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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Haps

I'm suddenly abbreviating every word possible. Haps=Happenings. Monday nights are usually reserved for Monday tradish (tradition) with churchy friend Celsey which includes dinner and the Bach (Bachelorette). She got sick today and couldn't make it. Instead of sitting on my lazy booty for 2 hours I hit he gym instead. Nothing can take the place of Monday night tradish and I would rather watch with someone else. Watching while on the treadmill was the next best thing. At least I got in a good run today.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Youth Conference

i spent the weekend with 10 teenagers for our church youth conference. i have honestly been dreading it just a little, but everything worked out so well. the kids were generally well behaved and had a great time. it was a lot of work, but well worth it.

i always freak out about not having enough food so i tend to buy a lot. we did have some food left, but it really wasn't way too much. for some crazy reason i thought i could prep it all myself, but luckily i ended up having a couple helpers.

we spent friday boating at yuba lake. couldn't ask for a better day. the water was like glass almost all day, and the weather was perfect.

by the end of the night saturday, we were all so happy to have everything cleaned up and all kids returned safely home. what a fun/exhausting weekend

this was the sunset on the way home from the lake. perfect ending to a pretty great day.

we definitely worked hard and played hard this weekend. the kids all had a great time, developed friendships with each other, and hopefully learned a thing or two...success.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Is it ok to recap a weekend when you're practically half way into the next week??? Well, I'm going to.

i finally used the pass of all passes and went to 7 peaks. i already feel like i got my money's worth out of that thing, but i am determined to go some more.

chelsea and fam were in town. i spent nearly every second possible with them. i tried teaching karson to say my name. it resulted in him saying dog sounds.

finally made a few itty bitty baby skirts. find out more on my other blog.

i also went to a wedding reception and hit 7.5 miles on my garmin (some of that might have been walking)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

dinner happenings

I went to dinner with a couple friends at Cafe Shambala in the avenues the other night. All of a sudden I saw a line of 10 ish people and thought it was ROTC or something. It ended up being the police. I was so distracted at dinner trying to figure out what in the world was happening. We never did find out. After 2 hours of standing around talking, they all piled in a minivan and left. So weird!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Photos

here are my may photos. these posts are taking forever to format so maybe i'll go back to posting a little more often.
1; peace. friend jenilee posted this

2: skyline

3: something i wore

4: fun. crafting with Bonny is fun

5: bird. wall art

6: you. don't feel like myself without painted nails

7: someone that inspires me. founders of kids on the move

8: smell i adore. I Love Love

9: something i do everyday. get ready

10: favorite word. kid words are my favorite

11: kitchen. right in the middle of shower prep/cakeing fail

12: happy. thousands of people uniting for a cause

13: mom. plus the girls

14: grass

15: love. i might be crazy, but i love hot weather

16: what i'm reading. maxi dress tutorial

17: snack. early morning flight snack

18: something i made. baby gifts

19: favorite place

20:something i can't live without

21: where i stand. tennis court. finally back

22: pink

23: technology

24: something new. manual labor

25: unusual. leaving work early

26: 12:00. roommate Suzie's wedding

27: sweet. easily my new fave

28: weather today

29: a number. 2 by 2:00. please help

30: personality. sometimes my work takes personality tests and hangs it on the wall

31:something beautiful

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