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Monday, April 5, 2010

Proud to be an American

I don't know anyone with more national pride than Canadians, but after a recent business trip to Canada I couldn't have more of my own national pride.It probably didn't help that our hotel was right in the industrial (dumpy) part of town. People tell me I can't judge a whole country based on one town, but it might be a while before I make it back to Canada. The trip wasn't all bad.

we stayed in a hotel with a "very fancy" convention center door. (a hotel employee told us to look for the very fancy door to find the convention center)

we had a great view of the city of Edmonton

2 friends from Canada made the trek to Edmonton to come visit. they have both had baby girls since i've seen them. it was so much fun seeing them and their babies, and they saved us from being stuck at the hotel the whole trip.

shopping at Canada's largest mall complete with hockey rink, water park, and much more


  1. Yuck! Next time try and fond a conference in Vancouver or Niagra Falls or something...who are what the topic is at least it'll be a pretty pace to visit :)

  2. I think your next foreign trip needs to be somewhere awesome...I don't know....Australia?

  3. Did you tell Sarah your fabulous impressions of her hometown :)

  4. Yikes, sounds like it was interesting... at least you girls looked cute!!! as always!

  5. The mall had to be pretty cool though, eh? It seems trips are always made better by the company you have. You totally need to see western Canada. Victoria and places like that.

  6. I am glad we were able to at least hot tub it one night, and gorge on grease another night. Oh the memories

  7. Wow, you really must have seen the dumpiest part of Edmonton, because there are a million other places in the city that look a million times better than that! I'm sorry. Next time, we'll have to go together and I'll show you all the great places--Whyte Avenue, Muttart Conservatory, Old Strathcona, Sir Winston Churchill Square, the Legislature Bulidings...


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