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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

blogging the bach 21.the season is almost over

who's watching-celsey, shawn(if we're lucky), alicia, amanda, and megan

we all forgot we haven't seen the rose ceremony yet. we also forgot that andi came to the door at the end of last week. nick isn't going to get engaged just because he's the bachelor. somehow i don't really believe him. we have no idea what she is doing there other than to give him permission to enjoy the fantasy suites.

we finally (part of that might have been our fault for too much chatting) get to the rose ceremony. what? he keeps rachel? corrine needs to get home and prepped for paradise.

they fly to finland and the overnight dates start. raven gets the first date. at that point i got up to peel hard boiled eggs. you know things are bad when i'm peeling eggs instead of watching the show. i like raven just fine, but in the words of megan nick looks like he would rather be eating a cheeseburger than listening to raven. the show ends before their date is all the way over.

next week is 3 hours??? is this a joke? we like the show, but 3 hours is completely absurd.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

unblogged bloggable-celebrating thanksgiving

As long as I have lived in Utah, I have always gone to St. George for Thanksgiving. It's a nice escape from the weather, and it's fun to spend time with family. After so much travel in the fall, I decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. I am so lucky to have so many people in my life that treat me like family. 

I started the day at Celsey's parents' house. Baby Rem was only a few days old, and I was in heaven holding him. 
I wasn't planning to eat there, but dinner was ready a little early. Everyone laughed at the small amount on my plate. The food was so good, but I had another meal an hour later. 
I went to the Larsen's for the main meal. The table was beautiful as usual, and the food was amazing. 

Finally I went to Tiffany's house to be with her family. I was pretty full by this point so I didn't eat much. We went to Target not necessarily for anything specific. It was crazy but fun to go. 
It was definitely different not being with family this year, but it was nice to stay in town this year. I had the rest of the weekend to get things done. 

February Happs

February has flown by-probably because it's a short month but also because I've been busy with all kinds of things. 

I've been meaning to try hot yoga for years, but I've also been pretty scared. Mandi invited me to go, and I almost told her no. I'm so glad I let go of the fear I had and tried it. It was hard, but I loved it. 
I celebrated Valentine's Day with the little tykes. Holidays with kids are so much fun and make me love my job even more. 
Brenna, Mandi, and I had Korean food. I'm not the most adventurous eater, but I do like trying new things. 
I've made a goal to take more Pure Barre classes. I spend a good majority of my time working and working out. I love the classes, and I also love spending time with my friends there. 
Allie came to Utah for a training and we were lucky enough to see her. I met her and Sunny and Elizabeth for dinner and a lot of laughs and memories. 

It's been a really great and full month. How was your February?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

blogging the bach 21.still don't know

who's watching-celsey, shawn, alicia, amanda, megan

the show starts with a "rose ceremony". this season has not followed the typical season norms.

raven has the first hometown. she wants to show nick the dirty south. i'm all about southern hospitality and southern charm and all of those things, but i don't know about the dirty south. their date and meeting the family was fine, but i wasn't wowed by it.

rachel's hometown is next. we don't even see the point of watching her date since we know he doesn't pick her in the end. every conversation center around their racial differences. it's 2017. is that the biggest issue?

nick goes to miami and corrine takes him shopping.our jaws dropped multiple times especially at the $3000 bill. corrine tells nick she loves him. they go meet the family including raquel. they see corrine is "happier than she has ever been". corrine seems pretty happy to be winning at this.

vanessa is last.she takes nick to meet her students. vanessa is my fave and this date seems like the most real life. her family is a little skeptical. everyone is afraid she's going to get hurt. her dad finally gives his blessing, but he was very hesitant. her day date was the best, but her family was a little rough. vanessa starts questioning things, and we all wonder if she's ever seen the show. this is how this works.

enough with the to be continued...

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

weekend happs

I had a great weekend filled with fun with friends and a good amount of down time. 
Tiffany, Sage, and I went to dinner at Rodizio Grill on Friday night. The food was delicious and we had the best time laughing and talking. Nights like that are just good for the soul. 
I've really been trying to increase the intensity of my workouts lately including taking more pure barre classes. I started the morning with a good long run with the generation gap ladies before taking a killer pure barre class. I ran into Mandi at the studio, and we happened to be twinning-my fave. 

