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Tuesday, October 24, 2023


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It’s perfectly reasonable to be nervous about an event that you’re unsure of, that might be out of your usual wheelhouse, or that expects you to perform in some way. All of those avenues can combine into one when referring to your prom. After all, a large-scale celebration filled with members of your peer group dressing their best and arriving in style doesn’t always feel like something we have experience in, especially at a younger age.

Nerves are absolutely normal. But remember that you’re about to have a wonderful time, and you get to do so on your own terms. Moreover, if the nerves turn into chronic anxiety, you can always reach out for help, while some turn to certain helpers like herbal supplements such as valerian root for the management of mild anxiety symptoms, at least for one evening. However, make certain to speak with your physician before taking actions like this.

In this post, we’d prefer to give you advice for reducing that sense of worry and nervousness through practical and helpful tips you can follow. Let’s get started then:

You Define Who You Go With

Proms are often tied to the idea of a date, most often from your peer group of course. Now, a prom date doesn’t have to be someone you’re actually romantically involved with, it can be a friend, an acquaintance, or someone you appreciate. Moreover, you don’t even have to go on a date if you’d prefer to go alone or go in with a whole friend group.

Proms can sometimes seem too bound to the conventional social hierarchy of who might be connected to whom, but there’s no need to limit yourself to that, nor will everyone follow it. In fact, if this is a primary source of your nerves, remember that you get to define who you attend with, and who you spend your time near. You have nothing to prove to anyone, just enjoy yourself with the fun time ahead of you. It can make a great deal of difference to how you approach the event.

You Get To Express Your Best Style

You’ll also find that many proms are a fantastic excuse to dress up and have fun. Having your outfit selected from a range of prom dresses and coats beforehand means you don’t have to worry about how you look. You can also plan out having your hair and nails done, or perhaps makeup worked on by a private service, helping you feel your best and nail the kind of style you’d like to show.

Remember that schools or colleges rarely have hard and fast rules as long as you wear formal dress. So for example, if you’d prefer to wear a cultural dress more authentic to your ethnicity, that can add a wonderful sense of diversity to the occasion, and many others will be doing the same thing. The prom is a fun justification to express yourself, so don’t feel like you have to ask for permission to do so.

When you have this planned out and are confident in your choice, the nerves surrounding the event can fall away more easily.

Enjoy The Itinerary

It’s also worth enjoying the itinerary of the event itself. Luckily, your school and prom committee will have organized the entire event for you, and all you have to do is attend and enjoy yourself.

That might involve selecting from a pre-arranged catered meal, dancing in a specific area and hall, and spending time talking in the informal areas. There may be speeches, awards, and other segments on the schedule, and knowing which room to be in at what time can be helpful. 

When you’re nervous about an event, it often means you’re unsure what to expect. In this context, you know exactly how the event will go, and for that reason, you can just follow whatever is set out to soothe those nerves more easily.

Prepare & Self-Care In Advance

Self-care is a wonderful practice before a big event. A week before the event, you can focus on going to bed at the same time and getting good sleep, so that the night before nerves won’t keep you up as easily. Feeling fully rested the next day can do wonders for your emotional health.

In addition, you may take a long soak in the bath before getting dressed for the event, exercise to help deal with your nerves through physical expression, and perhaps meditate a little. These practices, put together, will work wonders for your sense of comfort.

With this advice, we’re sure that you’ll soothe those nerves before prom, and enjoy a fantastic event to cap off your college or school year.

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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Being Kind to Yourself

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Overcoming mental health issues, working through their symptoms, and finding the help you may need will usually take more than a week to sort out. This is important to recognize, because many people feel as though the “timeline of mental recovery” should be quick, easy and provide solid closure, but that’s not always the case.

It’s important to recognize this, because it’s very easy to place artificial limits on our recovery and healing journey which can only cause us to feel even worse than we did before. Mental health rarely plays by the convenient rules of day-to-day life, and it’s important to be aware of that.

