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Friday, October 31, 2014

flashback friday...halloween through the years

everyone loves a good flahsback friday post right?!? i basically only like dressing up for halloween when it involves a group costume and costs less than $10. i've been pretty successful over the years.

i can't find the group pic anywhere, but there were 5-6 oompa loomps walking around 

by far the best costume of my entire life
 sample anyone?
 the dance troop included 2 males, lots of sparkle, and a choreographed dance
 thankfully my co-workers go along with my ideas.

recycled flight attendant costume for youth dance. i can't find pictures from round #1.

tetris complete with music with the co-workers last year

last year's 3 little pigs costume with my co-workers

and this year's costume...
iphone apps

do you have any good group costumes?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

halloween home tour

how is it already halloween tomorrow? i got my decorations up plenty early, but it still feels like the holiday should be weeks away still. i love all the holidays, and decorating is my favorite part. the lighting in my house isn't the best, and i have a terrible red accent wall which makes picture taking difficult. 

do you decorate for halloween?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

mouse trap food truck

all summer everyone local has been posting pics of food truck thursday. i kept meaning to go but never made it. the food truck craze hit utah big time, and there are so many good options. bri planned a fun, casual blogger night with the mouse trap truck. they brought some of their favorites and suggested we try it all. it was a really laid back evening of good food, time for catching up with friends, and an opportunity to make new friends. fall has been absolutely amazing this year, and it was probably one of the last warm enough to do an event in the park nights this year.

huge thanks to 
bri for planning such a fun event
mouse trap for providing the delicious food
les dedrickson photography for the pics (since i completely failed on that)

have you tried any food trucks? if you're local, what's your fave?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

mummy cake

when i started getting the soccer ball cake ready to decorate this summer, it totally looked like a mummy. thankfully it ended up looking more like a soccer ball than a mummy, but it gave me a great idea for halloween.
i had to take a dessert to a halloween party at church on saturday, and the mummy cake was the perfect thing. it is definitely one of the easiest cakes i have ever done. i was in a major rush but didn't even have to stress about it. 
i was really happy with the cake, but it needed a little something else for the display. i searched my scrap fabric and found some white tulle and green/white fabric. it was the perfect touch to the cake.
i haven't made a cake for a while. every time i do, i remember how much i enjoy it.


Monday, October 27, 2014

weekend happs

i try not to wish my life away waiting for the next fun thing, but i often find myself saying "i can't wait for ___". weekdays get crazy and busy and a lot of times i think "i can't wait for the weekend." this weekend was full of fun.
the weekend got off to a good start. i'm not a movie person at all. the last movie i saw in the theater was frozen with my niece and nephews last christmas break. i have a short attention span for movies, but i knew i wanted to see meet the mormons. i thought it was very well done, and i'm glad i saw it.
saturday started off with a beautiful fall fun. it's a tradition to run to liberty park several times in the fall. the leaves are beautiful, and several of the ladies stop and make leaf angels.
the leaves are really yellow this year, they are so pretty, but i really love the red and orange leaves. the sun shining through this tree was the prettiest i have seen all season.
after running i hurried to breakfast for my friend's birthday. after breakfast we decided to go to jdawgs. i hate hot dogs and never ever eat them ever-not even camping except j dawgs. it seems so gross, but they're actually really good. it's a little ridiculous that we ate breakfast and lunch all within an hour. it made for a lot of laughs.
we had the church halloween party. i made a cake. it was one of the easiest cakes ever (more to come tomorrow). the party was a little crazy, but everyone had fun.
i dressed up as a runner (not my best work for sure) and totally forgot to take a picture.
i came home from the party to my pink polish swap package from amberley. the swap was for breast cancer awareness. i love what i got and can't wait to use it.
i've been waiting all year for this mummy nail again. even though i was pretty tired, i went to laurann's house to get my nails done for halloween. the mummy is my favorite.
sunday is my favorite. the little tykes started learning the first noel at church, and it made me really excited for the holidays. i had fresh dill from my friend's garden, i made garlic/dill potatoes and lemon dill chicken. it was clean and healthy and delicious.

the weekend was really good. it was fun, busy, relaxing, and productive. i'm ready for a new week.

how was your weekend. any exciting happs?

Friday, October 24, 2014

all about the blog v. 1

when you're a blogger, all the crazy things about blogging just make sense.
when you're not a blogger, none of it makes sense.

in an attempt to make a little sense of all the craziness, i'm starting a new series...all about the blog.
photo credit kaycie e photography
i talked about balance a few days ago, and a lot of people probably think my life would be more balanced if i just gave up blogging. it's not that simple. yes, i would have more time if i stopped blogging, but i would be giving up a lot of things too.
yes, blogging takes time and effort and money (yes i pay money and sometimes make money). it's hard work, but it's something i really enjoy. although enjoyment is a great reason to do something, it's not the only reason i blog. blogging can be tough sometimes, but it has some definite perks. amberly and i are talking blogging perks over on her blog today. head on over to find out why i keep up this crazy blogging thing.
do you blog? what are some of the perks?
if you don't blog, what are some of the perks to your hobbies?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

friend dinner at home

our friend beth moved back home to florida over the summer. she was a in town a couple of weeks ago, and it provided the perfect occasion to get everyone together. last time we all got together, we all met at a restaurant. it was loud and chaotic and difficult to visit with everyone. this time nettie invited us all to her house. that was the best idea. we all brought parts of the meal. it was so much easier to catch up with everyone, and no one felt pressured to hurry and leave. 

next time you want to get together with friends, i highly suggest considering dinner at home.