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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ragnar Relay...Vegas

I never posted about the Ragnar Relay-Vegas. Robyn loved Wasatch Back so much she wanted to put together a team for Vegas. I told her if she would be the team captain, I would run the race. With all the jet blueing, I sort of regretted telling her I would run. The race ended up being great. I ran as much as I could while traveling, but my training was less than impressive. Somehow I ran better than ever and had so much fun. I ran the race with mostly old friends and a few new friends. Even though it was my 3rd Ragnar race, it was a whole new experience. I loved it so much I already committed to a team for Wasatch Back next year.

Team Leap Frog

van 1 at the start and finish

Joe had a beautiful run in Valley of Fire/whole team at the finish

start line-I loved being runner 1/Maylene and Brian exchange

running with Robyn and co. was so much fun/in the "van"-Hyundai Santa Fe


  1. That was so fun!!! Thanks for inviting me to be on the team! Too bad we were in 2 different vans. Seems like we had two totally different experiences. But great ones!! :)

  2. It really was so fun! I think Ragnar races are the only ones that leave you talking about them MONTHS after. I've never been so excited about a half marathon or marathon or 10K months after. Love it! I'm sad I can't do the Wasatch Back with you all! Maybe in 2011.........

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! I will be doing this Race in California next year!


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