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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2103: Year in Review

i'm kind of dying that today is the last day of 2013. this has been such a great year. i'll be back tomorrow with a very short recap of my goals for 2013 and new goals for next year, but for now, here's how i spent 2013(with clickable links)...
january...started the year staying up until 4:00am watching movies, hot tubbing, goal setting, eating, etc with friends at laurann's house
 went to lava hot springs for the first time. i got sick and mostly failed to document the weekend.
 february...#monthofhair...different hair style everyday
 trip to missouri to visit the fam
 march...celebrated easter at brynn's orphan dinner
also attended my first blogger roundtable hosted by bonnie and elizabeth where i met blogger friend april IRL and decided to get a little more serious about blogging
 april...stayed in town for spring break
got together with current and former co-workers
we laughed and talked and played with babies
and then i did a bouffant bun tutorial for them
 in support of autism awareness month, i wore blue everyday
 may...girls night with girls from work
 another blogger roundtable where i met more great girls including deidre (lovetheskinnys)
 i did my first 30x30 fashion challenge mostly to see if i could really do it. turns out i could, and i also made some really great blog friends.
 i spent the second half of the month in st kitts, st thomas, and california. the trip(s) was exactly what i needed. i have never relaxed so much in my life.
 june...30x30 was over, but kimberly and i still wanted to collaborate so we started blogging the bach(coming back starting next week) together. we finally met IRL at another roundtable.
andrew and michelle found out they were having a baby girl when i made a gender reveal cake for them
 i made a goal to run 100 miles in the summer (training for a marathon made that pretty easy but it made me run more during the week)

july...celebrated the 4th in california

 i also spent a lot of time at the pool (my summer fave)

august...another night with the girls from work. we didn't mean to match. it just happened.
 i did 30x30 again. i love the challenge of mixing things up in my closet.
 megan came to town, and i was introduced to the slurp and a lot of great bloggers
in a bit of a whirlwind, i moved.
went to my first favorite things party. it was so fun spending the evening with old and new blog friends.
i soaked up the last little bits of summer

september...ran my first post surgery full marathon

went to california to visit family together with some girls from instagram for a craft night
 loved fall more than i ever have before. i especially loved running this fall.
the bach ended, and kimberly and i missed our collabs so we started WHAT WOULD YOU DO...?
attempted to see the witches at gardiner village, but there were so many people there
dressed up as the 3 little pigs for playgroup at work
 november...ran the snow canyon half marathon
 did another 30x30 challenge with quite a few other bloggers
 spent thanksgiving in sunny st george
 december...made a lot of things with peppermint for WHAT WOULD YOU DO...?
went to festival of trees and gardiner village to see the elves

tried xtendbarre and had a fun hot cocoa party with blog friends.
 spent the holidays in california
 2013 was a great year full of fun, family, and friends.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

blogger night at xtendbarre

with a new year starting this week, i'm guessing we are all full of goals to be healthier, eat better, lose weight, exercise more, etc. barre classes have been all over my social media for a couple of years, but it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. it's a totally different way to exercise and takes me back to my dancing days. i'm definitely on the bandwagon now. xtendbarre in provo sponsored a blogger night a few weeks ago. it was right in the middle of the craziness of the holidays and the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at work. blogger events are really fun no matter what, but this was a great opportunity to do something different. we had so much fun and ended up sticking around forever laughing and talking. special thanks to deidre of lovetheskinnys for planning such a fun night. make sure to check out all the great sponsors below.

we kicked off our shoes and immediately felt the sponsor love with the socks

i usually lift fairly heavy weights, but these little 2 pounders just about kill me

 such a fun night. i can't wait to go back.

major thanks to the sponsors for hooking us up with a super fun night as well as some take home swag
Xtend Barre: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram
Rock These Socks: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Blickenstaffs: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Mend Juicery: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Provo Beach Resort: Website 
Lime Ricki: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Sodalicious: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Sammys Cafe: Website \\ Facebook
Albion Fit: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
3B Yoga: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram