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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.7

who's watching-Celsey and I have been watching on Tuesday nights after I teach my class at work. That ended last week so I luckily I didn't have to work late. I did have to move a bunch of stuff tonight and borrowed Shawn to help me. We came up to their awesome playroom to watch and clean up a little.

We start where last night left off-Leo being a mean girl dude to Kendall. Joe comes in and saves her and she realizes she just wants to focus on her relationship with Joe. Benoit talks to Jenna and she cries hysterically. Jordan is furious and lets Benoit know. 5 seconds later Benoit was in the hammock with Chelsea talking about passion.

Kevin creates a date for Astrid and they seem to have recovered from last night. They're pretty cute together, and despite what Annaliese says about being the strong couple with Kamil, Atrid and Kevin seem to be the resident strong couple. 

Eric and Angela get the date card. Their date continues to include a lot of excessive amounts of food. They seem pretty solidly into each other.

Chris plans a yoga session with Krystal and apparently they are back on.

John kisses Kendall. She immediately thinks about Joe and regrets kissing John (and everyone else on the beach). They establish themselves as a couple. The cocktail party starts. There are a few random toasts, and then Leo attacks Joe-first verbally and then physically. It's ridiculous.

The rest of the cocktail party is a mini episode of Chelsea as the bachelorette. She doesn't know what to do even though she has all the power. All the couples give their roses first. They say some pretty cute things, and then it's Chelsea's turn. We thought it was going to be Benoit, but she surprised us and gave it to John. Benoit is so sad.

Olivia arrives. We have no idea who she is. She talks to everyone and finds most people coupled up. She takes John on her date because he is the only real option. They crash some random girl's quincenera and have no idea what is going on. Things seem to be going well, and they have a good time.

Cassandra comes and there are basically no options for dudes to take on the date. Even though Eric and Angela decided they are all in, he woke up and changed his mind. Angela says everything is fine which is code for i hate you. He goes on the date with Cassandra, and the previews for next week look crazy.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.6

who's watching-Celsey, Alicia, Megan, and me-The boys are upstairs with the kids playing Shawn's new VR video games. It's kind of perfect. I take back what I said. About 20 minutes in, the boys brought all the kids back down and acted like their lives were over.

After a recap of last week, Jordan sees Jenna making out with Benoit and is not happy. Jordan's self destruction is pretty entertaining. Krystal and Chris are kind of a lot, and then in walks Connor. Krystal seems intrigued. She's been wanting to meet Connor since way before paradise. They talk. He wants to take her on the date. She says she would probably think about Chris the whole time so she probably shouldn't go. Krystal talks to Chris. Chris tells his buddies he's all in with Krystal right as she is telling Connor she will go with him. Am I the only one having a hard time following this storyline?!

Krystal and Connor go on their date and things don't seem as transparent as she said. She is definitely not thinking about Chris. Back at the house Jordan is sick of Benoit. He talks to Jenna. They makeout. She is supposed to talk to Benoit. She makes out with him instead. Jordan has a chat with Benoit. Things are about to get out of control. Kenny tells Annaliese he has to go because he can't miss his daughter's dance recital-so tender, but why did he come? She really just needs to go find David. Krystal and Connor come back from their date. She tells Chris they should talk tomorrow.

Jubilee leaves. Annaliese is a crying mess. Kamil walks in, and she is suddenly not crying anymore. He talks to a few girls and decides to take Annaliese. She seems to be over her fear of demolition driving from Arie's season. She thinks they are now one of the strongest couples on the show.

Kevin feels like Astrid needs to go on dates with other guys to appreciate him more. She is so confused and so are we. They talk more and seem to have it worked out, but they are both crying.a lot. Jordan and Jenna talk again. She tells Benoit she is moving on back to Jordan.

Kendall is trying to figure out what to do. Kevin tells her Leo kissed Chelsea. Kendall confronts Leo. He is obsessed with trying to figure out who told. Kevin admits it was him, and Leo is still mad and heated. Kendall tries to have a reasonable conversation with him, and he is not nice. The show ends, and tomorrow looks so good. 

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.5

I love bachelor shows basically as much as anyone, but 2 nights each week is kind of a lot. 
Who's watching: Celsey, Shawn, and I have been watching Tuesday nights

Everyone is still out of sorts from Jordan's freak out last night. Jenna is over him and doesn't want to see or talk to anyone. Kendall and Joe talk about how well things are going, and then in walks Leo. We have seen the previews of Leo and Kendall and I'm already sad. Leo comes in and talks to lots of girls trying to figure out who to take on his date. He picks Kendall-the only one of the bunch coupled up. 

