Wednesday, August 16, 2017

beauty time Thursday-July empties

We're already halfway through August and I'm just getting to the empties post for July. I didn't empty very many things last month in comparison to some other months. 
Bath and Body Works body lotion-I mix up the fragrances, but this is always my go to lotion 
Witch Hazel-one of the best lipsense tips I heard was to use witch hazel on my lips before applying the lipsense. It really does work so well. 
Hempz lotion-smells so good and feels great
Dove spray deodorant-I converted to spray a few years ago and it's great. It's less of a mess. Dove is one of my faves. I have another brand now and I don't really care for it. 
Benefit Dew the Hoola-tinted primer/bronzer-this is one of my favorite makeup products. You'll think it's gone long before it really is. Take the pump out and use the handle of a makeup brush to get out excess product. It lasted another month this way. 
Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap in black cherry merlot-best soap, best scent 
Intuition razor refill-the only way I'll shave my legs ever. 
Most of these are staple products. I'll be back next week with some new products I've been trying lately. 


hydroflask vs fifty fifty

i am 100% obsessed with water bottles. i can never have too many. i love them! all of them! i especially love my hydroflask. i was a little anti for a minute until Sage bought me one for my birthday. i became even more obsessed when i got the insert for my car cup holder. it keeps my water cold in my hot car all day long. i pretty much thought it was the best thing ever...
....until i heard about the fifty fifty company. I don't even know if this is true, but i heard there was a divorce and a new company and different pricing for similar products. I haven't been able to verify anything other than the different pricing for similar products.

I am a brand snob and usually go for brand names on most things, but when i heard there was a possibility that I could get a water bottle like my hydroflask for less money i had to try it out.

I found the fifty fifty bottle at Harmons.on sale. I love the color, and I really can't tell a difference between that and hydroflask. They work the same. Everything seems to be the same except the price. I still love my hydroflask but I really really love my fifty fifty bottle. 
Speaking of being a snob..I'm a total water snob. I want it either bottled or filtered. I really try to avoid drinking out of the tap. I keep a Brita pitcher in my fridge at home and now I have one to keep at work. The Brita stream is perfect. The water filters as you pour so it's freshly filtered every time. No more sitting and waiting for it to fill up and filter. I'm a big fan. 
*i received the Brita for testing purposes

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

blogging the paradise 4.1

does anyone know what season of paradise this is? we think 4 but maybe it's 5. i'm sure i could look it up, but i'm afraid of what else i might see if i start googling things.

we see the intros and all decide dean and raven should get together.

it's a good thing they tell us what season they are from because we're having a hard time remembering several (or maybe most) of them.

demario arrives. chris harrison is surprised he is there, and demario is surprised he was invited. it basically seems like he is there to clear his name-ummm has he seen this show ever? problems seem to start with him 5 seconds in.

corrine comes and very clearly says she does not have a boyfriend. do we even address the corinne and demario situation or just pretend like it didn't happen?

people start talking about connections. how do you have a connection after only 3 seconds?

jorge leaves to pursue his dreams and wells comes to tend the bar.

kristina gets the first date card and everyone is jealous. everyone is back at the house looking for connections. people start pairing off and more dates and one on one time happens including jasmine and matt's drag bar date.

there's a 12 to 8 ratio of boys to girls. and the guys start scrambling to secure a rose. things seem to be going pretty well until everything haults. in true bachelor fashion-to be continued...

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend and other happs

The weekend got off to a little bit of an early start with the Sandy hot air balloon launch. I see people post about it every year, but this was my first time actually going. It really is a pretty cool thing. How does one get into hot air ballooning?

Friday evening we celebrated Stefanie's birthday at her fave, Fran's. We had our favorite server Russ and laughed and laughed and laughed. After dinner I went to the biggest, most expensive Parade of Homes Treehaven house. I run past the house all the time and had no idea it was a parade home.
Saturday was busy and full of fun. The day started as usual with a long marathon training run. We kind of combined 2 different runs together, and I really liked it a lot. The canyon was so pretty, and it was the perfect weather.
Jacque was in town for her baby shower on Saturday. She is one of those people that is so fun to be around. It was great catching up with her and a few other blog friends.
After the shower Celsey, Shawn, Amanda, and I saw a few more parade homes. We saw one of my favorite homes and had a fun afternoon. evenings and Saturdays seeing houses. Brenna joined us during the week. We spent a few This is one of our favorite yearly traditions. After seeing houses, we went back to their house and visited for a while and had dinner.

