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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.finale

who's watching: Celsey and me

I haven' been consistent this season about blogging. I have known the spoilers since before the season started, and I am always very careful not to say anything here about the things I know. For some reason, it hasn't been as much of a priority as it usually is. It has also been a bit difficult with it airing 2 nights a week. So blah blah blah we have made it to the finale.

We start out following all the couples to fantasy suites. As predicted, Hannah and Dylan go to the fantasy suite as do Kristian and Demi. Chris and Kate were a little more unpredictable, but he got it together enough to tell Katie that he is falling in love with her and went to the fantasy. Nicole was fully prepared and planning on going, but Clay had a different idea. She was less than thrilled and they had a little tiff about it. 

After their weird night, Nicole came to the proposal area as if everything was totally normal. She poured her heart out to Clay and expected him to say he was in love when she asked him straight up. He said he wasn't there yet but he was falling. She did not like that and left. 

Katie and Chris woke up all lovey dovey. A few days ago we had no idea if he even liked her, and now they're engaged. It's cute that he finally found someone. The proposal was actually very cute. He was very emotional, and I hope it works.

Hannah and Dylan are engaged. The end.

Demi and Kristian are super happy and also get engaged.

Everyone leaves happy and then we get to the after the rose. From the previews it looks like we are getting ready for some drama. The JPJ-Derek drama was touched on quickly and moved on from just as quickly. Jordan and Christian still hate each other. For a minute it looked like they were going to fight. Luckily they did not. Hannah and Tayshia talk out their issues-kind of. Every little thing gets quickly addressed and move onto someone/thing else. Blake is the first one in the hot seat. He definitely made some major mistakes, but I kind of feel bad the dude. Everyone in that group was pretty upset with him. 

We check in with some paradise couples-Tanner and Jade, Carly and Evan, and Chris and Krystal. Carly and Evan reveal the gender of their baby on the how-actually Wells revealed the gender by jumping out of a cake in a blue adult onesie suit. Wells is the best, and we did not see enough of him on the beach. 

Katie tells Chris and everyone that she still loves Chris even though she's not wearing her ring, but things have been hard. She is pretty emotional. Chris comes out and he is kind of a little emotional and kind of no emotion at all. They both say they want to try to make things better, and she puts her ring back on. After the commercial, they show them talking outside, and we are still so confused about what is going on with them. After some social media searching, it looks like they are figuring their crap out, and they are together. 

Dylan and Hannah are as happy as can be. Kristian and Demi are also happy, and Kristian proposes on stage. 

Peter is announced as the bachelor. I have known that for a while. I'm excited about it. I like him, and I think/hope he will be good.

I love this show so much, but I am also ready for a break. It takes up a lot of time.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

blogging the paradise.. 6.5.2

who's watching: the usual crowd was busy tonight so it's Bonnie, Dylan, and Sarah joined later

Even though Derek is gone, we spend the first 10+ minutes rehashing that whole thing. 

We finally see a little tiny bit of Chris and Katie. They both like each other, and that's about all we see. Kristian and Demi love each other. Tayshia talks to JPJ and apparently she is smitten. I am so frustrated with him from the past several episodes that it is hard to even care about that. 

Chase comes down and is all about Angela. Clay is all kinds of confused that Angela is even there. Nicole and Tayshia aren't the nicest making fun of Angela's strut into the wedding. They spend far too much time in my opinion talking about Clay and Angela. 

Blake continues to be alone. He thinks about leaving. He probably should. Instead he decides he actually does want to be with Kristina and tells her that. 

Matt Donald is so awkward for some reason about kissing Sydney. He gets advice from EVERYONE on the beach and a rub down from JPJ to get off alllll the sweat. He finally does it, and the edits are killer. 

Chris asks Katie to be his girlfriend and she says yes. Clay pulls Angela aside to have a chat. They agree to be adults and move on with their relationships. It was only kind of believable. Blake is still stuck on Kristina. He seems to believe himself even though we don't. The rose ceremony is very predictable. Since Derek left, there is only one guy that doesn't get a rose. Mike doesn't get a rose. He is sad that he can't find anyone yet he is so happy for everyone else finding love. 

Blake and Kristina say they're going to give it another try. Bri comes in and immediately wants to talk to Blake. She wants to take Blake on the date. He tells her no but in the meantime Kristina has herself so worked up. She is already so mad before she even hears what he has to say. 

The next day everyone is working out and talking about their feelings, and then Dean shows up with his clean shaven face. Why did we need to see such a close up of him shaving that mustache? Dean tells Caelynn he made a mistake and he wants a relationship with her. He seems really serious and she is confused.

To be continued...

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Monday, September 2, 2019

blogging the paradise..6.week 5(I think)

who's watching: Celsey, Amanda, Alicia

We are re-watching part of last Tuesday's episode because several people didn't see it. It can be summed up in a few short words-John Paul Jones lost his mind. Almost a week later, I am still so confused about what actually happened. 

We finished explaining what happened last week and in walks Angela. Seems like trouble in paradise. Clay has said Nicole is his girlfriend, but as soon as Angela walks it, it definitely affects him. Angela takes Mike on the date. He asks her a lot about dating Clay. She throws herself at him. He doesn't really seem into it.

Back at the house, JPJ is still really into Tayshia even though he is acting a little like he is into Haley. He is still upset with Derek. Derek tells Haley that JPP is into Tayshia, and she is so surprised and confused. Haley decides she needs to talk to JPJ about it. He kind of dug himself into a hole, and Haley is not putting up with it at all. Derek want to talk, and JPJ does not. They talk and it is more of the confusing same.

Matt Donald shows up and it is a welcome distraction. He has half a date card. Luke S comes down and has the other half. They take Sydney and Kristina on their double date. We do not care one little bit about this date. 

Tayshia thinks she might call it quits with both Derek and JPJ. She talks to JPJ and he says he didn't expect to have these feelings. He is pretty hysterical. Tayshia isn't sure what to do about that/him, but she does decide to tell Derek that she doesn't know if she can get there. He finally gets her to say that she can not, and this has nothing to do with what happened with JPJ. Derek is sad, really sad. He decides to leave. Tayshia is so upset. 

The previews for tomorrow look pretty good...

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