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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pioneer day

from 17 miracles facebook page

i don't post about churchy things very often. i have no idea why because i'm a pretty churchy person. i saw this picture on facebook today and really got me thinking about churchy things. today is july 24/pioneer day. to most people in utah (religious of not) it means a day off. to utah and other mormons it's so much more. i have the day off, but had to login to an online class for a couple of hours. due to re-organization in leadership at church on sunday we didn't even talk about the pioneers. this year i really haven't thought much about it at all. this picture really struck me. today isn't just a day off work, a fireworks show, or a rodeo. today is the day we celebrate people who came before and did something there is no way on earth i could ever survive. people left their homes, families, and entire lives in the name of following God. just when i start to think i may not survive a crazy busy week, i am brought back to reality. i have food to eat, a place to sleep, clothes to wear, a job to support myself, and so much more. i live in a place where i have freedom to worship however i choose. i am blessed, not only for what i have but for the legacy of faithful people that paved the way for me to have all that i have.

read more about the pioneers here and what exactly we're celebrating today

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

july part 1

i was not kidding when i said i wasn't waiting a whole month again. here's the first half of #photoadayjuly

1: self-portrait. leftover pic from #monthofhairaccessories

2: BUSY cleaning out my closet

3: best part of the day. sunbeams on my morning run

4: fun. painting little kid nails on the grass
someone please tell me why this picture won't center

5: on the floor. sewing projects in process

6: chair

7: garden. once upon a time i had a goal to grow something and now it's just a bunch of weeds

8: lunch

9: found this BIG tv on the floor at my work

10: favorite color

11: letter. one of best gifts ever

12: texture. one of the perks of working at people's houses

13: open. DVD burned = end of workday

14: building. camera shopping

15: fingers 

Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend things

Besides the usual Saturday things...running, cleaning, grocery shopping and a few extras...fabric shopping, babysitting, I spent most of the weekend glued to the computer watching the crossfit games. I've seen a lot of sports, but this is competition like none other. The things they have to do are insane. I miss it and really want to go back.

Hacks Pack Ute won the whole team competition. I felt like a proud mom or something

Friday, July 13, 2012

after hours

there has been some after hours work fun this week. i totally failed on the picture taking.

co-worker michelle is getting married in one week. a few of us went to dinner on wednesday to celebrate. we've all been so busy lately so we haven't had as much time to chat. we had a ton of fun sitting around chatting. she got a couple fun gifts too.

former co-worker anne is in town from arizona. other former co-worker brianna and i met her at cheesecake factory for dessert. it's been a while since i've been there. it was delicious as ever. we talked and talked and talked. brianna is kind of my neighbor so i see her pretty regularly, but it made me realize how much i miss anne and how much i miss working with these two.

such a fun week of catch ups and celebration

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hair help

remember rachel from ben's season of the bach??? i was obsessed with her bangs. they were so cute i decided i needed them. i'm blaming her and co-worker mikael for the disaster that is the current bang grow out.

rachel and co-worker mikael have amazing bangs. i got lots of compliments on mine, but summer is the worst time for bangs. i am outside way too much to deal with bangs so i'm growing them out. i got that part mostly under control. the part i need help with is the color. it's super hard to see in the picture, but i went with a pretty subtle melt last time. i was a little nervous but ended up liking it a lot. since then i have been in the sun...a lot. my color right now is so blah. so.. i need some help. i have a hair appointment on monday. the bangs are for sure in full grow out mode. i don't want to cut the length. i'm way too lazy for short hair. so...color it is. what should i do?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

my week at home

my ipad sleeve that i'm pretty much in love with

I had the week off this week and pretended to be a stay at home. I...

went to 7 peaks...a few times
went shopping with a stay at home mom
cleaned out my closet
caught up with a few friends
ran a lot of errands
ran sugarhouse park with running group
finally learned a little about PhotoShop
shopped for a new camera (canon vs nikon...thoughts?)
made a giant birthday cake
celebrated the 4th in p town
sewed an iPad sleeve
and a few other randoms

I love my job. I really do, but sometimes I really just want to be a stay at home something. I mean seriously...I would be good at it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

june photos

after posting all of the may photos in one post, i planned to split june up a little. time totally got away from me, and here i am screaming as i try to format one month's worth of pictures. i'm not kidding this time. i am breaking up the july post. someone please remind me.

1: morning

2: pool day completely EMPTY of sun

3: on my plate

4: close up

5: sign. great way to start the day

6: hat

7: drink with tibetan dinner

8: 6 o'clock...somewhere. finishing my maxi dress

9: view today

10: best bit of the weekend. fam in town

11: door

12: from low angle

13: art

14: time. bright and early

15: yellow. when was the last time you saw a water weanie?

16: after spending the weekend OUT AND ABOUT with 10 teens, everything is cleaned up and everyone survived

17: in my bag. basically anything you need

18: something you don't know about me. beautiful sky makes me want to paint

19: imperfect. naked nails

20: one of my FAVE PHOTOs ever taken

21: where i slept

22: FROM A HIGH mileage ANGLE

23: movement. these cute little feet kicking and hands waving almost killed me

24: on my mind. churchy things

25: something cute

26: where i shop (this picture refuses to center...ugh!)

27: bathroom

28: on the shelf. southern roots=monogram

29: soft. toes in the grass (also won't center)
30: love this FRIEND picture from the nyc marathon (this formatting business is killing me)