I had a long list of things to accomplish after church on Sunday including laundry, meal prep, and some cleaning. It was good to get things done and start the week off feeling accomplished. In the middle of my to do list on Sunday, I was chatting with some friends about needing a husband. Jen wrote this, and it's pretty much the best thing ever.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Foodie Friday-coco loco and Mexican corn

It's hot and unusually muggy here lately, and really all I want is ice and sometimes a cold drink. My cute friend Emily (@emiemiemi82 on instgram) was on Good Things Utah last month and made the most delicious summer drink. I wish I was sitting by the pool in Mexico sipping this delicious thing all the rest of the summer.
Frozen Coconut Limeade
5 cups ice
3/4 cup Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut or Coco Real Simply Squeeze bottle
6 tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate
3 tablespoons water
Blend until smooth. 3 batches uses the bottle of cream of coconut and frozen limeade
Speaking of sitting by the pool in Mexico, Mexican corn goes great with the coco loco drink.
Soak in water bath 30 minutes with husk on
Shake water off
Grill on medium heat for 15 min
Peel down husk leaving it on the end
Slather in mayo, Parmesan, and chili powder

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

wear it wednesday-a little heel goes a long way

i sit on the floor all day for work so i tend to dress more casual especially during the day. i also take my shoes off over and over all day so that keeps things casual too. i have plans with friends after work often, and i like to be a little less casual. one of the easiest ways to dress things up is to change into a heel or wedge shoe.

buckle shirt|articles of society jeans|old navy flip flops|steve madden wedges|alex and ani bracelets|mantra band bracelet|bip and bop bracelet

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

blogging the bach's finally the finale

this season has been a struggle to say the least, but now that it's finally the finale i'm a little more invested. i'm still happy it's ending and getting excited for paradise.

the cliffhangers this season are killing me. can someone who knows someone please tell the producers that this is the worst?!? maybe that's part of the reason i have a hard time being invested in the show lately. by the time we get to the next week, i don't remember what happened the week before.

the show starts with the rest of peter's overnight date. it just really doesn't seem like things are going to work out with peter. he isn't ready for this, but he might be ready to be the next bachelor.

next up is bryan's over night. things are definitely different. he is ready to propose, and she seems ready to say yes.

eric goes home and i'm not really surprised. i just didn't see it with them. they didn't seem to have much chemistry at all.

at this point we're basically fast forwarding through the whole thing. this season has been much more about the food and the social than anything else. we' re so confused about what's going on and had to rewind to try to figure it out.
"i love you rachel"
"i love you too"
major make out sesh and then goodbye. i love this show. i really do. two people love each other. one wants a proposal. one isn't ready. sounds like real life.

5 minutes later rachel and bryan are engaged! shawn wins the bracket again. the end!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

One little word-August

I know I say this all the time, but how is it already August? I have slowed down on some things this year and shifted my focus elsewhere which makes it feel like time should be moving slower. Time continues to fly and fly and fly. I probably should just accept the fact that time will continue to go at rapid speed.

via she's just smitten

my overall goal and theme for the year is EMBRACE even though my monthly goals don't always match that theme.

*nightly gratitude journal-better-i switched to using my commit 30 planner and it's working well
*do something that scares me/pushes me out of my comfort zone ✔
*attend temple 12 times-my temple experience for june was outside the temple. i need to make sure to make it in for ordinances this month-july ended up outside the temple too so in august i really really need to make sure to do ordinances
*monthly journal-i made a list of things to catch up on, but i still need to catch up
*csatt/fitness goals-✔

i really loved my june goals a lot. i am basically sticking with the same things
*continue June soda rules (no purchased soda with meals during the week unless it is a combo or the only one of the day)-i did not do well at all. insert excuses, but mostly i wanted ice lots and lots of ice.
*handlettering 2-3x/week-i don't even know if i did 2-3x all month. i don't even know what happened in july
*eat prepped food-much much better
*SLEEP-some improvement
*blog catch up-i have 2 posts i've been putting off. i really really want to get them done, but they are going to be hard to do.

