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Monday, July 30, 2018

blogging the bach tell all

who's watching: We have a little crowd tonight. We're back to the OG bach crowd-Celsey and Shawn and me.

By this point in the season I am usually ready for the show to be over. I am ready per usual for the season to end, but I am pretty excited for this men tell all. I've heard good things from people who already watched.

The show starts with an extended preview of paradise. I CANNOT WAIT for it! They recap this season, and I still cannot wait for paradise.

Who even knows what is going on after that. There is a lot of bickering between all of these boys. Jordan just needs to get in the hot seat. Nick accuses David of what we have all been thinking-that he was there for Jordan not Becca. Meanwhile Chris Harrison has no control over this mess and sits in his chair laughing and laughing.

A few random guys from night one pipe in. Who is the guy in the tux and why is he wearing women's cropped pants and women's dress shoes?

Jordan gets in the hot seat, and it is more of the same. He says he is wearing his gold underwear and I'm afraid he is going to take his pants off.

Joe the grocer has definitely gotten hotter. He looks like a totally different person. He doesn't say much, but I CANNOT WAIT for paradise. He is so cute!

Wills comes to the hot seat, and I am distracted planning drinks for Mandi's mocktail bridal shower party. A lot of people really liked Wills this season, but I was never all that into him. Apparently I still am not. Maybe I will change my mind in paradise.

Jason comes to the hot seat. I am just sad for him. His tears while watching things back make me sad. He seems pretty mature about the whole thing. 

Chris gets the last word. He seems to realize he was not his best self on this show. Let's hope he is better on paradise. The gospel choir comes out and it's a pretty good move. 

The bloopers are the best always, but even better than the bloopers is John's math about how Jordan got to 4000 tinder matches-365,000 swipes per day or something crazy like that.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Current situation 

I received these products from Therapedic. All opinions are my own.

Things are kind of bad around here. My room is an absolute mess. We got new blinds in the house about a month ago. I put a bunch of stuff in the middle of the room so it wasn't close to the blinds. I haven't put it back yet because I am in the slow process of re doing my room.

I purchased a new mattress, but I haven't had time to go pick it up yet. Therapedic sent me some new products to go along with my new mattress- Therapedic Cool and Fresh Fiberbed and Pillows. I am so excited to actually use them soon, very soon.

The Therapedic cool and fresh fiberbed and pillows are part of their spring refresh line intended to help keep things cool and allergen free especially during these hot summer months. My allergies have been out of control this year so I am so excited to see how this helps with that.

I thought I posted this a couple of months ago, and obviously I did not. Things are still a mess, but they are slowly improving. I have my new bed set up, but I have more to do still. I bought a bed frame with a minimalist headboard and new bedding and finally am making some progress. The Therapedic fiberbed is so comfortable and the new pillows are exactly what I like. Thank you Therapedic for keeping my new bed fresh, cool, comfortable and allergen free.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

blogging the bach 14.9...fantasy suites

who's watching-we sent the boys home with the kids and all the girls and shawn stay to watch

date #1-Blake-They start the date with a hike to a Buddhist temple. Did JoJo do this exact same date? Becca doesn't know how she will make it through the date without kissing Blake. We aren't sure why she chose this date with him. They haven't seen each other for 2 weeks, and Blake had a really hard time with it. They talk in circles about where they're at, and Blake tells her he looks for reasons to stay instead of reasons to leave. They get the fantasy suite card and head to the fantasy suite with the see through door. Blake is all in. Becca keeps talking about her feelings of doubt on Arie's season. That makes me a little nervous for Blake.

date #2-Jason-It seems like people are either diehard Jason fans or not at all. They walk down the stairs of another temple, and Becca realizes she can't picture Jason in her future. We had to rewind 3 times to hear what she actually says. She talks to a producer while he awkwardly sits and looks around. She thinks more time might help. Jason rambles on and on at dinner about loving her while Becca looks at him thinking oh crap. She gets up and leaves, and it's awkward again. They come back to the table and Becca says she isn't confident it won't be him, but she has stronger feelings for the other two guys. He pushes the topic a little before accepting that he is going home. He leaves. They both cry..a lot.

date #3-Garrett-He obviously gets the cool date of the group. The romantic date turned into party date. There are people EVERYWHERE. They have a pretty serious conversation during the evening portion. He is cute. I don't know that he is Blake cute, but when he says he truly loves her, she is all about that. He loves her. She loves him. The end.

Jason comes back. We aren't sure if he is there to get closure or if he is trying to change her mind. After her date with Garrett, she is definitely not going to change her mind. He comes to properly wrap up their relationship and give her a memory book. 

