Monday, May 20, 2019

blogging the bach 15.2

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Megan, and maybe Shawn

group date #1-pageant life drag style
"this is the theme of the season. everyone looks good until they open their mouth"--Megan
These poor guys have no idea how to walk especially in a speedo
"He looks like Zach from saved by the bell in that speedo"--Megan about Luke P
"I need to crawl inside my own skin right now"--Megan
Luke tells Hannah he is starting to fall in love with her (yes they have been there for about 5 hours total) as his talent wins the title of Mr. Right and none of us are very impressed.
Hannah and Luke have some one on one time and Luke talks about falling in love again.
She also has time with Jed and thankfully gives him the rose. 

date #2-Tyler G-Falling in Love can be messy
They're already bringing out the helicopter. They fly to the middle of nowhere and ride 4 wheelers in the mud in her all white outfit. This date feels way more awkward than Hannah is saying it is. Maybe it's too early in the season, but we're really not into this around here. 

date #3-group date
The 3 guys that aren't getting a date this week are already whining. Cam stays home and plays his harmonica.
The guys on the date are at a roller derby. They are all so terrible and fall everywhere, and it is hilarious. They are mostly good sports about it. There is only one guy that knows how to skate so naturally his team wins. A few of the guys get their time with her, and then Cam(who isn't on the date) busts in with a bouquet of flowers. The guys are pretty mad, and I'm not happy either. I picked him as the winner on my bracket, and I have some major regrets. He may not have any more friends after tonight. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Hannah comes in and is very emotional. Everyone thinks something bad happened, but really she is just emotional. Hannah talks to a couple of guys and then Cam comes to interrupt again. 
We happened to pause as Tyler G was coming up to talk to her. We asked Shawn what he thinks about the shoes. "They look like pajama shoes."

Jed, Tyler G, Dustin already have roses. Tyler C, Garrett, Devin, Connor S, Luke P, Dylan, Luke S, Mike, Peter, Kevin, Jonathan, Joey, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Grant, Cam all get roses. She tells the guys she will continue to look for guys that make bold moves. 

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Monday, May 13, 2019

blogging the bach 15.1

who's watching: the whole girl gang is here-Celsey, Alicia, Amanda, Megan

We've been waiting for a few months for this season to start. This time we filled out our brackets before starting to watch so it will be interested to see how the season goes.

We meet the guys and the puns are pretty out of control. It might be the guys trying to match her sense of humor or it might be a publicity stunt or who knows what. We aren't sure what to think of these dudes so far. I was busy buying a new phone so I missed most of the intros. 

Demi and Katie listen in and decide it's time to tell Hannah that Scott has a girlfriend. She is not happy and sends his butt home even though he tries to argue his way to stay. Luke P goes to find her and comfort her. 

Cam got the first impression from the after the final night and Luke P gets the other. 
Mike, Connor S, Matthew, Connor J, Jed, Dustin, Joey, Devin, Peter, Dylan, Matteo, Jonathan, Tyler C, Tyler G, Daron, Luke S, GArrett, Grant, Kevin, John Paul Jones are all still here. A lot of our brackets are in serious trouble.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Beauty Time Tuesday-April Empties

Bath and Body works foaming soap-must have 
4 life enummi body cream-works really well. They are changing their products so this isn’t going to be available anymore and I’m sad. 
Bath and Body Works body cream -love 
Ole Henriksen toner-Liked it but didn’t necessarily love it. 
Mario Badescu vitamin C serum-so many people talk about the importance of vitamin c so I added it to my nightly routine. I didn’t necessarily notice a difference. 
NYX photo finisher primer-I really like this. I bought it again but have decided I need to mix it up with other printers. 
Clinique chubby lash mascara-love
Mary Kay lash love lengthening mascara-love
MAC eyelash primer-love
Intuition razor-love 

I haven’t tried many new products because I’m trying to use up what I have before buying more things. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

beauty time Tuesday...January-March empties

It’s been a while since I’ve done an empties post so I have quite a bit to catch up on. The app I was using for posting stopped working so I kind of took a bit of a hiatus while I got that figured out. 
Purple nail polish remover-the best kind 
Batiste tropical dry shampoo-my fave drugstore dry shampoo
Skin&Co shower gel-liked ok
NYX photo loving primer-I got this at a favorite things party and really liked it. The price point is a little higher than I expect from NYX but I do like it. I bought it again at CVS with a coupon. 
Black caviar body scrub-LOVE 
Tarte lights camera lashes mascara-LOVE. It has a primer and totally stays put. 
Bath and Body Works lotions and soaps-I always love all of their products and use them daily. 
Intuition razor refills-that’s all I use. 