i plan to continue most of my goals from july and also focus on a few other things.
*spending/shopping freeze-i obviously can't completely freeze spending, but i'm freezing all unnecessary spending. after a few days, it's good for me to pay better attention to how i spend my money.
*SLEEP-11:00 bedtime or earlier. there is always an excuse to stay up late, but i want to make it a priority this month and hopefully continue
*meditate/de-stress-work has been getting to me lately. i have made a lot of progress with managing stress in most areas of my life, but i have a hard time using those strategies with work. i want to find an app to use for some simple meditation.
*the kissmybrave girls started our own fitness challenge this month. we are all doing our own thing for workouts, but the main idea is supporting each other and being more accountable to each other to stick to our goals. after a few days, everyone is doing so well. and i'm so excited.

this year has been really great. i am happy with how things have been, and i am looking forward to the rest of the year. how is your year going?

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Easy bathroom updates

*this is a sponsored post by maykke

The Salt Lake county parade of homes is happening right now. It is one of my favorite annual traditions with Celsey and Shawn and their families. We love looking at all the homes and getting ideas of things we love and want to do someday. They are much closer to that someday than I am (as in they are building an amazing house right now). Even though I am no where near and may never be anywhere near building a house, the parade still gives me all kinds of fun ideas. One of the easiest and my most favorite places to start is the bathroom. A few small changes can make a world of difference.

Easy Bathroom Upgrades
Bringing your bathroom out of the past and into the present doesn't have to be overwhelming, expensive, or time consuming. Some small bathroom ideas can be completed over the course of a weekend, yet still provide a dynamic new look for your bathroom. Here are 5 helpful bathroom remodeling tips that can transform your bathroom from drab to fab.

Get Your Painting Clothes On
If nothing else, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into an old bathroom and is an easy task that can be done by almost anyone. Whether you're completely changing the color scheme of your bathroom, or freshening up old, worn-down paint, you won't find a much easier bathroom update that conveys as much change as a new coat of paint.

New Electrical Outlets and Light switches
Nothing screams "worn out" like old, builder-grade light switches, electrical outlets, and faceplates. As long as you have access to your fuse box or circuit breaker, these drab eyesores can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Like many other bathroom fixtures, electrical outlets, light switches, and faceplates come in a variety of styles, from brushed nickel, to designer woodwork. If you're repainting anyway, take this opportunity to replace these eyesores while the faceplates are off.

Pull the Plug on Your Old Tub
To really make a splash during your bathroom remodel, pull out your old, basic wall-mounted tub and replace it with a modern, sleek freestanding bathtub. For an added sense of elegance, consider a cast iron clawfoot tub to bring out the character in your newly remodeled bathroom.

Upcycle Your Vanity
Modern sinks, such as vessel sinks, are designed to allow you to bring your creative side out during a bathroom remodel. Rather than relying on a manufactured bathroom vanity, hit up local garage stores, flea markets, and thrift stores to find an old dresser or table that can be redecorated and repurposed as your chic new bathroom vanity. Not only will this unique centerpiece steal the show, but it will be a one-of-a-kind piece of bathroom furniture that truly shows off your creative ability and style.

Freshen Up Those Faucets
Installing new bathroom sink faucets is inexpensive and can be completed in just about an hour in many situations. A touch of brushed nickel, or an elegant oil rubbed bronze faucet may just be the finishing touch that you need to tie together your new bathroom remodel.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

wear it wednesday...summer stripes

*i received this dress in exchange for my post. all opinions are my own.

i'm obsessed with stripes, and lately i'm super obsessed with navy. navy stripes are even better. the material of this dress from cleo madison is so lightweight. it is perfect for summer and will easily transition into fall. the dress originally came in the mail for me, but it was a little on the small side. i would definitely suggest sizing up. it is a size larger than mandi typically wears, and it fits perfectly. it pays to have a babe of a best friend to model for me:)

dress-cleo madison|shoes-|alex and ani bracelets|michael kors watch|grandmother's ring|lipsense samon

since most of our pictures together are sweaty post workout selfies, we attempted to take advantage of actually being more put together.

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