Sunday, November 10, 2019

Halloween 2019-I’m a Barbie Girl

We take things pretty seriously when it comes to the Halloween costume contest. We don’t usually win, but we always think we should:). We decided on a Barbie theme this year. We did win the all staff competition so we were pretty happy about that. Mostly we had a lot of fun dressing up and doing it all together. 

Group of Barbies 

Beauty Queen Barbie 

Baker and Bearded Barbie 

Workout, Pilot, BDI(inside joke), Bride, Ken, Vintage Barbies 

Soccer, Sparkle and Shine, Rockstar, Cowgirl, Construction and Nurse Barbies 

I love my co-workers so much. Halloween is always one of our most favorite times every year. 

Cops and Robbers and the cutest money bag

Star Wars 

Sandy made soup and brought pumpkin bread bowls for dinner. It was a very chill night with friends that are more like family. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Tangled theme birthday party

When Celsey and I met years ago at church, we bonded over our love of all things cute and quickly found we have so much in common. We have planned quite a few parties over the years. Typically we believe the bigger the better. Now that her kids are getting old enough for friend parties where the parents don’t stay or even come in the door. We still want a cute party, but the little 5 year olds don’t seem to appreciate all the things quite like we do. We celebrated Mavi’s 5th birthday this weekend and decided to scale things back a bit. The party was still so much fun and so cute. It’s proof that a little extra effort goes a long way. 

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider 

Mummy wrap game-twist “hair” around partner for 20 seconds. See who can untangle their partner the fastest. It was a huge hit and although a big mess, the clean up was so fast. 

We made the piñata from a box and wrapped with a roll of paper perfect for a piñata. The kids had fun hitting it with the pan and swarmed to the candy when it broke/we broke it. If you use a box, make sure not to tape it too tight. 

The treat table was a little more scaled back than our usual parties. The kids has plenty of treats and we had a more appropriate amount of leftovers than our norm. 

Mother Gothel bowling

Each child picked 3 ducks. Ducks with a Rapunzel sticker got a prize. There may have been a little cheating, but there were plenty of prizes to accommodate the cheating:)

We added a few decorations to carry the theme. We used a large roll of plastic tablecloth and bunched it together and wrapped with a little tulle to create a table runner braid. 
All the kids had fun. The party was really cute. Mavi was happy. We were exhausted at the end so I would say it was a success. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wear it Wednesday-hair extensions

For most of my life I’ve had pretty long hair. Every once in a while I cut it off for a while. Every single time I always wish I still had long hair. That’s the beauty of hair extensions. I can have the best of both worlds. I know a lot of people with more permanent extensions and they are so nice. I prefer the versatility of clip ins or even better a halo. I can take it in and out in minutes and go from short to long hair so fast. 

I have had clip in extensions for several years. They are fun to have, but I honestly don’t use them as much as I want to. I was excited to connect with Rubin extensions to try a halo instead. I really love it. It works well for me since I had a decent amount of my own hair. It’s easy to cover up the halo and all of a sudden I have long beautiful locks. 

Natural hair

With halo extensions from Rubin extensions 

I honestly cannot believe how well these blend. They perfectly matched my hair before I got my hair colored, and they perfectly matched after. They are easy to use and the quality is so nice. If you want to try them yourself, I partnered with Rubin extensions to offer a discount. Use code AUBREY for 10% off. Let me know if you try them. I would love to see them. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

College/Anything Care Packages

Need a Study Break? Top Ideas for Your College Student’s Food Care Package

These ideas will be sure to help fuel any late night study sessions

*sponsored post

Even though it’s been a lot of years since I was in college, I am still away from home, family, and many friends. There is nothing better than a surprise care package. I love sending them just as much as I like receiving. It can be a little tricky to know exactly what to send.

Sometimes it’s tough being away from home. You’re in a new environment, making new friends, and studying all kinds of subjects. While all of this is exciting, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming! If you know a college student who is away from home, chances are they’d love to know that you’re thinking about them. A care package is a great way to send a little part of home their way, and is sure to put a smile on their face as well.

