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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

beauty time Tuesday-new products including Fab Fit Fun box

There is a subscription box for almost everything these days. As fun as they all seem, I have avoided most of them. I don't use a lot of sample size products so those don't appeal to me as much. I have seen so many people over the years talk about the FabFitFun box. I saw so so so many people talking about and promoting the summer box. When I found out a little more about what was in the box, I caved and ordered it. I was so excited for it to come and even more excited when it actually got here. I love everything in the box. The total worth of the box was close to $100. Since it was my first box I only paid $39.99 so it was well worth it. 

I loved the summer box so much that the fall box was an easy decision. Again the products in the box are worth over $300. The best thing is they are full sized products so it really is worth it. I am so excited about everything I got. I have only used a couple of things and so far I love it all. 

If you've been wanting to try it, you can use my code refqf-o2o7ja to get $10 off your first box.
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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Marco Polo comes to Utah

A little over a year and a half ago, Becky started a Marco Polo group of her friends. She wanted all of her friends to be friends with each other. I had no idea what Marco Polo was, and I also had no idea how to make time for another social media app. Well, I found out it's not really social media, and I have plenty of time driving around all day. Marco Polo has become my favorite way to connect with friends and family so when I got the chance to connect with the creator and a couple of employees I was super excited. They planned the most amazing event a while ago in Provo. They invited some really fun people, had delicious food, and gave everyone a chance to talk about the app and ways to share it with others.

They had the cutest decor complete with giant balloons, huge beach balls, and other balloons.

with Megan, Vlada, and Jessica from Marco Polo

with blogger friends

the early evening lighting was a bit intense, but that photo backdrop was everything

the food was incredible

swag bags from generous sponsors

If you're not using Marco Polo, I suggest you check it out immediately.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Random August Happs 

August came and went and I am trying to play catch up.

Amanda came into town and some of us randomly ended up at Michelle's one night. It was late and I wasn't planning to stay or even go, but it ended up being so much fun I just couldn't leave.

dinner at The Cheesecake Factory because Michelle and Amanda were in town.

Angie and Symoni played a round of who wore it worst in Anthropologie and I'm still laughing about it.

I met Lisa and Jackie for lunch while Lisa was still in town.

Robyn came to SLC for a convention and I got lucky enough to see her

the Friday lunch tradition continues

Trudy very suddenly passed away and several of us attended her funeral

We celebrated Shawn's birthday at Dave and Busters

The monday night gang crashed Air Design's summer party

Friday, September 14, 2018

How to Decrease your Utility Bill

*this is a sponsored article

Do you ever feel like you're spending way too much on utilities? The way the weather changes here in Utah we often go from AC to heat in the same day and sometimes back and forth a few times. We don't seem to have much of a break so I am definitely paying attention to these tips. 

Steps to Cut Your Utility Bill in Half
by Alek Sabin

When you add up your monthly expenses, does you utility bill take you by surprise? Once you tack it onto your mortgage, car payment, and Netflix, your utilities can add up to quite the hit in the pocketbook. Worst of all, the amount of money you spend on electricity, gas, and water probably varies considerably, month-by-month, depending on the season. This is because you are using more on certain months (more electricity when it’s hot or more gas when it’s cold), and also because gas and electric companies actually change their rates pretty regularly (because who’s going to stop them?)

However, it’s also somewhat good news that your utility bill is such a variable, because it means there are lots of ways that you can lower it on your own. If you’re looking to save a little bit more money, and are looking at your budget wondering how to do so, then an extra bundle of cash cut out of your utilities is going to be pretty nice. Here are some steps to cut your utility bill in half…

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Modern homes typically have modern thermostats that can be programmed to make your climate control system much more efficient. Even if you live in an older home, a smart thermostat is well-worth the cost. A programmable thermostat enables you to set specific temperatures for certain times of day, and to have the system work to bring the temperature up or down at variable amounts, depending on how hot or cold it is outside.

