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Friday, May 29, 2015

foodie friday...popsicles

the calendar says the weather should be warm and sunny. utah missed the memo, and we're having winter or fall or something, but i keep hoping summer will eventually show up. i LOVE popsicles especially when it's hot outside, but i don't love all the sugar. i finally bought some popsicles molds at ikea for way cheap and made them. i love the simplicity (banana, orange, pineapple. blend. pour. freeze) and the no additives. too bad the weather isn't acting like it's popsicle season . i will still probably make more anyway.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

phone dump

when i upgraded to the iphone 6, i didn't really consider getting the 64 g. i could seriously kick myself. i am always out of storage and constantly deleting pictures for more space. there are just a few pictures i can't seem to get rid of even though they are backed up.

with my sister's kids in california

my sister and i went shopping and forgot the stroller so i put kyler in my purse. we still laugh about it
we probably took 50 pictures to get this shot
the finish line of my 10th marathon. it was so hard and such a huge accomplishment
one of my fave jumping pictures from times square
if i'm going to keep this picture from running last summer, i should at least edit to just the shoes
with my sisters
karlee expected me to come back from hawaii dressed in a grass skirt so i bought her a little hula outfit.
this speaks for itself

i also have pictures from a few trips that i just can't seem to delete. i probably need to just clear them all so i actually have some room on my phone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

how we wore it//summer pleats

the last wednesday is easily one of my fave blog days of the month. i love the how we wore it posts so much. we get the inspiration photo and then create our own look based on the photo. 

this month's inspiration
via Memorandum

the great thing about this is we can style the look with whatever fits us. i love the look, but a tucked in shirt with a pleated skirt is not a good look for me. i changed things a little while staying as close as possible to the inspiration photo

old navy top|bella bird skirt|jessica simpson heels|nordstrom bag|mexico bracelet|alex and ani bracelets|michael kors watch|target sunnies
photo credit lauryn

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

blogging the bach 11.2

this season is throwing me off a little. we got home from our weekend in vegas, picked up some dinner, and attempted to start watching. what's with the schedule this season? please tell me we're going back to regularly scheduled programming.
who's watching... tiffany and sage after our long drive in the car. there's potential for some major sass. 
group date 1...i see this ending with a ring
ben h
ben z
what i saw
guys that all look the same 
dudes going all out basically to kill each other
what i heard
i love that they have to work these boys out so they don't have this testosterone match in the house--tiff
justin, something's wrong with his face--sage
kupah's in a relationship with himself-tiff
wrestle in jello or have a jump roping contest or something--tiff
have a pie eating contest. that's my type of contest--sage
oh, first sob story of the season. cue the cheesy music--tiff
i didn't know he's from utah--tiff about justin's son's made up name
they resort back to 4th grade because they can't text--tiff
is she mixing up connection with lust and attraction?--tiff
what i thought
these boys are probably stinky and sweaty
why does this show insist on competition? this does not seem like a good idea.
ben z gets the rose and we're not surprised

one on one..clint...i'll take your breath away
what i saw
clint looks kind of terrible. did he shower?
clint's hair is not ideal for this situation
what i heard
2/2 suckage dates--sage
we didn't have any chemistry before so we just made out to pass the time--tiff
did anyone see how she's holding her wine glass? she needs some etiquette training
what i thought
this date turned out better than i expected and the chemistry picked up a little

group date 2...i'm looking for a man who will stand up for me
what i saw
jj things he's hilar which basically means not funny at all #blesshisheart
some guys are funny. some are not.
tony was so awkward. tony needs to go
kissing. lots and lots of kissing
what i heard 
mark my words. someone is going to make a joke about it being britt--tiff
these guys are as deep as the kitty pool--tiff
tony you should probably have another shot--tiff or a ponytail--sage
embarrassed monkey emoji--tiff about tony
do they? do they all bring something to the table?--tiff
his bulldogs sound a lot like the bachelor mansion--tiff
if he got a quarter for every time he made someone uncomfortable he wouldn't have to do this show because he would be a millionaire--tiff
he and ashley mesa verde would be a perfect match--sage
what i thought
chris was not totally comfortable, but he made the best of it
jj will be around for a while. he's getting a lot of air time. we aren't big fans of him so far.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
jj the dirt bag goes against what they all decided and steals her the first second
what i heard
here comes the boxing gloves again--tiff
don't worry about. she's make out with you in 2 seconds--tiff about kupah
what i thought
jj is definitely the villian
kupah was talking circles and circles and should just leave
kupah forgot the boys aren't in control anymore

