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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

blogging the bach 11.7

i went to a baseball game last night so i didn't think i would watch until later. i got home from the baseball game, and my roommates had people over to watch. i got tweets and texts and snaps the whole game about the show this week. before i even started, i heard i was going to be bugged.
who's watching...roommates adrienne, mallory, and amanda, amanda's sister and brother in law, her parents, and another friend jeff

we start out where we left off last week...shawn is upset, kaitlyn is crying again
what i saw
shawn's a mess. kaitlyn makes out because that's what she does.
after the 2 on 1 shawn is back for round 2 or maybe 3. who even knows?!?
what i heard
shawn thinks he heard that he's the one. did he really hear that? apparently it was off camera so we have no idea.
he's going to go in there and nick's going to be in there--sister about shawn is in the hall again
who is this guy? he's the emotional hot guy--jeff
what i thought
kaitlyn probably should have told shawn about nick. they're all going to find out eventually right?!? we all know nick has a big mouth so...
i still really like shawn, but he needs to pull it together and fast.

date #1...2 on 1-JJ and Joe
what i saw
is there anything to see besides awkwardness? the 2 on 1 would be awful
what i heard
they have to have roommates? that's terrible--mom
how can she remember how she felt?--sister
how could he be falling in love with her?--sister about joe
she says i don't know a lot--brother in law
for once jj is classy--sister
what i thought
i'm not even a little sad that jj is gone. i'm kind of surprised she didn't send them both home.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
ben z finally got more air time
awkward convo with ben h
shawn sweating bullets at the rose ceremony
what i heard
kaitlyn falling in love is boring--mom
the bachelors are a lot nicer than the bachelorette--mom
turns out i'm awkward when there aren't cameras around. don't you want to fall in love with me?--sister about kaitlyn
this is the slowest season--sister
she talks too much. and kisses--mom
they must be running out of content or something. even though they have millions of hours--brother in law
whoever she chooses, it's not going to last--mom
this is where he wins over all the girls in america--brother in law about ben z
what i thought
i can't believe she kept cupcake over ben z
ben z is headed to bachelor in paradise unless he already has a girlfriend. every girl in america wants to date him now.

what i saw
ireland is beautiful. i suddenly want to go there
what i heard
i want to go to the blarney stone--amanda
how many people have kissed that..eeww--mom
i knew i was doing those road trips wrong--jeff 
chris harrison is just so wise--adrienne
what i thought
chris h comes in after the date and we all wonder what's going on. they're mixing things up this season, and it kind of seems like they've been dragging things out to hurry up and rush it all of a sudden.

one on one with chris
what i saw
remember all the scarves from andi's season?!? they're back
kaitlyn is a mess. chris is a mess. everyone this season is a mess.
what i heard
she doesn't like him--amanda and then jeff
do they tell them what to say--jeff and then he recites all the standard lines
he's going to have to wait there for days until another helicopter comes--mom
i bet cupcake's on bachelor in paradise--adrienne
he's going to hate himself when he sees this--adrienne
they probably told him to act like that--mom
what i thought
i was a little surprised chris made it this long

final quotes
well, they roped me for next week--jeff
doesn't every guy know how to drive a standard--mom

no word tally this week
i still hate the format, but i do like the idea of fantasy suites before hometowns. i wonder if this will be a permanent change. what did you think of this week? who else is going home? i predict either nick or joe.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

weekend happs

sometimes i jam pack my weekends so much that i barely feel like i had a weekend, and other times i keep things a little lower key. this weekend was the perfect mix of both. i packed saturday super full, but the rest of the weekend was pretty low key.

i have work off this week for summer break so i ended up working late on friday to wrap things up before the break. i can't enjoy the break if i have lingering things that need to be done.
i started off the day on saturday with the longest run i have done in months. i usually like to keep a 13 mile base, but that just hasn't happened lately. it was hot and hard, and i'm glad i did it. hopefully i can keep my base up this high instead of slipping back down. they're super hard to see in this picture, but i got the best new shorts at old navy. they're short enough to keep me having a heat stroke and long enough to prevent my thighs from rubbing together.
i did a few chores and spent the rest of the day at the pool with sage. i love summer and sun and heat, but it is getting a little extreme. it was so hot that sage's phone case melted.
i noticed a random carnival in a parking lot while driving home the other night. people watching is one of my fave things ever, and a random parking lot carnival is the perfect place. we took some pictures, ate funnel cake, and watched the carnie crowds.

by the time we left we were thoroughly entertained.
sunday was pretty low key. i had church in the morning, a meeting, and a relaxing rest of the day. i did spend a few hours on the phone catching up with a friend. i know some people hate talking on the phone, but i really love it.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs? was it jam packed or low key?