The secret? Being kinder and gentler with yourself, and also carrying that attitude to how you treat others, as well. But how might you achieve such an approach? In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can take to be kinder to yourself, the utility of doing that, and what such an approach can look like in the long run. Being kind to myself is something I am constantly working on. It is easier to extend grace to others, but it is not always as easy with myself. These tips are things I can do to help myself and I hope they help you too.

Write Your Honest Thoughts In Your Journal

It’s important to mind your self-talk, but it can also be wise to know exactly what the harsh thoughts you have might be outside of your mind. If you have a faulty impression like this, write it down. When you can look at the words in front of you instead of floating around in your mind, you may realize, on a tangible level, just how unkind they are. Sometimes, to be aware of bad habits, you have to bring them into the light.

Treat Yourself Without Having “Earned It”

In life, we tend to grade our comforts on how well we might have earned them. In some cases, that can be healthy. For instance, you might not head for that tasty morning coffee layed with cream and sugar unless you’ve had a good couple of workouts that week. But sometimes, it’s healthy to treat yourself despite not having “earned it.” Putting a smile on your face can be a lovely use of your time. Buying a book and reading it with a warm mug of tea, purchasing a vinyl of zen music and letting it play throughout your home, these little things are what give us joy. You deserve that kind of joy.

Focus On Wellbeing, One Day At A Time

Self-care is self-love, although it’s important to note that self-care can be different for different people. For some, it might involve supplementing fish oil in their diet or CBD oil to help with anxiety, or perhaps switch out their sugar for sweetener substitutes for a healthier habit.

Perhaps you’ll just go on morning walks that feel comforting and relaxing to you. It’s most often these little things that help us grow and feel more like ourselves, giving us the permission to grow and feel better about ourselves. 

With this advice, you’re sure to be kinder to yourself through a soft, gentle and welcoming set of methods. Never let anyone tell you that this is indulgent or inappropriate. After all, if you can’t be kind to yourself, who can you be kind to?

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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Avoid Winter Mistakes

Winter is coming! Even though I have lived in Utah for many many years, I am never really ready for winter. This year is no exception. I am not ready. Ready or not, it is coming..soon. Maybe this will be the year that I am finally able to handle winter a little better.

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There are several winter mistakes you will probably make in the upcoming season. These can make your life a little more unbearable during a miserable time. But you can avoid most of them if you are aware of what they are and how to spot them. So, here are a few hand suggestions.

Steaming Hot Showers and Baths

Winter is, of course, cold, and it's only normal to want to get warm. For some of us, this means taking longer showers and baths at higher temperatures. But this is a terrible mistake for your skin. One of the most effective tips for healthier skin through winter is to keep your showers short and at a moderate temperature. This is because the natural oils will be removed by heat, and you need these to provide protection through the cold and to keep your skin moisturized.

Winter Mistakes Include Food

There are actually biological reasons why we eat more in the winter, and they mainly relate to providing ourselves with more energy. But as we have evolved, we don't really need to do this, but we still overeat anyway. Christmas and other holidays don't help, as we are aggressively exposed to commercial ads. Still, the average person puts on around 0.5 kgs during winter. The weather can also make you feel like you need to eat more as you feel colder even when warm.

Also, What You Drink

Drinking also comes into it and can contribute to seasonal issues throughout winter. You can crave high-calorie drinks as you do food because of biological urges. But alcohol consumption also increases during winter. This is higher during high-stress periods like Christmas and New Year but never really has a positive effect. Be kind to yourself this year, and try to drink less alcohol. You never need a drink to have fun, and you may even find you have a much better time.

Staying Inside for the Season

You need to get outside in winter. Of course, it's much harder to motivate yourself to do this when there is no sun and the wind is outrageous. But as long as it is safe to do so, you should take a few minutes to take in some nature. Walking the dog is always a good motivator. But it helps to force yourself to take a walk. Doing so will help increase your vitamin D production, and some fresh air and UV rays can help get the blood circulating as it should to stay warmer.

Not Protecting Yourself from UV Rays

Further to exposure to UV rays, you still need to be careful. Summer might be long gone, but the sun can still be dangerous. To protect yourself in winter with the following handy tips:

  • You still need to wear sunscreen even when it is cloudy during winter.

