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Friday, August 29, 2014

foodie friday...bbq chicken cups

one of my favorite things to cook in the crockpot is bbq chicken. it's so easy and tastes so good. after eating it for several days in a row, it's time to mix things up a little.
cooked and shredded bbq chicken
rhodes rolls, premade pizza crust, etc
fill muffin tin with premade bread
fill with bbq chicken
top with cheese
bake per directions
these are so good and so easy. let me know if you make them.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

B is for Bailey

i haven't posted many crafts lately, and that's mostly because i haven't been doing many crafts. i have been so busy with other things. there's never enough time left for craft projects. i have a few fun things in the works to share eventually.
i made this B sign for my neighbor's baby gift. it is so simple to make and so cute. i love giving handmade gifts, and i especially love gifts that are simple and quick.
paper mache letter from craft store
spray pain
fabric (for rosette)
pearl or other beads
hot glue

1. spray paint letter (it will probably take 2 coats)
2. make rosette out of fabric. use decorative pearl or other beads in center
3. fold a small piece of lace and glue rosette on top
voila you're done.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sick Day

First things first. I missed all but the last 10 minutes of the bach last night. What happened? Fill me in...
Besides this. I saw lots of this on insta. 

had a lot of ideas for a post today-next set of #jjdailyphotochallenge outfits, the recipe for the individual 7 layer dip from Monday's post, or even my crazy day yesterday, BUT my computer decided to freak way out last night. I'm calling in sick. I'll be back tomorrow with something good. 

PS-I'm at the gym posting from my phone. Let it Go just came on so adios yesterday. So happy for a new day. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.4

i had a few things going on today so i couldn't make any plans to watch with anyone.  my roommate julia was in the living room working on some stuff. she's not a big bach fan so she had some great things to say.

i thought i was really going to love this show. i do love it, but it's not exactly what i expected. the dates are weird. we never really see what happens. the show feels totally disjointed. maybe it will make more sense when it's all over or when we know the point of the whole thing.

"i said of course..hello"--sarah (maybe she can finally get out of the friend zone)
"what did i do wrong?"--michelle (you gave your rose to marquel)
"it's really hard for me to help you get ready for a date with a guy i'm interested in, but i'll make your braid look amazing" (classic michelle money. love it)
"oh michelle. i forgot about her" --robert (really? after 1 day you forgot about her?)
"there's something about the ocean that makes you vulnerable"--sarah (especially on the bach)
"say eggs all in 1 basket 1 more time"--roommate julia
"i respect what you and zack have"--cody "i respect what you've had for what like 5 days" --roommate julia
"no one is sure about anything"--roommate julia
"this date is more about me"--kalon (oh wow. here we go)
"i'm zero percent attracted to kalon"--sarah
"re fall in love with myself"--kalon (did he really just say that? the rest of the date later we realize he did in fact say and mean that)
blah blah blah--jesse "shes's an idiot"--julia about jackie
"i'm surprised there's not a camera on us"--ashlee (there are cameras everywhere. it seems like everyone knows that except ashlee)
" i work really hard on my character"--ashlee (except when she's saying crap about someone)
"i want to lay on the beach and work on our tans..."--cody 


WHAT I SAW...on twitter

TO BE CONTINUED...ugh! (i wasn't prepared for that)

what did everyone think?

Monday, August 25, 2014

blogging the paradise viewing fiesta

we all know i'm obsessed with the bachelor. i love the show, but i love watching with people even more. kyla has the most perfect party house. since bachelor is paradise is in mexico, we decided to have a fiesta to celebrate the first episode. the show is a big hot mess full of entertainment. the food was amazing, and watching with friends is so much fun.

mucho thanks to kyla for hosting us.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

ALS ice bucket challenge

when the ice bucket challenge started making its way around social media, i didn't know what to think. i've read all kinds of comments about the challenge. some people support it, and some people don't. after reading this post written by the wife of a man with ALS, i made up my mind. i support this challenge. i happily participated. i happily gave a donation to a good cause. we may not all agree with this challenge, but i think we can all agree that raising awareness and raising money are good things.

have you done the ice bucket challenge? what are your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

just say no

hi this is aubrey, and i have a problem. the problem is i can't say no. i guess that's not entirely true. i can say no to bad things like drugs and crime and other bad things. what i can't say no to is people.
google image

 if you ask me to do something, i will say yes every single time even at my own expense. i will say yes even if i don't have time. i will say yes even if i have no idea how i'm going to pull it off. i really do love helping people. it makes me really happy. for the most part i sincerely want to say yes, but there are a few times when i should probably just say no. i over commit myself and then get really stressed. one of my big goals this year is to have more balance in my life. in order to achieve that balance, sometimes i just have to say no, and that's ok.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.3

a couple of years ago, celsey and i had a weekly tradition (monday night tradish) of dinner and the bach. life has been crazy, and we don't live by each other anymore. monday night tradish kind of went away, but we brought it back this week. we started the night with a delicious dinner-asparagus chicken, zucchini, and olive oil noodles. i love love love watching the bach with celsey and her husband shawn (even though he pretends like he doesn't care).

