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Friday, November 30, 2012

the rest of the weekend

i went back to vegas for about a day and a half after thanksgiving. we pretty much just hung out and played with the kids. i always love spending time with them. jeff started working in california this week so they are moving by the end of the year. i'm sad about it but just glad it's california and not somewhere far far away.

playing restaurant with the kids

 trying to get kyler to stand. the little thing is growing up so fast.

attempting some pics with the kids (always fun...)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

latest cake


GIRL. This is only my 2nd girl cake. Yay for pink.


i'm having storage issues with blogger so this never got posted. so, much after the fact here is the recap of thanksgiving 2012.

we spent the actual holiday at grandma and grandpa mathis's house. the johnsons also came into town so we had a pretty good crowd. i realized this year i haven't been at my parents' house for thanksgiving in 15 years (that makes me feel super old). i am so glad i have family close enough to spend the thanksgiving holiday with.

playing outside with the kids before the meal

 the, grandpa, andrew, grandma, karlee, avery, marsha, malea, troy, abby, shaylee, chelsea and kyler, jeff and karson, david, leina (apparently john and gale were taking pics)

playing at the park after dinner (tradition)


kyler getting so big

troy helping karson kick the ball

we stayed in st george until friday night and then headed back to vegas for the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


#1...I've been crafty blogging over on my other blog the past couple of years. Lately, I just can't seem to keep up. So, in an effort to simplify (whatever that means) just a tich, I'm combining for a while. I'll still blog my crafting, cooking, and all other things I NEED RIGHT NOW. I'll also still blog about life while DREAMING OF SOMEDAY. It will all just be right here starting right this second. Hopefully it will be easier to read and easier to write all in one spot.

#2...I've been talking and talking about it, but it really is happening. The blog makeover is in process courtesy of the lovely Kate over at a creative cookie. Who knows when, but sometime very soon the sidebar links will be gone...promise to make room for some sponsor swapping.

#3...I still have some catch up to do and then I'll be back on a more consistent basis...promise.

Looks like I have some promises to keep.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


i interrupt this blog catch up to bring you a gratitude post. i can't let this thanksgiving day pass without stopping to think write about it all. i could be here all day listing all the things i am thankful for.

healthy body
physical necessities
and a lot of non necessities
technology (did i just write that?)
churchy things
i mean seriously. i could go on for days.

i am one blessed girl

Monday, November 19, 2012

winter wonderland

utah got dumped on last weekend big time. it just wouldn't stop snowing. as much as I HATE the snow, there's nothing like getting up before the rest of the world and going fora snowy run. i kind of LOVE it

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

snow canyon half

for some reason, i have gotten a little behind in my blogging the past couple of weeks. i'm attempting to catch up in the next few days.

i ran my first post op 1/2 marathon a couple of weeks ago. it was the snow canyon 1/2 marathon down in st george. the weather was to die for amazing. the course was gorgeous. it was a beautiful day. really i couldn't ask for much more (besides maybe a faster time and the right running shoes)

at the start line with alyson, heidi, allison, and teresa

at the finish. brynn ran the last little bit with her mom.

the race went pretty well. i felt good most of the time. i didn't do as well as i hoped which makes me think i better get my butt in gear before i run another full.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

weekend recap

Is it acceptable to blog about the weekend when it's almost another weekend? This past weekend was just too good not to document.

I went to St. George with Brynn and Allison to run. I had quite the eventful weekend.

We laughed our heads off when this baby hat turned out an itty bit too small.

i ran my first legit post-op race...snow canyon half marathon. things were going great until a mile or two in when i realized i brought old running shoes. they were fine, and the race went pretty well.

after the race i realized i forgot to pack underwear (kind of a problem) and also got locked out of the house when my phone was 100% dead. a few hours, 2 verizon stores, and $20 late, my phone was semi-charged and i found the group.

i left sunday morning to get home for church. i came home to an igloo of a freezer and a giant melty mess. 

we basically spent all day dealing with and cleaning that up. by 10:30 that night all the ice was gone.

needless to say, i was ready for the weekend to end (never thought I would say that). at least it made for some good stories.