Detox bath salts-so nice after a long run
Bubble bath-I used it because I had it. I liked it but I probably wouldn’t buy again. 
Ahava hand cream-liked it 
LancĂ´me 24 hour foundation-LOVE
Big sexy hair spray and play-LOVE
4Life cleanser-they are changing the formula. I do really like it though. 
Kristen Ess Dry shampoo-I like this a lot. It’s in between drug store and salon quality and price. 
Moroccan oil conditioner-smells really good and works well
Mandarin coriander cleaning spray-LOVE
Victoria’s Secret roller ball-LOVE 
Clinique mascara-love
Benefit they’re real mascara-love
Bath and Body works lotion, soap, sanitizer-see above 
Bath and Body Works-always Love 
Moroccan oil shampoo-smells so good
Big Sexy Hair Spray&Play hairspray-love 
Intuition razor-love
Kristen Ess texture spray-love but maybe not the price 
NARS blush-love
Too faced better than sex mascara-not my fave
Clinique mascara-love
Monistat chafing gel-I use this for face primer and it works so great 

I emptied a lot of favorite products over the past few months. I have tried a few new things that mostly I liked. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Blogging the Bach 23.11 part 2

Who’s watching:Celsey and fam are headed out of town tomorrow so I am watching with Erin tonight.
I’m still mad they didn’t just finish this thing last night. To be fair, I have seen quite a few spoilers although I still don’t really know how it’s all going to play out.

Everyone is gone so the only thing left is to figure out what is going to happen with Cassie. Colton knocks on her door and wants to talk. She seems surprised although none of us are surprised (at least I am not). They go downstairs and talk. Colton tells her the other girls are gone. She acts surprised but also seems like she is smiling behind her hand. He asks her to go to Spain to meet his family and she says yes. 

Colton talks to his family for about 3 minutes and tells them the quick story. Cassie is so nervous. They meet the fam, and his family gets to the tough questions right away. They both talk to each of his parents. They don’t want him to get hurt again, but he assures them he is so in love. They leave and say goodbye for the day.

They have their final date the next day/night. Usually the see the city date is a little lame, but this is the date they got. Part of the date included repelling down to have a picnic. He was shaking so much. They finished their date, had dinner, went to the fantasy suite and the rest is history. They are happy and in love, and Colton moved to LA. They finish the show with a montage of memories and a concert from Air Supply. I know a lot of people think this whole thing is a load of crap, but I am actually really excited for them and hope they’re happy.

Hannah B is the next bachelorette. We meet a few of the guys from her season, and she is pretty awkward. Hopefully she gets a little more comfortable over the next few days. Hannah gives the rose to the rapper except she forgets to ask if he will accept the rose. She tries again and gets it right and her journey begins. 

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Blogging the Bach 23.11-The Finale

Who’s watching: Celsey, Amanda, Megan, and me and Alicia came part way through.

We start where we left off last week-with the infamous fence jump. Chris Harrison seems in the least control than we have ever seen in the history of the show. I also heard him say in some interviews last week that Colton was actually lost. They find him finally and the first thing they ask is if he is ok. Clearly he is not ok. He tried to run away from the show. They eventually get him to calm down a little and not run away into the night in Portugal. 

Chris Harrison goes to talk to him the next day. They chat a bit. Colton feels like he cannot go on with Cassie. Chris asks “what if at the end of this she just isn’t that into you?” That’s probs not exactly what he wants to hear. He wants to be with Cassie and that is all. 

Colton goes to visit Tayshia. It is awkward. He gets to the point pretty quickly. Neither one of them have much to say. They go into her place because she wants to get away from the cameras. They both cry a little and then say goodbyes and then they cry some more. Instead of waiting for the show to play out and then have the girls come to the after the final, they have Tayshia come out and talk to Chris. Something is weird. Colton comes out and things are still weird. Also, what has happened to Colton’s hair? It kind of looks like a ski jump (Megan). They talk a little and suddenly she feels better.

