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Sunday, September 30, 2012

unblogged vegas trip

i went to vegas over labor day weekend and STILL haven't blogged. i'm a lazy and only seem to blog pictures i take with my phone. that needs to change. the in laws were in town so we mostly just hung out at the house for family time.

we did get in a couple of craft projects

this wall art for kyler's room

and this jewelry holder for karlee's room

my mom sent the boys matchy matchy shirts so we had to take some pics

 karson's famous face. it kills me a little.

karlee wanted in on the photo shoot

 we took the kids to the splash park

everyone was in town for kyler's baby blessing (another post coming)

all the cousins. karlee loved having her cousins in town

i am so glad vegas is such a short and pretty cheap flight away. i love getting down there whenever possible.

Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend recap

my weekend got off to an unexpected and unwelcomed early start when i started puking my guts up thursday the middle of an online class...thank you food poisoning. i wasn't exactly asleep at this early 8:50 hour, but I was done puking enough to actually get myself into my bed.

i called in sick on friday and rested a little, did some grocery shopping, and watched a girl movie.

i spent the day saturday halloween crafting my head off. pics to come on the other blog, but trust me, it's freaking cute stuff.

saturday night, anne, brianna, and i went to gardner village for dinner. so much fun. separate post to come.

sunday i attended the brigham city temple dedication in the morning, did a few more churchy things, baked a little, and caught up on a few things.

i love like really really love weekends. i wish they lasted a little longer. what did you do this weekend?

oh and yes, i STILL need to blog about vegas. i will...soon...promise

Sunday, September 16, 2012

september pics part 1

here's the 1st round of september photos. i'm still loving this. is anyone else doing it that i don't know about?

1: ME, NOW. playing games and holding the babe

2: FATHER. baby kyler's blessing day

3: sure wish these littles didn't live so FAR AWAY

4: every once in a while, something good comes IN MY MAILBOX

5: even though it's after labor day, my nails got painted BRIGHT pink

6: makeup EVERYDAY no exceptions. ever.

7: NATURAL. food i ate for 3 days while cleansing

8: i take off my eye makeup AT NIGHT

9: i go to church MOST basically all WEEKENDS

10: BLACK and WHITE. monday night tradish with celsey is back in sesh

11: real life american HERO


13: TABLE. celebrating patty's birthday

14: a few of my FAVORITEs

15: FIRST THING I SAW on my drive to logan

obviously you can see the pics here, but i'm also posting on facebook, instagram, and twitter. hashtag has changed #FMSphotoaday

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

remembering 9/11

yesterday was the 11th anniversary of september 11. i loved listening to the radio and reading FB posts all day. i'm so glad people still remember. as i drove to work with tears in my eyes listening to the patriotic songs with voiceovers from people who lost their lives, it really made me think. i blogged about it last year, and i still think the same things. our country came together that day, and look at it now. the dj on the radio talked about it being our duty to remember and our duty to teach. i realized i was teaching a class. even though i might be the teacher of the the tiniest little tykes who don't have a clue what's going on, i agreed with him. it is my remember and to teach. so, we colored american flags in playgroup and took the youth to the sandy city healing field. it was the perfect way for me to remember and hopefully never forget.

shawn wore his military uniform and gave us a little talk about patriotism
walking through the flags

flags for utah soldiers

september 11 is a day i hope i never forget. i remember exactly where i was and what i was doing. even if it is just for one day a year, i love seeing people unite to remember. i really hope we always remember.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

weekend recap

i know i know....still need to blog about last weekend, my trip to Vegas and kyler's baby blessing. it's coming, but until then...

i thought i was running 10 miles on saturday. someone else had other plans. longest post op run and i didn't die...just almost

this picture is really quite terrible, but i bottled cucumbers into pickles. besides leaving out a couple of key ingredients and having to pour out all the liquid, it was a success. hurry up time so they will actually be ready to eat.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Old Goals

Back in April Celsey, Carrie, and I did a crazy cleanse. We did the full week long horrible thing. A couple of months later, I forgot how horrible it was and remembered how good I felt after doing it so I decided to do days 1-4 again and never blogged about it. My eating has been all over the place this summer, and it's time to put an end to that. I decided to repeat the crazy cleanse, but I'm only doing the first 3 days this time. I notice the most benefit from those days. So, here I am at the end of day 2. I'm really looking forward to the end of this crazy thing, and I am also really looking forward to being back on track with healthy eating.

I started out the year with a spending freeze with a few friends. I did really well, and then who knows what happened. Just like my eating, my spending has been all over the place this summer. Laurann emailed this week saying she is starting the spending freeze again. I am always up for a challenge so I am back on board. I am making an exception if/when the new iphone comes out. My phone is on the major fritz and needs to be replaced like yesterday.

The year is getting closer to over. Some of my goals from the beginning of the year have gone right out the window. I'm excited to re-dedicate myself to some of my goals. What about you? What goals do you have for the next month?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

august part 2

here's the rest of #photoadayaug
16: FOOD. work lunch at baja cantina in park city

17: this FACE. kill me now

18: who would want to be INSIDE on a perfect pool day???
19: giant HOLE in my windshield courtesy of provo canyon

20: used this VHS tape in presentation TODAY #yesiknowits2012

21: pretty lucky to have such COOL friends

22: stay at HOME mom turned stay at HOME crafter #jealous

23: PAIR

24: PATH. all day every day
25: FRESH supply of drinks
26: DREAM. feeding the ducks with a little tyke

27: refuse to drink TAP water
28: 3 CLOCKs in the office. 3 different times
29: looking DOWN at last pool day of season
30: CARD. O+ blood=frequent donations
september already started. who is playing?