I was so exhausted after running and class plus all the other workouts and classes that I spent most of the rest of the day relaxing. It was nice to have the time to do that. 
My post college roommates got together for dinner at Michelle's Sunday evening. We have grown by husbands and a whole lot of kids, but when we're together it's like nothing has changed. The evening was full of kids running wild, food, toys, laughter, and memories. It's been far too long since we've been together, and we had the best time. 

I'm off work today for Presidents' Day and have a long list of things I need to accomplish before Monday night tradish tonight. 

How was your weekend? Any exciting happs?

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

unblogged bloggable-girls trip to st. louis

after ashley had hudson in the summer, chelsea and i knew we wanted to go visit. between other trips and kids starting school and other things, we only had limited dates to choose from/ at first chelsea was only going to bring kenzie, but she ended up bringing kenzie and karlee.
we had a fun few days meeting baby hudson and visiting the fam. zach came down from wisconsin, and my parents came up from cape for part of the time.
we took the kids to the children's museum

we went to the zoo-the St. Louis zoo is one of the best

Zach played with the kids
we did crude masks

Karlee really wanted to swim, but it was definitely too cold. 
We had a really fun trip. I hope we can do it again soon. 
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

blogging the bach 21.who even knows

who's watching: celsey, amanda, megan, shawn (who usually has the best commentary)

the show starts and i literally have no clue where they are. i am also pretty lost on who is who. i am the most out of the loop than i have been any other season. apparently there are only 6 people left. does that mean this season is getting close to over?

we're all sitting around looking at our brackets. at this point it looks like shawn is going to be the winner this season. 

the girls are super excited to leave st. thomas and go to bimini. has anyone even heard of that place? i never have, but it is beautiful. 

nick has a one on one with vanessa. vanessa tells nick she is in love and he responds with the longest explanation about why he's not saying he loves her. we all know he can't really say it so what was his point with all of that?

the group date is awkward per usual. i'm a little afraid one of the girls is going to get eaten by a shark. kristina is apparently afraid of the same thing or something else. whatever it is, it works for her. she gets a little extra attention from nick. raven talks to nick. we're too busy chatting and miss it. corinne eats her feelings and then gets some time with nick. she feels 100 times better after talking to nick. raven gets the rose.

danielle gets the explore the town date. that's never a very good sign. as the date goes on, it definitely is not a good sign.
"he looks like he's in the middle of a science class"--megan
he sends her home, and no one is surprised.

corrine tries to turn on the sex charm and nick makes the smartest, most surprising decision of his whole bachelor time. he sends her back to be with the girls. 

rachel gets the other local date. it definitely seems like nick is going to her hometown.

nick comes to talk to kristina and there is a collective gasp. nick tells her she's going home, and she resists. there are tears, and it's definitely awkward.

once again the show ends without the rose ceremony. that's not our favorite. we discussed binge watching next season rather than watching each week. we just want to know what happens.

megan had some great one liners most of which had nothing to do with the show. we did a fair amount of laughing while watching-again not much to do with the show, this season has been more about our monday night crew than about the actual show.

are you watching this season? what are your thoughts?

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Monday, February 13, 2017

26.2...big cottonwood take 3

after a few less than stellar race performances i decided to take a break from marathon running for a while-until i got a little faster. even though i continued to run every saturday with generation gap, i was not in good running shape. after taking a year off and spending a lot of time and effort working on getting in better shape, i signed up to do the big cottonwood marathon again. i wanted to do better than i did the first time which meant i needed to train harder and smarter.

i did several long runs down the canyon. i did both of my 20 mile runs down the canyon to prepare my body for the very steep downhill. i also spent a lot of time training my mind. by marathon number 11 you would think my mind would already be prepared. i knew exactly what i was getting myself into. in the past i have let my mind take over and not always in the best way.