clorox beach's bleachable moments campaign is back this season. let's discuss the bleachable moments of the night
tony's standup routine/kupah's convo with kaitlyn

word tally

this to be continued situation is making me crazy. please tell me this isn't going to happen every week. if you blog about the bachelorette, please link up below.

Monday, May 25, 2015

weekend day weekend

I'm moving this week. Leaving town for the long weekend didn't seem like the most responsible thing to do, but after working my buns off I decided it might be  ok. I'm so glad I did. I know I just went to Mexico, but between the stress of moving and other life stresses I needed a break from reality. 
We left Thursday after work to drive to Las Vegas. 
We picked up a few groceries including these Oreos. Have you tried these? Run to the store now!
Sage got a mug that won't smash. 
Our big plans for the weekend included laying out in the sun all weekend long. The weather didn't really cooperate, but we did get a little sun. 
I wasn't as good with the statement necklaces on this trip. 
I keep practicing fake eyelashes. I need more practice. 
The bad weather sent us to the mall. We found some good deals including spring cardigans at Nordstrom. 
Sage wanted to go to the sugar store. She thought for sure it was in Circus Circus. We went in and sure enough it wasn't there. We got some ice cream and watched some people. 
Sage loves the penny slots. 

We made a few plans, but we mostly decided to be spontaneous. We laughed a lot, relaxed, and had the best weekend. 

How was your weekend? Any exciting happs?


Friday, May 22, 2015

summer salad dressing

one of my favorite things about summer is salads for dinner-basically every night. earlier this month i posted about adding strawberries to salad. i love all berries in salad, but i can't always find a good dressing use so i usually make my own.

start with orange vinegar from trader joes as a base. add equal parts olive oil.

squeeze juice from 1 lime
sprinkle garlic powder and minced onions

ingredients are mostly to taste. there's really no right or wrong amounts to use. it's so fresh and light for summer salad.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

blogging the bach 11.1.2

who knew this dang thing was on twice this week?!? i sure didn't, but here we are for the continuation of episode 1.

who's watching: monday night tradish with celsey and co starts up after memorial day. i'm watching with bonnie and friend sarah again for night 2.
what i saw
love love love britt's nails and makeup
love love love kaitlyn's nails
both girls seemed pretty shocked about the winner
what i heard
i think that's horrible of abc. i hope they never do that again.--bonnie
a black welded rose. thank you kind sir. what shall i do with this?--bonnie
they're all acting so tired--sarah
the welder's hot. she can't send him home--bonnie
what i thought
they just sent britt home with no closure. what if some of the guys wanted to follow her?
we all loved kaitlyn asking how britt was doing. not sure why chris harrison said she was totally fine.
it's still way too early to know who's who, but we like the ryan gosling look a like and the dentist.
who's left
shawn-kaitlyn pretty much already picked him (or at least it seemed that way)
chris-the dentist
ben h
kuhpa-who is this dude?
ryan b
corey s
ben z
tanner-what? who is he?
let's talk about the previews
wow! this season seems DRAMATIC. it wouldn't be the bachelorette otherwise. i wonder if things will really happen the way the edit shows. the edit looks like a big disaster of a season. let's hope that's not what really happens.
the after discussion
the previews brought up an interesting discussion about the meaning of sex. do people see it as a big deal that kaitlyn had sex with one of the guys earlier than the fantasy suite? are they freaking out because of what she did or because it wasn't with them? 

