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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Nettie's co-worker's wife, Joy, is an amazing cook (so I've heard). She recently published a cookbook, Bliss, with all of her favorite recipes. Nettie has tasted a chicken dish that she loves. It happens to have capers (whatever that is). There must only be one chicken meal with capers so we opened up the cookbook and found a recipe. It was a chicken dish, and it did have capers, but it wasn't the meal Nettie thought it was going to be. It was pretty funny. We're trying to branch out and try some new meals, and this sure was a new meal. I had to buy capers (we had to call Joy to find out where you even find those in the store-in the pickle aisle if you're wondering) and white cooking wine. It wasn't Joy's delicious chicken meal we were hoping for, but it was something new and different. I don't recommend lemon chicken picatta, but some of the other recipes look delicious, and the cookbook sure is cute.

carrie and nettie did most of the cooking that night


  1. Too bad it wasn't what you were hoping for! I have always wondered what capers are myself. Hopefully you find the good chicken meal next time.

  2. I love Nettie and I in our matching gray and cold sores!

  3. Aubrey I am so sorry i haven't gotten back to you!! I'm a jerk :) K I don't know how to invite people to my blog but as soon as i figure it out i will let you know! And we for sure need to do something soon... let plan something i will email you so we can set something up!!! :)
    P.S you running the Salt Lake Marathon?

  4. That's really funny. It's fun to experiment with new recipes though:)! I miss you!


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