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Friday, June 26, 2015

family time

i've talked about living far away from my immediate and extended family. i do live far away from my immediate family, but i actually live fairly close to a lot of extended family. i live about an hour away from many of my mom's cousins, yet i never see them or their families.

my mom's aunt passed away last week. she was old, and her health was failing. although it is sad to lose loved ones, everyone agrees that it was her time to go, and she is in a much better place. although we mourn the loss, it was also a happy time to reunite with family. my grandparents, and aunt and uncle came up. we also got to spent the day with my mom's cousins-people i haven't seen for years. it was fun to get re-acquainted with them and catch up on their lives. even though i don't see them often, i'm grateful for my very extended family.
my mom's cousins (does that make them my 1st cousins once removed?)
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

denim quilt

a whole lot of years ago i started saving and cutting out denim to make a denim quilt someday. i needed some uniformity, but i decided to make varying sized blocks which made the sewing a little tricky but also covered some mistakes. i cut and cut and cut for several years and finally had enough variation of squares to make the quilt. i bought a sewing machine for the purpose of making this quilt and learned to sew. i don't recommend a denim quilt as a beginner sewing project, but i don't usually do things the easy way. i learned a lot of about sewing and finally got all the denim sewn together. it sat for a few more years before i finally decided what to do with the other side.

i knew i didn't want flannel, and i wanted it to match the funky denim side. i picked out my fabric, and it sat. i finally cut all the squares, and it sat. i finally sewed the back together, and it sat. when chocolate dipped quilts opened a few years ago, i won a quilting giveaway so no more sitting. logan did the best job. she used pink thread to quilt, and i absolutely love the way it turned out.

the quilt has been finished for a couple of years, and it has still been sitting...until last week when i finally used it for the first time. it was so much work i have been a little scared to use it. does that ever happen to you? are you afraid to use your nice things? i'm going to a baseball game next week, and i might just use it again.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

how we wore it//keepin' it casual

even though summer technically only started this week, i am having severe anxiety about it ending. one of my fave posts (how we wore it) of the whole month comes at the end of the month. that's today which means june is almost over. we all take the same look and come up with our own take on the look. when i go the email with this inspiration photo for this month, i started to panic a little. after looking in my closet i realized i have all the basics of this outfit.
Robyn Vilate

even with all the proper pieces, this look turned into a bit of a disaster for me. i made the big mistake of taking my photos on my way to the pool. so...i'm wearing a swimsuit instead of proper underclothing. it's not good. i considered dropping out, but this is real life. life isn't always glamorous or as well put together. this look had a lot of potential, but my execution fell a little short.

 look #1 wasn't going so well so i changed back into my swim skirt and toms

i can't wait to see how everyone else styled this look.
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Kyla at FordOlogy
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Kalyn at Geez Louise
Rachel at Rachel Sayumi
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

blogging the bach 11.6

once again i don't have a clue what happened last week, and i don't really care. i'm ready to move on, and spending the first half hour finishing up last week is just annoying. i hope they get rid of this format after this season.
who's watching...celsey and amanda and a few comments from husband shawn

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw 
love kaitlyn's look. her extensions look great and make me want some
why didn't they fix joshua's hair? he looks ridiculous
what i heard
i can't wait for him to be on men tell all--amanda about ian
you don't come out of this being the bachelor when you're a d bag--cel
i don't even know your name--cel about the guy that was so confident that he was getting a rose
i can't take you serious as a grown man when you look like the kid from boy meets world--cel about nick
what i thought
if ian is the bachelor, i will stop watching
shawn needs to get his jealousy in check

date #1...nick
what i saw 
totally planned out makeout sesh against the wall x2
nick and kaitlyn are just gross
what i heard
he's wearing lucky charms pants. they're peter pan pants. he looks like he's wearing tights--cel
they would be like the ben and courtney. they wouldn't last--cel
half this show is this guy--shawn walked in and added this one liner
he's like arie. all they do is kiss, and there's no time for conversation--cel
what i thought
i didn't have a lot of respect for kaitlyn before and even less for nick, but now i have none for either. how is she ever going to recover from this? they kind of deserve each other although i don't really think they will end up together.

date #2...tanner, ben z, shawn, jared, ben h, chris
what i saw 
the guys looking pretty hot all dressed up
shawn talking to production--how did we miss his alone time with kaitlyn? or is he just talking about their one on one date last week?
what i heard
i do like his attitude. i do not like his facial hair--cel about jared
she raised her flask--cel
ok everything brings out a romantic side in you except birds--cel
he needs to stop drinking when he's super emotional--cel about shawn
shawn's not going to be the bachelor because he's too big of a baby--amanda
what i thought
i could see ben z being the bachelor
i really like shawn a lot, but he isn't the only one on this show. he's turning into britt a little bit. hopefully he pulls it together.

word tally

i'm certainly not loving this season. the cliffhangers are killing me. i like a lot of the guys, but we barely see them. i never purposely look at spoilers, but i'm about to this season. how are you feeling about this season?

