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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend of Friends, Fun, Food, Photos, and More

What: College Roommate Reunion
When: End of July/Beginning of August
Where: Vegas
Who: Rachel, Eleisha, Robyn, and Me (no kids. no husbands. just us)

Day to Vegas (pit stops in Beaver, Cedar X 2, St. George). arrive. meet up with Rachel and Eleisha 2 hours later at Serendipity (let the eating begin). Bellagio fountains. first pics.

Day 2...gym. pool. In-n-Out. shopping. dinner. dessert.

relaxing at the pool. working up an appetite for In-n-Out.

all dolled up (check out Eleisha's hair). shopping (H&M, Old Navy-3 of us really did buy the jacket, and others)

dinner at CPK

dessert at the crepe place in The Paris (ask Rachel about her diet coke)

Day 3...Robyn's bday. buffet. pool side (no swimming for 1 hour). dinner. show. dessert.

Robyn's birthday dinner at Isla in Treasure Island...delicious

LOVE at the Mirage...highly recommend it

Robyn's birthday dessert...Adam's PB Heaven and Chocolate Cake at Cheesecake Factory

Day 4...Party's over. Time to go home. Thanks for the FUN!

Our reunion was so much fun. We ate. We laughed. We shopped. We ate and laughed some more. Did I mention we ate ?!?! Rachel and her family are outta here for the next 3-5 years so it was the perfect year for a reunion. Hopefully the next one will be in Australia. Thanks for the great weekend girls!


  1. Looks like a ball! Arent friends the best!

  2. Woohoo! So much fun can't wait for next time!

  3. Looks and sounds like you guys had so much fun!! I want to do it with my old roommates sometime.

  4. I am so sad I missed it. I miss you guys.


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