Their date starts and some former bach people act out the worst romance drama ever. We are so confused as to what is even happening. Kendall and Joe finish out the photo shoot for Jorge's romance novel and have a major makeout and kiss and kiss and kiss some more while Joe is back at the place moping around.They get back. Kendall is really happy. Joe is really sad. Leo wants to get caught in the rain with Chelsea. Jordan is actually pretty normal tonight.

Colton gets a date card and obviously takes Tia. Raven and Adam show up on the date. Colton is apparently really good at musical chairs. Tia is so happy with Colton until Raven expresses all of her concerns. Tia talks to Colton. He calls her his girlfriend, and they make it official.

Benoit comes and Kevin tells him most everyone is open. He talks to Krystal who is basically dressed like aunt jemaima and Jenna who is ready to ditch Jordan. Jenna and Benoit go on a date. We're not really into their date. They get back and Jordan is waiting for them with the biggest I'm sorry ever in the sand. They go talk while Benoit looks out at them. This is the most normal we have ever seen Jordan in his whole life. 

The previews legit look crazy.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Blogging the paradise 5.4

It's episode 4, and I just realized it is season 5 not 4. Oopsie! We spent a lot of time over the weekend analyzing paradise so I am so excited to watch.
who's watching-Celsey and Shawn, Amanda, Alicia

This week starts with Tia confronting Chris about his skeeziness. He is full of excuses and Tia isn't buying any of it. Krystal comes up and things are the most awkward ever. Tia is not longer interested in Chris to which he says he is no longer interested either. Krystal think the path is clear for her until he says he needs a drink instead of spending time with her.  Things are a mess and Chris is at the center of it.

In the middle of all the mess, Tia thinks she still has feelings for Colton. She wants to let him know how she feels and probably would but Jaqueline comes in. She is kind of ready to ask Colton, but he isn't really ready/open to focus on her. Tia and Colton talk, and nothing is resolved. Colton isn't sure if he should stay. Tia wants him to stay but doesn't know how to tell him. What if she says "hey Colton I really want us to both be here tomorrow"??

Annaliese is still trying desperately to find someone. For a hot minute she thinks it might be Kenny, but he and Jaqueline kind of hit it off on their date. They come back and Annaliese pounces on Kenny. He is hot so he takes his shirt off. She rambles on and on. She really just needs to go find Chicken until they start kissing. 

Everyone is trying to figure out how to get a rose. All the couples are coupled up and everyone else is doing who knows what. Bibiana isn't really making any connections with anyone so she's match making for Colton and Tia, and she makes a great point. Colton figures his crap out and chooses Tia. As annoyed as I have been with both of them, I am so happy. They are actually pretty cute. 

It's the 11th hour, and these girls have to work it with these dudes. Jordan is in true form with the craziest of of crazy outfits. John is a hot commodity. Kenny is the player of the day. Who even knows who is getting his rose?! Annaliese still needs to go find David except he is too busy giving Jenna a giant dog for her birthday present. Jordan is not impressed and throws it into the ocean. Jordan is losing his mind. He starts out pretty funny and quickly escalates. Jordan (in a robotic voice) apologizes for being awful. 

Rose ceremony
Jordan-Jenna accepts the rose
Kenny-Annaliese We are so surprised. I am sad Bibiana is leaving.

My overall thoughts for tonight..Tia and Colton are really cute, and I am so happy they are together. Joe and Kendall are the cutest, and I'm kind of mad at the previews. Jordan has lost his mind. David is a dweeb, and we're all sad Bibiana is leaving.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Beauty Time Tuesday-July Empties 

We’re basically half way through August, and I’m finally getting around to posting my July empties which consists of intuition razors, makeup, lotion, and hair. 

Glo eyelash primer-just ok

Bare minerals concealer-not my fave

Clinique chubby lash and lash lengthening-love

Intuition razors-must have

Tarte Amazonian clay blush in paaarty-love love

Bath and Body works body cream-mint leaf and bergamot is the best scent ever 

Matrix color obsessed shampoo-it was fine. I’m ready for something new. 

Amika texture spray-love love love. Best smell ever. 

My hair is on the fritz and I think I need some new products. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 13, 2018

blogging the paradise 4.2

Celsey and I tried to watch week 1 last week, but we had some DVR issues. We ended up catching up on our own and chatting on marco polo while we both watched. 

who's watching-Alicia, Amanda, me (We're at Alicia's tonight with a small crowd). We started watching and realized we missed the first 15 minutes. I checked in with Candace, and she said we mostly missed the goose gang attack on Colton.

