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Monday, September 30, 2013

the shine project comes to utah

i found out about the shine project a couple of years ago, and i have been dying to meet ashley ever since. i was super excited when she posted on instagram that they were coming to utah and looking for bloggers for the event. 

i met up with diana, deidre, and alycia. the night got off to a little bit of a slow start, but all of a sudden there were tons of people there. i got a couple pieces of new jewelry and met ashley and some other bloggers. after a little shopping, we went to dinner. deidre had to leave to go out of town, but diana, alycia, and i stayed and talked and talked. those girls are so hilarious, and we have so much fun together. a night filled with jewelry, food, and friends is perfect if you ask me.


Cheese Cooler

***i received these products complimentary from influenster, but all opinions are my own

i'm not a big cheese eater, but i do eat string cheese almost every day. it's an easy thing to eat for my morning snack. this summer was so hot that even first thing in the morning it was way too hot to pack it with my lunch. i have an insulated lunch box, but even that wasn't good enough. i was so excited when i opened my sargento vox box to find a little cooler for my string cheese. 
it took me a few weeks to get to the store to get the string cheese, but i finally did. i really love my cheese cooler! go ahead and laugh. it is actually a little funny, but i really do love it.
i wasn't sure what to make with my string cheese from the box until budziak beauty tweeted about making mozzarella sticks with hers. deidre's miss america party was the perfect place to take them. they were so easy to make, and everyone loved them. the recipe was from all recipes and baked not fried.

Friday, September 27, 2013

unblogged bloggables: crafts

i haven't had any time for crafting lately which makes me really sad, BUT i am going to a craft night tonight which makes me really happy. i love craft projects and really need to find the time to do more. i did a few projects over the summer that never got blogged.

cupcake stands are my current favorite bridal shower gift. they are so cute and easy to make with a little E6000 or goop glue.

i gave away one of these as part of a giveaway and made a few extras. can't wait to pull this out again. 

more frames from another giveaway

i made this baby skirt with kimberly for a baby gift. too bad the baby was too big,  it is much easier than it seems. although i still need to make a bigger or different one.

i can't wait for more halloweeny crafts maybe this weekend.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

blogger fun

i was planning to blog about my california trip today, but that will have to wait for another day. it's a super rare occasion for me to post something so current so yay for me!

my most favorite thing about blogging is the people. some local bloggers put together a fun meetup tonight a the awful waffle in provo. it was fun putting names with faces and making new bloggy friends. all these girls are so cute and fun. i can't wait to do it again soon.
we all know i'm obsessed with the bachelor. something good is finally coming from the obsession. sean's sister shay's bff sheaffer put together a giveaway for a mom of a child with special needs. i have a special place in my heart for these moms, and this giveaway totally warms my heart. if you're a mom of a child with special needs, head on over to and enter. if you're not a mom, spread the word.

Monday, September 23, 2013

random rambling...fall into fall

the calendar says it's fall.

i was deleting pictures from my phone the other day and saw this picture from last fall. the bright beautiful colors make me a little excited for fall.
i would never ever wish away summer ever. it's my most favorite time of the whole year, BUT i am looking forward to a few things. i hate a lot. living and driving around snowy utah makes me cranky, and i really dread it. i usually waste all of fall being so mad about winter. it's kind of dumb really. i really do like fall, and i'm tired of wasting it away. this year i vow to enjoy fall and worry about winter when it actually comes. are the top 10 ways i'm planning to love fall this year.

1. fall leaves...i can't wait to drive up the canyon and die a little over the beautiful colors
2. cooler more sweating to freaking death
3. boots...can't wait to wear my new boots i bought at the nordstrom anniversary sale
4. more and more and more cardis
5. pumpkin everything...i already made pumpkin cookies, and i got an email about a pinterest board with pumpkin everything. i followed it immediately. stay tuned for an exciting pumpkin announcement
6. fall and halloween decor...glitter please
7. scarves...maybe every single day
8. lots of fun fall activities with the little tykes at work
9. sleeping with my electric blanket...that thing puts me in a coma
10. listening to christmas music...i know it's only fall, but i usually start sometime in october

it's already working. i've been in sunny california for the past several days, but i'm actually kind of excited to get back to the start of fall. how about you? what are you doing to enjoy fall this year?