We’ve put together this list of some of the best food ideas for you to include in your next care package, and guaranteed to help fuel those long study sessions. So the next time your college student is gearing up to get some serious studying done, they won’t have to worry about where their snacks are going to come from!

Image courtesy of Single serve meals are a great way to ensure your student is getting their meals, no matter what time of day!

Single Serving Portions of Their Favorite Foods

When putting together a care package for a college student, you may have to take a step back and remember what it’s like living in a dorm. You might not think single portion soups are all that incredible, but your college student sure does! Living in a dorm means they don’t have access to a stove top or an oven, and their primary means of heating up food and cooking is definitely going to be a microwave. 

So consider what kinds of foods your student enjoys, and see if it is available in a single portion size. There are all kinds of soups, noodle dishes, mac n’ cheese, and rice options-- all in a sealed container just waiting to be opened. Your student can then just heat up in their microwave and be on their way to enjoying a satisfying meal. When you’re hungry, it can be difficult to concentrate, so make sure to pack a couple of these in your care package.

These are great ideas for marathon study sessions, especially for those that go past the operating hours of the cafeteria. Your college student will appreciate the ease of use of these portions, and having access to it anytime they need it.

Image courtesy of Sending baked goods to your college student will definitely put a smile on their face!

Homemade Baked Goods

When your student thinks of home, they might imagine all the good foods they enjoyed in your kitchen. Keep that memory alive and well for them, and consider adding some homemade baked goods into your food care package. If you love to bake, there are all kinds of options for cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. 

Opening up a package of some of these is like instantly being back at home, and sure to bring a smile. If cookies aren’t your thing, consider baking bread instead! You can customize the recipes to coincide with the seasons-- pumpkin bread in the fall, apple and walnut bread in the wintertime-- and their exam schedules. A fresh loaf of bread will help keep them focused during any study session, night or day!

Not a baker? That’s okay! See if there are any local bakeries around where your student is staying. Chances are they’ll be able to arrange a delivery, or if it is close enough, your student can pick it up instead. Fresh made baked goods are always a welcome addition to any dorm room or study session.

Snack Size Candy

Everyone likes a little something sweet once in a while, especially your college student! While they are hard at work, they might not have a lot of time to get to some much needed chocolate. Why not send them something for their sweet tooth in your next food care package? 

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to get your hands on some delicious candy either, and candy is greatly appreciated at any time of year. Pack a variety of candies, such as KitKats, Reese’s, Snickers, and Milky Ways-- which are sure to make your student’s room one of the most popular hang outs in the dorm.

Snack size candy is also extremely easy to pack into their bags as well. Just throwing a couple into their book bag will make for a nice study break treat no matter where they find themselves on campus!

Image courtesy of Food Network. Granola bars are packed with healthy ingredients for your college student, including fruit, grain, and nuts.

Something Healthy!

We’ve discussed a couple of snack food ideas sure to help out with study sessions, but this list should definitely include something healthy as well! Sometimes college students are too busy to stop at the cafeteria to get a hot breakfast, so make sure they have plenty of other options that they can easily store in their dorm room. Granola bars are a great option that will fill them up and keep them fueled for some serious studying. There are all kinds of options to choose from, so include a couple of flavors. That way, your student can mix it up a little, and not always find themselves eating the same thing. Consider including some herbal tea or healthy crackers to your package as well, as these are always appreciated especially at stressful times.

Although fresh fruit and vegetables don’t keep for that long, you can still send a healthy dried fruit and nut mix to your college student. Nuts are a great option to keep your college student focused on their work, and not worrying about where their next meal will come from.

Now that you’ve got a couple of ideas for food care packages to send to your favorite college student, it’s time to send some care packages! College students love to know that you’re thinking about them, and want them to succeed, no matter what they’re studying! What’s your favorite item to include in a food care package?

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.finale

who's watching: Celsey and me

I haven' been consistent this season about blogging. I have known the spoilers since before the season started, and I am always very careful not to say anything here about the things I know. For some reason, it hasn't been as much of a priority as it usually is. It has also been a bit difficult with it airing 2 nights a week. So blah blah blah we have made it to the finale.

