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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

days 26-29

although the past couple of days have been forever long, february has flown by. i'm excited for march and some new challenges for myself.

i really loved #febphotoaday. i'm definitely doing #marchphotoaday. who wants to do it with me?

day 26. night. about to cute my head off with some sewing.
day 27. something i ate. bbq chicken wrap at nettie's shower at red robin. forgot to take a better picture.
day 28. money. where i keep it. do cards count?
day 29. what i'm listening to. the radio and i actually really like it.

the last few days of #monthofhair

high straight pony. kind of cop out hair.

curly with bangs swept up with felt bow
chelsea do (you'll have to ask me if you want to know what that means) with  felt flower

Monday, February 27, 2012

running update

a few weeks ago i got to start running short intervals. who knew a minute and a half could make me so happy. i've increased the intervals and finally did 3 miles the other night. it literally nearly killed a good way. i still have a long road ahead of me, but i finally have hope that i might actually get there one day.

brynn and i went to one of our favorite routes. it was super windy, and we are both just coming back from a long running hiatus. there wasn't so much running, but we enjoyed being outside and look forward to the day when we can run more.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

days 21-25

is anyone sick of my #febphotoaday posts? i kind of love it and definitely plan to do #marchphotoaday. now that #monthofhair is almost over, i'm kind of sad and kind of glad. i want to keep trying new things with my hair, but sometimes i just need to wear a messy bun for 3 days in a row.

day 21. fave photo. st. george 1/2 marathon last year...the one where i left my running shoes in slc. oh the memories. #missrunning

day 22. where i work. my desk is generally messier than i prefer but i'm hardly ever in the office to get too stressed about it.

day 23. shoes. it was a dress way down kind of day. love the nike free.

day 24. inside my bathroom cabinet. pretty sure i have too much stuff or need more space.

day 25. green. these trees make me feel like i'm somewhere other than utah.

hair 1. high bun
hair 2. curly. with a diffuser and mouse.
hair 3. high curly pony
hair 4. hard to tell but side french braid into a messy side bun

Saturday, February 25, 2012

at the dealer

i'm really bad about taking my car in for an oil should have been twice by now bad. even the fact that i already paid for a year doesn't get me in there. at some point the fear of my car blowing up motivates me enough to take it in. i finally went yesterday. the waiting area now has massage chairs. the oc was on tv. the bathroom has been remodeled and now includes complimentary toothbrushes..not joking. my car is more sparkling clean than it's been since i bought it. maybe i'll get better at this whole oil change thing...maybe.

Monday, February 20, 2012

days 16-20

I'm still loving #febphotoaday and I'm pretty sick of #monthofhair

I'm also about to kill blogger. I have been trying to format this post for the last half hour, and I'm giving up. Blogger wins.

day 20. handwriting. not much of that on this day of presidents. keeping track of #febphotoaday and #month of hair

day 19. something i hate to do. get ready for bed. #highmaintenance

day 18. drink. is there really any other kind???

day 17. time. early to rise. kill me now.

day 16. something new. barely worn. can't wait to get back on the road.

regular pony with new felt bows

2nd attempt at casey s from the bachelor. worked better this time.

i don't know why i'm complaining so much about #monthofhair. it seems like for every 4-5 days of #febphotoaday i only have 2 hair posts. still, i'll be happy when the month is over. is anyone else doing #febphotoaday? i'm kind of loving it.

stay at home something

i had the day off today for pesident's day. i really should be a stay at home something. i'm good at having the day, cooking, mending, visiting teaching during the day

. ya know...all the stuff a stay at home person does.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Hop

I'm all about blogger friends these days. What better way to meet some new bloggers than linking up. Check out the linky followers blog hop. Apparently google friend connect is practically out of here so linky follower seems like a good way to go.


All the effort that went into planning my lesson and making treats and handouts only for no girls to show up to young women today was all worth it because I needed this more than ever.

Valentine's Day

I love most all holidays, but Valentine's Day isn't my favorite. I don't think it's because I'm single but maybe. Even though I don't love it, I do like the decorations and the candy (mostly the cherry ju ju hearts). Roommate Suzie heart attacked my door, and I spent the evening with the young women watching a cheesy church movie, chatting, and eating treats. Could be worse that's for sure.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

days 11-15

day 11. something that makes me smile. bowling with the little tykes. granny shot.

day 12. inside my closet. yikes

day 13. blue. gender reveal cake for church friend lindsey. baby burton is a boy.

day 14. heart. thank you hairdresser on fire.

day 15. phone. people and their instagrams are still killing me. kind of feel like i need an iphone.

sweetheart braid for valentine's day. inspired by this tutorial. i definitely could have used some help, and i have way too much hair.

i saw something on pinterest so briefly. she braided her hair in 5 small braids and ran a flat iron over the braids. it worked ok...not great but ok. it only got worse after it got snowed on a few times.

month of hair is starting to get a little old. too bad i still have 2 weeks left. anyone have any good ideas i should try?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

art installation

my super talented and creative friend, also known as a girl in salt lake city, did a little project in celebration of this day of love. i participated by hanging posters all over the north end of vegas all about how to write a crazy love letter. 2 things about hanging things in vegas
1. there are signs all over the place
2. it's so windy there who knows if anything survives

i'm a little in love with this idea and could have used this instruction a time or two....or maybe it's good I didn't

Monday, February 13, 2012

bowling with the little tykes

my mom and i have been in vegas for the weekend. karlee loves bowling so we headed to red rock casino for a little bowling with the little tykes.

karlee likes to strike a pose. karson wasn't too into it.

 karson loved all the bowling balls and even had a few turns.

after getting 0 pins my first 2 frames (i'm not even kidding), i took a tip from karlee and did granny shot bowling.  

 karlee is the cutest little bowler and did just about as well as the rest of us

 this is seriously the scoreboard. we are NOT even a little bit good at bowling, but we had fun

Friday, February 10, 2012

days 6-10

more #febphotoaday and month of hair.

day 6. dinner. wish i was kidding.
day 7. button. on/off to electric blanket. puts me in a coma every night.
day 8. sun. there wasn't any. #utah winter
day 9. front door. rarely use it.
day 10. self portrait. not my fav. tiny yellow earrings are my fav.

curled and finger brushed out.
not so casey s (best thing to come out of monday night's the bachelor. must try again another day.
clean and straight
half back with bobby pins

and recently i've been hanging posters on the north end of vegas in support of the howtowritealoveletter project. details to come.