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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Beauty Time Tuesday-recent empties

I really love getting rid of things. There is something so satisfying about using something until it is all the way gone. Ever since I started empties post, it is even more satisfying to see all of the things I have recently emptied. 

Bath and Body Works body cream-I love this body cream although this isn’t my favorite scent. 
Suave dry shampoo-The was the first dry shampoo I ever used, and I loved it. I got sick of it for several years and decided to try it again. It is ok. 
Ahava lotion-This came from FabFitFun. It worked well and I like it fine. 
Deep sleep body cocoon-Another FabFitFun item. This product was ok but not my favorite. The smell wasn’t my favorite, and I honestly didn’t notice much benefit from using it.  
Native deodorant -LOVE. After trying a few different brands of natural deodorant, Native is by far my favorite. 
Olaplex system-I heard a lot about Olaplex but kind of thought it was mostly for blondes. I was definitely wrong. I love the hair mask and the shampoo and conditioner. They smell great and work well. I would definitely buy it again. 
Panache moisturizer-Teresa created these products as a solution for all for all of the chemicals in our products. They are all so nice and work great. 
Estée Lauder night serum-I got this complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. It lasted for much longer than I expected for a sample size. It felt so nice on my skin, and I am happy I got to try it.  
Lancôme difinicils mascara-I love this mascara so much. 

Are you like me? Do you love emptying things?

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Blogging the Bach season 17

This season has for better or worse been interesting. I have had a lot of commentary, but most of it hasn’t been written down anywhere. I watched the first couple of episodes with Celsey, went to Brenna’s birthday party for the 3rd episode and watched the next couple by myself on HULU. 

The whole Clare situation was unlike nothing we have ever seen. I am happy she found love. I wish her all the best, and I am happy to be done with her part of the season. So far I really like Tayshia, and it’s been fun to have a whole new storyline. 

Brenna planned the cutest most fun birthday cocktail party. We all dressed up for the first time in forever and enjoyed delicious food, yummy drinks, Brenna trivia, and watched Bachelorette together. Every detail was perfect and it was so much fun. 
With the birthday girl 

Jemaica, Brenna, Natasha, Jenny

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