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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Recent Empties

I have a variety of different products I have emptied lately. Some are tried and true products that I would and do buy again and again and other that are probably one time purchases. 
L’Oréal hairspray-This is a good drugstore option. I didn’t love the smell, but it works pretty well. 
SGX NYC do it all spray-I don’t love the smell or the function. This is a one time purchase.
Eva NYC dry shampoo -This is ok. I don’t love or hate it. 
Lancôme foundation-tried and true foundation. I will definitely buy it again. 
Just Ingredients face serum-I love this serum. 
Luminary base coat-It’s been kind of fun to try luminary. It is a little higher price point so I didn’t buy it again right away. 
Luminary balance-This color is much lighter than it seems like it should be. I always expect it to be more pink that it is. 
Orly Nailtrition-This is a great nail nail strengthener
Murad Vitamin C cleanser-I got this in fabfitfun and I really like it. 
Dr. Brandt no more baggage eye cream-This is my go to eye cream. It works great. 
Maybelline sky high mascara -I bought this on a whim at Costco. It works really well and makes my lashes look really long. I have been having issues with mascara transferring under my eyes. I am not sure if it is the mascara or my other makeup. 

Have you tried anything new lately? Or emptied anything lately?

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