We start out following all the couples to fantasy suites. As predicted, Hannah and Dylan go to the fantasy suite as do Kristian and Demi. Chris and Kate were a little more unpredictable, but he got it together enough to tell Katie that he is falling in love with her and went to the fantasy. Nicole was fully prepared and planning on going, but Clay had a different idea. She was less than thrilled and they had a little tiff about it. 

After their weird night, Nicole came to the proposal area as if everything was totally normal. She poured her heart out to Clay and expected him to say he was in love when she asked him straight up. He said he wasn't there yet but he was falling. She did not like that and left. 

Katie and Chris woke up all lovey dovey. A few days ago we had no idea if he even liked her, and now they're engaged. It's cute that he finally found someone. The proposal was actually very cute. He was very emotional, and I hope it works.

Hannah and Dylan are engaged. The end.

Demi and Kristian are super happy and also get engaged.

Everyone leaves happy and then we get to the after the rose. From the previews it looks like we are getting ready for some drama. The JPJ-Derek drama was touched on quickly and moved on from just as quickly. Jordan and Christian still hate each other. For a minute it looked like they were going to fight. Luckily they did not. Hannah and Tayshia talk out their issues-kind of. Every little thing gets quickly addressed and move onto someone/thing else. Blake is the first one in the hot seat. He definitely made some major mistakes, but I kind of feel bad the dude. Everyone in that group was pretty upset with him. 

We check in with some paradise couples-Tanner and Jade, Carly and Evan, and Chris and Krystal. Carly and Evan reveal the gender of their baby on the how-actually Wells revealed the gender by jumping out of a cake in a blue adult onesie suit. Wells is the best, and we did not see enough of him on the beach. 

Katie tells Chris and everyone that she still loves Chris even though she's not wearing her ring, but things have been hard. She is pretty emotional. Chris comes out and he is kind of a little emotional and kind of no emotion at all. They both say they want to try to make things better, and she puts her ring back on. After the commercial, they show them talking outside, and we are still so confused about what is going on with them. After some social media searching, it looks like they are figuring their crap out, and they are together. 

Dylan and Hannah are as happy as can be. Kristian and Demi are also happy, and Kristian proposes on stage. 

Peter is announced as the bachelor. I have known that for a while. I'm excited about it. I like him, and I think/hope he will be good.

I love this show so much, but I am also ready for a break. It takes up a lot of time.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

blogging the paradise.. 6.5.2

who's watching: the usual crowd was busy tonight so it's Bonnie, Dylan, and Sarah joined later

Even though Derek is gone, we spend the first 10+ minutes rehashing that whole thing. 

We finally see a little tiny bit of Chris and Katie. They both like each other, and that's about all we see. Kristian and Demi love each other. Tayshia talks to JPJ and apparently she is smitten. I am so frustrated with him from the past several episodes that it is hard to even care about that. 

Chase comes down and is all about Angela. Clay is all kinds of confused that Angela is even there. Nicole and Tayshia aren't the nicest making fun of Angela's strut into the wedding. They spend far too much time in my opinion talking about Clay and Angela. 

Blake continues to be alone. He thinks about leaving. He probably should. Instead he decides he actually does want to be with Kristina and tells her that. 

Matt Donald is so awkward for some reason about kissing Sydney. He gets advice from EVERYONE on the beach and a rub down from JPJ to get off alllll the sweat. He finally does it, and the edits are killer. 

Chris asks Katie to be his girlfriend and she says yes. Clay pulls Angela aside to have a chat. They agree to be adults and move on with their relationships. It was only kind of believable. Blake is still stuck on Kristina. He seems to believe himself even though we don't. The rose ceremony is very predictable. Since Derek left, there is only one guy that doesn't get a rose. Mike doesn't get a rose. He is sad that he can't find anyone yet he is so happy for everyone else finding love. 

Blake and Kristina say they're going to give it another try. Bri comes in and immediately wants to talk to Blake. She wants to take Blake on the date. He tells her no but in the meantime Kristina has herself so worked up. She is already so mad before she even hears what he has to say. 