i went into this race determined to do well. i knew i was prepared. it was a beautiful day. i had a couple of friends coming to meet me along the way. i was all set for a great race.

i met sharon at the buses and we waited at the start together. we ran the first several miles together before getting separated. i talked to several people along the way and really enjoyed the beautiful day in the canyon. i kept my thoughts extremely positive and thought how grateful i was to have a strong healthy body to be able to do this,

mandi met me at the bottom of the canyon at mile 17. i was ahead of schedule and feeling great. she ran the hardest part of the course with me. by the time i saw her i was definitely ready for someone to talk to and encourage me. she pushed me to do a little better than i thought i was capable of while allowing me to do things my way. we ran the out and back loop on wasatch, and i was so grateful for her help and support.

andrea met me at the end of that loop and ran with me the rest of the way. i was still doing pretty well although by the end it was definitely harder. she talked me through it, and i was also grateful for her help and support. 

i was so happy to see the finish line. i felt better than i ever have and did so much better than last time. it's hard taking any time off, but with a lot of hard work, determination, and a major attitude shift i took 25 minutes off my previous time. i was so proud of myself and so grateful for the support i had a long the way. i often end a race unsure if i will ever do another one, but this was exactly what i needed to remind me why i do this.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

blogging the bach 21.something

i am so not into this season. i have no idea what's going on. i have probably seen a total of less than 5 hours the whole season.

i was running late to monday night tradish. i texted my friends that i was running late. a little while later (at 7:12) i sent another text saying i was on my way and they could start watching. almost 2 hours later we were still chatting and debating if we were actually going to watch.

we finally started, but i only saw about 20 minutes. so far corrine still seems to be getting a lot of attention. per usual there is a lot of drama. they leave and go to st. thomas, and that's the most exciting part of the show.

so...who has a recap for me because i obviously have no idea what's going on???

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Monday, February 6, 2017

one little word-february

i started out the year really strong. i was making good progress with all of my goals, and i felt really good about things. my good friend, ana, passed away in the middle of the month, and i took a last minute trip to dallas to attend her funeral services. it pretty much put the brakes on my goals for a couple of weeks.part of choosing the word embrace for the year is really learning to love whatever comes my way in life including a last minute very difficult but amazing at the same time trip. i've been back in town for a week, and i finally feel like i am getting back to normal.
via she's just smitten
*nightly gratitude journal-✔
*do something that scares me/pushes me out of my comfort zone-✔-i posted my one year with csatt before and after pictures on facebook and snapchat.
*attend temple 12 times-✔ brenna and i went to the draper temple
*monthly journal-had to do a big catch up last night
*csatt goals-i did the best i could with travel.

*record all spending-i did really well until dallas
*schedule 1 free night each week-
*clean out all clothes and shoes-i barely got started on this. i'm moving this goal to february
i also did the flat tummy tea cleanse in january. it is a 4 week cleanse with a morning and evening tea. you drink the morning tea every single day and the evening on an alternating schedule. i have never been a big tea drinker for i was a little nervous. i actually really like the taste. i also don't tend to retain a lot of water so i didn't necessarily notice huge improvement although overall i really liked it. i like it a lot better than many other cleanses that require drinking and eating odd things or restricting yourself.

*bed by 10pm
*clean out closets
*catch up on blog
*kiss my brave workouts/APF weekly goals/lemon water and acv

how is your year going so far? did you choose a word for the year? link up your posts below.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

January empties

Last month I emptied a lot of hair products, and this month it was more makeup. 
Biofreeze-I like this fine, but I prefer DoTerra deep blue which I'm also out of. 
Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap
Bath and Body Works lotion 
Bath and Body Works body cream
NYX butter gloss-San Paulo-I love this color!
Lorac gloss
Intuition razor-I use several of these every month. 
Benefit dew the hoola-one of the best makeup discoveries ever. 
Crude detox mask-current favorite mask
Clinique foundation chubby stick
Bobbi Brown color corrector-very thick, good coverage but tends to crease
Clinique mascara x2
Mary Kay lash love mascara

Most of these products are things I use, empty, and replace regularly.