Friday, September 20, 2013

26.2...big cottonwood

after having hip surgery, i wasn't sure if i would ever run another marathon again. i had a little setback last winter, but after swimming for a couple of weeks i was back to running. i signed up for the big cottonwood marathon and somehow convinced robyn to come out from tennessee to run it too. my training went pretty well, and i was really excited for the downhill. if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen several of these pictures.

robyn and joe flew in friday morning. we met up for the expo and packet picket and went to dinner.

robyn and met to ride the bus to the start line. i also ran into tina (we didn't get a picture). one of the bus drivers took the super sharp turn too wide and got stuck. usually stuff like that would freak me out/make me panic, but we all laughed. the race started about a half hour late. i was happy for less waiting time at the beginning.

since i linked my facebook page to the race, the official pictures were posted. i never ever buy the pictures, but it's fun to have them this time. the weather was really questionable so i ended up wearing a jacket. the weather was really nice so it was tied around my waist most of the time. 

this marathon was so HARD! i don't know if i just forgot from the other times. but i think this one actually was really harder. the course was so beautiful, but even the beauty didn't distract from the difficulty. i had a few friends running, but i actually didn't run with any of them. i met several people along the way which saved me. there were several times when i really needed someone to talk to. this marathon definitely pushed me harder than anything i can remember. the downhill was awesome but also really hard.

i was so happy/emotional to see the finish line

finally done
i really wanted to stop and take pictures along the way but didn't want to take the time. i saw this on instagram and decided it was a good representation of what it actually looked like.

i'm really happy i did the marathon. i felt a major accomplishment as i finished. i was so sore for several days, bu i finally feel like a normal person again. the thought of running another marathon seems crazy, but i am probably crazy enough to do it. we'll see what happens in the next few months.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

unblogged bloggables {megan comes to town}

i'm still playing a little bit of catch up around here.
i also updated my sponsor page. i'm just doing swaps right now so email me if you're interested.

megan was one of my very first blog friends. only i didn't even know she was a blogger when i first met her. i actually met her in real life first and then became blog friends. she is one of the sweetest people i know. even though we met in person first, i have gotten to know her so much over the past couple of years. she and her little family moved to arizona for school so we never get to hangout in person. they were in town at the end of the summer so she organized a super fun hangout at the slurp in american fork. i heard about the amazing drinks and sugar cookies, and the place did not disappoint. it was delicious. seeing megan was so fun, and i also got to meet some really great bloggers that night. i love love love new friends, and this night was full of new friends. we finally left the place when the closed but ended up talking outside for at least another hour. we probably could have stayed all night. thanks megan for coming into town and planning such a fun filled night.


Friday, September 13, 2013

random rambling...thoughts on running part 3

with the title you might think i got my days mixed up. i know it's friday, not monday. in honor of my marathon tomorrow i decided to post random rambling a little early for next week/a little late for this week.
if you missed part 1 and part 2, you might have to go back to get caught up. before i get to part 3, there is a little bit of a back story. it can be found here.
for part 3, i'm re-posting the story of my very first marathon. 

First thing in the morning
Michelle(cheerleader), Brynn, myself, and Teresa. Brynn and Teresa ran the 5K that morning and stuck around to run miles 14-20 with me.
Nearing the end. I love Michelle on her rollerblades and L Lawlor on her bike
Those last .2 miles seemed so long, but I was really happy to see this sign
Running to the finish line

I did it! Despite all the worries, name calling, my mom offering to pay me not to do it, etc. I did the Top of Utah marathon last weekend. I was a little worried myself after taking a month hiatus from training, but it went really well. I was pretty slow, but I'm definitely not in it to win. I just want to finish, and I did. I have the best friends. Nettie and Michelle decided late Friday night to come up. Brynn and Teresa ran miles 14-20 and Crystal ran 20-end with me. I would not have survived without them. They helped a ton, and I am so lucky to have such great support. I was pretty sure I could finish, but I thought I might not be able to move for a week after. Surprisingly I felt pretty good during the marathon. I was sore for a couple of days but nothing like I expected. I'm so happy I decided to do it even if you all think I'm crazy.

