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Thursday, June 25, 2009


team members...12 + 1 driver
total runners...around 7800
mileage...188 miles (i ran 16.5 of those)
total time...30hours and 15 minutes
hours of sleep...maybe 3 total
meals in 30 hours...1 real meal and a big huge one when i got home
changes of clothes...3 for running, 3 for in between, several backups for weather
miles in the rain...6.1 for me and lots more for the rest of team
calories burned...7000
friends along the way...7
friends i tried to see and actually did...0
and just place...230th out of 438 mixed teams
reasons to never do this race again...5 billion
will i do it again???absolutely


  1. So true! I love your team name, by the way! And I'm pretty sure you guys kicked our trash! I really do want to do it next year...I just can't commit for a few months until I know what my body will be doing. But if I do, I'll totally be in charge of organizing a team! Would you be interested in Vegas?

  2. I'm up to three miles on the treadmill but when I try the track it's bad news. It's an 1/8th of a mile trace (indoors) and I'm tired after two laps. I guess I'll have to re-define what I consider a marathon for me!

  3. So true! We are doing D.C. again this year? Are you going to be there? Why do we keep doing it? I guess we are crazy, but we LOVE it!!! :)

  4. That is awesome! by the way, I think you are totally out of your mind, but i completly support you in your crazy running decisions!


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