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Thursday, April 30, 2015

weekend happs...bach party for jess

we're closer to the next weekend than the last. i'm mexico right this minute so time isn't too relevant to me right now.
we're not big partyers around here, but we did take the chance to celebrate jess before she gets married.
we started out the night with sushi at happy sumo. i ended up sitting across from the high school friends. they were the cutest girls, and i loved chatting with them.

after dinner we went to the deuling piano bar. everyone had a blast. 
Jess did not want to go up on stage. luckily there was another bride very willing to be in the spotlight. 
it was fun to go out and do something different. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

how we wore it//april florals

one of my fave monthly posts is how we wore it. here's how it works.
get inspiration photo
create your own look 
take photos
hop around and see how we all wore it

when brooke sent out this month's inspiration photo i had a little moment of panic. even though floral is all the rage, i barely have any, but i figured i could still make it work.

agnes and dora kimono|gap v neck|gap jeans|target wedges|target clutch|mall kiosk sunnies

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Monday, April 27, 2015

random rambling...marathon hiatus

several times last year i thought about taking a running (or at least racing) hiatus. my experience running the st. george marathon last year solidified that hiatus. my pace has gotten increasingly slower to the point that it's way way way too long to be out there. i promised myself and told everyone i know that i'm taking this year off.
i've been firm in my hiatus until i went to the salt lake marathon last week.
 i love the race atmosphere. there's so much excitement and energy. i miss that! it's amazing to see so many people working on the same goal. sometimes it seems like people think it must be easy because i have done it 10 times, but it is not easy. marathons are HARD!
this marathon has a half marathon and a bike race. while waiting for my friend i saw one of the hand cyclists somewhat struggling to get up a pretty long steady hill. right beside him a biker was off his bike helping to push the man up the hill. i was overcome with emotion as i watched this happen.
we planned our run that day purposely along the course to see our friend Sharon, but timing doesn't always work out. we were so happy to see her, and i'm pretty sure she was happy to see us too.
i felt happy and excited for all the runners and also a little sad that i wasn't out there. it took me a few days to convince myself that i really do need to stick with my hiatus for now.

spring break 2015...california

ashley and i had time off work at the same time so it was the perfect chance to go to california for a few days. the time went by way too fast, and we had lots of fun. i celebrated easter with them before ashley got there. once she was there, it was all about holding baby kenzie and playing with the kids.

meeting baby kenzie
karlee loves that baby so much, and she's such a good little helper 
little diva
riding the wiggle
I took kenzie's newborns. 
we promised karlee a girl's night. she was so excited and had the best time going with just the girls for frozen yogurt. 
picnic at the park 

i had the best week in calidornia. it was so sad leaving and even more sad facing the reality of far far away family. 


Friday, April 24, 2015

a california easter

it feels like easter was forever ago, but it really wasn't. i spent easter in california visiting chelsea and her family and meeting baby kenzie.
like most holidays, easter is better with kids. since it was lds general conference that weekend, easter was a little different but still great this year.
we took the kids to an egg hunt on saturday. they loved it, and i loved being there with them.

 after the egg hunt, we took the kids to play at the park which turned into playing in the splash pad,in their clothes. they didn't seem to mind.

 the kids colored eggs that night. jeff mostly helped them.

while jeff helped the kids, chelsea and i took pictures of kenzie.

the kids were all excited to wake up and find their easter baskets. being with kids definitely makes the holiday. they found their baskets. we had a yummy breakfast, and spent the day with the family. 
they got kites in their baskets so we went to the park to fly kites in the afternoon. it really was the perfect day.
how was your easter?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

what's up wednesday

i've been loving reading currently type posts lately so i'm excited to link up with
 Ashley ♦ Shannon
What's Up Wednesday
What I loved about the past week//
spending time with amberly getting my sponsor stuff set up. #finally i'm hoping to be all set to go for may 1. the first month will have big discounts so let me know if you're interested in more info

What I'm looking forward to//
mexico vacay next week. i can't wait to experience seaside resorts and share it with all of you.
What my latest obsession is//
nail polish.all of it

What I've been daydreaming about//
sunmer|sun|pool days

What I'm watching//
normally I watch the bachelor or nothing. i know reality tv isn't always reality, but i could easily be hooked on most any reality show. right now it's married at first sight. a team of experts does extensive research to pair up perfectly matched couples, and they meet for the first time at the altar. it's fascinating. 
What I'm listening to//
the radio.always the radio 
What I'm craving//
don't get me wrong. i drink plenty of diet coke all year long. now that's it's warm I always want a big huge drink with lots of extra ice. 

What I'm doing this weekend//
bijou market in friday 
bachelorette party saturday-sushi and dueling piano bar
What else is new?
all sorts of things are up in the air
i'm selling my ticket to elevate. it's may 30 in southern california. i paid $119, but i'm willing to sell it for lower.

what's up on your wednesday?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

beauty: #wipeforwater challenge

**i received this product complimentary from influencer for testing**

every year around earth day (tomorrow) I start thinking a little more about the earth. i wouldn't consider myself an environmentalist, but i try to do my part mostly in the form of recycling. we obviously only have one earth, and i feel a sense of obligation to protect it. so what does that have to do with beauty?!?
the average household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water every year. neutrogena partnered with the nature conservancy to help saving water. every day you wash your face without water you save 5 gallons of water. that's a lot of water! they're made from 100% renewable fiber so they're not bad for the environment. let's be honest. washing your face is one of the worst beauty routines so anything to make it a little easier is great.

i was a little apprehensive about using them. i have used generic wipes in the past, and my face never really feels clean. these are totally different. i've been using them for a couple of weeks, and my face feels so clean when i am done. they are supposed to take off mascara, but i still have to use coconut oil for that. i'm sure they would work fine if i didn't wear so much mascara. overall i'm pretty happy with them, and i like knowing i'm doing my part to conserve water. 


Monday, April 20, 2015

weekend happs

before the weekend started, i knew i had a few plans, but i mostly planned to get things done. i should stop planning because things never seem to go according to plan.

my weekend plans went out the window right from the start. i left work 2 1/2 hours later than planned. by the time i went to the gym and the store, the night was over.
we planned our saturday run around meeting our friend sharon along the course of the salt lake marathon. i love the race atmosphere. it's so inspiring.
tiffany and kenny got married on saturday. she looked like a princess. i love weddings! it's such a happy time to celebrate 2 people starting their lives together. kenny was pretty emotional through out the wedding, and it was the sweetest thing ever.
after the wedding i ran a few errands and planned to come home and work on some stuff for church, the blog, etc. laurann called and remembered she had 4 tickets to the REAL soccer game instead of 2. we scrambled to find another person to come. the game was full of yellow cards and a red card so the soccer was a little disappointing, but we had a fun time.
my contacts were old, and my eyes killed saturday night. i really hate wearing glasses, but my eyes needed a break. i survived all day with glasses!
i'm participating in a loop giveaway on instagram. it's easy to enter so head on over.

the weekend ended up more eventful than planned, and it was a great weekend.
how was your weekend? any exciting happs?