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Friday, November 16, 2018

Halloween 2018

I have a few mixed feelings about Halloween. I like to dress up with a group without spending a ton. We always have a costume contest at work. Our team started planning our Sesame Street costume pretty early this year. We had a fun time making the tutus and getting everything all put together. We had many of the characters and a few special guests with our costume. Drew was a good sport to be Elmo although we really didn't give him a choice.

Book club for October was the night before Halloween so we decided to wear costumes. A few people put their costumes together last minute and they all turned out so great. It was fun to dress up and celebrate the holiday while talking about the book.

Celsey always has the cutest ideas. The Flinstone family was so great. All the costumes were perfect. Her mom had us over for soup before trick or treating in their neighborhood.

I love a good family theme.

Halloween was a little chilly. Rem wanted Amanda to warm his hands by blowing on them.

Mid week Halloween is a little tough, but it was kind of nice to be done with it pretty early. We had a fun time celebrating, and the kids made it even more fun.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fall Break in California-day in San Francisco 

When we were planning the trip to California we talked about leaving the kids with Jeff and going to San Francisco for a day or two. We decided to take the kids with us and it was a lot of fun with them. We went into the city late morning and spent some time at Pier 39 seeing the sea lions and taking pictures by the water. We ate lunch and let the kids ride the carousel. We took the kids to the aquarium. They loved all the fish and other animals. By the time we were done with all of that, it was close to rush hour. We went to the beach to kill time while traffic was bad. Kenzie loved the water and running away from the waves. Hudson wasn't sure what to think and preferred to stay farther away from the water. It was a really fun day and a nice change from staying close to home.

It was really fun seeing Hudson and Kenzie interact with each other. They loved everything that day. Kids make everything so much fun.

part 1 post
part 2 post

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fall break in California-part 2

I took way too many pictures to fit into one post so I broke it up a little. 

pictures with all the kids. i realized on Ashley and Hudson's last night I didn't have any pictures with just him.

We made these pumpkin sugar cookies every year growing up. My mom still makes them for co-workers and friends and did it with the grandkids.

all the cousins

We went to the mall and I took Kenzie to play in the play areas.

She was so funny about riding the horse.

Kenzie painted my nails and even did some nail art

We stopped at the outlets for a little shopping on the way to the airport. Kenzie wanted to try on several things..all at the same time.

She grabbed several bags at Old Navy and carried them all around the store.

Even though we were there for almost a week, the time went by way too quickly. I will hopefully be back for Christmas, but it is still so hard to say goodbye.

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