sometimes i still can't believe i did that or that i did it 5 more times. if all goes as planned it will be 6 more times on saturday. wish me luck! next up...the marathons in between with an unfortunate injury.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

wear it Wednesday

in my haste/efforts to get a little more organized around here i scheduled this post before totally thinking about the date. my brain is a little scattered these days. i realize today is september 11. i most definitely remember. i will never forget. each year i want to remember in some profound way. i've shared my thoughts the past couple of years, and i have those very same thoughts today. if i dedicated a post to 9/11 today i would say the exact same things as i said here and here. i hope we all take a few minutes today to stop and remember while honoring those who lost their lives by living ours.

i have said over and over and over again that i'm not a fashion blogger. taking pictures of myself in my clothes is a bit of a nightmare. however, i get asked all the time where i shop. so, i'm trying to get over it a little. i have thought about doing a wear it wednesday series for over a year, and i'm finally starting. it won't happen every week, but every now and then you might see a few more fashion posts around here.
today's feature isn't a specific outfit but a brand. i know people don't like wal-mart. i don't love it either, but honestly i shop there. if you don't already know about the bella bird line at utah wal-mart stores, you are missing out. all of these pictures are from 30x30 challenges, and they all include a bella bird skirt/dress.
bella bird dress
bella bird dress worn as a skirt
bella bird denim pencil skirt (currently on clearance for $9)
bella bird skirt (similar style on clearance for $5)

i know i know. it's wal-mart, but the prices are crazy good. i went in the other day to buy an envelope and walked out with 8 skirts and a dress for less than $60. get your little self over to a utah wal-mart store or search bella bird online. you're welcome!

i'm teaming up with a few other bloggers to give away this cute tote. check out the website for more info. enter rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

blogging the barre

last week cardio barre quarry bend in sandy hosted a blogger night out. my sister has been doing barre for a while, and it seems like it's all the rage these days. we all know i'm obsessed with the bach, and lots of those girls do barre. i've really been wanting to try it but obviously didn't want to go alone. i was so excited when diana told us about blogger night.

we all met up at cardio barre for a class. i felt like i was literally working my butt off. it was such a fun class. they had a lot of fun drawings and competitions going on during and after the class. a room full of bloggers working out together/documenting the whole time was a lot of fun. i can't wait to go again.

alycia and diana at the barre

alycia, diana, brenda, me

we did the hour long class followed by food from red mango and subway and lots of chit chat. the only problem was we forgot to take a big group shot #bloggerfail

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blog Design and Other Blog Biz

i have no idea how this happened, but this post never went up. i scheduled this to post in the middle of my move, but something bad happened in computer space. although it isn't all as current, i still want this post to go up.

things are straight up CRAZY around here. moving has completely taken over my life this week. i made myself keep my schedule open after work to pack and pack and pack, and pack i have done. there are boxes everywhere. speaking of everywhere...i'm here, there, and everywhere right now. head over to a complete waste of makeup to read my tricks for infrequent hair washing. (this guest post was several weeks ago, but it's still a good one.)

I love comments, and I try to respond. I prefer to respond with an email, but if your email address isn't connected to your account, the response gets lost in computer space. Check out my so-called chaos for a great post on adding your email. Scroll down to "enable your email" and voila you are no longer a no-reply blogger. If you commented on my blog and didn't get a response, it is probably because you are a no-reply blogger.

a post about my blog design is long overdue. i worked with the fabulous kate on my blog design. she was so easy to work with, and i love everything she designs. she was seriously so sweet. i can't say enough good things. if you need some blog design, go check out her design site white rabbit designs. you won't be sorry.

Friday, September 6, 2013

unblogged bloggables {rachel came to town}

i am severely behind on blogging. i'm sure by this point everyone is sick of me talking about moving, but for real it threw off everything. over the next few weeks i hope to get caught up on all of the unblogged bloggable things of summer.

me, rachel, sunny, eleisha, elizabeth had to leave early

a long long time ago we were all freshmen together at BYU. rachel, sunny, eleisha, and a few other girls were roommates, and i was their adopted roommate. we stayed roommates and neighbors all through college until they eventually got married and moved away (except sunny who still lives in utah but feels like far away). we've had a few reunions over the years, but between babies and bigger kids and crazy lives it's always hard to plan anything. rachel and her family live in australia and came back this summer to visit. the stars aligned and eleisha happened to be in town the same weekend from vegas, we met up for lunch and talked and laughed for hours. i have the very best memories with these girls. we used to joke in college about marrying guys that were all friends and living on the same street. i really wish that would have worked out. it was so much fun spending time with them again. i sure love and miss them like crazy!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

say my name say my name

a long long while ago, amber and a few others hosted a one day link up about blog names. i was traveling and couldn't post that day, but i thought it was a good topic. i've been saving the idea in my drafts ever since.

