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Saturday, December 5, 2009


After 4 years of annual ugly Christmas sweater parties, we decided to add a new twist this year...a sparkle theme. Who doesn't love sparkles?!? The party was lots of fun. We had a lot of people here-some in ugly sweaters, some in sparkles, and some in regular clothes. It was a great way to kick off the holiday season.

lots of great sparkles and ugly sweaters


  1. I love the bling! Is your phone still messed up?

  2. So I totally just blog-stalked you off of Suzie's page...had to see pics from your Sparkle Party! :) P.S. How funny that you guys know Patty too!

  3. I love the added twist...bling! :) I am going to an ugly christmas sweater party on Tuesday. I still need to find a sweater for it!!!

  4. That is so fun! Joe's EQ had an Ugly Sweater Party last weekend. A Sparkle Party sounds even better!

  5. my LIPSTICK!!! geeeez. that really put it right over the top.


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