In addition, using your thermostat to only heat or cool your home when you are actually there, or only when you are awake, means that you will be using far less gas and electricity throughout the day. By simply being smart about what times your home is being heated and cooled, you can shave a tenth of your monthly energy bill.

Plan for a Cool Home

Running the air conditioner all summer is a quick way to make your electric bill skyrocket. In addition to using that programmable thermostat, there are many other ways to make your home cooler, without having to use as much electricity. Oftentimes, this just takes a little bit of forethought and planning. Sometimes, this is long-term planning, such as growing trees in practical spots that will shade your home, over time. Other times, this requires short-term planning, such as opening your windows early in the morning to let the cold air run through your home. For more ideas, here is a nifty article about some different ways to keep your home cool during the summer.

Insulation Is Crucial

Few things are adding up on your utility bill like the costs of heating and cooling your home. Indeed, that’s almost certainly the largest portion of your utility payments, by far. In order to combat these mounting expenses, you need to spend some money upfront on making sure that your home is properly insulated. This means that you’re spending less energy to get your home to the particular temperature that you want. There are a wide variety of ways to do this, but the most important way is to insulate your walls and attic. You can affordably do this by using recycled insulation materials, which also are much better for the environment, in addition to be a financially smart decision for your home.

Don’t Forget Your Vehicle!

The fuel you put in your car counts as a utility cost, as well. Because of that, when calculating your utility costs every month, you need to consider how much gas you are using in your vehicle. When you do this, you can strategize ways to spend less on that gas, such as using your car less, using loyalty deals to get lower prices on gasoline, and getting a more fuel efficient car. We often think of our home’s as an investment, but we should also think of our car more in that way, so that we can get the most of our money.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

blogging the bach...5.10

This has been one of my favorite seasons of paradise, but it's coming to an end.
who's watching-Celsey and I have been watching on Tuesday nights.

They waste no time getting right to the end of this which I guess is actually a really good thing.

Annaliese is ready to get engaged and keeps talking about it. She talks first and goes on and on, and the look on Kamil's face says he isn't going to propose. He tells her he loves her but isn't proposing. They leave together but not engaged. 

Jordan and Jenna have both been all in for a long time. She was super freaked out going into the final moments. He calmed her down. She expressed her feelings. He expressed his, and they got engaged.

Chris and Krystal seemed to be on the same love page. He acts like he has doubts, but I think it was just a weird edit. He loves her. She loves him. They get engaged and facetime his family. 

That's a wrap on the show. 3 couples leave engaged or happy.

At the reunion show we find out..
John and Olivia didn't make it because he's been facetiming Chelsea.
Colton and Tia are finally on the same page and happy to be friends.
Astrid and Kevin talk things out in the hot seat and say they both still love each other and want to be together.
Kendall went to Chicago after Paradise. She and Joe talked, spent time together in Chicago and LA, and Chris Harrison offered him a spot on Dancing with the Stars in LA
Kamil is the worst and breaks up with Annaliese on the show. It is kind of the worst.
Jenna and Jordan are still engaged and planning a wedding next summer and ask Chris to officiate.
Chris and Krystal are emotionally in love and planning to move in together.
The bloopers are just ok and paradise is over for another season,

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Monday, September 10, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.9

It's the last week of this show. Even though I really really love this season, I am kind of ready for it to end. 2 night of the bach is fun, but it is also a lot.
who's watching-the whole crew is here tonight

All the couples seem to be doing well. A date card arrives for American Jordan who is camera ready obviously. Jenna is nervous..about everything. They take engagement photos and then change into wedding clothes. They jump into the ocean and have a great date. Everything seems great-maybe a little too great.

Robby comes super late and finds out everyone is pretty wifed up. He asks Shushana on the date, and she is excited to go. Everyone is talking about her being a witch and him being a cheater. Meanwhile she tells him she trusts him 100%. 

