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Friday, April 28, 2017

beauty time tuesday-april empties

I have used up so many products the past several months. April was a little bit less. Most of what I used up were Bath and Body Works products. I do go through those pretty often.

Bath and Body Works cream and shower gel
Unite leave in detangler-I like this brand and have been using it for a while
Intuition razor refills-I shaved with a regular razor last week and cut myself twice. The intuition is the only way to go. 

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Friday, April 14, 2017

OG money retreat

one year ago i started an online makeup course. we all thought we were signing up for a week or maybe two week long course about makeup. we got a lot of great makeup tips, but we also got a lot more. the course was a test course for future groups so it evolved over time. we learned to mind our own business and focus on the positive. we learned to love ourselves and each other.

last august people traveled to utah for a retreat. i ended up not being there as much as i expected with having to go back and forth to salt lake for various things. it was great spending time with the girls i spent so much time talking to online.

jeannette and ariana flew in a little early to spend some extra time. i picked them up from the airport. we did a little makeup shopping before heading to michelle's. we also took a pure barre class together. we stayed up way too late that night talking and laughing. mandi, ariana, and i went to the gym for our csatt workout before going to good things utah the next morning.

 we had some free time before it was time to head to park city so i took them to temple square.

besides the back and forth to and from salt lake, we spent the rest of the weekend in heber. the weekend went by pretty fast, but that seems to be what always happens. there was a decent amount of time for hanging out and chatting. saturday evening megan and mike renewed their vows in a very sweet ceremony.

ariana, megan, jeannette, and gretchen
 with melanie and mandi/stacey

 with jemaca/lish

 with kayla
 with trish/trish and mandi

 ali jaynes/greer

we went to brunch before ariana and jeannette left to go home. it was the best end to the weekend.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

unblogged bloggables-csatt seattle meetup part 2

it was a quick weekend, but we did so much in the short time we were there. part 1 started getting a little too long.

we met for dinner and games at a german pub on saturday night. we had the whole upstairs for our group, and it was nice to have the space.

with robbie, michelle, mandi, and jen
everyone who started in january 2016. papa z may have been sleeping on a bench at this point
i can't remember how or when i connected with jen in the group, but she is another big reason i wanted to go to seattle. she is one of the most consistent people in the group. she is also amazingly supportive and so much fun. i was so happy to finally meet her and get to spend the weekend with her.

mandi and i spent a little time at the seattle temple on sunday morning. it was so peaceful and a great way to spend the morning.
we met up with the group and went to pike's place. we did the typical touristy things-the gum wall, the market, the ferris wheel. 

with papa z, mandi, and lisa

most people left sometime on sunday, but mandi and i stayed until monday. i got to spend a little time catching up with tonya.
mandi and i met jen at her gym for a workout-the very first gym plan workout. it was fun working out with jen, and i knew i was going to love the new gym plans.

breakfast with the few remaining-lisa, jen, papa z, debra, mandi
jen took us to snoqualmie falls

we did a makeup tutorial with jen
we spent a little more time with debra before it was time to head home.
the seattle trip was so much fun. i loved meeting so many people i talk with online every day.

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