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Friday, March 30, 2012

April Goals

I can't believe March is almost over. I have successfully worn a hair accessory every day this month minus Nettie's wedding day when I wore pink lipstick instead. I have so many more things I haven't worn, but I'm ready for some new goals. I still love #marchphotoaday and look forward to April.

My goals for April include wearing blue everyday in support of autism awareness month. Blue isn't my most favorite color, but looking in my closet I actually have a lot of blue. Let's hope I can do it.

April 2 is world autism awareness day. Everyone should wear blue!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brand Snob

co worker michelle and i were talking about brands today. she has a few things she's particular about brands solution and lotion. i started thinking about ALL the things i'm a brand snob about...nail polish, hair products, makeup, water, some food items, shoes, clothes. oh sheesh...

blogger friend aubry is hosting a nail polish giveaway. it's a brand i've never used before, but it's perfect for spring colors. check it out and enter here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crazy Cleanse

My eating has been all over the place lately. When Carrie mentioned doing a cleanse his week, it didn't take much convincing. I told Celsey about it, and she got on board too. So far we've made it through 3/7 days without dying, but tomorrow is banana and milk day. It just might kill me!  Either that or the mass amounts of water I'm drinking.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Utah Weather

No one told me the temperature was going to drop 15 degrees from the time I got home from the gym to the time I left for work. Too bad I'm wearing flip flops. Looks like I better start checking the weather.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

days 16-25

i've seriously been running my crazy busy head off. i never even posted days 16-20 so here goes a whole lotta #marchphotoaday
16: sunglasses. baby karlee. cutest thing i've ever seen...ever

17: green. paperclip ring. green accent nail
18: corner of my house. craft projects in process. #needmoretime
19: funny. apparently i say funny thing sometimes
20: before/after. before the calendar said winter and no snow. after it said spring and snow all over the place.
21: delicious. dinner with co-worker michelle
22: kitchen sink. cakeing the night away
23: moon. none to be seen or much light for that matter
24: animal. happy blessing day baby ella
25: breakfast. in the car. on the way to church.

Monday, March 19, 2012

5 little confessions

a while back i did a 5 confessions post. you would think it would be a little embarrassing, but i actually kind of loved it. maybe i'll start doing this more regularly.

confession #1...i almost cut these bangs last time i got my hair done. i've been thinking about it ever since. should i do it? it will grow fast if i hate it, right?!?

rachel from the bach via google images

confession #2...i only stepped foot in the gym once last week. ever since my last physical therapy session, my hip has been bugging bad. i decided to more or less take the week off. my hip feels slightly better but i feel like a fat lard. back at it starting tomorrow.

confession #3...celsey and i have been making so many cakes lately that there's been no time for any other crafts. we spent the entire day crafting with her mom yesterday, and i didn't take a single picture. #bloggerfail

confession #4...i thought wearing a hair accessory every day would be so easy. #monthofhairaccessories is kind of killing me. i kind of can't wait until it's over. i'm not a quitter so i'll keep doing it, but i might not be so happy about it.

confession #5...i joined the twitter bandwagon way after the fact. at first i just followed celebs and mommy bloggers. i'm kinda starting to love it. follow me @aubreyzaruba

that's all for now. do you have any confessions? link up

Sunday, March 18, 2012

have you ever...

...been so tired you can't remember your email password?!? 

google images

 A friend and I were talking about how busy we are these days and how we feel like our lives are spread so thin. I died laughing when she said she was so tired the other night she couldn't remember her email password that consists of an important date and a family member's name. I thought it was so funny until I realized I was so tired the other night, I literally couldn't figure out what time I needed to wake up in the morning. Between working (and commuting which sucks away 1/2 my life sometimes), the gym, making cakes, friends, young women, and whatever else occupies my time, I feel a little crazy these days. I feel like I am running my crazy busy head off. I need a little balance...something I am terrible at. Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions.

Friday, March 16, 2012

days 11-15

#marchphotoaday continues. blogger Aubry posted about making a book at the end of the year. i really love the idea. Aubry, will you kill me if i copy your idea?

11: someone i talked to. skype with the little tykes
12: fork. shredding dinner
13: sign. is this a sign of spring or a big tease??

