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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unblogged Bloggables

I have somehow gotten way behind on blogging. So many blog worthy things have happened over the past few months.

Card Night/Craft Day

We started getting together to make cards at Gaby's house many years ago. The group has changed over the years but the fun has not. The last time we made cards Kimber was on maternity leave. Her baby is 2 1/2. Card making was way overdue.
Kimber, Breanna, and I took most of the day off work to craft all day. Just for the day I fulfilled my dream of being a stay at home crafter. It was so much fun. We made cute baby wipe cases and lots and lots of flowers. I can't even wait to craft again soon.
Jerry's Goodbye

We entertain ourselves at work by doing funny things especially when people quit. We gave Jerry a proper goodbye complete with some gifts including a giant homemade card.

Race for the Cure
Everyone knows I LOVE the Race for the Cure. It is my favorite race ever. This year it was a crazy day. I was only there long enough to run the 5K, but I still loved every minute of it. If anyone is thinking of getting into running or wants to do the best race ever, join me at the Gateway next May.

Monthly Lunch

Monthly lunch continues at various restaurants. A few months ago we went to the Harley Davidson cafe. We've also been to JCW, Jerk Shack, and Paradise Bakery. I look forward to these each month and can't believe I am missing the next 2 due to conferences.


  1. Our work is so awesome. I love card making, crafting and monthly lunch group! Which conference are you going to in June to miss lunch group???

  2. I don't know who Jerry is. That makes me pretty sad.

  3. Your hair is so long! I love it! And I love your blog title: it could be a jeopardy catagory. I'll take unblogged bloggables for 200 Alex...

  4. OK so the only person I know in all those pictures is Paul. I feel so out of the loop!


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