The next day everyone is working out and talking about their feelings, and then Dean shows up with his clean shaven face. Why did we need to see such a close up of him shaving that mustache? Dean tells Caelynn he made a mistake and he wants a relationship with her. He seems really serious and she is confused.

To be continued...

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Monday, September 2, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.week 5(I think)

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Alicia

We are re-watching part of last Tuesday's episode because several people didn't see it. It can be summed up in a few short words-John Paul Jones lost his mind. Almost a week later, I am still so confused about what actually happened. 

We finished explaining what happened last week and in walks Angela. Seems like trouble in paradise. Clay has said Nicole is his girlfriend, but as soon as Angela walks it, it definitely affects him. Angela takes Mike on the date. He asks her a lot about dating Clay. She throws herself at him. He doesn't really seem into it.

Back at the house, JPJ is still really into Tayshia even though he is acting a little like he is into Haley. He is still upset with Derek. Derek tells Haley that JPP is into Tayshia, and she is so surprised and confused. Haley decides she needs to talk to JPJ about it. He kind of dug himself into a hole, and Haley is not putting up with it at all. Derek want to talk, and JPJ does not. They talk and it is more of the confusing same.

Matt Donald shows up and it is a welcome distraction. He has half a date card. Luke S comes down and has the other half. They take Sydney and Kristina on their double date. We do not care one little bit about this date. 

Tayshia thinks she might call it quits with both Derek and JPJ. She talks to JPJ and he says he didn't expect to have these feelings. He is pretty hysterical. Tayshia isn't sure what to do about that/him, but she does decide to tell Derek that she doesn't know if she can get there. He finally gets her to say that she can not, and this has nothing to do with what happened with JPJ. Derek is sad, really sad. He decides to leave. Tayshia is so upset. 

The previews for tomorrow look pretty good...

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Monday, August 26, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.week 4

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista and Alexis and Brian left before we started watching.

Tayshia talks to JPJ and basically tells him she isn't that into him by telling him to go on a date with someone else if he wants. He takes her advice and goes on a date with Tahzjuan. They have a dinner date and he either pukes or gets pretty close. 

Demi talks to Caelynn and tells her to be careful so she decides to have a serious conversation with Dean. He isn't really interested in a long term relationship and she is sad. 

Haley comes and is ready for someone goofy. She takes JPJ. They seem to be having fun, and Tahzjuan is back at the beach having a total melt down. They get home and have the most awkward conversation ever. Tahzjuan is so possessive even though they only went on one date last night. 

The cocktail party starts and everyone is trying to figure out who is getting and giving roses. Meanwhile JPJ is on the beach doing cartwheels. Dean brings the whole crew and a birthday cake to Caelynn. Derek tells Tayshia he wants to get out of the friend zone. Katie tells Chris she wants him and Chris says he doesn't know yet. 

It the 3rd rose ceremony and the guys have the roses this week.
Blake--Kristina (I hope this rose helps you find the person you came here to find)
After the rose ceremony, Dean says he needs to talk to Caelynn...

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Monday, August 19, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.week 2

who's watching: Celsey, Shawn, Amanda, Krista

I am obviously not doing a great job at keeping up on blogging the bach in paradise. 2 nights in a week is kind of a lot. Celsey and I did our nails during the last episode so I didn't post. I'm back in business tonight and ready to see how things go.

We start with the fight between Jordan and Christian. It is pretty dumb, and I'm mostly upset that Jordan's comedic relief is gone. They both get sent home. 

Now it's time for all the guys to try to get the roses. There's a lot of talking and wooing and Onyeka decides she is not happy and decides to leave. Most of the roses are pretty predictable. Hannah gives her rose to Dylan. Everything thinks that's the end of Blake and until Kristina gives him a surprise rose, but really who else was she going to give her rose to?!? She did it to put him in his personal hell. Mission accomplished..until Caitlin comes. He is still pretty miserable but wants to make the most of his time with her. It seems like maybe/hopefully the Blake drama might be taking a turn. 