The next scene is Hannah writing in her journal. Unlike Tayshia who probably should have known what was coming, she has had no signs of this. He comes in and tells her right away he loves Cassie. She definitely is not expecting that. He then tells her he thought it was going to be her-probs not the best thing to say. She is so upset and can’t believe it. He says he doesn’t know if he is making the right decision a couple of times. They both cry and then he leaves and they cry some more. Hannah comes out on stage and says it has been so hard for her to watch the season. She talks about love and says she is not in love with him. Colton comes out. Hannah has a lot of questions most of which she probably really doesn’t want to hear the answers to. She calls him out for doing the same thing to her that Cassie did to him. It ends ok with a goodbye.

In what seems like a giant waste of time, Ben Higgins, Blake, Jason, and Garrett come out and shoot the breeze for 15 minutes. That basically took the place of his over night date with Hannah that didn’t happen.

We see Cassie packing up and saying she is ready to get home. I have thought this whole time that Cassie’s dad is what got to her. This time is really seems less like that. Colton goes to talk to her and then the show is over for the night. Even though the marathon 3 hour finale is rough, we all prefer that. This double night business is annoying. 

To be continued...

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

blogging the bach 23.9/10-fantasy+women tell all

We definitely watched the fantasy suite night although there wasn't much fantasy going on. I was too busy working to sit down and blog, but I have plenty to say about it.

The date with Tayshia is pretty irrelevant at this point. There were plenty of sexual innuendos on that date, and I am pretty sure Tayshia thought she was the one-the winner and the one to take his v card. The morning after looked a little less happy, and I wonder how she will felt the day after the date.

The date with Cassie started out fine. They had a good time exploring the city. Things seemed to be going well...until Colton tells Cassie her dad did not give his blessing. Things went straight downhill from there. Cassie is afraid she won't get to the point of knowing she wants to be engaged to Colton in time. Her dad comes and gives her more doubts. She decides she is going to leave, puts on a fancy dress, and goes to see and tell Colton. They talk a little, but mostly they cry and he shakes. Colton tells Cassie he loves her and she is the one. She is confused, doesn't know much, and finally leaves. He says he loves her. She says she loves him and leaves. I don't think this is the end of Cassie.

We have been waiting all season for the fence jump. Colton goes back in the treehouse, shuts the door, comes back out, rips off his mic, and jumps the fence. We knew it was coming, but I had no idea he was going to get lost on the other side. We can't wait to see what happens from here. I don't think there are many options, but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Onto women tell all also known as women scream all. There is so much yelling. It is always funny to see the girls that left on night one have so much to say. There is much fighting. After lots of yelling, we finally get some girls in the hot seat. Demi is first. She is proud of who she is and thinks that is the definition of maturity. She alludes to the fact that she hasn't seen her mom yet. We will definitely see her on paradise. Nicole is next. Apparently she cried a lot and also loves halo top ice cream. She gets a year supply and the audience all gets some too. Hannah B is next in the hot seat. She gets to re-do her first date toast. Caelynn goes to the hot seat, and she is the one I really want to see how it goes. She cries a lot. 

Colton comes out. Demi is more ridiculous. Caelynn is still really upset. He doesn't have any answers for her, and they move on to Hannah B. She is making a strong case to be the next bachelorette. They talk about the fence jump a little. Colton looks so nervous, and then they show bloopers-some were funny and some not so much.

Can it be next week already? We just want to know what happens. Also why didn't we hear a word from Heather?

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Monday, February 25, 2019

blogging the bach 23.8...home towns

who's watching-Celsey, Alicia, Amanda, Alexis, and Shawn 

It's home town week, and I have already seen a bit of commentary from friends.We're excited to see how this goes.

Date #1-Caelynn
They meet, have ice cream, smash it in their faces, and go meet the family. There are a lot of people there. They have some one on one chats, and Colton asks for permission to propose. For a hot second it seems like he might not say yes and then he does. They say goodbye to the family and Caelynn tells Colotn she loves him. They kiss and he leaves.

Date #2-Hannah G
Before they go to meet the family, they take an etiquette class. We all agree it's kind of the worst. "Who picked this date?"--Shawn "Why?"--Shawn.. Colton gets in a fair amount of trouble and they leave to go meet the family where he is in trouble again. Her mom is less than thrilled with Colton's toast. With a little bit of time (and only a little), both parents come around to the idea of Colton. Hannah tells Colton she is falling in love, and Colton says it back.

