush and floss every single day. I am nightmare level scared about my teeth so I will so anything I can to protect them. I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out about their newest product, dental probiotics. They are so simple to use. I brush and floss like I normally do each night and then take one of the tablets. The flavor is really good, and I feel good knowing I am taking good care of my teeth.

If you want to try the probiotics or anything else from smile brilliant, use code aubreyzaruba20 for 20% off. 

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Love is Blind 2.8-end

I missed watching with the group last week. I didn’t get around to watching the episodes I missed until today right before we met to watch. I already knew that Nick and Danielle ended up getting married. I am ready to see what happens with the rest of the season. 

I am very interested in the editing this season. I knew before I started watching that Nick and Danielle got married and are still together. I have watched their social media and I have seen Danielle talking about the edit. They definitely gave her the crazy girl edit. It makes me sad that they edited the show to make things look different than they really are or how the people involved perceived them to be. 

I watched the episodes from last week when I was meal prepping and doing other things so I didn’t super focus on it. There are definitely some couples that I am worried about. 

The final episode starts with the cliffhanger from the previous episode. We left off with Nick and Danielle at the altar. It seemed like maybe they weren’t going to say yes and then they did. Why Nick chose a gray suit in that hot Chicago weather we will never know. 

Shake and Deepti have seemed doomed since they left the pods. Their wedding was beautiful. It was the perfect set up except for all the things Shake said about Deepti. Things were great in the pods, and once they were out of the pods, things were not so great. She said no and he could not believe it. I never really believed that he would say yes, but it seemed like he thought they would. She left and he made things so uncomfortable. 

Mallory and Sal are really cute. They both love each other and talk about how much they love each other. They say and do nice things for each other, but they don’t really seem to be in love. I really like think they could work, but it is not a surprise that Sal says he needs more time. I wish they had more time and weren’t forced to be at the altar. 

Natalie and Shayne are a mess. They seemed like a mess to me the whole time. Some of my friends here really liked them together and thought they would work out. I never thought they would. They said they love each other and they are each other’s best friends, but they also didn’t really seem like a great fit. 

Iyanna and Jarrett are the cutest. They have been pretty solid the whole time. They are both so happy and no one was surprised that they both said yes. 

The show ends and since we waited so long to watch the reunion is already here. From the start the reunion is just as or more dramatic than the whole season. The reunion is pretty uncomfortable. I want Nick and Vanessa to take more control. There are so many heated feelings and really Shake is at the heart of most of it. I love this show. It is really fun to watch. I am also kind of glad it’s over, and I am sure I will be excited when there is another season.  

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Monday, May 2, 2022

Love is Blind 2.2-7

I started watching a while ago, and then took a big long pause. We finally got our schedule figured out, and now we are on our way with watching. We made a deal that we watch on schedule and if you miss, you watch on your own. I watched the last few episodes by myself, and now I back with the group for episodes 6 and 7.
After episode 1 I had no idea they would start meeting each other. I feel like we barely got to see their time in the pods. After we get to the end and find out who does and doesn’t stay together I think I am going to wish that we knew more.
The couple see each other and go to Mexico so quickly. Mexico is so crazy. There were so many times that I just wanted to hide because I was embarrassed for the things people said and did. Several of them are talking to the camera acting like there is no way that this can work. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. At this point it doesn’t really seem like any of the couples are going to be the success stories of last season. 
Now they are meeting the parents, families, and friends. So far most of the families are not really that supportive. It is very interesting that a few of them didn’t tell their families about this experiment. Most of the families were not even nice about it. Natalie and Jarrett’s dads were the nicest ones by far. They are willing to give give their kids a chance and seem supportive. The episode ended with a cliffhanger where Natalie’s parents are about to meet Shayne. We obviously had to watch at least that part. 
I can’t wait to see who stays together and who doesn’t and how it all works out. The editing is so interesting to me. I will have more thoughts once the season ends. 

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