Dylan gets a date and takes Hannah. He is all in with her and tells her that. Hopefully that means Blake will be 100% done with her. Everyone else is hanging out having fun. JPJ steals Tayshia away and they have the most awkard conversation, makeout, jump in the pool. 

Hannah B shows up to talk to Demi. She admits her relationship with her girlfriend is more serious. She decides she needs to talk more to Derek. She talks to him and he says he really likes her and wants to spend time with her. To be continued tomorrow.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

blogging the paradise 6.2

Monday night tradish as well as Tuesday night watching was on pause last week. I didn't blog for a few reasons, but the bottom line is I didn't blog week 1 of bach in paradise. 

We can sum up week 1 in a few short words-Blake is in a mess. That was the majority of both episodes. Blake looked pretty bad until he released the text conversations. That may or may not have been a good option, but it didn't make Caelynn look great. Either way we are all hoping this week includes less Blake drama. We also didn't get a rose ceremony last week even though we had 2 episodes. 

Week 2-Monday night tradish is on pause for another week. Summer is busy and there's a lot going on. Celsey and I are watching, but the usual crew isn't here.

We start with the rose ceremony. There aren't really any solid couples yet. Guys have the roses, and 3 girls have to leave. Bibi, Jane, and Annaliese go home. Anneliese was pretty surprised, but the other two didn't seem too surprised. Bibiana is my fave, and I'm sad she's gone.

Everyone is hanging out having a good time, and Jordan walks in. He spends forever trying to figure out how to take on his date and finally lands on Nicole. The best part of this date was Jorge coming in on a zipline. I am still surprised Nicole went on the date after her time with Clay. 

Blake injures his toe on the the beach. Cam wrote a poem for Caelynn and it was so embarrassing. Mike walks in, and all the girls in paradise have their eyes on Mike. Cam is not thrilled. He makes the rounds and everyone wants to go on a date with him. Nicole comes back and Clay jumps on that. Caelynn and Mike go on a date, and Cam is not going to be happy. 
What is happening with Wills and Katie? She is crying and making no sense. She talks to Chris B and  things all of a sudden make sense to her. He tells her the same things she hears from Wills but she is here for it. 
Hannah and Dylan are spending all the time together but Blake is still hung up on Hannah. He takes Hannah away to spend a little time with her. Dylan can't take it anymore so he comes out to settle things with Blake. Dylan confronts Blake, he walks away, and then Blake carries on with Hannah.
Dylan goes back the group. To be continued.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

blogging the bach 16. the finale part 2

who's watching-Celsey and a little time with Shawn

I have a confession..I read the spoilers. I couldn't deal with Luke and needed to know how long he would be around. Finding that out meant I found out everything else too. With all the drama and news about Jed and his girlfriend, I couldn't really avoid them.

I don't have a lot to say about the beginning of the episode. Tyler and Jed pick out rings. Hannah doesn't think she can do it. She tells her car to pull over, and she trips in the middle of the road. She chooses Jed and gets engaged. Of course, he had his guitar for the proposal. I can't even take this seriously because of the girlfriend situation.

Hannah finds out about Jed's girlfriend from the People article. Jed comes to talk to Hannah. He has a lot of excuses and down plays things with the girl. She tries over and over to tell him he should be honest. He says he wants to be better for her, and she takes off the ring. 

Hannah sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him/us she is no longer with Jed. He comes out and starts with an apology. He says he regrets his decisions. She says thank you for the apology and tells him she hopes he finds the version of himself that she fell in love with. He still loves her but she doesn't love him anymore. 

Tyler comes out. Hannah is giddy. He is pretty giddy too. They agree to see what is going to happen. 

The previews for paradise look like a whole lot of tears. I can't wait. 

