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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

blogging the bach 12.what episode is this?

is anyone else having a hard time getting into this season? i don't exactly know what the deal is, but i am struggling. i really like jojo, and there are some decent guys. i still am not totally sure who is who and what is going on.
we're at megan's for monday night tradish this week. ever since she moved into her new house, we've been so excited to come see her house plus she's a really good cook.

who's watching: megan, remington, celsey and shawn, amanda, lacey, and some other dude

i guess we're in argentina-who knew?!? like i said i'm lost.

wells-besame besame muchacho
what i saw
what is in his pocket?
the weirdest side kiss
jojo picks up the rose, and we all know he's going home
jojo goes to the concert, performance, whatever it is all by herself-more awkwardness
what i heard
if i ever went on the bachelor, i'm hiring a trainer--celsey
i've decided they all look the same. they are all identical--lacey
and i'm a kissing coach--rem about fabio
they're all just sitting around drinking red wine. in fancy chairs--megan in the middle of the day--rem
note to self-don't wear a dark shirt when you're going to be sweating your a off--cel
sounds like wells likes to friendzone himself--lacey
what i thought
there was so much build up to that kiss.
jojo says she's not feeling it. i'm not feeling it either.

robby, jordan, luke, james, alex-living la vida boca
what i saw
dude drama
what i heard
like she really knows--paul
is he wearing mom pregnancy jeans?--paul
their litle matching leather jackets. they can have matching leather babies--meg
he's for sure coming to the fantasy suite--amanda about luke
don't they know everytime you talk about someone else you go home?--paul
you can do a lot with curly hair. he needs to do something to not make it look like pubic hair--meg
know where you fit on the totem pole--meg
you put boys in a house long enough...--meg
it's a duct tape flower--meg about the flower on robby's jacket
alex is loving this because he likes the drama--amanda
if it's a whatever then why did you even bring it up??--paul
jordan has plenty of fame in his life. he probs doesn't need the bachelorette--amanda
what i thought
why is james wasting his time talking about jordan?
it is never a good idea to throw someone under the bus.ever

derek and chase-it takes two
what i saw
derek was so confident all day which usually means he's going home
some chick singing don't cry for me argentina as derek sobs in the limo
what i heard
don't like that outfit choice. it looks like he just got home from church and took his tie off--meg
she makes me want to have a boob job--amanda
everyone she takes on the dancing date is horrible--meg
he's thinking let's go in a broom closet and boink this out--amanda
what i thought
derek talks about passion and jojo says thank you for that. not a good sign,
chase was about to be a goner, but he saved himself at the last second

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
it seems like we are going down to 4, but at the last minute she kept them both
what i heard
he's annoying because he's little--rem
i'm sorry i'm judging him--meg
he looks like he's wearing a bump it--meg
what i thought
we're all so mad she kept those last 2

who's left-robby, jordan, chase, luke, alex, james

i'm giving up on the word tally this season. i might pick it up on the last few episodes, but for now i'm taking a break from it.

what did you think about this week?

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

weekend happs...escape to park city

sometimes it's just good to get away. life is crazy and busy, and it's fun to escape for the weekend. i love taking bigger trips and really getting away, but it's also really nice to go 30 minutes away and still feel gone.
we went up to park city for the weekend late friday afternoon. by the time we all got up there, we decided to just stay in for the night. we went to the store for some food and takeout and spent the rest of the night relaxing and hanging out at the hotel.

i got up early saturday morning to meet my running group. everyone thought i was crazy for getting up so early, but i have a marathon to get ready for. it was a beautiful morning, and even though i was completely exhausted, it was worth getting up.
we spent a few hours at the pool. the weather was perfect and absolutely beautiful. i definitely could have stayed out there all day.
we planned to do a little shopping before dinner. we all started getting ready and ended up taking forever and ever getting ready. i just have to say, we are a bunch of beautiful babes-can i say that???
we went to dinner at a restaurant on main street in park city suggested by the hotel. we didn't end up loving it as much as we hoped. after dinner we went back to the hotel for more relaxing.
we all slept super late sunday morning. after only a few hours of sleep the night before, i really needed that. by the time we got up, it was time to pack up and head out. we went to brunch on main street before leaving. 

this quick weekend escape was exactly what i needed. it's so great to get away from responsibilities sometimes. how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

foodie friday-chicken tacos

do you need an easy, quick, healthy dinner? i've got you covered. 
make chicken tacos (shredded chicken+taco seasoning)
add one can of black beans
add 2 cups cooked rice
stir together and simmer for 15 minutes on low. 

