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Friday, May 27, 2016

dreaming about a someday home

**this post is sponsored by plumb tile. all opinions are my own

about a year ago i started thinking maybe it was time to be a grown up and buy a house/townhouse/condo. things in life were a little up in the air so i put the hold on hold for a while. by the time things were less up in the air, i kind of lost my steam. 
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there are a lot of things that appeal to me about owning my own place-no more throwing away money on rent, decorative freedom, my own space, etc.

there are equally as many things that don't appeal to me-fixing things when they break, yard work, a mortgage. 

i don't really like to be alone. i have always had roommates, and i like that. if i owned the place, i don't know if i would want to other people living there. i am too particular about things when i have control over them. this is one of the biggest reasons i haven't ever done it. 

the thing i like the most is being able to do whatever i want with decor. i buy things all the time for when i have my own place. i have so many things in storage waiting to be used someday.

i love going to the parade of homes, browsing pinterest, and taking other mental notes about what i want someday. 


i LOVE color, but i am leaning more and more towards a home with a neutral pallet. i will likely still bring in accent colors, but more neutral tones appeal to me more and more lately. i love brights and whites and lights. it is so clean and crisp and the look i currently love.
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i recently discovered plumb tile. it makes me want to build a house. there are so many options to choose from for the perfect home. they offer everything from kitchen to bathroom to other rooms in the home. i never thought i would want to build. the stress of it all seems like too much for me, but tis is really making me reconsider.
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**this post is sponsored by plumb tile. all opinions are my own**

Thursday, May 26, 2016

bon's bookclub-another book i didn't read

i got the checking to see who is coming to book club text from bonnie earlier this week. even though book club is the 4th tuesday of every month, it catches me by surprise every single time. my response this month was pretty classic-"can i still come if i don't even know what book we're reading?" 

the book this month is nineteen minutes by jody picoult. before tuesday night, i knew nothing about the book. 
the group is small enough and diverse enough that we actually talk a lot about the book. the discussion was very interesting. i still don't know a lot about the book, but there was some shootings in a high school by one (or maybe multiple) of the students that had experienced a lot of bullying.
we talked about the book and characters people identified with the most and characters that we disliked the most and which voice we liked. it was a good discussion about the book.

we also talked a lot about bullying. have things changed since we were in high school? there is obviously much more social media influence and cyber bullying, but what about everything else. what exactly is bullying? do we all identify it the same way? i have a lot of thoughts on the subject of bullying, but i really want to know what everyone else thinks.

as always, book club was enlightening and i enjoyed catching up with these ladies.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

what would you do...with pineapple?

we're a week late on our what would you do linkup this month. that's pretty consistent with my life right now-running about a week behind. better late than never right?!?

this month tayler, suzanna, sharlee, and i want to know...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with pineapple?

i love pineapple! lately i have been buying the pre-cut pineapple. it is so easy to eat, and i don't waste so much pineapple sitting on the counter and never being cut.

i don't love plain greek yogurt. i eat it because it's good for me. i am constantly trying to find ways to make it taste a little better. for this post i added frozen pineapple from trader joes and cinnamon. i wouldn't say it was delicious, but it was less gross.

i also love infusing water with fruit. pineapple is one of my favorites. it adds so much flavor.

there are so many more good things to do with pineapple. we want to know..
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...this pineapple?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

blogging the bach 11.1

we are all so excited for this season of the bachelorette to start. we've been group texting for weeks and reading all the funny things online. did anyone see the funny article about the men and their shirts?

who's watching: celsey, alicia, lacy, amanda, megan, and mandi
intro to jojo
did she have some work done?
did she change her makeup?
she lost weight
she must be hungry
intro to guys
if you want to not like a guy, picture his hairy thighs--cel
is he from utah?--amanda about the superfan
he looks like he's wearing blush--megan
that guy looks like he has ED. look at his shoes--mandi
he's hot. nevermind he's not--amanda
first impressions
jordan (former quarterback)
ya he's hot--amanda
i hate the former things--megan
grant (firefighter)
plans to fall in love
robby (former swimmer)
brought wine
alex (marine)
he's short and he can't even find a suit to fit--alicia
will (engineer)
at least he has a real job--amanda
he looks like an engineer--mandi
chad (luxury real estate)
they could do the next hbo show together--amanda
daniel (canadian)
he was awkward--amanda
are those his real teeth--amanda
i need him to get his brows just a little bit--megan
james taylor
he probably should find another job--alicia
how do you know she does not already know how to play?--mandi
jon in a kilt
it's a little breezy--cel
saint nick
i hate santa. he's old and fat and married. i'm hot and single. don't be sneaking into my house--mandi
if you don't like santa in this house, you get underwear--cel
is he saying jojo instead of hoho?--mandi
chase (medical sales)
jake (landscape architect)
so he's a glorified lawn boy--megan
sal with the blue balls
coley (real estate)
ew his tongue came out--amanda
brandon (hipster)
he's gross. why? why?--mandi
james (superfan)
nick s-dancing
i'm a little worried about any guy that can do the splits--cel
get out of here. go back where you came from--megan
evan (ED)
wells DJ
all 4 one
there's a reason he's wearing a helmet--mandi
you should put that helmet back on--megan
luke on a unicorn
we missed his intro
what i saw
definite connection with jordan
chad is cute too
drunken shenanigans
what i heard
i never thought i would say this, but these guys look better in pictures--cel
that was like kissing your grandma--cel
why is everyone wasted?--megan
have you never watched this show? don't drink so much--cel
there is nothing sexy about finding out what someone looks like under a costume--amanda
listen abc. we're tired. we started this an hour late--cel after jake shows up
what i thought
there are a few good ones and a few not so good
who's left: jordan, luke, wells, james t, chris, derek, christian, chase, alex, robby, brandon, james f, ali, santa, vinny, kevin, daniel (collective no)
word tally (we probably missed a few, but things were a little noisy tonight)
i could see myself-3
what are your thoughts this season?