WHAT I HEARD (so many good things watching with friends)
"is he wearing a wife beat?"--celsey (i'm not the only one that abbreviates everything. and yes, graham was wearing a wife beater)
"you are trouble" --chris about elise (we all know he is equal amounts of trouble)
michelle was talking and talking, but we were too distracted by her headpiece to really know what she was saying.
"really? you knew of me?"--marquel to danielle (he does realize he was just on the very most recent season of the bach right?!?)
the next few quotes from chris and elise definitely don't need any commentary from me
"it's a night date so stuff could happen"--chris
"chris is the perfect prince charming"--elise
"you showed me you were ready to take on anything"--elise (is she referring to her crazy self?)
"i'm ready to get down and dirty"--chris (please tell me i heard that wrong. except i'm pretty sure i didn't because he played it a couple of times to make sure)
"i want to be able to enjoy her behind closed doors"--chris
"chris is truly a gentleman"--elise right after chris' line above (i'm sure she really didn't say it right after, but the edit sure made it seem like it)
"she bugs the crap out of me. all she does is whine"--shawn about sarah (i really like sarah a lot, but she isn't really doing well on this show yet. it looks like things might get better for her next week)
"michelle is not put together. she's a hot mess"--celsey (we love her, but she's a total mess)
"i've seen girls fall this hard this fast. just not usually twice in 2 weeks)--sarah worrying about elise
"there are more wifebeaters on this show than i've ever seen. except at nascar"--celsey
"clare's dad is a turtle. not quite"--celsey
"i don't want to sound crazy"--ashlee right after telling graham she follows his instagram and really likes him

WORD TALLY (i cut out some words this week)
journey...0(this show is much less of a journey than the bach

WHAT I SAW (on twitter)

this show is a disast, but i love it. can't wait to see what happens next week. are you watching? did i miss anything?

Friday, August 15, 2014

#jjdailystylechallenge days 11-15

my posting schedule for the daily style challenge has gotten a little bit off this week, but i'm fixing that today.
day 11...summer whites
gap outlet cardi|ross top|old navy shorts|old navy shoes
day 12...braid
nordstrom cardi|gap outlet dress|forever 21 leggings, target sandals

day 13...plaid/gingham
funny story-i went to dinner in day 12 outfit. the power went out during dinner. i spilled tomato soup while eating in the dark. naturally it landed on the white stripe. i came home and took the dress off to clean it. a guy comes to the door so i grab the first thing i could find. it happened to be this gingham shirt.

day 14...pool/beach looks (i was supposed to go to the pool, but the weather had other plans)

day 15...tropical (i had something else i could have worn, but my activities of the day-interviews and helping cater a wedding luncheon) didn't go with the schedule for the day
gap outlet cardi, target dress, ny&co shoes

this challenge is good. it keep me thinking and shopping my closet.

foodie friday...more zucchini

about half way through the day on wednesday i realized i did something else with zucchini and forgot to include it in my WHAT WOULD YOU DO post.
i'm loving roasted vegetables lately.
1. chop up a bunch of your favorite vegetables
2. mix together with avocado oil, salt, minced onion, and garlic powder
3. bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes

i still want to know what you would do with zucchini.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

surviving 30x30 on vacation and days 6-10 of #jjdailystylechallenge

it's been several months since i've done a 30x30 clothing challenge. every time i do people think i'm crazy. before i did it the first time, i thought it was pretty crazy too. i have a heckuva lotta clothes. how on earth was i supposed to limit myself to 30 pieces for one whole month? well, it was a lot easier than i thought it would be. since it's thursday, let's have a little throwback to the first time i did 30x30-may 2013 (the time i spent 1/2 the month in the virgin islands). people think a fashion challenge on vacation is a terrible idea, and i completely disagree. it makes packing so much easier.
if you're considering a 30x30 fashion challenge while on vacation, i have one simple tip for you...
pick 29 pieces and make piece #30 a swimsuit/cover up. i counted all swim suits and cover ups as 1 item. it was perfect. there were several days on the trip that my outfit for the day was a swim suit and cover up.
linking up with justjacq for today's pool/beach looks for triple threat
since we're talking about fashion, i've got my next set of outfits from #jjdailystylechallenge

day 6...animal print (i guess i forgot to take a camera pic that day)
scarf-gift|nordstrom cardi|target v neck|kohls skinnies|gap outlet shoes

day 7-statement jewelry
walmart bella bird cardi|banana republic top|walmart bella bird skirt|gap outlet shoes|blooms & co necklace

day 8-colorful shoes (these are my fave and they're about to break)
nordstrom cardi|old navy v|gap outlet skinnies|target shoes

day 9-pink (i seriously washed and styled my hair and got dressed just for the pic. i went to the pool after)
old navy top and shorts|target wedges

day 10-maxi dress/skirt (i have a couple of maxi dresses and a few skirts, but i wasn't in love with any of them this day)
nordstrom cardi|target dress|new york&co shoes

the first few weeks of the challenge were pretty easy. the prompts are getting a little trickier for me. come back next week for a funny story that ended in a gingham shirt.

have you done a fashion challenge? it's not too late to jump on this one.