  • Be aware of the different types of sunscreen, such as UVA, UVB, and SPF.

  • Wear clothing that UV rays cannot easily penetrate, such as dark and thick fabrics.

  • A hat with a brim will protect your head, neck, and nose from excess UV radiation.

  • Sunglasses may look silly in winter, but they will protect your eyes on a high UV day.

  • Stay inside and out of the sun if possible, which is easier in winter anyway.

Even a cloudy day can be high in UV exposure, and sunscreen is a great protector. This is for your skin, of course, so a hat and sunglasses can provide further protection when UV is high.

Ditching the Exercise Routine

You may be prone to less energy when the sun says its goodbyes. And this means not exercising as you usually would. But this is a costly mistake, and it is made worse if you overeat and drink too much during winter. This could lead to substantial weight gain, making all your previous efforts worthless and even harder when the sun comes back next year. And you know you won't stick to the New Year's resolution to exercise more after buying unused gym stuff.

Staying in Bed for Too Long

There's nothing quite like a warm blanket on a chilly night and a cooler room when you are deep into sleep. But the cold gets colder in winter, and this can make it much harder to spring out of bed. However, sleeping for too long has effects like fatigue, brain fog, and decreased focus. It can also contribute to weight gain. Fortunately, all you need to do is set a timer for your heating to warm up the home for getting up in the morning. And Alexa can even start some appliances.

Winter Mistakes Include the Home

You need to look after yourself during winter. And this includes taking care of your property. It can be a disaster if anything goes wrong with your home during winter, especially the heating, plumbing, or drainage. These can all be dangerous under the right (or wrong) conditions, so prepare your home for the season ahead. Check the gutters once a week when it is safe, bleed the radiators and, reset the boiler pressure, and have an expert inspect your home's pipes.

Not Addressing Your Well-being

Of course, there might be genuine medical reasons why you find it harder to get up in winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is now a recognized condition where the lack of sun has a physiological effect on your well-being. It affects around 3% of the general population and up to 25% of people with previously diagnosed depressive disorders, including bipolar. There are ways to combat SAD, including using a SAD lamp that mimics the rising of the morning sun.


Taking steamy showers and baths is one of the worst winter mistakes you must avoid for skincare. And even though it is less sunny in winter, UV rays can still have an impact on your health. Also, you must take steps to make sure your home is as safe as it can be for winter.

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A Youthful Glow

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The older I get, the more I am looking for ways to look and feel a little younger while still finding ways to age gracefully. I love a good dose of botox just as much as anyone else, but there are other things we can all do to look a little younger if we want to.

If you fancy looking more youthful for a day or two, you’re in luck. This post takes a look at some of the beauty and fashion tips and tricks you can use to appear younger, even if only temporarily. Check out our ideas below:

Hydrate Your Skin

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One of the first things you can do is hydrate your skin. Finding ways to add moisture to it can stop it from looking dull, dry, and cracked – all problems as we get older. 

The best way to hydrate your skin is to use products that keep moisture locked in. Top moisturizers include things like glycerin and ceramides but you can also use basic hyaluronic acid if that’s helped you in the past. 

Make sure to use a humectant. These moisturizers don’t wet the skin. Instead, they help its natural moisture remain trapped inside, making your skin bouncier and less prone to dryness and cracking over time. 

Revamp Your Skincare Routine

Another thing you can try is revamping your skincare routine. Using various anti-aging products, such as vitamin C and retinol can help it appear more youthful over time.

You should also get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily in the morning before you set off. Protecting your skin against the harm caused by UV rays is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep your complexion looking healthy. 

Curl Your Eyelashes With Mascara

Another technique is to curl your eyelashes with mascara. Adding this type of makeup to your routine can significantly enhance the openness of your eyes and how “wide awake” you appear. 

When using mascara, ensure you curl your eyelashes upwards and outwards. Try to make your eyes appear bigger. 

Select Brighter Clothes

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When it comes to your wardrobe, it’s a good idea to select brighter clothes. Vibrant colors communicate a sense of youthfulness, making you appear more energetic. 

