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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vegas Vacation

Thanks to some amazing Southwest ticket prices Mom, Ashley, and I spent a long weekend in Vegas. They haven't seen Karlee since May and were dying to go. It was such a fun weekend. Our agenda included lots of play time with Karlee. She is getting so grown up.

Friday...Supposed to get up way too early to hit the gym. Alarm didn't go off. Woke up in a panic at 6:05. Supposed to leave to airport at 6:20 and not showering/washing my hair was absolutely not an option. Luckily made it to airport. We flew in early so we had the whole day. Went to Chelsea's and played with Karlee before Cafe Rio meal #1. My mom LOVES that place and takes full advantage of being in a town where she can eat it. Spent the rest of the day playing with Karlee, grocery shopping, park with Karlee(she loves it and goes down the big slides by herself), and eating Cafe Rio meal #2(leftovers)

Saturday...Since I didn't make it to the gym Friday I made myself go running Friday and Saturday. Grandpa and Grandma and Malea's whole family came down. We ate a yummy lunch at the house before heading to the Lion King. I loved it, and it was so fun to go with the family.

Sunday...Mom made a yummy breakfast. Play with Karlee. Many unsuccessful attempts to put Karlee's hair in a ponytail with a little braid. Church. Relax. Karlee is such a good little helper and loves unloading the dishwasher. Chelsea(or maybe I should say Jeff) and I made cute fabric covered magnet boards.

Monday...Spent the morning trying to decide what we were going to do that day. Played with Karlee. Successfully got her hair in pigtails with a cute little braid. Went to the strip(Bellagio conservatory-Chinese New Year theme/fountains, M&M store for wedding candy, City Center-Jeff met up with us). Ashley's birthday dinner at Chilis. Finally watched The Proposal.

Tuesday...Last play day with Karlee. She actually let me do her hair again. Hung out at the house. Hit Cafe Rio meal #3 one more time on the way to the airport. Flew home.

The trip was so much fun. It's great knowing we'll all be together again in a couple months for Ashley's wedding.


  1. It was fun having everyone here eventhough it went by quick!

  2. Good to see you the other day! Lets do it again soon.


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