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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Race for the Cure

Bre and Laurann before the race

This is why I love this race.

Laurann, Bre, and me after the race

I LOVE the Race for the Cure. It's held every year the second Saturday in May at the Gateway. The race benefits the Susan G Koman foundation. Even though it's only a 5K it is my favorite race. This was my 3rd year doing the race, and I will not miss it for anything. There's something so inspiring about running along side people running in celebration/memory of "my mom", "myself", "my wife", "my daughter", "my sister", etc. Race for the Cure was my first race ever, and my good friends Ben and Kate had to sign me up because I was so scared of doing a running race, and look at me now. If any of you have any desire to do a race, get started running, or just participate in one of the coolest things ever, meet at the Gateway next May.


  1. this race is my favorite too! I got to run in two this past spring/summer. I convinced my mom to run with me in Seattle. She loved it too. Congrats on running 20 miles the other day. I don't know how you do it!

  2. YIPPY!! Thanks so much for doing something for the Cure. My Mom and Jeff's mom all say thanks! My mom has had a year and a half in remission, and Jeff's mom has had 25 years in remission!!


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