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Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July...Vegas

The 4th of July kind of snuck up on me this year. I have been so busy with work and am still in chaos at home so I never even got out any holiday decorations. I knew I would be in Vegas so I didn't really even think much about the holiday this year.

I went down to Vegas because I had work off and it was Karson's blessing. Jeff's family came for the weekend too.

Karson's blessing was the real reason we all went down. Karlee thinks she's funny by being a little pain taking pictures. This was the cutest even though her finger is in her mouth.

the cute kids

this was last trip, but Karlee usually loves water

but she was scared at the splash park and spent the whole time right next to Jeff

Grandma V got all the cousins patriotic shirts. Karlee loved playing with her cousins.

We did a few fireworks in the street. Karlee liked most of them but got scared by the green balls. She was still talking about them a few days later. She doesn't forget anything. We drove just outside their neighborhood and had a pretty good view of fireworks from different places. The best part was no crowds and we were home in less than 5 minutes. We went to play tennis on a whim and loved it. I think we have a future tennis star on our hands.


  1. Glad you could come! Karlee asked where you were the whole way home from the airport.

  2. I love the tennis cute!

  3. cute pictures! Your nephew is a doll...glad you could be there for the blessing.

  4. What a fun life you live! So many adventures! Jealous!


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