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Monday, March 28, 2022

Love is Blind..2.1

Season 1 of Love is Blind was everything we needed during quarantine (for those of us that waited to watch it until quarantine). I have been so excited for another season ever since. Season 2 came out in the middle of the bachelor season, and I can barely find the time to watch one show. Some of my friends decided to wait and watch when the bachelor was over. 
The bachelor is over so here we are. It is hard to figure out who is who the first little bit. We get to know several people and then they start to focus on a few different people. 
Danielle and Nick are the absolute cutest. They are both so open and honest with each other. Of all the people we have seen so far, they are the most believable. We see them fall in love, get engaged, and get ready to meet all in episode 1. 
Everything else we have seen so far seems pretty questionable-lots of red flags. I am scared to see what happens with the rest of everyone else. 
We made a deal that we would all watch episode 1 and then wait and watch the rest together. I watched with Sarah, Kelsey, and Ari, and we really had to stop ourselves from watching the next episode. It’s a good thing that it is Monday night and I need to get home. Otherwise, I would definitely keep watching. I want to know what happens. 

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Blogging the Bach-26.the rest of the season

I got off to a good start blogging this season of the bachelor. I was watching with friends, watched a few episodes in the middle by myself (gave up on blogging), finished watching with friends and ended up working while watching. 
All season long we heard over and over how crazy the ending was. We also heard that there were no spoilers because no one knew how the season ended because it wasn’t over yet. 
There are so many things I could say, but are we all over it at this point? It feels like everyone talks about the end for a few days and then we all move on. True to the rumors, the season didn’t really end until the finale. 
The bottom line of the season is that really several people got a happy ending. Rachel and Gabby both get to be the bachelorette. Clayton and Suzie ended up together and seem really happy together. Never have we seen a season for the final 3 all end up in a happy situation. Getting there was a big mess, but in the end it all worked out. At the end of it all, I really just want happy endings for people. 
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