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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Recipe Dinners

I get together once a month with a few girlfriends for dinner. We each bring part of the meal and exchange the recipes. We always eat way too much and have a lot of fun talking and catching up. This month we went to Laurann's. Dinner was yummy, and the socializing was great. It's been a fun way to make sure we see each other and keep in touch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Fun this Time

I went to Vegas again over the weekend. I went for a conference for work, but I got to go a few days early to spend time with Jeff, Chelsea, and Karlee. Since we spent the last trip stuck in the house, we tried to get out of the house a little more this time. We didn't do anything especially exciting, but it was fun just being there. I love seeing Karlee grow up. She is starting to do more big girl things-crawling everywhere so fast, pulling to stand, imitating gestures and some sounds, turn taking with sounds, playing with toys, and lots of other fun stuff. Chelsea and I have always made this funny noise saying girl girl girl in our hands. Karlee is trying to do the noise, and it's so cute. It was a great trip, and the conference was pretty good too.

We tried to stick to Karlee's schedule including bath time. Showing off her painted toes.

She wore her new outfit. Karlee turned 9 months old. She used to be smaller than the elephant, but now she's much bigger. She is starting to really like stuffed animals.

We played with bubbles. Karlee wasn't sure what to think about them or what to think about the grass. We painted her toes after talking about doing it since she was born.

We ate frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon. Shhh don't tell anyone I gave her lots and she loved it. We went for a little walk that turned into a big walk when Karlee fell asleep.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Nettie's co-worker's wife, Joy, is an amazing cook (so I've heard). She recently published a cookbook, Bliss, with all of her favorite recipes. Nettie has tasted a chicken dish that she loves. It happens to have capers (whatever that is). There must only be one chicken meal with capers so we opened up the cookbook and found a recipe. It was a chicken dish, and it did have capers, but it wasn't the meal Nettie thought it was going to be. It was pretty funny. We're trying to branch out and try some new meals, and this sure was a new meal. I had to buy capers (we had to call Joy to find out where you even find those in the store-in the pickle aisle if you're wondering) and white cooking wine. It wasn't Joy's delicious chicken meal we were hoping for, but it was something new and different. I don't recommend lemon chicken picatta, but some of the other recipes look delicious, and the cookbook sure is cute.

carrie and nettie did most of the cooking that night

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dumb List

Turning 30 is a bid deal especially in the single world. I have been dreading the big 3-0 for a couple of years now. Since I'm well on my way, I decided last summer I needed something to take the dread out of 30 so... I created a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. Some of the things on the list are things I have always wanted to do. Some are things I have never wanted to do, and some are things I never thought I would do. Here I am 3 months into 29 and moving right along on my list.

When Carrie started planning the St. George trip she talked about all the things we might do-hot tub, tennis, swimming, relax...and the boys might want to go golfing. The golfing part made me a little nervous, but it is on my dumb list. Carrie spent half of a gmail chat conversation convincing me no one cares, we make mistakes, this is a good group to try it with, don't hold back, stop wasting time being scared to try new things, etc. She is right. This is the whole reason I made the dumb list-to push me out of my comfort zone. Golf is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I did it. I wasn't good at all, but no one else really was either. I got a little frustrated. I felt a little stupid. I might have cried just a little bit (funny how feeling uncomfortable=emotional). I even had fun, and I might be convinced to go again...with the right crowd.

our 2 groups. we tried boys in a group and girls in a group for the first hole but quickly split up the boys and girls.
in the golf cart(fun part). roman and rocky were the only ones who kept score.

action shots
carrie has some good golfing shots, but my favorite was her driving the cart backwards all the way down a path.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Outta Here

We're all sick of the long and boring winter so Carrie planned a little weekend get away to St. George and busted us outta here. The trip was lots of fun and the perfect escape. Nettie's parents let us take their mini van. We loved being in the same car, and Paul liked it so much he wants to buy one. The weekend was full of all kinds of fun. Here are a few of the things we did a long with golfing, eating, talking, laughing, and overall lots of fun. Thanks Carrie for planning such a fun trip.

lots of tennis and rollerblading on Saturday

playing games (Rocky and I won) and doing a puzzle (the boys loved it)

Karaoke Revolution

more pictures-all 3 of us ended up in green Thursday for the drive down (we meant to leave a little earlier but didn't. we're not really looking our best at 12:30 am after the drive down)
Carrie and Nettie in their all black, Rocky and Carrie