Joe and Kendall talk/joke about the future and things turn awkward. They don't show a resolution and move to the pre-rose ceremony. Most of the couples are making out and fine. Diggy and John both try all their tricks to get Olivia to give her rose. Rem walks in the room and says "woah he's back" about Robby. Robby and Shu talk and are happy with each other. Joe and Kendall talk and things are bad. They aren't on the same page and Joe leaves. Kendall had no idea all the things Joe feels about her even though we all knew. She leaves and is hysterical in the limo. Almost everything about the rose ceremony is predictable except Olivia's rose goes to John.

It's the final day in paradise. It's time to get serious. Olivia and John leave together. Jordan and Cassandra leave but not together. Robby and Shu didn't have enough time and leave-not really together but not not together. Kamil and Annaliese are going to the fantasy suite. Chris and Krystal and Jenna and Jordan are going in the fantasy suite. Astrid and Kevin are a mess. Kevin has a breakdown and they both leave. I am kind of mad at the show at this point. If there was a little less pressure, the normal couples might still be together. Tomorrow looks dramatic and I can't wait.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Beauty Time Thursday-August empties

I emptied some of my favorite in August. I love almost all of these products and will buy again or already have.

big sexy hair-spray and play hairspray-I'm really loving a little bit of lighter hold these days
big sexy hair root pump plus-LOVE. must have when I wash my hair
dry bar dry shampoo-LOVE-this smells amazing and is one of my fave higher price point dry shampoos
bath and body works body cream-this scent is amazing and i want more
laura mercier translucent powder-LOVE LOVE
bath and body works lotion and foaming soap-LOVE
benefit dew the hoola-I love this product, but I haven't replaced it. I might not need it as much since my face has summer color. I will probably need it when my tan is gone.
Essie wife goes on-LOVE this color. It's the perfect pink red color
too faced better than sex mascara-not my fave
urban decay primer potion-LOVE LOVE LOVE-I have to have this every day
intuition razor-must have

Most of these products are tried and true products. Has anyone tried anything new lately that I should try?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.8

We already know tonight is 3 hours. 3 hours is a long time for any show. I love the bachelor and all the spin off shows, but that is a lot to ask plus 2 hours tomorrow. Celsey and I settle in for all the hours.

We start with the Eric/Angela/Cassandra drama/date. I really could not care less about their storyline. They spent so much time talking about it. The show started with them and came back to it. Eric is being a little sleazy acting like Angela is crazy to Cassandra and trying to console Angela at the same time. I am kind of done with all of them.

Tia and Colton make me so sad. First I didn't really like them then I kind of love them, and now I am so sad it didn't work out. Colton realizes he can't give Tia what she really deserves so he tells her. They both cry..a lot and then go home. It is really sad. 

All the couples are freaking out after Tia and Colton. Kevin and Astrid are falling in love. They seem the most likely to be together after this thing. More girls come in and the ratio is bad especially with all the couples. John is on a date AGAIN. Kamil goes too. Annaliese freaks out..again even though Kamil tells her not to. 

I stopped blogging for a minute and started working on a project, and then all of a sudden Ashley and Jared come in. Ever since they announced they are together, I have been obsessed with them. I have been waiting for this all season. It was the cutest. 

Kevin is sweet and tells Ashley congratulations and then freaks out a little. He gets a datecard and he Astrid get the heck outta there. They love each other and have a great night.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Annaliese is a mess. Kamil comes back from his date and is happy to be back. She thinks they are perfect for each other and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Really girl? He just went on a date with another girl today. I don't know about you, but I do not want to be proposed to by a guy that went on a date with another girl that day. 

It's pre rose ceremony time. John is the player of the night. There are way too many girls left. Jordan from New Zealand arrives and all the girls plead their case for staying. Celsey and I are chatting for a minute and all of a sudden Chelsea is holding hands with Kamil and talking to each other. It doesn't work and she goes home. All the regulars give out their roses. Eric picks Cassandra. Jordan picks Shushana and John picks Olivia.

That was a freaking long episode. 3 hours is way too long.

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