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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Q. What do you do when your 2 best friends at work leave the place for new adventures?!?!


Over the years Anne and I have done some pretty good things when people have left Kids on the Move so the pressure was on for Anne and Lindsey's good bye party. I hope I met the expectations.

sadly Lindsey had to miss the party due to not feeling well so we had another little celebration on her last day

yes we're standing on the desk, but that's the only way to reach
anne's decorated desk
putting stuff in green jello is kind of a joke so I put some school supplies in jello for anne

anne gave me some "presents" to keep up all the jokes around the office

Anne has always been my partner in crime at work. We amuse ourselves by doing funny things around the office especially during stressful times. She's headed to Arizona to become a SLP. I'm going to miss lots of things but especially all the funny things we do, "meetings" in the puppy room, and Friday lunches.

I don't have many pictures with Lindsey. She is moving to Texas for her husband to go to med school. We have been teaching together for the past 2 years. I'm going to miss her so much.

our first Friday lunch 2 years ago was at the Purple Turtle so we went there for anne's last lunch and had a great turnout. so much fun!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Unblogged Bloggables

Where does the time go? Life keeps happening before I get the chance to blog about it.

Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia
I had a work training in Maryland right after my Vegas trip. I flew straight from Vegas to DC. I didn't actually spend any time in the city. My training was at the Bolger center in Maryland. I found out on my last day that it used to be a monastery which explains why I felt so secluded and maybe even a little trapped. The training went everyday from about 8am-10pm so I didn't do anything else for those 5 days. The place was actually really pretty, but I was so happy when my old roommate, Amanda, and husband, Jared, came to pick me up. I spent a couple days with them. We had so much fun catching up on old times and even got a little shopping in.

sorry about this picture. i didn't take any so it's off their website. i also didn't take any pictures with amanda and jared so i found one on facebook.

Fun with Marrieds
We got together in June at Sarah and Ted's house. I LOVE that we still see each other all the time and keep in touch with weekly emails to each other...sometimes on Fridays and sometimes a few days after Friday. There's some talk about a possible reunion next summer, and I really hope it happens. I love these girls. Their husbands are pretty cool too.

michelle, andrew, nettie, shan, baby jonah, jed and kim, kaden, drew, fun having all the little kids and babies around

Once upon a time I had a friend named Ben. Ben married Kate, and Kate had lots of fun friends (that mostly lived in Ogden at the time). Eventually those friends mostly moved to Salt Lake and became my friends. I love it! Laurann had a BBQ at her house on Friday. This little group is also starting to add husbands, wives, and babies, and it's so much fun. I love getting together with friends.

laurann has the perfect backyard. we had a delicious dinner followed by s'mores in the firepit. such a fun night. we all agreed we need to do it more often.

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July...Vegas

The 4th of July kind of snuck up on me this year. I have been so busy with work and am still in chaos at home so I never even got out any holiday decorations. I knew I would be in Vegas so I didn't really even think much about the holiday this year.

I went down to Vegas because I had work off and it was Karson's blessing. Jeff's family came for the weekend too.

Karson's blessing was the real reason we all went down. Karlee thinks she's funny by being a little pain taking pictures. This was the cutest even though her finger is in her mouth.

the cute kids

this was last trip, but Karlee usually loves water

but she was scared at the splash park and spent the whole time right next to Jeff

Grandma V got all the cousins patriotic shirts. Karlee loved playing with her cousins.

We did a few fireworks in the street. Karlee liked most of them but got scared by the green balls. She was still talking about them a few days later. She doesn't forget anything. We drove just outside their neighborhood and had a pretty good view of fireworks from different places. The best part was no crowds and we were home in less than 5 minutes. We went to play tennis on a whim and loved it. I think we have a future tennis star on our hands.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Future Tennis Star

it really doesn't get much cuter than this. i just wish i got a video of her running around the court chasing the balls.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Smashed Cars

Brother Gunn is an avid demolition derby participant. Some peeps (including his wife and family) got a group together last weekend to go to the West Jordan demolition derby. They are incredibly more exciting when you know someone participating. We were completely entertained and had so much fun. We usually hit one or two a year, but I think we might go to a few more this summer. Davis county anyone?!?

Sister Gunn made mathing shirts for everyone.
most of the group with Brother Gunn in front of the car after his 2nd place finish
rodeo royalty along with a few dudes that hopped the fence. so funny,
one of heats getting ready to start
eventually flipped all the way on his side.