The best colors for appearing more youthful are bright yellow, orange, and baby blue. However, you should focus on choosing colors that suit your skin tone. You don’t want them to clash!

Don’t Wear Baggy Clothes

While it might be tempting to wear baggy clothes as you get older, avoid the impulse if you can. Bagginness naturally makes you look older and makes it hard for others to define your shape. The best approach is to choose fitted clothes that contour to your figure. 

Change Your Hairstyle

Another way to unlock your youthful glow is to change your hairstyle. Choosing something more youthful can rewind the clock by as much as ten years. 

Pigtail hairstyles for adults are becoming more popular. These immediately communicate a sense of fun and joy, making you feel more energetic. 

You can also try getting a pixie cut. These help to emphasize the jaw and neck, again bringing out your youthfulness. 

Add Concealer To Your Routine

Adding concealer to your routine is another way to unlock your youthful glow. Covering up dark circles around the eyes and putting down some base along your lower lash line can help to transform your appearance significantly. 

Concealer isn’t necessary for everyone, but it can give you an instant glow if you’re just looking for something that will work fast. 

Groom Your Eyebrows

Another way to unlock your eyebrows is to invest in some grooming. Eyebrows look well-kept and stunning when we are younger, but can get out of control as the years go by. 

Fortunately, grooming your eyebrows can make a tremendous difference. That’s because they frame the face, giving it character and structure. Darkening them and trimming them to the proper shape can make a tremendous difference in how youthful you appear overall. 

Buy More Tailored Clothes

If you really can’t find anything that fits you, you might want to experiment with buying more tailored clothes. Getting a professional to cut garments to fit you perfectly can be a fantastic investment.

You can also talk to tailors about which styles will flatter you the most. Many will take cues from your figure and tell you where to shop and what to buy. 

If you really love the clothes you already own, you can ask a tailor to adjust them so they fit you better. Having clothes that fit well can make a tremendous difference in how youthful you appear. 

Add Fun Accessories

Finally, it’s a good idea to add fun accessories to your outfit, such as statement necklaces, heels, and jewelry that make you appear more youthful. Being more playful in your choices will create the desired effect automatically. 

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How to Pick out Jewelry

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I am a big jewelry girl. I feel like it adds so much to an outfit and can totally change a look. There are so many different types of jewelry. It can sometimes be difficult to pick out what is the right fit for you.

Choosing the correct type of jewelry for a gift can be a highly personal experience. Regardless of whether you need to buy a necklace, engagement or wedding ring, or a pair of earrings, you want to be confident that the piece you purchase is precisely what they will love and is their style.

Jewelry can hold a lot of meaning, and different types of jewelry and gems can have different meanings depending on the reason it is gifted. So, where do you start when it comes to finding the right piece?

Look At Their Existing Items

The best place to start is to simply look at the type of jewelry they already own and wear regularly. This will allow you to see what to avoid as they already have it and what colors and styles they tend to lean more towards.

It could be that they prefer white gold or silver to yellow gold jewelry, or that they like large, eye-catching designs not understand simplistic pieces that blend into their outfits. Or they might prefer to wear earrings over rings, meaning you can avoid buying them rings as they won't be as included to wear them.

You can give yourself a head start by paying attention to their current style.

Set your Price Range

Giving yourself a budget to stick to can help you to narrow down your choice. This will automatically eliminate many styles and designs from your options and give you an idea of what you can realistically afford.

If you have a higher budget, then you can opt for custom designs and Find the best diamonds. In contrast, if you need to be more conservative with your spending, you can opt for commercial designs that don't come with as high a price.

What Will The Jewelery Represent?

It goes without saying that buying a ring for your mother will require different considerations than a ring you want to use to propose to your partner. The meaning behind the gift should be driving your choice. What this ring will signify and what it should be saying can allow you to tailor your choice and look for suitable options. Whether it is a gift to say well done for graduating college or confirming your commitment to a person, what it represents needs to be considered in the purchase decision.

Know The Materials

You need to know the type of materials you will be purchasing for your items. This includes the metal used and the type of gems in the piece, too. Doing your research not only into the kind of jewelry your loved one prefers but what you are actually paying for can allow you to make a more informed choice.

