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Friday, March 26, 2010

somebody call 911...

unfortunately the firemen that came did not look like this

Please tell me you're singing the Sean Kingston song. There are a few things everyone should know.
1. I LOVE firemen...especially hot firemen.
2. No one under any circumstances should ever use the old elevator at my work. Just trust me. DON'T DO IT!

Put those 2 things together and you have alarm stuck in elevator...firemen (and 1 firewoman) come...just another day at work. It was a pretty entertaining day at the office.


  1. Every comment I make sounds too dirty for an old married lady to make, so I keep backspacing. So just imangine that i typed something funny/slightly inappropriate right here.

  2. Seriously? Who got stuck? I wish I had been there!

  3. A man installing modular furniture is the one that got stuck. Poor guy!

  4. I remember when Mike got stuck in there. The elevator at my kid's pediatrician gets stuck all the time and I pray in a panic the whole time I'm in there. But I so don't want to drag 3 kids up three flights of stairs...

  5. too funny! That elevator always gave me the creeps!

  6. Give me the grey haired one in the middle!
    P.s. I am still waiting for a good Canada blog! I'd write one myslef but all it would say is Zzzzzz

  7. Do you remember how I would go upstairs, then you'd put the stuff in the elevator and send it and I'd get it out! someone should have told him that's how to use the elevator.

  8. If those were the kid of firemen that came to our rescue, I bet you'd try out the elevator more often!!


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