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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i like to dress up. i really do. BUT i basically only like to dress up with a group and spend very minimal money. i have participated in some good group costumes over the years (oompa loompa, flight attendant, costco sample lady, dance troop, squeeze it drink) so the pressure is always on. we had an itty bitty halloween party at work and somehow i convinced 7 of my co-workers to dress up as tetris with me. we designed the game board for 2 formations which might have been the hardest part of the whole thing (i really needed a computer nerd or something). everyone wore their color, and we played tetris music as we "played the game". it was pretty cute, way fun, and super easy and free. love!

as for the rest of halloween, i pretty much skipped it this year.

how about you? do you like halloween? did you dress up?

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Fave Post(s) of the Month

bloggy friend Megan over at wraps up the end of the month with her favorite post. i haven't ever done it before because it's hard enough for me to remember what i read this morning much less the whole month. i've read a few posts that have really stuck with me. i love a good funny, picture filled post, but these are the reflective, make you think, hit you in the stomach or maybe heart kind of posts. you should really check them out. might just change your life.

i couldn't pick just one post so i am highlighting a few

i found thislittlemiggy through a co-worker who discovered her special needs spotlights. i love love love her blog. the special needs spotlights are amazing and personally and professionally so helpful. she is an amazing writer, and it turns out we have a mutual friend. this post, i'm prejudiced. and so are you, is no exception. i love kids with special needs with all of my heart, but she is absolutely right. go read it. it will make you think.

i grew up with caroline. we spent a lot of time in the pool together. she and her husband are amazing in so many ways. this post, why i always cry on sundays, seems like such a good idea. the next person to get married might just get this list as part of their wedding gift. if you are married or getting married, you should definitely read this post and even if you're not, go check it out.

somewhere along the way i started reading a lot of random blogs. i've found quite a few good ones that way.  single dad laughing is a legit professional blogger. he writes about all sorts of things. this series of posts, ways i blew my marriage, goes right along with caroline's post. what's with all the marriage talk around here? it's probably because mostly i know a lot of marrieds. so read this, and do what he says.

so many good things to think about. i like the idea of doing a favorite post of the month. i'm going to try (we'll see if it really happens) to do it on a regular basis.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

house keeping

ok peeps. sorry for the quick pictureless post. i've spent literally all day working on my blog design (what a pain). links are disappearing within the week. if you want them, save them before they are gone. come back in a few days to see my new and improved blog.

on another note, i've been thinking about combining this and my other blog. what do you think? i have been putting a lot of effort into this one lately so i'm wondering if i should combine for now or just put more efforts into the other blog. thoughts???

i'll be back soon with a real post.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

fall break=vegas trip

fall break was a couple of weeks ago. plans were up in the air until a couple of hours before i left. co-workers emily and paul and family drove down to california so they dropped me off in vegas. it was such a fun fall break. we went to the strip bellagio and saw the gardens and talking tree and of course the dancing waters. we also went to the pumpkin patch. this kids loved picking out pumpkins and mostly karson just wanted a donut. i saw karlee practice for the primary program at church, and played with the little tykes. it was so much fun, and i was sad to leave. get read for a picture explosion...

 karson was not into taking pictures basically the whole trip.

kyler smiles and we all melt

 karlee is really getting into posing for pictures. i die a little 

poor kyler needed a diaper/clothes change, but no one had anything for him.
 so happy to finally have a donut

so much fun. can't wait to go again.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

blog construction and hair help

a few random things...

1. my blog is in the process of a little makeover. it might be a bit of a mess the next few weeks. i'm taking down the links on the side so if you use them to find another blog, save them. they'll probably be gone in a week or so. i've been meaning to make some design changes for a while, and i'm really excited about it.

2. i have a hair appointment next week. what should i do? keep the melt? go dark? i'm this close to giving bangs another go...someone talk me out of it. i'm sure i'll regret it, but i am in the WORST stage of bang grow out right now. i'm pretty sure i don't want as much bangs as earlier this year. HELP...what should i do???

3. i went to vegas last weekend. it was lots of fun. i swear i will blog about it soon.

4. i'm still doing #fmsphotoaday. i got a new phone and never posted the second half of september or first half of october. maybe this weekend... or just follow me on instagram (@aubreyzaruba) or facebook

5. i'm still trying to enjoy fall, but they 35 degree mornings the past couple of days are making it a little hard

Friday, October 12, 2012

gardner village take 2

after going to gardner village a couple weeks ago, i really wanted to go again...with kids. michelle invited me to go with some of the martin fam to see the witches. the kids loved the witches and the pumpkins, and it basically turned into a big photo shoot. these kids are so dang cute. i can't even stand it.

doing fun fall things is making this whole attempting to love fall thing actually kind of work.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

trying to love fall

i like fall. i really do, BUT i am usually so busy dreading winter that i rarely enjoy fall. this year i am determined to change that. the fall blogger swap definitely helped. my package from ashley made me all sorts of excited for fall. fall colors are the best. i have been dying to get up the canyon to see the leaves before it's too late. i finally went up and took my camera. i went up I-80 to east canyon and over to emigration. the colors were amazing. my favorite was looking through the colorful trees into the water.

i usually prefer pictures with people, but i was all alone so scenery it is.

being up in the mountains with beauty like this make it pretty easy to love fall

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

this weekend flew right by. i always wish they lasted a little longer. i shouldn't complain though. next weekend is lasting 2 additional days. thank you fall break. 

in addition to a wedding reception (gotta love those things)...

i dressed like fall. i've been dying to wear this scarf ever since i got my fall swap package

i drove through east canyon to emigration to see the fall leaves. despite being told i missed it, i saw amazingly beautiful colors. more pics to come.

i went to gardner village with the martin fam to see the witches have a photo shoot

i watched general conference. i love spending the weekend listening to the leaders of my church. there was a lot of talk on service and being a little better. it's always a good reminder.

i loved this weekend. i enjoyed fall. i was spiritually uplifted and motivated to be better, and i spent time with friends. now onto the week...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

anne came to town

anne came to town a few weeks ago to celebrate her birthday with her family. brianna and i were lucky enough to get to go to dinner with her one night while she was here. we all know i love holidays, and i really love the witches at gardner village. we had a fun dinner at archibalds that might have lasted until they closed and then walked around and saw a few witches. such a fun night!