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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blast from the Past or Back to the Future

Several of the HBLL shelvers. Amanda D, April, and I realized we all met 9 years ago this fall. Wow! Time flies.

A few of the KOTM group. It was so fun to get out of the office.

Most of the old roommates have been in town this summer. Too bad they didn't all come at the same time.

The past few weeks I have gotten together with old friends from different times of my life-BYU roommates, HBLL co-workers, KOTM friends. It's been lots of fun to see everyone and take a few trips down memory lane. It's fun seeing what everyone is doing with their lives-mostly something completely different than we predicted at the time. I'm grateful for every era of my life and the awesome friends I have. Even after 10 years we get together and have just as much fun if not more as we did our freshman year at BYU, shelving and reading at the library, working together at KOTM!

This is what happens...

when 7 people quit work within 1 month. The office turns to chaos, everyone is so uptight, and the remaining staff are left to figure out how to lighten the mood. Eric, one of the many who are leaving, is the biggest jokester in the office. He and Anne passed this goat back and forth several times. Anne decided the ultimate comeback would be nothing other than green jello (Jim from The Office style). It turns out it's a little tricky to suspend a plastic object in jello, but with a little engineering we pulled it off. Eric's reaction was priceless, and we decided Anne won the prank war. Eric promised to take the goat to his new classroom in memory of Kids on the Move. Despite the loss of productivity when we all have tons to do, the mood in the office was definitely lightened!

The finished product.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wednesday Nights

This is why you don't make bets. Kent got stuck playing an inning in cowboy boots.
My Wednesday nights consist of going to the softball field across the street to watch teams play. It's one of my favorite summer activities and I usually rearrange plans just to make it. Thanks for the fun Hustlers!

Nettie's Mouth/Carwash

The carwash got off to a little slow start so we started with my car. Things picked up pretty quickly though.

Nettie subbed for the ward softball team a couple of weeks ago and this is what happened. Luckily she was able to get the teeth cosmetically fixed that day. Unfortunately, she still needs a root canal and most likely a crown. Her company doesn't offer dental insurance so this might turn into a $1500 softball game. Although she can easily afford the dental work, who wants to afford that? A couple girls decided to put together a carwash. It was quite successful, and we had a good time. People are so nice!