We started watching. Kenny and Krystal were on a date. They tried to make it seem so spontaneous, but it was obviously so planned. They had fun on their date, and it seems like Krystal doesn't even remember about Kevin.

Jordan sets up a date on the beach with Annaliese. She wants to be engaged at the end of this, and doesn't want to hear what David has to say about Jordan. Jordan says he is keeping her here even though the girls have the roses this week.

It's time for the pre rose ceremony. Nick tries again with Chelsea. He is either high, drunk, or dumb as rocks. She isn't buying it, and I have no idea who is getting her rose. Kendall spends time with (they are so cute together) and then John (where did that come from?). Tia talks to Colton. He can't commit so Chris moves in attempting to swoop in and get her rose.

Rose ceremony-It's the first rose ceremony and the girls have the roses.
Did Wills really  get sent home? He was such a hot topic on the bachelorette. I don't know if I ever saw him talking to a girl the whole time he was there. Bibiana pulls one out of left field and keeps Colton.

Chris H comes in and says there is a surprise..and then we see Becca walk down the stairs. What is the point of this? Colton is not loving this. I kind of feel bad for the dude. Bringing Becca on is just sad. Colton is clearly over Becca, and bringing her back does nothing to help that. This isn't good tv. This is just sad. Being there with Tia isn't helpful either. He obviously isn't interested or ready for a relationship with her. The episode ends right as Becca is about to talk to Colton...

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

blogging the bach 14.11..finale and after the final rose

Tonight is the finale..finally. I have really liked this season, but at this point I am ready for it to be over.

who's watching-Alicia, Amanda, Celsey, Krista and Parker

meet the fam #1-Garrett opens up to her family. The tears are pretty adorable. We see a little more from Garrett than we have seen in the past. Everyone loves him.

meet the fam #2-Blake shows up and everyone loves him too. She tears up talking to her sister. Her family asks him what will happen if he isn't the one and it freaks him out. He feels like there's  something different with Becca and convinces himself she is picking Garrett.

Becca talks to all of her family and then her mom. She is really torn about what to do.

final date #1-Garrett gets the boat date. They start out talking about his visit with her family and got distracted by the dolphins. They get out and swim at the equator. This is my favorite day of Garrett. He finally came out of his shell and showed us what Becca has probably seen the whole time. He tells Becca he wants to take care of her and loves her so much. They talk about her dad. She cries a little. He cries a little. I've been team Blake this whole time, but suddenly I really likes Garrett.

final date #2-Blake got his emotions in check over the last 36 hours and is ready to focus on them. They ride bikes and go swimming. Blake challenges Becca and himself to be in the moment and not in their own heads. They have a really good day. She goes to his place. He gives her a time capsule. He is so in love and is ready for tomorrow.

Both guys wake up ready to get engaged. They meet with Neil Lane and have the most amazing rings to choose from. It's proposal time. They show both guys riding up in their boats, and then Blake gets out first. We all know what that means. He says what he wants to say and thankfully Becca does not let him propose. He is understandably so confused. Watching Blake process this all and cry and cry and cry is the saddest thing ever. Chris H talks to Blake right after he watched it back for the first time. Becca comes out to talk to Blake (before the show actually ends-is that normal?) Blake is very mature and says he wants Becca to be happy, and he isn't afraid to fall in love again. 

We watched all of Blake and then took a break for some final baby shower prep for Lacey. I was so sad watching Blake that I'm having a hard time shifting my emotions for Garrett. As soon as he started talking I was really happy for them. They get engaged and live happily ever after and get a mini van as a gift from Chris H.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

one little word-August goals

In 2018 I want to fill my life with things and people I LOVE and let things go that I do not love. I want to show more LOVE to others and accept more LOVE. I want my life to be full of LOVE.

I took the month of June to re-focus on my word of the year and goals I have for the rest of the year.

*attend temple 12 times✔
*send birthday and other cards monthly✔
*nightly gratitude journal✔ kind of.
*love my body by continuing health and fitness goals-July was a pretty good month. I am definitely a little too liberal with my treat days.
*monthly savings/budget goal to be more accountable for my spending and save more-I did ok, but I need to fully commit to this again,

*Monday-Saturday alpha workout challenge-different word each day to coordinate with exercises✔ kind of-I did it very faithfully Monday-Friday
*daily body love-I started out strong and totally forgot to keep going
*daily self love prompts-✔
*commit to spending budget-see above

*clean eating
*put down phone by 10:00 so I can get to bed
*weekly extra workout goals
*commit to spending budget

How is 2018 going for you? I am determined to make the rest of 2018 the best it can be.