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Monday, January 10, 2022

Blogging the Bach 26.2

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We are back for week 2 and more of Clayton. The girls are freaking out about moving into the mansion. Jesse Palmer comes in and makes sure to tell the girls that he is happily married. He gives them the date card and he’s out. 

The first group date is executing a child’s birthday party with Hillary Duff. Cassidy is very confident, but I am not as confident as she is. She doesn’t care what she has to do, and she does it. Clayton doesn’t seem that into it, but he also doesn’t say no either. The day date ends with another Cassidy make out sesh. Some other girls get some good attention during the night part, and it seems like maybe Cassidy isn’t going to get her way. Cassidy gets her way and we are worried about Clayton and his confidence and ability to be assertive. 

Susie gets the first one on one date. They do all the fancy bachelor things we haven’t seen in a while-helicopter..landing on a ship..with a hot tub. Clayton says he values someone who is humble and genuine. They have a good what you would expect for a first one on one date. It seems like Susie will be around for a while. 

The second group date is so good. A comedian who none of us know but probably all the rest of you know. They play never have I ever relationship edition and then play an obstacle course game that is hilarious. We loved it..except the milk chug. I almost got sick just watching it. Shanae proves that she is here for the competition and the drama. Sarah gets the group date rose. Clayton leaves and Elizabeth starts the drama all over again. 

The drama starts back up almost as soon as the cocktail party starts. Shanae and Elizabeth have another conversation. Shanae taunts Elizabeth about her ADHD and it is so awful. I can’t believe the stuff she says. You can’t say stuff like that. The drama doesn’t end there. Right before the end we find out Cassidy has a friends with benefits situation at home. TO BE CONTINUED…

Monday, January 3, 2022

Blogging the Bach 26.1

It has been a few seasons since I consistently posted about a bachelor show. I have watched them all, and as usual have plenty to say. I have gotten out of the habit probably for many reasons. I ended up watching the past few seasons more on my own, and for whatever reason that has made it more challenging to post. 

We’ve all known for months that Clayton is the next bachelor even though ABC didn’t want to make it official for some weird reason. Like most people I watched Michelle’s season trying to learn more about Clayton and trying to figure out why he is the next bachelor. We didn’t really learn much so I guess we will learn as we go.

We’re back at the mansion and that is exciting. We start the show with Clayton and his mom finding out he is the next bachelor. They both 
freak out. I can’t imagine my mom freaking out like that if I told her I was going on the bachelor. 

We see a few intro packages including Sally and hearing her story that she was supposed to get married that weekend. She goes through the whole casting process, makes it to LA, and then decides she needs to talk to Clayton before the night really starts. She comes and talks to Clayton for who knows why. He leaves and comes back with a rose (probably not a great idea). She doesn’t know what to do. Basically she is dumb if she accepts it and dumb if she doesn’t. Ultimately she says she can’t accept it and leaves. Who knows why she came in the first place. 

The limos start arriving and we can’t figure out how these girls are all so pretty. The rest of the girls come out and start talking to Clayton. Most of the girls are super excited, but after their conversation Claire claims she hates Clayton. She tells Clayton she doesn’t hate him, but he sends her home anyway. Teddi gets the first impression rose and no one is surprised. Then previews want to make us think they are showing us what is going to happen,b ut there is no way. Whatever happens it promises to be a dramatic season. 

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Blogging the Bach 18.4-end

Does anyone ever really like episode 4? It kind of tends to be a bit of a dud episode. Going into it I am already worried that is what it is going to be. She got rid of pot stirrers Jamie and Peter last week. I am always happy to see the drama go, but the drama does add to the storyline. 

I started posting about Michelle’s season and dropped off. After faithfully blogging about the show for years and years, I am not longer in the habit of doing it. I want to be, but I just am not. 

In summary, I really loved Michelle’s season a lot. She was a great lead, and she had really great guys. It was hard to watch on Tuesdays (or whatever day in the week I got around to watching it), and it was hard to coordinate watching with others (so I ended up watching the whole season on my own). I accidentally saw the winner way before the season even started. I thought maybe I would forget, but as soon as the season started it was hard not to remember Nayte. I don’t usually look for spoilers, but I often see them at some point in the season. I don’t know if I have ever known the full spoiler before it even starts. Although I still enjoy seeing how the story unfolds and what the edit is like, it made it hard to be as invested in the season. All that said, I really liked the season and I am excited for the next season where I can maybe remember how to consistently post. 

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