what are your thoughts so far? looks like we're in for some man drama.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

wear it problems

i love target! who doesn't right?!? target v neck t-shirts and boyfriend cardigans are my favorite
they're both a main staple in my wardrobe. i have a very casual dress code at work since i sit on the floor with babies and toddlers most of the day. most days i wear a v neck and cardi. they're pretty comfy and can be dressed up a little with a scarf, necklace, etc.
BUT there's a problem...a total first world problem but still a problem.
they don't all fit the same (insert angry face emoji)
i have all of those t shirts above. i actually bought them all a couple of months ago.on the same day. the yellow seems like a completely different size even though they are all the same size. i know there are worse problems, but it's so annoying. the same happens with the cardigans.
i'm the queen of the cardi. i don't really like trying things on in the store so i just buy my regular size (often in many colors) and hope for the best. lately, it's been less than the best. what a pain!
am i the only one with this major first world problem?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

blogging the bach 11.1

it's time for another season of the bachelorette. i am so excited to have megan join me this season for blogging the bach.

before we even get started, this is a link up which can be super fun. if you blog about the bach, we would love for you to link up with us. there really are no rules except no spoilers please. it ruins the fun for everyone.

i am pretty excited for the season and to figure out what on earth is going to happen.
who's watching: celsey and co were busy so i'm watching with blogger friends bonnie and kimberly and bonnie's friend sarah

what i saw
so much awkwardness
love love love britt's makeup
ryan m making a major fool of himself-bad enough that chris harrison sent him home

what i heard
this is going to be so awkward--sarah
why are there so many farmers this season? was chris' season super successful?--kimberly
this is almost as bad  as the guy that got the heart tattoo--sarah 
he's talking to his plants--kimberly about healer
kaitlyn is nervous you can tell--bonnie
he has a little sparkle. are you talking about the earring?--kimberly
he definitely has a black eye. he probably fell doing yoga--kimberly about spiritual healer
i don't like that it's giving the guys so much power--bonnie's husband greg who popped in for a minute

what i thought
why are so many people from nashville?
i like britt...more than most other people like britt. i still think it will be kaitlin but i like britt

first impressions
ben h-britt liked what he said (i missed what he said)
clint-someone needs to help his hair
ryan b-disney princess??? what?
jared-why isn't he looking at her? L for love shirt. throughout the night i kept thinking he was cute until i realized he was the one with the shirt. i can't like him.
brady-another one from nashville
ian-i was going to go for a handshake. has he ever seen this show?
jj-hockey puck
ryan m-drunk very drunk
joe-jar of moonshine
balloon guy
shawn or john
corey-plow the field, 
tony-black eye, healer
shawn e-hot tub car/car pool
chris-cupcake car, chris the dentist is cute
joshua-welder. he's cute
ben z-fitness coach
i missed justin somehow

the whole thing was totally awkward. how did i miss that this thing was 2 nights? i love love love the bach, but i do not love 2 nights of it. 

word tally

i kind of wish they would keep both girls for the season. it would make for some interesting tv. i can't wait to see what happens.

did you watch? what were your thoughts?


Monday, May 18, 2015

weekend happs

the past few weeks have been dragging by so slow, but when i think about may ending soon i can't even believe it. let's start with a few announcements.
as a follow up to friday's post, there's a giveaway over on a prioritized marriage. head on over to enter.
the bachelorette starts tonight. i can't decide what i think about it. i'm exited to see how the format goes. come back tomorrow for another season of blogging the bach.
i am 100% not a movie person. the past couple of years i have seen one movie each year in the theater. i rarely make the time for movies, and even when i really want to see a movie i don't usually. ever since the previews for pitch perfect 2 came out we've been talking about going. sometimes the second movie is a big disappointment..not this time. it was even funnier and better. i can't wait to see it again.
dark theater pictures are not the best
after running on saturday, i spent the whole day packing to get ready to move. it was not fun, but i got so much done. it felt really good to be productive.
i totally got distracted by scrapbooks, letters, and chatbooks. have you tried them yet? use AUBRE653 to get your first book free.
it's been raining non stop here for days. it finally stopped yesterday afternoon long enough to take some pictures. a few of us met at the park for a quick photo shoot. here's a little sneak peek of what i wore for later this month.
photo credit lauryn
how was your weekend? any exciting happs?
ps-i have a fun giveaway over on instagram. check it out.