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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Matchy Matchy

Some people hate when other people copy them. Others consider it flattering. And the rest of us just like good deals. The only problem with everyone getting the same great deals is we're bound to show up in the same outfits. Oh well, it's made for some cute scrapbook pages and now blog.

Michelle and Andrew showed up at the mall dressed like this. They had no idea they were matchy matchy until we pointed it out. How could you not know? They're total twinners.

Carrie fit right in with the matching marrieds

Carrie bought this super cute brown coat at Nordstrom for a great price so of course Nettie and I had to buy it too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

No More

I am SICK and TIRED of the snow. I have loved the past 3 snow free days and hope they stick around for a while even if it does mean an inversion. At this point I will take inversion over spending countless hours trying to get to and from work in the stupid snow oh yeah and shoveling. On the upside I did burn 250 calories shoveling the other day.

My roommate Joanne's car was literally frozen to the road. We had to chip away at the car so she could actually get in and drive it.

the almost finished project. it was a major group effort, but she finally was able to leave.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Recap

I love the holidays-all of them, but Christmas is my favorite of all. The holidays were great. I'm so sad they are over. We finally took down the Christmas decorations yesterday, and our house looks so empty now. Here's a recap of my holiday break.

Karlee helped with my bday presents. I got some great stuff including Miracle Blade knives

fun with Karlee-in her Christmas outfit, meeting Ashley's dog and playing

Karlee's first Christmas-she is so spoiled already

My dad always wants to take pictures of the whole family while we're there but springs it on us at the last minute so we're not exactly looking our best

the too-close-to Christmas crappy Dec bdays celebration
The holidays were great-lots of great time with the fam, lots of relaxing, lots of celebrating. Happy New Year!