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Monday, May 23, 2016

weekend happs

the end of last week was a bit of a booty kicker. i was so excited for the weekend to just relax and regroup a little bit. that's exactly what the weekend was, and it was perfect.

i went to the temple after work on friday. it was actually totally packed, and i couldn't get in for what i planned to do. i decided to take a little time to sit and read and ponder and be still. last week was really busy, and i needed some time to just be still.

i spent the evening with friends which included a good chat with a friend, pop rocks, people eating candy rats, bacon and wasabi gum, and flash tattoos. i mostly caught up on work.

the weather wasn't the best for running on saturday, but we stuck it out anyway. renae and i lasted until the very end. her husband tried to come pick us up a couple of times, but we wouldn't let him. we had a really fun time and didn't realize how cold and wet we were until the end.

i got some things done around the house and ran some errands before meeting some friends to get our nails done. i like painting my nails, but it's always nice when someone else does it.

the rest of the weekend was pretty low key. i worked on some fun projects and pictures that i can't wait to share.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

blogging the bachelorette 11.0

the bachelorette starts next week. who is excited! monday night tradish is in full force over here. we've had a fun time during the break between seasons, but we are pretty excited for the new season to start. 

the list of guys has been posted so we spent a little time looking at the guys. based on looks only, this is our who to watch list.

my pick-Ali
celsey and alicia-derek

who's on your list of guys to watch?
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Monday, May 16, 2016

summer is coming

***this post was compensated by product peel. all opinions are my own***

summer is my season! i love love love it so much. i am so excited for warmer weather and sun and the pool and bbqs and everything else fun. we're still in the season of back and forth here in utah so i get all excited and then it's freezing again.
whenever the season's change, i have a hard time remembering what to wear or what i need for the season. it's been winter here for so long that i have almost forgotten how to do summer. i recently discovered product peel-a place to go to find out all about the products people are using to get ready for summer. people share their real life experiences prepping for summer. i love hearing what other people are doing and getting ideas from everyone.
are you getting ready for summer? come join the fun at product peel. it's invite only right now, but if you click the link, you can get a code to sign up. i'm curious what people are doing to get ready for summer. i'm excited to check things out to help me get ready for summer.

what are you doing to get ready for summer? hop on over to product peel and see what everyone else is doing to get ready for summer.
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***this post was compensated by product peel***

Friday, May 13, 2016

unblogged bloggables...april fools day

i love pranks! i love making people laugh. i especially love pranks at work. a little comic relief is always fun. i only like pranks that are funny and don't do any real harm. there are a few of us in the office that have an ongoing prank war.

quite a few months ago, my co-worker chris put thick-it in my drink. it is used to make drinks thicker for babies who need that. it is disgusting! and also funny.

i made plans for months to get her back and april fools day was the perfect opportunity. i filled her desk with small cups with a tiny bit of blue water.

sage really hates receipts. last year on our memorial day trip she was extra mad about the receipts. tiffany and i decided to save all of our receipts all year long until april fools day.
we filled up her car with all the receipts from the year and balloons. it was one of the funniest pranks ever. she couldn't even be mad because it was too funny. 

did you do any pranks for april fools day this year? 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

wear it wednesday...styling a tshirt 2

i love the idea of comfortable in theory, but in reality i don't wear a lot of clothes that are super comfortable. i love when you can get comfortable and cute in the same look. because i sit on the floor all day for work so i tend to wear more t shirts than i prefer. even when i wear a tshirt, i try to dress it up a little.

 target cardi, old navy t shirt. lularoe skirt. converse shoes.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

beauty time supply store haul

yesterday at work we were talking about permanent makeup and eyelashes and everything else girly. the next thing you know we were at the beauty supply store. there were some great sales and great deals. i love great deals, and i'm really excited about my purchases.
big sexy hair root pump
big sexy hair dry shampoo
indie dry shampoo
unite detangler 
hempz lotion
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Monday, May 9, 2016


i talked about pure barre the other day. i grew up dancing, and i have the best memories of dance. i did some barre classes several years ago and loved it then. it's been really fun to get back into barre classes.

i helped with a really fun event at pure barre draper this weekend. michelle money is doing a pilot group for a course she will be launching soon (more details to come). we have all been working together online for the past month. a lot of the girls live in utah so stephanie hosted us all at a fun class this weekend.

in addition to taking a pure barre class, michelle also helped some of the girls with their hair extensions and cut hair right in the studio. after getting our booties kicked in class, we all hung out and chatted. it was such a fun morning. 

meeting people in real life that i have only met online is my favorite. this is an amazing, fun, and great group of girls, and i am so happy to be part of something so much more amazing than hair and makeup.

huge thanks to our sponsors
money talks

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

unblogged bloggables..california vacay

my mom and i went to california in march to celebrate kenzie's birthday and hang out with the kids. somehow it never made it to the blog. the best thing about going is seeing family. the next best thing is having a relaxing time. the kids are busy with school and other activities so we just go along with their schedule.

karlee had an indoor soccer game. 

we celebrated kenzie's birthday with a family party

we waited and waited for the sun to come out-it never really did
karson had a t ball game

we went to the jumping place, and the kids had so much fun
we had such a fun visit. leaving is always the worst.

i love visiting these cute little people. i can't wait to go back again soon.
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