serve with lettuce, guacamole, crushed chips, salsa. squeeze with fresh lime. 

this is a definite go to for me. 
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

wear it wednesday...blingy bling

a little bit of bling can go a long way. i have been so excited to share this necklace. it is so cute and adds so much to the outfit. i got it from happiness boutique-online boutique. i got it so fast i after i ordered it and i'm been dying to wear it ever since.

they have a lot of great pieces of jewelry, and i am impressed so far. exact necklace can be found here. use code aubreyzaruba for 10% off your order through July 12.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

blogging the bach 12.something

this season of the bachelorette is so weird for me. 2 episodes in one week and then a week off plus i feel like i have missed so much this season already. i have pretty much missed half of the show so far. i texted a friend that i am so lost. her response "she likes jordan. she's trying to send chad home, but he is still around for some unknown reason. that's literally all that's happened all season."
monday night tradish is on hold this week due to work and concerts and sickness,etc. 
who's watching-michelle, becky, brie, jessi

chad comes back
what i saw
i don't know what was happening, but all of a sudden chad was back. i'm immediately nervous
cake smashing??? what did i miss when i turned my head for 3 seconds?
what i heard
we have to pay attention for one split second--michelle
what i thought
i keep reading that people like chad. who are these people? he really is the literal worst.

rose ceremony
what i saw
i turned around and saw someone (who knows who) with paper. is someone reading a poem?
what i heard
oh shoot. we're supposed to be watching this--becky
i bet it will go to a commercial--brie when the music got really dramatic
what i thought
i still have no idea who anyone is. by this point i should have some clue what is going on and who is doing it, but i am currently lost

jordan-let's seal the deal
what i saw
dudes back at the house trying to create drama. is it just me or are these guys more dramatic than other seasons?
so basically the dudes see an article about jojo's ex chad. they get upset. she gets upset. there's a lot of crying and everyone is there for the right reasons.
what i heard
basically nothing. no one had anything to say.
what i thought
has he really not had a one on one yet?
jojo really likes jordan. it seems early in the season for us to know who she really really likes so i have my doubts about him.

i can't stand to be away from you-luke, derek, chase, evan, james, vinny, grant, wells, and probably someone else
what i saw
dudes at a spa. is this real?
rolling down the sand-i answered the phone for 2 minutes and missed the entire day date
everyone is kissing jojo and talking serious talk
what i heard
people were talking but not about anything really
what i thought
i like the guys, and i like jojo. i am not really into this season. i'm not really sure why.

love is within our reach--robby
what i saw
robby and jojo probably have a good date. brie was doing some henna on my foot and i pretty much missed the whole thing. i saw the end when robby said he's there for the right reasons and gets the rose. he's falling in love like everyone else there.
what i heard
please fall off-brie as they are about to jump off the cliff
what i thought
we're really starting to like robby

pre-cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
i thought i was seeing the cocktail party until chris harrison comes in and says there isn't a cocktail party. clearly i am still not paying attention.
things seem pretty intense
what i heard
all these guys are hot--becky
what i thought
i am struggling to get into this season. i am kind of lost about what is going on, and i have no clue who anyone is. is it because chad had taken over the whole season so far? is it because i have missed half of what is going on? whatever it is, it's a struggle

who's still here-derek, jordan, robby, luke, chase, alex, james, wells

how's the season going for you? i mostly feel like i have a lot of questions.
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Monday, June 20, 2016

random raw unfiltered real messy life

i like to think my life is pretty put together. sometimes it is and sometimes it just isn't. what is about life in general and especially social media that makes us feel like everything has to be perfect?!?
i have been doing a daily photo for several years. i generally try to make the prompt fit whatever i am doing that day. i try to shove all the stuff out of the way,  take decent photos, edit them to look as good as possible, and unintentionally make my life look like i have it all together.

the prompt yesterday was "no filter". i'm pretty sure the prompt was talking about not filtering a photo before posting it, but it made me think a little deeper-about life. it's not very often we see a very raw picture on social media anywhere. everything is filtered and edited to present a certain image. i posted the above picture as my photo-a picture of laundry everywhere, a strand of pearls that broke all over my floor, shoes that need to be put away, bags for the recycle bin, a humidifier that i should start using again, art that never got hung up when i moved a year ago, carpet that desperately needs to be vacuumed, etc.