Date #3-Tayshia
Tayshia blindfolds Colton, kisses him and takes him in the car. He has never droven with her-I'm dying. They jump out of a plane and are with her family about 5 minutes later. Tayshia is the little bit younger version of her mom. Her dad has some really good questions. Colton asks for permission to propose and he doesn't give it right away. After talking to Tayshia, he gives them his blessing. Their date is the longest so far. "She just seems like she wants to win"--

Date #4-Cassie
Cassie takes Colton to the beach. She tries to teach him to surf. He's not that great.
"She seems fake"
"They're all fake"-Shawn
Colton wants to hear from Cassie how she feels, and she isn't ready to say it. They go visit her family. Her family is emotional. He asks for permission and her dad says it's a little premature for that request. Cassie still doesn't tell Colton her feelings.

Hannah and Tayshia get the first 2 roses. At this point I knew Cassie was getting the last rose. The edit of her hometown was to make us think she would go home which means she is for sure staying. Also, Caelynn really loves him a lot which means she is going home. She is completely blindsided and I think she will be the next bachelorette. The previews look dramatic and we might actually see the fence jumping. 

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thanksgiving 2018

Since I haven't gone to St. George for Thanksgiving the past several years, I always find other things to do to celebrate the holiday week/weekend.

Wednesday was a pretty low key day. I went down to Lehi to pick up my packet for the Thankful 13 race the next day.

Celsey invited family over to celebrate Rem's birthday. 

I ran the Thankful 13 half marathon on Thanksgiving morning.

I hurried home to get ready to go to the Anderson's for Thanksgiving dinner. They are always so kind to include me with their family. After the running joke 2 years earlier about barely eating (since that was meal #1 out of 3), I made sure to fill my plate this time. 

We enjoyed a nice meal, relaxed in the hot tub and pool, and had a great day.

The rest of the weekend was also pretty relaxed. It was perfect.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

13.1..Thankful 13 round 2

After running the Thankful 13 the year before, several others of our running friends wanted to run it and get the cool medal and shirt. We had a little bigger crowd this year, and it was fun to all do it together.

JoAnn, ReNae, Judy and I met to pick up our packets and race materials the day before. Unfortunately JoAnn was having some hip problems and wasn't able to run with us. She did come to pick up her stuff.

We all met on Thanksgiving morning to start the race together. Donna and her friend started a little early. Sharon, Mike, ReNae, Todd, Judy and I all started together. Judy, Mike and I ran the first few miles together. Judy and I stayed together the whole time.

The course runs through neighborhoods but also on trails. There are some really parts of the run.

Every mile marker had a gratitude quote and there were many signs along the way of what people are thankful for. Those are my favorite parts of the race.

The first 10 miles went really well. We ran really strong and the weather was pretty good. Judy started to lose a little steam and a little balance so we stuck even closer together for the last 3 miles. It also started raining at that point. We were very happy when we crossed the finish line.

We crossed the finish line, hopped in the car, and hurried home to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a really good race and a great way to start the holiday.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

blogging the bach 23.7

I took last week off because Celsey and I were busy decorating cupcakes for New Beginnings. 

who's watching: Celsey, Alicia, Amanda, Krista, and Whitney

What is with the vlog's this season? I get that it's 2019 and it's the thing to do, but it doesn't really seem necessary.

After a few fun weeks in Asia, they're back in the US..visiting Colton's meet with Ben Higgins and Colton's dog. We aren't sure about Hannah B's outfit or any of the girls in the tank tops in the snow.

Tayshia gets another one on one even though she just had one a couple of weeks ago. Does he really like her? Does he want to pick her brain? Is he unsure if he really wants to keep her around? We're just not sure. And/or maybe he is hoping she will tattle tail on the other girls and apparently she will about Cassie and Caelynn who aren't ready for engagement. She however is ready-insert eye roll. I really thought I liked her until now. I don't even really know what else happened on the date. I was not impressed.