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Monday, July 29, 2019

blogging the bach 16.12..finale part 1

who's watching: Alicia, Krista, Celsey

We've been waiting for the end of the season for weeks, and now it's not even the end. We only have part 1 tonight. 
We pick up where we left off last week-with the rose ceremony. Luke is finally gone FINALLY. Jed gets the first rose. He is the only one besides Luke that she has said she is falling in love with. Tyler gets the other rose. We all love Peter, but I wasn't surprised to see him go. She is hysterical and tries to justify to Peter, and he doesn't want to hear it. He is handling it like such a gentleman and it is a little hard to believe she is the one that is making the decision. They both cry..a lot.
Peter and fam are at After the Final Rose. His poor mom is heart broken for him. He still seems pretty sad but tells Chris H he is ready to get some answers and move on. Hannah comes out and she doesn't have many answers for him. She says he didn't open up quick enough and it was too slow of a burn even though we saw a pretty hot and heavy relationship. Hannah announces to everyone that the windmill was even hotter than she originally said. Peter feels closure.

We get back to the show and Tyler goes to meet her family. They talk about the fantasy suite and her family is impressed. Tyler and Hannah talk about lust vs love and she says she is falling in love with him. 

I still can't even with Jed. Her parents ask about his music. He says he signed a deal with a dog food company to write their jingle. I am so embarrassed right now. Her parents aren't very supportive of Jed. Her mom pretty much tells her to pick Tyler. Her dad does too. She wants them to say they are both great, but it just isn't happening. She talks to Jed. She says she doesn't want to talk about other guys and the proceeds to talk about Tyler. With the rest of America, we looked up the dog food jingle. Enough said. 

Hannah has her final date with Tyler-a redo of the horseback riding date and her final date with Jed on a boat. Her night with Tyler seems pretty good. She is not feeling well on the boat. She is definitely worried. Her time with her family seems to be sinking in for her. Jed apologizes for the night before it even starts. She tells him about the concerns with his music. She is freaking out and tells him that. 
To be continued...

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

blogging the bach 16.11...Men Tell All

who's watching-The regular Monday night crew is off today so I am watching with Erin. Steve was mostly in his office doing school work, but we did get him to give a little bit of commentary here and there.

I am not usually a huge fan of men tell all. There isn't usually that much to tell, but I have been waiting for weeks for this. We all know it's going to be another episode of the Luke show. As much as I am ready for the end of that, I am very curious to see what Hannah and everyone else including Luke has to say.

Before we can get to the real Luke show, we have to see Luke actually leave the show. Hannah tried to send him home yet again and he came back yet again. Hannah told him to leave, and he flat out refused. He came back truly thinking Hannah wants to be with him. He waltzed right in to the rose ceremony and stood there like it was no big deal except that it was a really big deal. Hannah was livid, and tried to get him to leave. Again he refused. He wanted closure. I'm all for closure. I like it myself, but I do not understand how he didn't have closure. Maybe he felt mixed messages throughout the season as she continued to keep him, but it was pretty clear at the end of their date that this was the end. Hannah tried moving the podium to prove her point. The guys all rallied around her to get him to leave. They were protective but not aggressive which I appreciated. At this point I am so confused why the producers, their handlers, Chris Harrison, somebody doesn't physically remove him. He FINALLY leaves and the rest is to be continued.

The majority of the Men Tell All was Luke Tells All. Some of the guys had a lot to say and some had little to say. Luke said he had no regrets, and in true Luke fashion back pedaled on that multiple times. He eventually said he was sorry for this or that and left the stage to catch a flight. I really hope Luke gets some professional help after his time on this show. 

Hannah clearly regrets keeping him around for so long. If all the rumors are true, the end of this season has been very rough for her. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out next week. I like that she stands up for herself, but I don't always care for the way she does it. I don't think the apology to America was necessary. It felt a bit emotionally immature and could have been handled in a different way. I hope somehow in all of the mess of this season, she is happy or has grown or something positive. We'll see as it all unravels next week.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wear it Wednesday-basic black

I got this dress from My Sister's Closet Boutique. It is the perfect basic black casual dress. It's comfortable. It is long enough, and it has sleeves. They will be selling the dress at a huge discount in the next couple of weeks.

Draper Days (starting July 19th-- booth at Draper City Park)
the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days sidewalk sales (starting July 20th-- this will just be right outside their Spanish Fork store location)
The dress comes in this basic black, sky blue, and rose and is available in sizes S-3X
You can only find this dress at Draper Days or Fiesta Days and it is only $20. Go get it now!