If you are purchasing an engagement ring, you should be looking at the different types of gems for engagement rings, looking at the 4 C's of diamonds if you want a diamond ring, which are Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat to help you ascertain what you can afford and know exactly what you are paying for. The more you know about jewelry, gems, and metals, the easier it will be to make the right purchase and know exactly what you are buying.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Body Jewelry

I am a big earrings girl. I need to wear earrings every day. I got my ears pierced when I was a little girl. I got a second piercing when I was 13, but I took those earrings out a long long time ago. As additional piercings are getting more popular, I recently went to a piercing party and re-pierced my second piercing again. It is still in the healing stage so I haven't been able to change them to other fun earrings. I am excited for that soon. I am pretty sure that is all the piercings I need.

Body jewelry isn’t for everyone. Some might limit themselves to just one or two piercings on their ears, while others will experiment with piercings on their face and all over their body.

There are many areas of the body that can now be pierced, some more painful and intimate than others. While they might not be as permanent as a tattoo, they can still be pricey, and painful and leave scars once healed.

So how do you choose the right body jewelry for you? It’s important to be selective about what you choose and how you go about getting the body piercing so that it suits you and is done successfully. Here’s how to choose body jewelry for the first time.

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Use AR apps to try out different piercings

When it comes to trying out different piercings, think about using the technology we have today when it comes to AR (augmented reality). There are lots of apps and filters on social media platforms that you can use to see different piercings on your body, particularly when it comes to facial piercings.

It’s a very privileged position to be in when you can explore piercings for your body and not need to worry about having to go through with them if you don’t want to.

With that being said, do give these filters and apps a go, to get an idea of how these bodily piercings actually look on your body.

Know what budget you have available

It’s important to be aware of what budget you have available when it comes to shopping for body piercings. They can vary depending on the type of piercing and who you opt to get the piercing from. For example, here are a few guidelines on pricing when it comes to bodily piercings:

Body piercings for earlobes, cheek or ear cartilage - $20 to $55

Body piercings for the eyebrow, navel, nose, or nipple - $30 to $65

Body piercings for piercings above the lip, and surface of the body - $40 - $85

Of course, this is just for the piercing itself, not for any of the jewelry that you might pick for the piercing. This is something to factor in, especially as the jewelry can often have high price points depending on the materials used.

You’ve also got a great selection of jewelry to pick from, like this wide selection of eyebrow jewelry for example.

Trial out more tame body piercings first

Body piercings are no easy feat, especially if you’re someone who has a fairly low pain threshold. It’s therefore useful to be aware of what body piercings you should try out first. For example, earlobes are likely to least painful, and then there are others that might be significantly more painful.

Building up your pain tolerance with piercings is likely a better option than going straight in with a piercing that’s notoriously painful to have.

Choose a reputable and qualified piercer

When it comes to getting a body piercing, it’s similar to that of a tattoo in that you want it to be done properly. While it’s only a piercing, it can often be done wrong if the person doing the piercing is not qualified or knows how to pierce correctly.

Not only that but if they’re not using the right equipment or going about sterilizing said equipment effectively then this could lead to some pretty nasty infections.

With that being said when you’re looking to get a body part pierced, make sure it’s with a reputable and qualified piercer.

Opt for the right materials when picking body piercings

The right materials are important when it comes to picking body piercings because you want to have high-quality materials going into your body after all. For example, most materials you’ll find that are suited for body piercings are surgical stainless steel. Make sure to look out for this feature in a piercing shop when you’re browsing the different piercings available.

There are other materials that are used, but it’s definitely worth doing some research to know what you should be going for and what you should be avoiding with a bargepole.

Be sure to know what aftercare is needed for each piercing

Finally, and this is important for any type of piercing you get on your body, make sure you know what type of aftercare is needed. Ensure you’ve got all the relevant aftercare information from the piercer and that you’ve got the stuff needed to keep your piercings clean and free of bacteria.

Getting a body piercing is fun but you want to take caution, especially when it comes to your first one!

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