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Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend happs...sleepover

ever since our trip to mexico, we've been planning a sleepover. we had so much fun on our trip, and we didn't want the fun to end. we talked and talked and talked about it, and it finally came. we had so much fun, and like the mexico trip, we didn't want it to end.
we started out with dinner at goodwood. 
after dinner we went to menchie's for frozen yogurt. the place was crazy busy. we sat outside and talked and laughed. it was the perfect summer night and we were all so happy.
by the time we got back to tiffany and sage's house, we were pretty tired. we stayed up and talked for a while, but everyone was pretty ready for bed. laurann brought us all new statement necklaces from texas. mine is zebra striped so i put it on for a stripes on stripes on stripes picture. 
i got up saturday morning and went running. we ran a different direction on a familiar trail, and i loved it so much. i get bored doing the same thing all the time so the change was great for me. 
i came back to the house, and laurann made waffles for breakfast. perks of having a friend that own a waffle company.

we spent the rest of the day at the pool. the weather was perfect-hot and sunny. 

we went to dinner, and they all went to a movie. 

we joked that sleepovers aren't just for kids, but really we had so much fun. some people really like to live alone and have their alone time, but i really love being around my friends all of the time. even though i was only 20 minutes from home, it was the perfect overnight getaway.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

unblogged people

I had the best time a few weekends ago with a few girls from work. In complete blogger failure, this is the only picture we have. We met for dinner at a Thai place I've been wanting to try. The food was meh, but the chit chat was my fave. The group was a mix of a few current co-workers, a former co-worker and their friend. I know some like to keep a strictly professional boundary with co-workers. While that's best for some, I am so grateful for my friendships with co-workers including managers. 
After dinner we saw Pitch Perfect. It was just as funny if not funnier the second time. It's one of those movies I'll probably watch over and over again. 
Between the stress of moving and the dreary raining weather we were having, a night with the girls was exactly what I needed. 
What are your thoughts on socializing with co-workers?

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

travel bug

ever since i got back from mexico, i have a serious travel bug. i love utah, and i love my life. but i seriously want to get the heck out of here all the time. i can't complain too much. since being back i went to vegas for memorial. i'm going out of town this weekend to see my parents, and i have a trip planned to california. still i'm dreaming about going somewhere else.

doesn't this make you want to get the heck out of wherever you are?!? lucky for you. now is your chance.

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  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

wear it wednesday...accessories

**i received a subscription to rocksbox in exchange of this post**
i love accessories, and i kind of want to buy them all the time. the problem is i already have so many. my previous organization system isn't working at my new house so i just have stuff everywhere. i love to have options, but the mess of it all is starting to be a big problem. i need to think about getting rid of some stuff rather than adding to my collection.
i've been hearing about rocksbox for several months. i love the idea of getting a few pieces in the mail, wearing them until i'm ready for something new, and sending them back. 
i am finally fairly settled in my new place. until i figure out a new organization system, i really shouldn't permanently add to my accessory collection. rocksbox is perfect. i get 3 pieces of jewelry personally picked for me. i wear them as long as i want. i can purchase any of the pieces or send them back and exchange for 3 more pieces. i came home to the cutest little package in the mail selected just for me. i can't wait to bust into this package and wear all my new jewels.
stay tuned to see what came in my box and how i style them. do you want to try rocksbox? use code aubreyzarubaxoxo for a one month trial.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

blogging the bach 11.5

megan and i are back for another week of blogging the bach. i say this every week, but the to be continued situation this season is on my nerves. it kind of makes me forget what even happened last week. the rose ceremonies seem to take up 1/2 the show.

who's and sage

not a date
what i saw
boys sitting around
what i heard
nick wants respect (he said so multiple times)
what shirt is he wearing? it looks like he stole it from his niece.--sage about nick
what i thought
no one really likes nick except kaitlyn

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
kaitlyn expects all the guys to be fine with nick, and they're obviously not
what i heard
just think..soon someone will get a home run with her--tiff
nice bracelets nick. did you get those at friendship camp?--tiff
is it opposite day?--tiff
what i thought
she obviously was going to keep nick
shawn is mad and probably said too much. hopefully his pretty face can save him.

date #1..ben h let's take our love one step at a time
what i saw
poor ben h is struggling with the dancing
what i heard
it's never a good sign when they have to interview the locals--tiff
what i thought
does anyone know exactly what they were talking about? it seemed like a bunch of circles. whatever he said or didn't say made her happy.

date #2..justin, jared, ian, chris, tanner, joe, jj, ben z, joshua, nick..i love a man in uniform
what i saw
ridiculous outfits
i'm so embarrassed for some of these guys
what i heard
this is like fear factor--sage
he could really go for a haircut--tiff he could go for a stylist--sage about nick
he's a fruit fly. you just want to swat at it and squish it--sage about nick
i'm uncomfortable again--tiff
what i thought
i don't really have any better ideas, but the competitions this season are no bueno.
nick totally has a leg up because he knows what kind of shenanigans he can get away with.
i'm not even sure what to think about the haircut.
joshua needs to get over it with nick. talking to the girl about another guy never goes well.
kaitlyn is really starting to frustrate me. joshua definitely was stupid for what he said, but she completely twisted his words. she likes drama, and i'm getting a little tired of it. maybe she and nick really are a good fit for each other.

date #3..shawn
what i saw
ryan gosling with a matthew mcconaughey voice
what i heard
the first falling in love
lots of talk about roses
what i thought
we don't usually find out in week 5 who the final rose goes to. i doubt it will be shawn in the end.
shawn for bachelor

word tally (according to sage)

what did you think this week? will shawn get the final rose? who is going home this week? i can't wait to see what megan has to say.
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