Rose ceremony-The guys show up and have no idea Jason is gone. Becca tells Chris Harrison she will only say I love you to the final guy. Garrett is smiling bigger than he has all season, and Blake is starting to get nervous. They both love her. She loves both of them. Two more weeks, and we will see what happens.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

summer break 2018

I love my job for so many reasons. One of those many reasons is the breaks we get. Summer break was great. I stayed in town this year. I had some projects I really needed to get done, and I made sure to have fun too.

Stacha, Suzanne, and I went to Tibble Fork Reservoir. It is so beautiful up there.

Donna, Sharon, and I started out the 4th of July with a beautiful run down Emigration Canyon. I spent the afternoon with the youth at Sandy days selling lemonade.

Celsey and her mom made homemade Chinese food. It was so delicious and a fun way to celebrate the 4th. We swam and hot tubbed and had a great time. Mel made festive strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Their house is the perfect spot to watch all the local fireworks. Shawn and Gene lit off some great fireworks and we watched all the cities from the porch.

Suzanne, Stacha, and I went to Hall of Breakfast. We took our time taking pictures and having so much fun. We went to the most delicious breakfast for lunch and then Becky's pool for the afternoon/evening. It was 9pm before we knew it.

Summer break was so much fun and also really productive. I got a lot done, and really enjoyed the break.
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Monday, July 16, 2018

blogging the bach 14.8..hometowns

who's watching-the whole crowd is here tonight.

hometown #1-Garrett's hometown in Manteca, CA (I need to ask Chelsea if she knows they were so close to her). The day starts out on the farm. Someone forgot to tell Becca what to wear but she manages ok. They have a fun day and then go meet the fam. Everyone is there. Garrett has a perma smile. His divorce comes up..a lot. Garrett is putting it all out there and says he will be ok if it doesn't work out. His family is all pretty mellow and kind. Becca can see herself with Garrett and his family. I can see it too.

hometown #2-Jason in Buffalo, NY. They start the date with a wing eating contest. That's probably fun in real life, but that's a mess for TV. They go ice skating/hockey, and I wonder how he is still here. He really likes her, but I'm just not sure she feels the same. Jason's mom asks Becca if she thinks she has found her person. She beats around the bush and says she is hopeful. She tells Jason she couldn't read if Becca is falling for him. That's not a great sign for him. His mom seems pretty perceptive about the situation, but she is also really nice about it. Jason tells Becca he is wildy insanely madly in love with her.

hometown #3-Blake in Bailey, CO. Becca is so excited to see Blake and says in her interview she loves him. We can't figure out why people take people back to their high schools. Blake tells Becca about a school shooting that happened his senior year of high school, and it makes a little more sense-maybe. Blake has a concert for Becca in the high school-Betty who. None of us have a clue who she is. They meet the fam. His mom wants to chat. Amanda says she would tell her mom nah let's stay with the group. Mom is happy for him. Dad is skeptical. In the end, they are all supportive. Becca and Blake are both in major love.

hometown #4-Colton in Colorado. They shop for gifts and take them to the children's hospital. They have a good time there and then have a chat about meeting his family and being scared about his lack of experience. Their day date is so short/not really shown. They walk in the door to 18 people. Colton and Becca separately talk to his dad. He brings up Tia and her engagement to Arie. He tells his mom he loves her, and then she tells Becca. He tells her he loves her, and it makes her feel so special. I still don't see it with them.

Becca's girls from Arie's season are back to chat cause drama with Tia. Becca tells them about all of her hometown dates. Tia wants to talk to Becca about Colton. She still has feelings for him. Whhhhyyyy does she wait until now to tell her this??? What is Becca supposed to do now? She is now in the weirdest spot ever, and we all agree we would be pretty upset.

Blake, Jason, and Garrett get roses. Colton is completely blindsided-exactly what Becca didn't want to happen, but what is inevitable on this show. She doesn't say anything about Tia so I guess we will all see that play out in paradise.  

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

beauty time Tuesday-June empties

I have emptied so many things recently that June was a pretty light month. 
Bath and Body Works foaming soap-love
Bath and Body Works lotion-not my fave smell
4 Life facial cleanser-very gentle, love
SeneGence b gloss-my fave
Bath and Body Works body cream-love
OPI glitter polish-love
Intuition razor-love 
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Monday, July 9, 2018

blogging the bach 14.7

who's watching: We are missing half our crowd tonight. We have Megan and Rem and Shawn and Celsey.

We got a little hijacked by Trump, but by the time we started watching he was done. They arrive in the Bahamas and everyone is excited to be there.