for the longest time my blog name was just my name...BORING! i thought forever and ever about what i wanted my blog name to be. i always talk about wanting to be a stay at home someday and the title was born. my tag line is working girl dreaming of someday being a stay at home something.

i love my life. i really really do, but i definitely would change a few things if i could. i'm sure most people feel that way. somedays i think maybe one day i will change the name to someday is here, but i think i will always look forward to the future.

what's your blog name? how did you come up with it?

did you go enter kimberly's giveaway yet? you really should.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

august 30x30...days 25-30

i did it! i survived another 30x30. when these 30x30 challenges started appearing all over instagram and blogland, i thought there was no way i could ever do it. 30 pieces of clothing cuts my wardrobe big time. 2 challenges in, and i can honestly say it isn't that hard. here's what i wore the final few days.


day 26...monday night tradish with celsey and shawn although i took the pic at work. 
i'm wearing the mint cardi. i would never have put this combo together without the challenge.

day 27...met up with my blog partner from bigs and littles since we both live in Utah. so much fun!

day 28...monthly dinner group
another outfit i never would have put together, but i got a lot of compliments that day.

day 29...i could have used more accessories, but i'm still in a moving mess.

day 30...lunch with aly, mikael, and michelle. i really really miss the days of all of us working together in the same office.

the shine project event. i put on some heels to dress it up a little. the lighting wasn't very good even though we took quite a few.

i met up with diana, deidre,and alycia for the event and then dinner after. whoever says blog friends aren't real is seriously CRAZY. love love love these girls.

this round of the challenge was a little different than in may. i still like it, and i'm still glad i did it. BUT, it was definitely different. carrie posts the things she learns each week so i decided to end the challenge with the things i learned this time.
1. i still HATE taking my picture everyday. i seriously need some help in this before november.
2. i have WAY too many clothes.
3. i can easily survive 30+ days with the same 30 pieces of clothing
4. i might die if i had to add shoes. i need options.
5. just like everything else in my life, the social part is my favorite part.
the august challenge was pretty small. i'm guessing/hoping  the november is much bigger. if you want in for november, email me. the more the merrier.
6. i still need to try kelly's fake out power point tutorial..maybe in november

in case you want to know what i wore days 1-24
days 19-24
days 13-18
days 7-12
days 1-6
30 items

remember kimberly from may30x30 and blogging the bach, she's opening her new etsy shop any day. in honor of her new shop/blog/twitter/instagram/etc. she's giving away a darling pillow from her shop. head on over to her new blog and enter.

because i love the social, check out what the other girls wore this week

Sunday, September 1, 2013

churchy things {Beautiful Heartbreak}

it's the first sunday of the month so that means things get a little more churchy around here. my thoughts are all over the place today. i even started a couple of other draft posts, but they just didn't seem right for today. do you ever have days when you just can't quite figure out what to say?!?
the topic of heartbreak is something i think about often. it seems like there is heartbreak everywhere i look-job loss, infertility, divorce, finances, unmet expectations, challenging children or children with challenges, health, loneliness, injury, accident, etc. i could go on and on. what is the purpose of all that heartbreak? i talked about faith and mountains to climb in recent months. i don't think all that heartbreak is for nothing. i truly believe there is a purpose. God doesn't allow that heartbreak just so we can suffer. in fact, i believe with all of my heart that as we experience the inevitable challenges of life, God mourns and suffers with us. we aren't alone. we are never alone. this video went around social media about a year ago, and it really touched me. there is not one single one of us that can get through this life without our share of heartbreak. the challenge is not how can we avoid heartbreak, but how can we take that often times unavoidable challenge and turn it into a beautiful heartbreak.

i would love to know what you think. what are your thoughts on heartbreak? how do you get through challenges? my comments are set up for forum style if you want to interact with each other.

check out the churchy things from some of the other book of mormon bloggers 

and as always, if you want to know more about churchy things specifically the Book of Mormon Blogger project, email me 
aubreyzaruba {at} gmail {dot} com