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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I don't admit this to many people, but once upon a time I was a tennis player. I grew up playing tennis, and then I went off to college...Roughly 10 years later I decided I want to be a tennis player again. The past couple of summers I tried to play a couple times a week, but I still need some serious help. You know what they say about not using it. If you don't use it you really will lose it. 10 years of not using it will do a number on anyone's game. Some of my friends starting taking tennis lessons at Liberty Park. I decided to join them for this round of lessons. I'm not sure how much better my game is, but it sure is fun. They separate us into 3 groups, and our group is made up mostly of our friends. I feel sorry for the couple of other random people that get stuck with us. The class consists of spending a little over an hour doing drills and ending the class with King of the Court. Hopefully when summer finally comes I won't be so embarrased to admit that I am a tennis player...or maybe I still will be. Group lessons might not be improving my game much, but it makes for some fun/entertaining Saturday mornings.

with some of our tennis friends-Michelle, Chris and Alison, me, Carrie, Nettie, Katie, Tracie

our little group. we're missing Kristen, Heather, and Mary.

with 2 of the teachers-John and Debbie


  1. I LOVE Tennis! After Emma was born, i signed up for the beginner's class through the city of Plano. SO much fun. I liked it so much that I also took the intermediate. But like you said, if you quite playing, you loose your skill. I will propbalby have to start back at beginner classes when I pick it up again. Good for you! Keep it up!

  2. We're so going to kick trash on the courts this summer =)

  3. Right on! I totally stink at tennis, but it's also a lot of fun. Enjoy, and may you be queen of the court one day!


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