Caelynn has the next one on one. They head up the mountain for snowboarding, and Colton quickly addresses all the things Tayshia told him the day before. This is now the case of he said she said. Caelynn is adamant that she is absolutely ready and never said anything about being the bachelorette. For some reason he totally believes Tayshia without really even giving her a chance to express herself. He finally listens to her at night, gives her the rose, and then they have a private concert in the red rock amphitheater.

Caelynn talks to Tayshia and we find out she found out this information by making assumptions. The conversation was pretty dumb and not based on any sort of facts.

Hannah B has the next one on one. They go visit his family. He chats with his dad who suggests he follow his gut rather than listen to what other girls have to say. They talk more with his family and then head to the evening. She wears her best bumble gum dress, and he sends her home. She was shocked but we were not. She handled it really well-probably better than anything else the rest of the season. See ya in paradise Hannah B.

Group date-Colton wants to talk to all the girls and make sure they are ready. He talks to Heather first. She isn't sure if she is ready. We are all sure she is not. See ya in paradise Heather. Kirpa feels like she needs to warn Colton about the things she assumes and thinks-not a good idea. Colton talks to Cassie. She is pretty upset. Kirpa spends her whole time talking about the other girls. She comes back to the group and insists she cares about Colton and his heart. Cassie calls her out on it, and she doesn't have much to say. They argue and nothing is resolved. Colton is not ready to make a decision and takes the roses until later. They get to the evening portion, and he immediately takes Hannah G out and gives her the rose. She goes back to the girls and Caelynn is not happy about Kirpa. She goes to talk to Colton and tells him not to listen to any of this crap. He gives the rose to Cassie and we say bye bye to Kirpa.

The hometowns will be interesting since we haven't heard a word from any of their families. 

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26.2 St. George round 3-wetter than wet

Stacha and I have talked about running here and there at work. One day we started talking about the St. George marathon. She always wanted to do it, and I kind of wanted to do it again. I knew I couldn't run the big cottonwood so I was considering it. We kind of talked each other into signing up.

We drove down to St. George separately and met up at the expo and for dinner after. The weather forecast wasn't looking great so we worried quite a bit about what to wear the next day.

We met for the buses and also met up with Sharon and her son. The weatherman the night before said there shouldn't be any rain so it eased our nerves. Unfortunately it started to sprinkle while waiting for the buses. 
We got to the top and hung around for a hit. Eventually we got in our places to start, and the rain also started. We got our garbage bags out and put them on. We thought it would be temporary and the weather would get better. It never did. We wore them for 26.2 miles.

There were several times where the rain stopped for a minute or two, and we were hopeful. Around mile 17 or 18 we finally knew we weren't ever going to take them off. Stacha started getting blisters in the first 10 miles somewhere. I didn't start noticing them until later-probably around mile 15 or 16. We knew things were going to be bad when we finished, and they kind of were.

I was really proud of us. The weather was bad-really bad. We were pretty miserable, but we stuck it out. We stayed together the whole time, and helped each other stay positive. We had pretty good attitudes through it all. We chatted and laughed and tried our best to distract ourselves from the weather.

Stacha's sister and her family surprised her along the course and cheered in several spots. It was the push we needed to finish strong.

We were so happy and proud when we finished. It was by no means my best marathon time-wise, but it felt like one of my biggest accomplishments. I am so happy we stayed together the whole time-something I had never done before. Our bodies were pretty wrecked for several weeks after from blisters and severe chafing and other effects of the weather, but our sense of a accomplishment made it worth it.

Documenting my garbage bag.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

blogging the bach 23.5

who's watching: Celsey, Alicia, me-everyone else is gone or out of town or something

Date #1-one on one with Heather who is no longer never been kissed. We spent most of her date trying to figure out our brackets. We know who is left, but it isn't matching up with the numbers on the bracket. We searched and searched and looked and we're still pretty confused. The bottom line of the whole date is Colton kissed her under the fireworks and has now been kissed. She goes home like a giddy teenager, and we're still not sure if this was actually her first kiss or not.

Meanwhile Elyse is spiraling down down down. I always wonder if these people have ever seen the show. They know how it works before they come on right? She knew he would be dating other girls right? She tells him she can't accept a proposal at the end if he is still dating all these other girls. She got way too deep into her own head and tells Colton she needs to leave. She leaves, and Colton is devastated. He is afraid everyone else feels the same. He goes to bed upset and wakes up to the Colton cam still upset.