14: clouds. morning commute
15: car. surprisingly clean these days

Monday, March 12, 2012


now that the emotional mumbo jumbo is out of the way, here's an overload of pictures from the big day.

kissy face

the new mr and mrs

one of most tender pictures of the day. jp with his brother.

dy's hair was fab. must re create soon.

levesque parents

with jen attempting to take a cute pic like at dy's wedding

with michelle, nettie, jen, dy

with the groomsmen

old roommates/friends

martin family



it was such a beautiful day to take lots of beautiful pictures.

most awkward season yet...bachelor recap

in what can only be described as the most dramatic awkward season/proposal/after the final rose yet, season 16 of the bachelor finally came to an end tonight. i've never been one to read the spoilers on anything. i like to find out what happens as it unfolds, but this season someone told me the end result pretty early on. i spent the whole season wishing i didn't know. why did i keep watching? i still have no idea.

ben has basically known since courtney showed her not so lady parts that he was going to pick her. he's awkward with the girls (or women as he likes to call them), and never seems to know how to emotionally respond to things like i had an eating disorder, i'm falling in love with you, how many kids do you want. his responses are seriously so painful to watch. again, why do i watch?

due to unforseen circumstances, bachelor monday hasn't happened the past couple weeks. this show is way more fun to watch with people. bonny planned a bachelor viewing tonight. co-worker michelle came along. we had tons of yummy food and lots to say about the show.

my final consensus...this season has been super awkward. i never really liked ben, but i can't seem to stop watching. the proposal was one of the most awkward things i have ever seen. watching for the second time was even worse. i'm not even a little bit sad that this season is over. until may...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

she got a new roommate

rommate nettie got a new roommate husband on friday. my emotions have been all over the place. i am so happy for her. she found the nicest guy (i hope there's at least one nice one left) ever. the way he treats her makes me smile. he's been all about her from day 1. it's really cute.


i'm a little sad too. (is it ok for me to admit i'm a little sad all over the internet?). i met nettie and her family 9 years ago. we (along with her sisters who are now married) have been roommates for 8 years. that's a long time. you really get to know someone in 8 years. her family is amazing. they have included me in their family from the beginning. her mom introduces me as her adopted daughter. the thought of not living with a martin makes me a little (ok maybe a lot) teary.


just because i don't live with any of them doesn't mean i'm getting kicked out of the family. i spent practically the whole weekend with the family and loved every second of it. her mom said she would make my wedding cake just like she has all the other kids. they all asked if i was going to do the traditional martin food at my reception, and uncle rick even said he would make the drink.

even though i might have cried a few tears over not living with nettie anymore, i am mostly just happy. happy that she found someone that has been in love with her since day 1 who treats her like a queen. i'm extra happy that their new place is only 2 blocks away. congrats to the happy couple!


this week was long and hard and great and fun all at the same time. friday and saturday i came home to flowers from friends. i feel like the luckiest girl to have friends who care so much. i also had a note on my bed friday morning. flowers of any kind are great and really make my day, but i felt extra special to receive flowers from blooms & co. brynn is amazing, and her flowers are to die for beautiful. thank you friends. you are such a blessing in my life.

these crappy (caused by cracks in my lens) cell phone pictures don't do justice to the flowers. they really are so pretty.

days 6-10

day 6: 5pm. drive home. stopped at a light.

day 7: something i wore. itty bittiest bow you have ever seen. #monthofhairaccessories

day 8: window. sun glaring in is my fave.

day 9: red. beautiful day for beautiful wedding

day 10: loud. martin family dinner=loud=FUN

Friday, March 9, 2012

in honor of international women's day

being this age and single causes a fair amount of independence, but sometimes you just need a dude. after nettie all her stuff out last weekend, we moved the one piece of furniture we have left back into the corner and hooked up an old tv. nettie even said "you might have to get a boy over here." we moved all the wires and unplugged and plugged a few times before turning on the tv/cable to find it worked. while it's nice to have dudes around for lots of reasons, girls are pretty capable. Happy International Women's Day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

march days 1-5

maybe one day soon i'll blog about something else, but until then, here are days 1-5 of  #marchphotoaday.

day 1: up. sun shining through the cloudy sky above the snowy mountains.

day 2: fruit. leftover bananas from playgroup snacks for the little tykes. banana bread anyone?

day 3. my neighborhood. view of the west side of the east side at night. didn't spend any daylight hours in my neighborhood.

day 4: bedside
day 5: smile. this temperature makes me smile. #readyforspring
still loving this photoaday business. other than taking pictures, i've been working lots, helping nettie move out, looking for a roommate, making cakes and other crafts, and basically running my crazy busy head off.