Date #1-one on one with Colton-Becca really likes him for some reason. He gets the boat date. They have fun and make out a ton. Becca says in her interview that he would have to drop a major bomb to not get the rose. Colton tells Becca he is a virgin and she acts like it is the worst thing she has ever heard. She steps out for a few, and Colton panics a little. She comes back and he says some weird things about being comfortable in the locker room and not waiting for marriage. She wants to meet the people that made him and gives him the rose.

Date #2 one on one with Garrett-After meeting on the beach, they hop on a little sea plane and fly around. They talk about liking each other and the other guys and then make out a lot. Becca wants to make sure there is more to their relationship than physical. They talk about hometowns at dinner including who they would meet, his ex-wife, and what else there is to him. She gets the depth she wants. He says he is falling in love and gets the rose. They strip and run into the ocean.

Date #3-one on one with Blake-Blake gets the town date which isn't always the best. She is really excited to see him. They dance around town and end up at the beach for more serious talk. Why does she keep talking about the other guys on her dates? Blake opens up about his family at dinner. He tells her he loves her, and she seems pretty in love with him too.

Date #4-Wills, Leo, Jason-After all the other dates, I'm just not feeling it with any of these dudes. Becca and Leo talk and decide it's best not to go meet his family, and it basically turns into a 2 on 1. See you in paradise Leo. Thanks to Trump and his interruption, the show stops there. Did it actually stop or did it just stop recording?

Roses-Colton, Garrett, Blake and who knows who gets the group date rose. Are hometowns really next week? That seems crazy!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

blogging the bach 14.6

who's watching-Monday Night Tradish is back on and everyone is here. We've been pretty hit and miss this season-more miss than hit so it's fun to have the gang back together again.

Date #1-one on one with Jason. A lot of people are loving Jason. I haven't been super excited about him so far so I am excited to see more. It was a little noisy during their date, and I honestly missed most of it. They have some pretty serious conversations at dinner. He gets a rose, and I think he will probably be in the final 3.

Date #2-group date-political style date since they are in Virginia. The guys all take the podium and are asked about honesty and transparency. Naturally Chris takes the opportunity to make a fool of himself while airing all the dirty laundry of the house/Lincoln. I am not sure why he decided to do that in front of an audience. The evening part is super awkward and a waste of time. The conversations between the guys is a lot more heated than I would expect at this point. Shouldn't they all be friends by this point?! Garrett basically tells Chris to get it together and shut it. Becca takes a few minutes to herself to get over all the drama and comes back to Garrett, Colton, and then Wills and things improve. Colton gets the rose. Chris says the battle is not over. Since when is this show a battle?! He really needs to go.

Date #3-one on one-Leo. Have they even had one conversation this whole season? Leo is probably a great guy, but it's a little too late for him. Becca doesn't agree. She gives him the rose. I'm not really surprised he gets the rose, but I don't think he will be around past next week.

Leo comes back from the date and seems like it was a great day. Chris decides that's the right time for him to go visit Becca and ruin her night. Becca tells Chris his drama has seeped into every date in Virginia. The conversation isn't great, and she sends him home.

Rose ceremony-Jason, Connor, Leo already have roses. We are surprised there are only 3 roses. Garrett, Blake, Wills get those roses.  

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Monday, July 2, 2018

one little word-July goal

In 2018 I want to fill my life with things and people I LOVE and let things go that I do not love. I want to show more LOVE to others and accept more LOVE. I want my life to be full of LOVE.

I took the month of June to re-focus on my word of the year and goals I have for the rest of the year.

*attend temple 12 times✔
*send birthday and other cards monthly✔
*nightly gratitude journal✔ kind of.
*love my body by continuing health and fitness goals-June was a good month
*monthly savings/budget goal to be more accountable for my spending and save more-I need to recommit to this

JUNE GOALS-operation get back on track
*start Syatt Fitness inner circle 90 day unicorn challenge✔-I haven't gotten involved in the Syatt page, but I have bee doing the workouts and really loving them. They are pushing me to lift really heavy which I love.
*20 questions with Candace✔-We talk basically every single day on marco polo, but we decided doing some get to know you questions would be fun. It brought up a lot of great discussion.
*100s workout (pushups, squats, crunches, 3 min plank)✔-I used this as my workout warmup most days. It was a great way to start.

*Monday-Saturday alpha workout challenge-different word each day to coordinate with exercises
*daily body love
*daily self love prompts
*commit to spending budget

How is 2018 going for you? I am determined to make the rest of 2018 the best it can be.