Date #2-group date. Today is all about survival. These girls are crazy town-eating bugs, letting scorpions crawl on them, sticking their hands in random holes. They split into teams to try to survive-some with Colton and some not with him. I would definitely die on this date unless I was smart like Demi and went to the store. I take back what I said about Tayshia last week. I didn't see a whole lot of chemistry last week, but there seems to be more chemistry this week. Hannah B is working the system and tells him she is in love. Onyeka tattles on Nicole. Colton addresses this with Nicole. Apparently it is not true and there are tears-a lot of tears. Hannah B gets the group date rose.

Date #3-one on one with Cassie. On a scale of 1-hot Colton is hot. 
Let's spend the day on the boat-Colton
Cassie-oh it's so cute
Celsey-It's not cute. It's ghetto AF. 
Alicia-What is going on? Is the bottom out? I would be terrified.
It cuts to the girls hanging around the house. Some look like they could use a shower or a shave.
Alicia-You've got nothing but time. Shower and get yourself ready.
I'm calling her as the dark horse of the season even if all they have done all day is kiss. They talk a little and then make out some his bed. He likes her a lot.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Tayshia takes him out to the beach and lets off a paper lantern. Demi gives him trust rings. Nicole talks to Colton and tries to clear the air. He pulls Onyeka aside to try to get the truth. Colton tries to talk to other girls (Katie) and those two won't stop yelling at each other. Colton walks off. They both follow him, but he doesn't want to talk to them.

To Be Continued...

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Monday, January 28, 2019

blogging the bach 23.4


Who's watching: Celsey and Shawn, Amanda, me
We got a late start tonight because #adulting We tried to speed through the show and watch as much as we could.
Date #1-One on one with Tayshia. They had the classic face the fears bungy jumping date. They faced their fears, made out on the beach, and went to dinner. She opens up about being married and Colton looks like he doesn't know what to say. He gives her the rose. I really don't see them together. Does anyone else think it was kind of forced or is that just me?
Date #2-Group date with everyone except Caelynn. Hannah B can't believe and Demi stirs the pot big time. Someone last week (maybe Ben Higgins) described her as a pest. That is very accurate. She definitely likes him more than he likes her, and she has no problem taking all the attention. Between the leeches and pig feet, this date is grossing me out. Hannah is still drama, and apparently Colton and Cassie were siblings in a past life. Hannah spends time with Colton and suddenly everything from last week is in the past. Colton really likes Cassie a lot and not like a sister. Courtney sits and stews all night about why she is getting time with him and then gets into with Demi. Courtney is so upset that she never had time with Colton, but she never even tried.
Date #3-one on one with Caelynn. Colton chooses her for the spoil me/shopping spree date so that says a lot. They have a fun day. She comes home with all of her shopping bags. Some of the girls are so excited and some of the girls are not so much. Caelynn opened about her past history of sexual assault. The show did a really nice job with the edit of this. She was able to open up without any weird music or other weird dramatics. I have had several conversations the past few weeks about sexual assault/abuse. I think the more people open up and talk about their experiences, hopefully the more those feelings of shame and guilt will start to fade away. The #metoo movement has opened up the dialogue, and hopefully more dialogue leads to more awareness. 
Cocktail party/rose ceremony-Hannah G wants to open up which leads to a pretty intense makeout sesh. Caelynn takes Hannah B out to talk. They have a pretty decent talk and maybe the drama is over-probably not but maybe. I didn't actually watch the rest so I have no idea who went home or what else happened. Someone fill me in please.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

blogging the bach 23.3

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Alicia, Krista

date #1-katie, heather, hannah b, kirpa, tracy, demi, caelynn, and one other girl
Hannah B is already talking about not getting along with Caelynn. Now would be a good time to start getting along, but that probably won't happen. They get to the date and Colton is in full pirate garb all ready to fight for love or something like that. Naturally Hannah B and Caelynn have to be against each other. Hannah seems to be losing her mind more and more by the second. Demi wants to stand out so she blind folds Colton, smacks his booty, and is overall kind of weird. She gets pulled aside by someone we don't know her name. Colton really likes Caelynn which Hannah B is obviously not happy about and wants him to "know the truth". We all know this never goes well. Has she never seen this show? She doesn't make sense at all, and he isn't having it. Colton talks to Caelynn. She is emotional and says there are things from her past she wants to share eventually but not tonight. She predictably gets the rose, and Hannah B feels like an idiot.