an unfiltered look at my life quickly shows that i am so not doing it all. i do really well at some things, and other things i am no where close. i don't have it all together by any means. sometimes it feels good to just let people know that things aren't always what they seem. 

please tell me i'm not the only one that feels this way...
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Friday, June 17, 2016

he or she..what will it be???

before amberly was even expecting baby #2 she started talking to me about a gender reveal party. they decided on a piñata, and I was so excited to make it for them. 

i started with a pre made present piñata. it was fine, but i wanted something a little cuter. 
after I stuffed the piñata to reveal the gender, i wrapped it like a present and tied a bow-very simple way to make it much cuter. if you do this make sure to cut slits to hang the piñata.

it's a girl!

piñatas are quickly becoming my fave gender reveal. 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

what would you do...upcycling

i love to throw things away. if i don't need it anymore, i don't want it. i am no minimalist by any means, but i hate keeping stuff i won't ever use. 

working with kids has kind of turned me into a hoarder of containers. i spend a large part of my work day helping kids learn how to put things in and out. so many containers are so great for that type of play so i store and then upcycle them.

this month for what would you do we want to know...what would you upcycle?
this is one of my favorite toys and such an easy upcycling project
supplies-formula can, juice lids from juice concentrate or canning lids, stickers, exacto knife
1. remove labels from formula can
2. cut slit in the lid of the can with exacto knife
3. put stickers on juice/canning lids
so quick and so easy. kids learn to put the lids in the can. they also learn the names of the objects on the stickers. it really is one of my favorite toys.

do you like to upcycle? what are some of your favorite upcycled projects? 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

beauty time tuesday...major makeup shopping

a couple of months ago i signed up for an online pilot makeup course with michelle money. the course was originally planned for one week, but it ended up extending a few weeks longer. in addition to learning a lot of great things about makeup, i also made some great friends.
last week i met up with some of the local girls from the makeup course for makeup shopping and dinner. i have worn makeup as long as i can remember. i feel like i have a pretty good handle on makeup, but it is always fun to try some new products. i stocked up on a few faves as well as got a few new things to try.
batiste dry shampoo|MAC expensive pink eye shadow|NYX butter gloss-cherry custard and addis abbaba|sun bum chapstick|bare minerals foundation|real lash mascara sample|urban decay naked skin sample|buxom pallet-cashmere craving, champagne buzz, mink magnet, invite only, gimme gorgeous, star treatment

we shopped at ulta, sephora, and nordstrom and ended the night with dinner at cheesecake factory. 
we had such a fun night shopping and eating and chatting. who knew a week long makeup course would end with such good friends.

michelle is starting another makeup course june 27. the course teaches so much about makeup and so much more. more info can be found on her website. i highly suggest checking it out. while we're talking about makeup, what is your number 1 must have?

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Monday, June 13, 2016

memorial weekend happs

my life has been a little bit all over the place lately. i can't seem to get on top of things, and i am running myself ragged. memorial weekend was exactly what i needed-the perfect escape from all responsibilities. packing is about my least favorite part of travel, but a quick weekend getaway is a little more manageable than bigger trips.

sage, michelle, stefanie, and i left early friday afternoon and went to st. george for the weekend. we listened to all kinds of old school music and pretty much sang the whole way down. it was one of the most fun drives of my whole life.
we got into town and met michelle and stefanie's mom, sister, and aunt at tj maxx for some quick shopping before heading to applebees to appetizer dinner. we ordered basically one of everything. we had so much food.
stef and i got up early on saturday and went to a big long walk before heading to breakfast and then the pool. we spent basically all day in the hot sun at the pool. it was perfect.

after the pool we went to mesquite to play bingo. mostly we just laughed a lot and had a fun time.

we went to kayenta for brunch and spent more time at the pool and relaxing at the house. it was the most perfect weekend, and we all wanted to stay there instead of coming back to reality.

how was your memorial weekend? any exciting happs?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

wear it wednesday...styling a t shirt 3

now that it's summer i pretty much want to wear a white v neck t-shirt every single day. i have at least 3 or 4 of them. do you think people would notice if i wore a different white v neck every day?!?

it's one of my faves because it's so easy to dress it up or dress it down. adding a denim jacket is the perfect way to dress it up just a little.

old navy jacket|walmart white v neck|walmart skirt|old navy flip flops

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