date #2-Elyse gets the first helicopter date. They get to Belmont park and learn it's not actually a one-on-one. A bunch of kids come out to be on the date with them. They were both really cute with the kids and had so much fun. They talk a little about age. She shares about her sister passing away from cancer. She gets the rose and says it is the most amazing first date. The date isn't over and they have a concert.

date #3-Tayshia, NIna, Catherine, Sydney, Onyeka, Cassie, Nicole, Caitlin
They pull up and Colton is waiting for them topless. They do some stretches especially Sydney and get ready for some touch man/woman competitions. He talks to most or maybe all of the girls. He really likes Cassie. Amanda calls her as the next bachelorette. That could be a strong possibility. Caitlin says she feels like she is falling behind. She says she doesn't have a lot to open up about. It is pretty awkward. He sends her home, and none of us are very surprised. It's really unfortunate when girls get sent home and think he is making a big mistake. He says he doesn't feel a connection. That doesn't seem like a mistake.

Pool Party
Colton already knows what he wants to do so they are having a pool party instead of a cocktail party. They have fun playing around at the pool. Hannah B talks to Heather (her cheerleader). Heather totally encourages her to keep up the fight against Caelynn who talks to Colton. He doesn't know what to think and talks to Hannah B. They're both accusing each other of being deceitful. He doesn't know what to do.

Who's left-Caelynn, Elyse, Nicole, Hannah G, Tayshia, Katie, Cassie, Kirpa, Sydney, Demi, Tracy, Courtney, Heather, Onyeka, Hannah B

The preview for next week looks like it's going to be full of drama.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

blogging the bach 23.2

who's watching: alicia, celsey, amanda, and megan

Week 2 is usually all about trying to figure out who is who and what is going on. For some reason this season I kind of have at least a little bit of an idea of some of the girls that seem to be the main girls. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out. Here's to hoping they don't refer to his virginity every other second.

After a quick vlog check in (what? is that a thing this season?), we have date #1
Colton starts out and talks about being a virgin so I guess we are going to talk about it every other season.
Demi, Bri, Tracy, Elyse, Hannah G, Nicole, Catherine, and 1 other I didn't hear
"Today is all about firsts". I am already a little bit afraid. Hannah G is a little bit afraid.
"I am bold"--Demi Is this a foreshadow of things to come? Once she does her talking part/kissing Colton/saying she is getting the first group date rose, it appears she actually is bold. I predict she will be the villain of the season.
Colton definitely likes Hannah G
The group date goes to Elyse

Date #2-Hannah B on her birthday
They ride take a jeep and then ride horses to the middle of nowhere. Colton does a simple generic cheesy toast and then it's Hannah's turn. She literally can't think of a dang thing to say. Things are pretty awkward so far. She doesn't have much to all..all day until the last second when she finally opens up. She saves herself at the last second and gets the rose.

Date #3
Alex, Erica, KAtie, Syndney, NIna, KErpa, Katelynn, Courtney, Caelynn, Tayshia and a few others
Welcome to Camp Bachelor
Red vs yellow-winners stay, losers go. Red wins. Yellow loses and they're all sad they have to leave. 
Heather (we think. we can't remember her name) tells Colton she is a virgin and has also never been kissed. He is really nice about it. He wants to kiss her, but he doesn't do it.
Caelynn tells him she also loves kids and works in children's hospitals because she was in the hospital as a young. They bond over that and kiss.
Heather gets the group date rose.

Cocktail party/Rose ceremony
Girls are interrupting left and right, and they aren't nice about it. It is pretty obnoxious. There is a lot of noise, and then Demi comes out in a bath robe.

Who's left-Hannah B, Elyse,   Tayshia, Cassie, Caelynn, Courtney, Demi, Nicole, Kirpa, Heather G, Catherine, Bri, Sydney, Onyeka, Katie, Nina, Tracy, and one other girl. We tried to figure out her name and a few other names for about 10 minutes and then gave up.

Word tally
love 8
journey 1
virgin 9
tear tally 4

We always wait a few weeks to fill out our brackets, and I think after tonight we are all ready. At least Amanda and I both feel like we know the top 4. 

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